Fast Forward: the Post-Pandemic Innovation Podcast

By Tech 2025

Fast Forward: The Post-Pandemic Innovation Podcast, produced by Tech 2025 and hosted by Charlie Oliver (CEO of Tech 2025), will explore the new and next era of innovation that will empower each and every one of us to rebuild our world in the aftermath of the 2020 global pandemic. We'll define the new culture of creativity and fearlessness that has been unleashed during the pandemic and how companies, governments and ordinary people are doing what was considered unimaginable just three months ago. We’ll discuss the stories, research, ideas, challenges and solutions driving post-pandemic innovation, and how to seize this rare opportunity to create the world we want. Every week you can look forward to news, commentary and compelling interviews with people on the front-lines of demolishing antiquated systems and building new, more inclusive and truly creative solutions that challenges who we think we are and what we hope to be. Fast Forward is the show where we figure out the future, together.

  1. 1.
    Greg Kihlström: King of Agile
  2. 2.
    Jennifer Snyder: Government Innovation Ain’t What It Used to Be and Why You Should Be Following GovTech Now!
  3. 3.
    Oriana Meldicott: Cynicism, Legislation and Inspiring the Next Generation in AI Ethics
  4. 4.
    Paul Spiers: Successful Digital Transformation for Companies Begins and Ends with Principled Leadership
  5. 5.
    NextGen Innovator: Anya Berlova on Anti-Bullying, Pro-Individuality and Using Art+Tech to Change the World
  6. 6.
    Next-Gen Innovator: Amara Leggett, 19-Year-Old Computer Scientist, on Gen-Z Ambitions and Being Unapologetically Exceptional
  7. 7.
    "Bus Driver Dan" Talks Transit Innovation, Blue Collar Creativity and the Power of Human Storytelling
  8. 8.
    Biggest Lessons Learned in 2020: Ed Maguire

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