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Habits and Hustle is a podcast that helps share the stories, habits, and rituals of people and their journeys on living fulfilled lives.

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Tero Isokauppila is the Founder of Four Sigmatic, a Foodpreneur, and Author of Healing Mushrooms. Here’s a list of some of the things Tero mentions can be replaced by some kind of mushroom: coffee, face masks, animal protein, BREATHING EXERCISES, and MEDITATION. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, you’ve gotta hear this episode! Tero may be an expert on mushrooms, but that’s not where his interests stop. An overall health nut, Tero and Jen discuss his routines, his company mantras, how he built a mushroom-based company into the success it is today and his pursuit of educating the masses on responsibly sourced natural superfoods. He even wrote a children’s book called “Santa Sold Mushrooms.” Seriously. Ya’ gotta hear this one.Youtube Link to This EpisodeFour Sigmatic's Website Four Sigmatic's Instagram

Sep 22

71 min

Evy Poumpouras is a Former Secret Service Agent, Host on Bravo TV's Spy Games, and Author of Becoming Bulletproof. When someone casually mentions the necessity for preparing your mind and body to take a bullet you know it’s gonna be a good episode. Evy takes Jen through her journey training for and getting into the secret service, what it was like and the mindset needed to succeed, and finally, working as security detail to former and, at times, sitting Presidents. Navigating her time after that career she expands on the knowledge from that path and how it has applied to every other facet of her life. With someone as trained for intense interrogation as Evy maybe Jen didn’t get some of the juicier details, but a look into peak human conditioning, secret service, and how to turn that training into a success for life after is more than enough to fill anyone’s interest. Don’t worry, no kevlar necessary in listening to this episode.Learn more at Ucan.co and save 20% on your order with code HUSTLEYoutube Link to This EpisodeEvy's WebsiteEvy's Instagram

Sep 15

111 min

Chris Voss is a Former FBI Hostage Negotiator, Best Selling Author, and Businessman. A career of high-stakes interaction has opened Voss up to the nuance of human nature, and through a very scientific approach, not only does he break down what it takes to level with and empathize with life-threatening terrorists, but also a business associate. From the strength of “no” to the worthlessness of compromise, Voss and Jen discuss the ins and outs of hostage negotiation to the ups and downs of interpersonal relationships. Curious what insight an FBI Hostage Negotiator could possibly have on business, hustle, and success? Yeah, us too. Don't miss out.Youtube Link to This EpisodeChristopher's WebsiteChristopher's Instagram

Sep 8

94 min

Opal Tometi is a Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter, a Human Rights Activist, Writer, & Community Organizer. Through her work, she has fought for justice and the deserved attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, immigration, and basic human rights. Whether or not you agree fully with your current perception of the movement Tometi does a concise and factual breakdown of many of the questions you might have. Addressing rumors, myths, and slander about Black Lives Matter while also tackling issues on police training, healthcare, the court system, and exactly what it’s taken to get the movement to this point in history. Listen to how all lives matter when Black lives matter, how to “walk the talk", and what to do next. The learning never stops… Hard to believe it started with a hashtag.Youtube Link to This EpisodeOpal’s WebsiteOpal’s Instagram

Aug 31

64 min

Wim Hof is an Extreme Athlete, The Iceman, and a Scientific Pioneer. Throughout his entire life, Wim has been meeting challenges deemed impossible for the human mind and body. Taking Jen through his breathing exercise, discussing the need for stress, and explaining his progress and process Wim breaks down what society and science may deem harmful and builds it back up as a strength. As someone who puts his own body on the line pushing the limits of science and the human condition, Wim Hof is a must-listen. He’s opinionated, he’s scientific, he’s honest… he’s The Iceman.Youtube Link to This EpisodeWim's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iceman_hof/ Wim's Website - https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

Aug 25

96 min

Dr. Daniel Amen is a 12x NY Times Bestselling Author, Psychiatrist, & Founder of Amen Clinics. Too often mental healthcare attempts to medicate as a solution to a problem they don’t seem to understand. Dr. Amen seeks to adjust that style of thinking by analyzing the brain the way we would approach any other physical ailment. Taking a biological approach to psychiatry, the doctor attempts to remove the stigma of “mental illness” and replace it with “brain health” in a way he believes can be treated, in many situations, without pharmaceutical interference. With a focus not only on the trauma and complications of adulthood but also on those from childhood that may even lend to patients’ current struggles, this episode delivers a dose of education and scientific study to the everyday brain health issues that plague so many of us. Whether you’re caught up inside depressed through quarantine, or forced to work in the middle of a pandemic spiking your anxiety, maybe you’ll find some relief in what the doctor has to say.Youtube Link to This EpisodeDr. Amen's WebsiteDr. Amen's Instagram

