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Dale Allen

At your Core is your healthy Power, Passion and Purpose.

It's easy to loose touch with your innate Knowing, your Authentic Self - sliding into the mundane, feeling disconnected and wooden. But with regular doses of inspiration and insight, tools and training, we can find our way.

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Integrating the masculine and feminine within us.  You are the image and likeness of the divine.   Energizing the words, images and attributes of the Sacred Feminine first highlights how deeply embedded the masculine energies are within us, and then, begins to bring balance.  The archetypes are a part of all of us.  An archetype is an inward image in the human psyche that exerts a powerful influence on the nature of an individual personality and in turn on the larger culture.  We are all masculine and feminine.  Balancing these energies brings healing within an without.

Jul 1

20 min 22 sec

Monica Rogers:"This episode is positively filled with wisdom and beauty. Goddess Calling - Healing Through Feminine Archetypes.Listening to Dale Allen share her insights is like listening to a master storyteller at work. I’ve rarely experienced a woman so connected to her self-expression while so effortlessly integrated with her body. While you can’t see her, you might be able to imagine her moving and flowing throughout this interview, connecting to all of us as we listen. She tells us of her discovery of the Goddess, about how she came to know the healing power of archetypes, and her belief that now is the time for us to remember the Divine Feminine.In this episode, we discuss:Why does the term GODDESS make some of us uncomfortable?What is our core wound, and why do we all have one?How can archetypes help us to heal?How is the GODDESS related to the Return of The Divine Feminine?How can we listen for the GODDESS CALLING?Why now? Why is the feminine the missing piece for what ails us as humans/society?Why a BREAKDOWN is needed for a BREAKTHROUGH.Why Women?Why reclaiming emotion is a critical piece of our inner peace.Dale Allen was honored to present to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, her one-woman show, In Our Right Minds™, Guiding Women to Their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength Without Armor. The Vice President of the Commission invited her to return the following year for an encore. She has brought her talents to scores of audiences at universities, theaters, expos, and workshops across the U.S. and Canada and from Kauai to Dubai. Described as having the energy of “a Cape Canaveral lift-off,” she thoroughly engages and inspires her audience, ranging from highly educated corporate leaders to teenage girls seeking their place in the world. Dale Allen is a veteran of corporate, commercial communications. Her extensive resume includes hundreds of voice-over, on-camera, and live presentation projects. Some of the most quality-conscious companies, such as BMW, Canon, and MasterCard, among others, have chosen her to represent their brands. Her energy and enthusiasm, sincerity, and strength infuse her presentations and impact audiences.Dale's Opening Prayer:'Our mother who art within us, each breath brings us to you. Thy wisdom come, thy will be done, as we honor your presence within us. Each day, you give us all that we need. Your abundance calls us to give and receive all that is loving and pleasurable. You are the courage that moves us to be true to ourselves, and we act with grace and power. We relax into your cycles of birth, growth, death, renewal out of the womb, the darkness, the void comes new life, where you are the mother of all things. Your body is the sacred earth and our bodies. Your love nurtures and unites us all now and forevermore. Amen.'"

Jun 5

1 hr

This is a mediative episode.  Listen to it anytime other than when driving or operating machinery.  528hz Music and Guided Journey to Your Unlimited Self.I am Before the Beginning.  I am the Most Ancient of the Ancient.  I am Before the Big Bang.And After Everything Has Completed.

Apr 26

24 min 27 sec

Dale Allen and Arden Donahue are guests of Melissa Small on her "Essentially Savage" series, after Melissa completes their Deep Dive workshop.  The three discuss living authentically, embracing challenging times, honoring feminine energy, creativity, the power of community and more.  •  • Connect with Arden Donahue and Melissa Small here:

Apr 11

27 min 48 sec

Dale is interviewed by Pat Fero and Phyllis Curott for The Parliament of the World's Religions.  Pat Fero is a seasoned psychotherapist and author of several books.  She is a passionate woman who has dedicated her life to igniting the collective feminine in planetary awakening.  Phyllis Curott is a pioneering spiritual teacher and one of America’s first public Wiccan Priestesses. She is an attorney and outspoken advocate in the courts and media on behalf of Pagans, Wiccans and other religious minorities and is also an internationally bestselling author.  • •  Learn more about Phyllis Curott and Pat Fero here: 

Mar 24

37 min 48 sec

Find your VOICE!  If the thought of public speaking feels daunting to you, Debbie Fay of bespeak presentation solutions, has tips and pracitical steps to help you!  You are a better speaker than you think you are. The world needs to hear what you have to say.http://www.thecore.spaceDebbie Fay is founder and president of bespeak presentation solutions, llc, providing presentations coaching, training and consulting to businesses worldwide since 2006.  Debbie helps her clients present themselves with confidence, conviction, and clarity, delivering presentations that get heard and get results.  Bespeak’s clients include: KornFerry Hay Group, US Fund for UNICEF, NYCEDC, Sabra Dipping Products and many others.  Debbie is a sought-after speaker and contributing author to and the Huffington Post. Her book, “Nail it. Create and deliver presentations that connect, compel, and convince.” is available from Amazon and other book retailers.To learn more about Debbie Fay, go to:

