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Cait Gordon

Canadian speculative fiction author Cait Gordon interviews humans who arrange the alphabet while she tries not to squee like a fangirl.

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Surprise! We have a bonus episode for season one, which I nickname In the ’Cosm, Special Husband Edition! Yes, my spouse, author Bruce D. Gordon, is making his debut with the first novel in his Dissastified Me series, Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story! Bruce shares with us what led him to this place and discusses how popular culture can serve as major life milestone markers. He also talks about his love of music, and has a fun fact that gives me vertigo! (Btw, to clarify, when I mentioned I was also a dual citizen, I meant Irish and Canadian. My Broose is the Sco’ish one.)

Jul 14

26 min 13 sec

For this last episode of Season 1, I chat with the co-editors in chief Robert Kingett and Randy Lacey about their upcoming anthology, Artifical Divide. This collection of fiction stories is written by authors who are Blind, visually impaired, or who have low vision. Come for this amazing discussion and stay to the end for the fun facts!

May 6

36 min 11 sec

CW: Mentions of sex trafficking, relationship abuse, and child abuse Emerging Canadian author Christina Robins shares her point of view about sex work and writing a protagonist who is a sex worker in her newly released novella, Entanglements. She also explains why autistic characters are not “too much,” and how she loves reading and writing stories about women who push boundaries. Also, she shares about the influence of Jackie Collins in her [Christina’s] life!


Apr 7

32 min 22 sec

In this episode, I have the amazing opportunity to discuss the themes in all three of Su J Sokol’s published novels, Cycling to Asylum, Run J Run, and the latest, Zee!  Come for the discussion and stay for the fun fact about this author. It simply delighted me, and I can’t wait to start our band... ;)

Mar 15

31 min 45 sec

This was such a super-fun interview. Sue Taylor-Davidson is one of the nicest authors I’ve met in publishing. In this episode, she shares with us her passion for research while writing her To Pluck A Crow Series, which began with The Hands Behind Shakespeare’s Pen and the second book, Death Stalks the House of Herbert. It was really great to discuss what it’s like to write about death while going through grief in real life, and the role humour plays in the healing process.

Mar 1

31 min 52 sec

I had the privilege of interviewing Canadian speculative fiction author Stephen Graham King, whose Maverick Heart Cycle series is a must read. Every time I finish a book, I can’t wait for the next one. Stephen shares with us how being a disabled author is also influencing his worldbuilding, and tells us about the books and series he enjoys watching and reading. (Btw, if you enjoyed this podcast, please give it a positive rating. Thanks for your support!)

Feb 1

31 min 54 sec

On the very first episode of the very first season of In the ’Cosm, I have the sheer delight in speaking with bestselling, award-winning Canadian speculative fiction and romance author, Jamieson Wolf. Please note: The play Jamieson appeared in was actually called Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, by Brad Frasier. (A transcript of this episode will be found on

Jan 18

30 min 12 sec

Cait gives a brief intro about what she's doing with the In the ’Cosm series, and why she's doing it. Transcripts for all episodes of this podcast will be on  Have a safe holiday season!

Dec 2020

1 min 2 sec