Aug 18

59 min

Dr. Paul Saladino is the Bestselling Author of The Carnivore Code and a Board-Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist. After over a decade of experimenting with different diets, Dr. Saladino has stumbled into an animal-product-only diet for the past couple of years. Working against everything we assume to know about health and food Saladino challenges our minds and our stomachs consuming the meat you’d expect and, perhaps, the organs you wouldn’t: steak, liver, pancreas, and any other part of an animal you can think of assuring the importance of nutrition in animals “from nose-to-tail.” Curious about a “carnivorous diet?” Wondering why you’re “eating healthy” and not seeing results? Stomach issues that seem unsolvable? Take a listen… maybe on an empty stomach, though. The man talks about eating testicles.Youtube Link to this EpisodeDr. Paul's InstagramDr. Paul's Website

Aug 11

90 min

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a Narcissism Expert, Clinical Psychologist, and Professor of Psychology. What it means to be a narcissist, the different types of narcissistic behavior, how to spot those relationships in your own life, and how to navigate entrepreneurship in a healthy way avoiding these toxic tendencies. Dr. Ramani expands on and explains these possible harms opening up what many people may be and have been enduring their entire lives. From the Me Too movement to an office job, to a "charming yoga expert”, to our homes… our lives seem plagued by these people. Tired of feeling used, like a pushover, or maybe even not sure how to spot if you’re dealing with a narcissist yourself? Take Dr. Ramani’s insight and see the world’s narcissists for what they truly are.Youtube Link to This EpisodeDr. Ramani Durvasula's WebsiteDr. Ramani Durvasula's Youtube Channel

Aug 4

78 min

Gretchen Rubin is a 3x Best Seller Author on Habits, Happiness, and Human Nature & Host of Happier Podcast. She sits down with Jen in this episode to challenge our notion of what habits are and how useful they really can be. From her work “The Four Tendencies” and “The Happiness Project” along with a full career now in studying human nature Gretchen is well qualified to tell you maybe “you just are what you are and you have to find something that work for you, specifically.” Expressing the importance of the individual, the importance of envy, and the importance of achieving “happier” instead of seeking “happiness” Gretchen takes you out of your own head to see how and who you are. Having trouble building and forming habits? Goals used to be easier, but somewhere along the way, something changed? This episode might just open you up to what might really be going on and leave you Better Than Before. Youtube Link to This EpisodeGretchen's WebsiteGretchen's Instagram

Jul 28

66 min

Wallo 267 went from Serving 20 years in prison to be a Speaker, Activist, Marketer, and Connector. Navigating prison at 17, creating his “Book of Life” by asking new convicts to explain the outside world so he wouldn’t be lost when he got out, and sneaking in an iPod Touch to learn what Google is further using it to start an Instagram prepping for his wild success not even a year after his release at 37. Wallo 267 is the lifeblood of hustle. The definition of what it takes to succeed in the most extreme circumstances. Ever wonder what it takes? The resolve required to persevere and make a new life for yourself? Take your perspective, learn to love yourself, and don’t care what people think. He was in prison for 20 years and nothing’s slowing him down. What’s your excuse?Youtube Link to This Episode Wallo's WebsiteWallo's Instagram

Jul 21

61 min

Dr. Mindy Pelz is the Founder of Reset Academy, Best Selling Author, and Fasting Enthusiast. If you have ever been interested in or wanted to try any type of fasting (intermittent or otherwise) Dr. Mindy Pelz has the research, the knowledge, and years of experience to answer any questions or concerns you might have, and that’s exactly what this episode of the podcast is. The episode is one hour. Entirely about fasting. It’s comprehensive, educational, accessible, and if you haven’t already been interested in fasting, after listening, you might be. Go in a sugar-burner, come out a fat-burner, and no matter what, remember there’s no such thing as a failed fast.Youtube Link to This EpisodeDr. Pelz Website