Mar 11

35 min 31 sec

When I first encountered the word Goddess, I didn't like it.  It felt uncomfortable and unnecessary.  I decided to go headlong into working with this archetype.  I began to study the sacred feminine – the work of anthropologists, psychologists, archeologists, feminist scholars, poets and historians.  I dove deep.  I found the experience personally transformative and so, created a presentation, "In Our Right Minds, Guiding Women to the Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength Without Armor" and brought it to scores of audiences at universities, conferences, expos, and the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Though many hold that their image of Creator is gender neutral, they find the feminine pronouns are uncomfortable. This discomfort becomes a pathway to realize just how deeply the masculine pronouns are embedded in ourselves and in our cultures. Enlivening feminine pronouns and images can heal and balance. No matter which of the world's faiths one practices, or whether atheist, or perhaps more spiritual than religious, we are all affected by our cultures. An archetype is an inward image in the human psyche that exerts a powerful influence on the nature of an individual personality and in turn, on the larger culture. The strength of the masculine images and pronouns for the Ultimate has an impact, but the feminine aspect is gaining energy and focus. I am so grateful that I've been able to explore this topic with scores of audiences for their consideration, through the lens of archetypes, not religion. It's about balance and healing, within and without.  This podcast is an introduction to the topic and to the Goddess archetype - my journey to the Goddess archetype - my gOddessy!

Mar 2

17 min 44 sec

A Celebration of Gaia and YOUR connection to All!  My joyful offering in Episode 4 is to speak as Mother Earth, as the Goddess Gaia.Gaia appears in Greek mythology. She created herself out of primordial chaos. It was from a Gaia that all earth life came to be, and all things return to her as well.  This archetype is part of the collective unconscious, and appears in all original cultures around the earth. In these transformational times that we all share, connecting with nature can be very, very healing. I had the privilege to record a podcast for Yale University about the work of Stephen Kellert and Biophilia.  Biophilia is the theory that people possess an inherent affinity for nature.  Studies have revealed that this inclination continues to be a vital component of human health and well-being. Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.And so, I invite you to use the power of your human imagination, and listen as the Goddess Gaia, as the Earth herself, speaks to you.http://www.thecore.space Mother Earth statue featured on my thumbnail:

Feb 16

14 min 4 sec

This episode tells the story of the Selkie to help you restore you to your wholeness, your SoulSelf.  It is a version I wrote as part of my one-woman show, "In Our Right Minds."   I have brought this story to life hundreds of times and yet every time I tell it, it’s as if I am experiencing it for the first time.  The energy that is channeled by this piece is profound, powerful and healing every time. I have found many versions of this story, mostly in folk story compilations and children’s books and in a wonderful film, The Secret of Roan Inish.   Clarissa Pinkola Estes tells a version in her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves.  I have brought this story to life hundreds of times and yet every time I tell it, it’s as if I am experiencing it for the first time.  The energy that is channeled by this piece is profound, powerful and healing every time.  May your sealskin be restored.  May you exercise your creative, intuitive, heart-centered intelligence.  May you speak and act with clarity – from your Core - in your home, your relationships, your work, your community, your faith, your school, your participation in government. May you come from your own authenticity, your own divine spark – and as we all do this – holding an unwavering vision of a world in balance – we will create a balanced world together.  ~Dale Allen on YouTube~

Jan 21

15 min 55 sec

Cozy up for an audio journey to a winter landscape and a visit to a cave deep beneath the snows.  There, an ancient yet ageless woman dwells.  She is the Crone, or WiseWoman.  In order to truly access your inner Power, Passion and Purpose, this archetype cannot be missed - she holds the seed to our creativity and renewal.  She belongs to all of us:  men, women – all genders. The archetypes are without boundary – like dreams and imagination – they don’t belong to solely one group or gender.   The Crone has existed in us since the day we were born.  She’s so powerful!  She is a Keeper of Wisdom and reminds us that life is a series of "deaths."  Life is a progression of disappearances...  you build it, you structure it, you count on it, you think you’ve arrived somewhere - and then you realize the process starts again.  But, there are certain threads that remain, threads that connect to our Inner Core, which is constant and timeless. ~ Dale Allen on YouTube  ~

Jan 21

19 min 26 sec

Arden Donahue has trained in many different energy healing modalilties and has synthesized them into her own unique offering.  We'll learn about what Arden does, and then she'll provide some great takeaway tools for you to begin your energy healing journey today. "Though we may not be responsible for our wounds, we are responsible for healing them."We discuss Pattern Interruption, Affirmation "Tattoos", The Work,  Shamanistic Ancestral Lineage Clearing, Past Life Clearing,  and how you have More Power Than You Know! You can dive deeper and experience energy healing with us in workshop we're offering from Feb 8 - March 15, 2021.  Details at  ~Dale Allen on YouTube

Jan 21

34 min 4 sec