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We developed this podcast to bring together a community of experts in the field of medicine who think outside the box.

Those who understand that Status Quo is outdated in medicine and that we as patients need to reconnect with our doctors and our doctors need to reconnect with us beyond the limitation imposed by a system that is outdated and breaking down which does not support either of us.

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Immune statuses are considered part of the normal natural aging process, we know that there are some people younger than 60, that might see a decline earlier and usually it’s related to stress, to smoking, to drinking, environmental toxins, and different risk factors that epigenetically affect our telomeres, our DNA methylation, and eventually, our whole immune system, which accelerates aging.  As soon as the immune system start aging, then we start aging with it. So, if you have a healthy lifestyle, you eat healthy, you do not smoke, you drink less, your chances to have a younger immune system and a more resilient immune system improve as you age healthily. Happy people have a happy immune system, and happy immune systems are more resistant and yes, it’s backed by science too, it’s proven in multiple studies which you can read more on  

Jul 1

7 min 34 sec

From both sides of the aisle, whether the clinical side, the bench side, like Ian of NEOBIOSIS who we know, and these patients who understand that we are not doing the best job that we can do in order to improve aging. As you indicated, nobody addresses the immune system, everyone has a reaction to something, but just band-aids, it's and puts it away and, and doesn't really address the underlying problem and that's what you, you know, are doing here at ONOGEN that's obviously what all of your people who have allowed you with your loving heart and to biohack them trust you.

May 17

1 min 36 sec

Let’s talk sex health, love, and ageless sensuality 25 minutes is the average amount of sex time  1 hour of fulfilling sex = 30 minutes of jogging + 30 min meditation  Hormone balance is key to a healthy libido and fulfilling sex life Great sex follows by amazing orgasms are great for your biology They support your hormones and relieve stress and chronic pain Stress and pain improve due to a dopamine and serotonin boost,  which are also known as the happiness hormones. Orgasm also floods your system with oxytocin and endorphins. Oxytocin I also know as“the love hormone” because it fosters social bonding, trust, relaxation, and kindness Oxytocin also enhances stem cell's natural anti-aging effect This special hormone cocktail also explains that buzzy, warm afterglow you get after sex ONOGEN Recommendations: Keep your hormones at bay. Check your hormone profiling today. Our company has launched new diagnostics and today we'll highlight the Hormone Profiling.   Our hormone profiling protocol will provide a focused overview of your hormonal balance. Using a single serum sample +/- urine, our hormonal health protocols evaluate the dynamics of sex steroid metabolism that can profoundly affect a woman’s or a man’s health throughout her/ his lifetime. Learn more at 


Feb 14

28 min 42 sec

In this episode, our Chief Biohacker Ivel De Freitas, MD and the Chief Scientific Officer of NEOBIOSIS Ian White, Ph.D. talk about Cytostomes, Exosomes, Amniosomes, and how regenerative products are processed. They discussed exosome therapy which is a new and safer option for stem cell treatments. What are exosomes exactly? They are nanosized super tiny vesicles, produced by stem cells to signal the immune system and other cells to repair. When introduced in the body they attach to your cells and are responsible for helping cells to reset and turn on their healing response. When a healthy cell sends an exosome into a damaged cell, the exosome is meant to turn the cells healing power on by inviting your own body's stem cells and immune system to rebuild tissue, such as bone, muscle, cartilage, skin, liver, heart, brain and nerves, helping them regain the structure and function they once had. Exosomes also modulate inflammation which is another important culprit for aging, autoimmunity, and tissue deterioration. This important effect may be one of the multiple reasons that explain why exosomes are now considered one of the most promising regenerative therapies to slow down the effects of aging and aging-associated degenerative conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, dementia. They are also being studied as an alternative therapy for autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto's, and multiple myeloma. Exosomes and viruses pose far fewer risks of triggering immune rejection and other complications seen with stem cell therapy because exosomes are not cells. They cannot turn malignant, replicate, or become infected with viruses. As exosomes stimulate natural healing and repair response and modulate inflammation, using them as an anti-aging aid may be the most promising way to support patients aging well and maintaining optimal health and functionality through life.

Jan 1

23 min 7 sec

Her treatment IMMUNITY GO treatment includes immuno-peptide injections which support the immune functionality. She opens about the successful results of her patients' immune system using her protocols.  The use of peptides are as essential to our biomolecular core stability, there should be more of an effort made on fostering more research and providing education by creating room and opening more discussion about the use of peptides and the immune system.  Dr. Ross Carter & Dr. De Freitas also shared how regenerative medicine has changed the way ONOGEN deals with their patients from diagnosis to treatment.

Dec 2020

15 min 16 sec

Today’s conversation is about incubation during the lockdown, understanding the paradigm shift in medicine, and what the future looks like for all of us. Listen up to hear Rosetta our Biohacking Clinical Advocate give her opinion on lab tests and how Dr. Ivel De Freitas our Chief Biohacker uses innovative testing to give her patients a complete reset in their quality of life by priming their biology. Also, they discuss chronic inflammation effects, heart problems, effects of aging, the immune system, wrongful gene activation, and how chronic stress stays silent and causes issues in a person’s biology. New information about proactive tests and why they matter, join us for a full circle discussion regarding the shift in the body and medicine.

Nov 2020

37 min 27 sec

Listen up to understand why everyone is a biohacker. Biohacking is a shift we are all seeing in the mindset of humanity. We all have become biohackers, as we all are utilizing technology to find new diets, supplements, and health trends that we can try to improve our health. Nobody limits themselves to just the doctor's advice anymore. We doctors, sometimes call it Dr. Google trying to mock or maybe ignore this new era when people want to be more proactive and optimize their chance to have the best outcome using the best of science and technology that is out there. ONOGEN’s treatment structure: not your typical doctor’s appointment –the process started by filling out electronic questionnaires and assessing the level not only of health but an awakening of each specific patient. Those who understand that Status Quo is outdated in medicine and that we as patients need to reconnect with our doctors and our doctors need to reconnect with us beyond the limitation imposed by a system that is outdated and breaking down which does not support either of us. 

Sep 2020

29 min 40 sec