Jul 14

65 min

Jesse Itzler is the Co-founder of Marquis Jet, Founder of The 100 Mile Group & Minority-Owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Jesse’s here to challenge the conventional wisdom of what it takes to be spontaneous. Surprisingly? Routine. 24-hour running marathons, buying an RV on a whim, climbing to the top of Mt. Washington at 50, the concept of never saying no… Jesse plans his life guaranteeing an adventure instead of just waiting for one to happen. If you’ve been stuck in a rut- in need of something new, or just don’t know how to find time for yourself, this guy’s got 30 years of picking up skill after skill after skill to wake you up and get you motivated for a life of doing what you want to do. Better have a planner handy. A couple of simple scheduling tricks, and see just how wild your life could get.Youtube Link to This EpisodeJesse’s WebsiteJesse’s Instagram

Jul 7

59 min

Kerri Walsh Jennings is a Professional Beach Volleyball Player and Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Showing what it takes to “have it all” balancing work, life, love, and play while reaching the highest possible peaks an athlete can achieve. Kerri discusses the nuance of having her husband as her coach, the “Freedom in Discipline”, the need for keeping grounded and “being where you are”, and much more. Interested in the mindset of the peak physical condition? Concerned about the future of the Olympics post-Covid? If we can all barely keep up with our lives these days how’s an Olympian with a husband and kids doing it?Youtube Link to This EpisodeKerri's Instagram

Jun 30

71 min

Eric Byrnes is an 11-Year MLB Outfielder, 11x Ironman Triathlete, and Entrepreneur. Funnily he isn’t one for labels but is defined by what you do. Still, it’s hard to ignore his laundry list of accomplishments. Jen and Eric discuss the nature of his tactics for achieving his success, the wisdom of his late father, his experience with the MLB, as a marathon runner, a triathlete, and even the books he loves. Wanting a gaze into the mind of someone who truly sees no limits for the human body? Whether it’s just doing that one thing to get you started, or running 44 miles for your 44th Birthday Eric has the intensity, the drive, the experience, and a remarkably positive outlook to show what potential every person has wherever they are in life. Don’t worry. You don’t have to run 20 miles every day in quarantine like he is. You can do your one thing to get started by just listening to this episode.Youtube Link to this EpisodeEric Byrnes’ WebsiteEric Byrnes’ Instagram

Jun 23

63 min

Sal Di Stefano is one of the Hosts of Mind Pump Podcast, and a Full Fledged Fitlosopher. With decades of fitness, health, and training experience locked in his obsessive nature he showcases the need for “knowing your sh**” Instagram models, fitness fads, health hacks… Di Stefano barrels down on these dangerous modern enticements and explains the need for real, tried-and-true knowledge and hard work in the health & fitness space. Not sure how to navigate this modern era of countless “professionals” with seemingly endless “expertise” promising results but churning out duds? Who do you trust? How can you find that help and get educated on your body? This episode has some hard truths you know you've needed to hear without lacking that hope you've been looking for. From diet to discipline; body signals to supplements... This episode delivers.Youtube Link to This EpisodeMind Pump PodcastSal's Instagram

Jun 16

105 min

Erika Nardini is the CEO of Barstool Sports. “That’s not how it’s done,” seems to be their lifeblood. Arguing against predetermined limitations by proving you can make it happen if you just want it bad enough. Don’t know a thing about the radio? Who cares, start a successful radio show. No room or budget for a talk show? F*** it! Create a fully branded talk show in the merch closet of your office. Do you think you need thousands of followers/views? How about you start with a loyal hundred and work up from there? Give this a listen to hear how being honest and unapologetically raw can push you through an ever saturated, competitive industry while hearing the ins-and-outs of this feral media juggernaut. They won’t limit their speech, they won’t limit their opinions, they won’t limit their talent, and all of this makes their growth limitless.Youtube Link to This EpisodeErika's InstagramBarstool's Website

Jun 9

51 min

Karena and Katrina are Wellness Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Authors, and Founders of Tone It Up. Want to know how to grow a brand? Easy. Actually care. Jen and “The Girls” discuss the organic kinship in their success, the risks and rewards of saying no to money and staying true and investing in yourself, and paths to growth while remaining accessible to your community making sure “every woman can find what she needs.” From DVDs to apps; from pancakes to proteins, these ladies excel with a special “team approach” to make sure no one is ever on their fitness journey alone. Don’t miss this episode if you’re wondering what it takes to trust yourself and stick to your morals in business, or if you’re struggling to find a fitness community that seems to really care about its people. Settle in and enjoy a two-for-one episode with the fitness world’s favorite duo.Youtube Episode to This LinkTone It Up's Website Karena's Instagram Katrina's Instagram

Jun 2

55 min

Gus Wenner is the President & COO of Rolling Stone. How does a brand that is known predominately as a magazine not only maintain but thrive in our digital age where traditional media feels on the way out? Gus and Jen discuss favorite podcasts, musicians, his own foray into the industry as a performer, and how his innovation and desire to embrace what’s new excelled Rolling Stone ahead of the failed media brand giants of the past and into the present as a multimedia powerhouse capable of “making” any artist they feature. Want to hear what it takes to bring a dying industry online and back to life? Or maybe you just want to know who the President of Rolling Stone’s favorite musician could possibly be. Either way, don’t miss out on this iconic touchstone in music’s history and future.Youtube Link to this EpisodeGus' Instagram

May 26

42 min

Cindy Eckert is CEO of The Pink Ceiling and has Sold 2 Pharmaceutical Companies for $1.5B. Not just a savvy businesswoman, but a driven champion for women’s power and the reclamation of their bodily autonomy, Cindy tackles the extremes of high-risk pharmaceutical trials and trading, “female viagra”, and the “taboo” topic of women’s sex and pleasure. Speaking especially to those women who may not be “losing their lives”, but have “lost their lives as they know it.” With the Little Pink Pill, Pinkubator, and the Pink Ceiling, she challenges the tech and medical world with the importance of female-fronted ideas all while sporting pink shoes, pink lipstick, and a pink track jacket.Youtube Link to This EpisodeCindy’s Website Cindy’s Instagram 

May 19

58 min

Joanne Frost is a TV personality from Supernanny UK, Global Parenting Expert, and best selling author. This the perfect episode for all parents during COVID-19. As coronavirus has families all cooped in, she discusses the parental challenges that have now been magnified. She emphasizes how parents can be listening more to their children’s needs and she sheds light on how important it is to keep your spirits high during this difficult time. You don’t want to miss this great episode!Youtube Link to this Episode Jo Frost’s InstagramJo Frost’s Website

May 12

83 min

Heidi Powell is a Fitness and Transformation Expert from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, an author, and an Entrepreneur! She talks bout the importance of speaking kindly to yourself, overcoming eating disorders and dysmorphia, and being a female in a male-dominant world. Also, this is a great episode for those looking to overcome the fears of failure. Heidi dives into her “one extra rep” method that has influenced almost every part of her life. Youtube Link to This EpisodeHeidi Powell’s WebsiteHeidi Powell’s Instagram 

May 5

59 min

Ryan Lochte is an American competitive swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist. He is the second-most decorated swimmer in Olympic history measured by the total number of medals. In today’s episode, he talks about how he prepares mentally and physically for competitive swimming, how his relationship with Michale Phelps developed, and how success only made him hungrier for more. Youtube Link to this EpisodeRyan’s InstagramRyan’s Website

Apr 28

63 min

Dr. Darshan Shah joins us for the second time on Habits and Hustle to discuss what he’s been hearing in the medical industry on the latest regarding the Coronavirus. The media has been flooding us with content, and we had him join us to get the inside scoop on the antibody test, signals of encouragement across the nation, and so things we need to take precaution over. This episode is great to cut through the noise and go straight to the science of what’s happening and what we’re learning. Youtube Link to this EpisodeDr. Darshan’s WebsiteDr. Darshan’s Instagram

Apr 21

65 min

Michael Beckwith is a New Thought Minister, an author, and the Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center. He joins us on today’s episode of Habits and Hustle to discuss how he started out as a drug dealer in the 70s before hearing the call of spirituality. Beckwith is well-known in the metaphysical teaching space, but the Secret brought him on, Oprah. He talks about true manifestation and how it’s when you actually change, our character changes, and you become more authentic and a better version of yourself. This episode is perfect for all the craziness going on in the world right now.Youtube Link to this EpisodeMichael's WebsiteMichael's Instagram

Apr 14

68 min

Denise Austin is a renowned fitness instructor, author, and columnist, and a former member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Denise shares some incredible hustle stories of how she jumpstarted her career after making 35 phone calls to one network. She shares her insight on how muscle-building allows your body to burn more during rest. Denise discusses her own personal hacks through the workday and much more!Youtube Link to this EpisodeDenise’s WebsiteDenise’s Instagram

Apr 7

59 min

Dr. BJ Fogg is a world-renowned Behavior Scientist at Stanford University. He wrote the best-selling book, “Tiny Habits” base don his 20 years of research. This book was a breakthrough in the behavior change (habit) world. Dr. Fogg discusses how we can approach routines/habits during the coronavirus pandemic, his time at Stanford, and dives into the Fogg Behavior Model! We’re truly grateful to be able to have Dr. Fogg join us on this episode.Youtube Video to this EpisodeBJ’s Instagram BJ’s Website

Mar 31

93 min

Phil Catadul is a food and language loving, serial entrepreneur. He is a Cancer survivor, a top MBA degree Honor’s graduate, and a NASM-CPT Hollywood Celebrity Trainer. He’s the author of Just Your Type, a book that helps anyone create an individualized workout that's tailored to their body shape and composition. Paul believes working harder isn't always the answer, but working smarter is. Phil talks about how the lack of motivation can be defeated by just “showing up”. With all the craziness going on in the world right now, this is a great episode to get you up and moving!Youtube Link to This EpisodePhil's WebsitePhil's Instagram

Mar 24

55 min

Max Lugavere is TV Personality, Health & Science Journalist, and Host of The Genius Life Podcast. He discusses the hardship of growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with dementia and cancer at a young age. Max also goes into his first book, Genius Foods, which identifies foods we should be eating to protect us as we age — a nutritional manual to the brain.Youtube Link to this EpisodeMax's Website - https://www.maxlugavere.com/Max's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/maxlugavere/

Mar 17

71 min

Dr. Oz television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon and 8x-best selling author. His career catapulted in 2004, as he became a regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This led to his current hit show, The Dr. Oz Show. In today’s episode, Dr. Oz talks about the latest health trends, how his wife saw pushed him to spread his knowledge through the media platform, the importance of sleep, and so much more! We were thrilled to have Dr. Oz on Habits and Hustle!Youtube Link to this EpisodeDr. Oz's Website Dr. Oz's Instagram

Mar 10

56 min

Dr. Christian Gonzalez is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a Breast Cancer Expert. Dr. Gonzalez is also the host of a popular podcast called Heal Thy Self. In today’s episode he talks about the advantages of taking a Dutch Test (an extensive hormone test), he debunks certain wellness trends, and preventative measures we can take against cancer. This is a great episode for anyone who has an interest in holistic health and learning how to heal your body!Youtube Link to this EpisodeDr. G’s Instagram 

Mar 3

83 min

Dr. Andrew Hill, the Founder of Peak Brain Institute, is a top peak performance coach in the country. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA's Department of Psychology and continuous to do research on attention and cognitive performance. In this episode, he discusses the power of gaze direction, breathwork, and meditation as a method used to help calm the brain. Some of the keys habits he talks about are the importance of waking up and working out, not eating 3 hours before bed, and much more!Peak Brain InstituteYoutube Link to this Episode

Feb 25

87 min

Coach Dana Cavalea is the former Director of Strength & Conditioning and Performance for the New York Yankees. The same year they won the World Series (2009) he won the Nolan Ryan Award given to the top Strength & Performance Coach in Major League Baseball. He's now a performance coach working with C-Suite & Upper Management, Sales Teams, Wall Street Traders, and more. He’s also the author of his new book, Habits of a Champion. In today’s episode, he shares how he started as an intern, he talks about how the habits of athlete’s like Derek Jeter versus Alex Rodriguez and dives into a few valuable stories about his interactions with players and executives. Youtube Link to This EpisodeCoach Dana's WebsiteCoach Dana's Instagram

Feb 18

66 min

For our 50th Episode, we had to get someone special! Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of Vaynermedia, a Social Media expert, and a successful angel investor. He’s basically been an entrepreneur right out the womb. Before becoming an Internet personality, he was buying and selling sports cards as a child and then expanding and growing his father’s wine business from 3 million to 60 million. In today’s episode, we discussed parenting, what every business needs to be doing right now, and the one habit Gary does to keep a gratitude framework. Youtube Link to This EpisodeGary's Instagram

Feb 11

40 min

Chester Elton is a best-selling author, teamwork organizational culture expert, and the co-founder of The Culture Works, a global training company. Chester gives us incredible insight into how to lead with gratitude. His company has conducted breakthrough studies with over 200,000 participants over the past 10 years so his insight is heavily backed up. He breaks what the difference is between a good leader and a great leader, the difference between gratitude and recognition, and so much more. If you’re looking for an episode on leveling up your leadership and enhancing your company culture, this is it. Youtube Link to This EpisodeChester’s New Book: Leading With GratitudeChester’s Website 

Feb 4

60 min

Shaun Neff is an Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, and the founder of Neff Headwear. Shaun, known as a brand whisperer, is praised for specializing in placing his product in the right place at the right time. In this episode, we hear about the scrappiness Neff used to kickstart his headwear company and the clever methods he used to get brand visibility. He mentions that every entrepreneur needs three things to dream, believe, and hustle. This is a special episode for any entrepreneur at any stage in their journey. Youtube Link to this EpisodeShaun's Instagram

Jan 28

58 min

Bedros Keuilian is the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, one of the nation’s fastest-growing franchises. He is also a best-selling author, speaker and business consultant. He joins us today to discuss how he started from just subleasing 1 small gymnasium to growing his brand into 800+ locations. He talks about the value of confidence and how it can be shattered by just clicking your snooze button. He’s also developed a 5% rule that he lives be which allows him to operate at his peak at all times. Bedros shares some great tips, stories, and practical advice that would give anyway a great new perspective.  Youtube Link to This EpisodeBedros' InstagramFit Body Bootcamp

Jan 21

71 min

Cash Warren is a film producer known for his work on Fantastic Four (where he met his wife, Jessica Alba), Taxi and Crips and Bloods: Made in America. He’s also been very successful in the business world with his clothing line, Pair of Thieves. He talks about how he started out his career at William Morris after finishing his education at Yale, and the small things he did that led from one door opening to the next. Cash shares his perspective on how important it is to know your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses and much more. This episode is packed with great insight and stories about his journey!Youtube Video of This EpisodeCash Warren's InstagramPair of Thieves

Jan 14

64 min

Robert Greene is an American author known for his books on strategy, power, and seduction. He the man behind the international bestsellers: The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), Mastery, and The Laws of Human Nature. In today’s episode, he talks about narcism, the immense power in admitting and owning your flaws, and ebbs and flows of life when he was starting up his career. He’s known as one of the greatest writers of our generation and surprisingly, he mentions that he had up to 80 jobs before becoming an author! Today’s episode is extra special which is why it's 90 amazing minutes. Youtube Link to This EpisodeRobert Greene’s Latest Book: The Laws of Human NatureRobert Greene’s Website

Jan 7

97 min

TJ Dillashaw is a 2x Bantamweight Champion in the UFC. In this episode, he talks about his training rituals, what helped him get over the hump to be a champion, and he opens up about the mistake he made which led to a 2-year suspension he’s serving!TJ talks about how the suspension has really been a blessing in disguise for increasing family time, recovery from much needed surgeries, and creating an income stream for himself outside of the cage. This was an awesome way to cap off 2019. Youtube Link to This EpisodeTJ’s WebsiteTJ’s Instagram 

Dec 2019

78 min

Yahya Bakkar is an Expert Speaking Coach that specializes in helping his clients craft their message, story-tell powerfully, and build a profitable personal-brand business! He has a magnetic energy about him demands your attention! Yahya’s difficult upbringing (due to a falling out with his parents) has ingrained in him that he is always a family-man first, then a businessman. This episode is packed with awesome stories and tips that Yahya shares ranging from the biggest mistakes speakers make, how to use courage as the first step to change, and a special strategy he uses called the Story Proof Framework.This is truly an episode valuable for anybody but especially if you’re ever in settings of speaking to groups or pitching your story. Youtube Link to This EpisodeYahya's WebsiteYahya's Instagram

Dec 2019

60 min

In today’s episode, we have Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar and Brittany Driscoll, CEO of Squeeze Massage. Brittany was Head of Marketing at Drybar and now they've started a new venture in Squeeze. Alli discusses how she attributes a lot of her success to being able to fit the right pieces around her. Both women reveal some of the habits that have been game-changers for them. Brittany loves to journal and wake up between 5-6 am. Alli is a huge believer in Transcendental Meditation. If you’re looking for some inspiration behind starting your own business tune in to this episode!

Dec 2019

68 min

Kelly Noonan is a producer and actress, known for Netflix’s Heal. The documentary is a scientific and spiritual journey dissecting how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal. Her passion for this started when she was an actress eager to try all different methods to help her achieve lifelong goals like winning an Oscar, so she turned her focus on manifestation.Kelly quickly learned that what she really loved was this form of holistic health. She discusses her daily habits, the power of the Placebo effect vs. the Nocebo effect, and so much more valuable, unique information. Youtube Link to This EpisodeHEAL Website Kelly’s Instagram

Dec 2019

53 min

Alan Stein Jr. is a performance coach that teaches proven strategies to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, and increases team cohesion and collaboration. He spent 15+ years working with the highest-performing athletes on the planet (including NBA superstar Kevin Durant). Alan breaks down the importance of self-awareness, surrounding yourself with a complementary team, how to have the power over your fears, and much more. You won’t want to miss this episode!Youtube Link to This EpisodeAlan’s WebsiteAlan’s New Book: Raise Your Game - https://raiseyourgamebook.com/

Dec 2019

56 min

Rob Fried was the former head of production at Columbia Pictures who switched gears and is now the CEO of Chromadex, an integrated nutraceutical company devoted to improving the way people age. In today’s episode, he talks about his back and forth successes in the film industry, but how his passion for the research behind anti-aging kept pulling at him. Fried’s diverse experiences in different fields make this episode super insightful and unique. He educates us on some of the latest research in anti-aging while integrating tidbits about his path to success as a film producer, screenwriter, studio executive.Youtube Link to This EpisodeChromadex

Nov 2019

56 min

Emily McDowell is a writer, illustrator, speaker, teacher, and founder of Emily McDowell & Friends. After spending a decade working in advertising, she founded Emily McDowell Studio, a company that creates greeting cards that speak to the human condition with honesty, humor, and heart. Emily talks about how she started off on Etsy hitting sales of over $500,000 in her first year. She also discusses what her greatest motivator is and what the most important attribute to being an entrepreneur is…constant problem-solving. Youtube Link to This EpisodeEmily’s WebsiteEmily’s Instagram

Nov 2019

56 min

Sharon Chuter is the founder, CEO, and creative director of UOMA Beauty, an inclusive cosmetics line inspired by and infused with Afro heritage. Sharon grew up in a poor part of Nigeria and worked her way up the corporate latter (at L’Oreal) until taking the leap with her own venture. In this episode, she talks bout the importance of messaging in a brand, seeing the big picture vs. caring about “getting the bag”, and how she blasts music and dances every morning. Youtube Video to This EpisodeSharon’s InstagramUOMA Beauty

Nov 2019

69 min

Drew Hanlen is an NBA Skills Coach & Consultant that counts NBA stars Joel Embiid, Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine, Jordan Clarkson, RJ Barrett, and countless others as full-time clients. He's the CEO of Pure Sweat basketball and is only 30 years young! The story of how he's become an NBA favorite in the one-on-one training world is remarkable and his obsession with efficiency and craft is inspiring. He also talks about his unconventional way of getting paid from his clients. Youtube Video of This EpisodeDrew's Instagram

Nov 2019

81 min

Gabrielle Reece, a world-renowned athlete, New York Times bestselling author, wife, mother joins us on today’s episode. She is a champion on and off the court, and one that inspires many through her intense passion and dedication to health and fitness. Gabby is also Nike’s first female athlete to design a shoe, and Nike’s first-ever female cross-training spokesperson. Gabby really delves into her pursuit of constant self-improvement. She discusses the importance of doubling down on who are you are versus trying to find another person’s mold, how she continues to work on habits that make her uncomfortable, and much more!Youtube Link to This EpisodeGabrielle’s InstagramGabby’s Website

Oct 2019

75 min

Lydia Fenet serves as the Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s, where she’s raised more than half a billion dollars for nonprofits globally. Fenet gets into how she’s able to balance her position at Christie’s, speaking to corporations on “Selling”, all while raising family. She gives insight into how important she believes conversation is during the art of selling. Lydia shares some awesome nuggets about what sets her apart from other auctioneers and how certain unique techniques helped her own the stage. Youtube Link to This EpisodeHer Book: The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is YouLydia’s Instagram

Oct 2019

60 min

Strauss Zelnick is the founder of Zelnick Media Capital. Zelnick is best known as the chairman and chief executive of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., a video-game publisher responsible for blockbuster franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K and Red Dead Redemption.He joins us on the Habits and Hustle podcast to discuss his story, leadership, the importance of listening with empathy, and much more. Youtube Link to This EpisodeStrauss Zelnick

Oct 2019

60 min

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