Angel | hosted by Jason Calacanis

By Jason Calacanis

In this series, Jason Calacanis pulls back the curtain on how early-stage startups get funded by interviewing angels and VCs about their investment strategies, biggest hits, anti-portfolio, and more.

  1. 1.
    Joanne Wilson on spotting a bubble, NYC’s post-pandemic reset, portfolio management in an unsustainable market & more | Angel S5 E10
  2. 2.
    Paul Judge on helping lead SoftBank's $100M Opportunity Fund, future of fundraising, importance of "building your Olympic Team" & more | Angel S5 E9
  3. 3.
    Garry Tan on lessons from past startup failures, power of community funnels, Alexis Ohanian's departure & more | Angel S5 E8
  4. 4.
    Matt Mullenweg on pioneering remote work, investing in open-source, crypto & more | Angel S5 E7
  5. 5.
    Reid Hoffman on the Joby Aviation SPAC, lessons from early Airbnb & Facebook bets, passing on Stripe & SpaceX, investment thesis & more | Angel S5 E6
  6. 6.
    Mark Cuban on the resurgence of retail investors, NBA's potential entry into wagering & digital assets, DeFi & much more | Angel S5 E5
  7. 7.
    Howard Lindzon on public vs. private investing psychology, "great unbundling" of index funds, Robinhood & more | Angel S5 E4
  8. 8.
    Elad Gil on his product-market driven thesis, importance of market pull, entering the "go public sooner" decade | Angel S5 E3
  1. 9.
    Intercom's Des Traynor on the importance of pricing, product-market fit metrics & more | Angel S5 E2
  2. 10.
    David Tisch shares insights from 350+ early-stage investments in companies like Plaid & Roman, importance of reputation, dealing with sharp-elbowed investors & more | Angel S5 E1
  3. 11.
    Shawn Carolan, Managing Partner at Menlo Ventures shares insights on his early investments in Uber, Roku, Siri & JUMP Bikes, adjusting his approach in response to hundreds of new venture funds with billions in dry powder & more! | Angel S4 E10
  4. 12.
    Jeff Richards, Managing Partner at GGV Capital shares lessons for founders & investors from 2008 recession & Dot-com bust, criteria for taking on venture debt, valuing companies in a down market & more! | Angel S4 E9
  5. 13.
    Sarah Guo, General Partner at Greylock Partners shares insights on Greylock's "Zero to One" investment thesis, sharpening her decision-making skills, ranking team, market & product as investment criteria & the changing landscape of VC | Angel S4 E8
  6. 14.
    David Cowan, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners shares insights on owning up to his anti-portfolio, understanding sunk cost, top traits for becoming a VC & best Founders & CEOs he's ever worked with | Angel S4 E7
  7. 15.
    Nicole Quinn, Partner at Lightspeed shares benefits of celebrity founders like Lady Gaga & Gwyneth Paltrow, insights on investing in consumer & power of "Force of Nature" product people | Angel S4 E6
  8. 16.
    Ajay Agarwal, Partner at Bain Capital shares insights on culture evolving from sales-driven to product-driven, why enterprise software is the ideal business, best investments & anti-portfolio | Angel S4 E5
  9. 17.
    Sarah Tavel, Partner at Benchmark shares insights on getting recruited by Peter Fenton, disrupting VC gender norms from the inside, transitioning from operator to investor & more | Angel S4 E4
  10. 18.
    George Zachary, General Partner at CRV shares insights on cancer scare shifting his focus to investing in health-tech, passing on Google at MDV, CRISPR & "designer babies", coronavirus threat, origins of Sand Hill Road & more! | Angel S4 E3
  11. 19.
    Dan Rose, Chairman at Coatue Management is leading a $700M early-stage fund, shares insights on working with Bezos & Zuckerberg during pivotal years at Amazon & Facebook, 100+ angel investments, standout founder traits & more | Angel S4 E2
  12. 20.
    Sarah Cannon, Partner at Index Ventures, shares insights on the future of work, underrated emerging startup markets, going from Obama Administration to VC, increasing upward mobility in America | Angel S4 E1
  13. 21.
    Samantha Wong, Partner at Blackbird Ventures (Canva, Culture Amp), on the growth of Australia's startup ecosystem, valuations outside of SV & benefits for investors, focusing on deep tech & "science nonfiction | Angel S3 E11
  14. 22.
    Part 2 Dave Morin of Slow Ventures (250+ investments inc. Slack, Pinterest, Twitter), shares insights on favorite business models & products, backing founders with a tangible sense of inevitability, the rise of two internets | Angel S3 E10
  15. 23.
    Dave Morin of Slow Ventures shares insights from 250+ investments (Slack, Pinterest, Twitter), architecting Facebook & building Path, promoting mental health, combatting depression | Angel S3 E9
  16. 24.
    Ryan Hoover, Founder of Weekend Fund & Product Hunt, shares lessons from building his early-stage fund, harnessing excitement for new markets, betting on founders with unique perspectives | Angel S3 E8
  17. 25.
    Mamoon Hamid, Partner at Kleiner Perkins & expert early investor (Slack, Box, Intercom) on evolving from growth to venture, lessons from Social Capital, great founder qualities, complementary teams, & winning formulas | Angel S3 E7
  18. 26.
    Ben Ling of Bling Capital (prev. Khosla Ventures), shares strategies from 100+ investments & 9 unicorns, qualities of great founders & teams, startup valuations, market opportunities, Google's early days, future of AR/VR | Angel S3 E6
  19. 27.
    Chris Redlitz, General Partner of Transmedia Capital, shares success of The Last Mile program, insights from investing in 90+ startups, nurturing networks & deal flow, evolution of syndicates | Angel S3 E5
  20. 28.
    Mitch Kapor, Partner at Kapor Capital, shares results of their first-ever Impact Report, investing with purpose to close gaps &, insights on Uber's IPO, fixing the gig economy | Angel S3 E4
  21. 29.
    Matt Ocko, Managing Partner of Data Collective, invests in deep tech with an algorithmic edge, shares decision-making in difficult markets, building a world-class team & taking risks to create a utopian future | Angel S3 E3
  22. 30.
    Charles Hudson, Managing Partner of Precursor Ventures, shares strategies on the great rewards & risks of pre-seed, analyzing market structure vs. size, importance of mobilization to increase | Angel S3 E2
  23. 31.
    500 Startups Co-founder & Managing Partner Christine Tsai shares lessons from her fund's 10 unicorns & 2200+ startups, what it takes to be a successful founder, 26% women-led portfolio, hits/misses | Angel S3 E1
  24. 32.
    Ask an Angel! Jason Calacanis & Ed Roman answer questions on runway concerns, syndicate hit rates, advising best practices, founder updates, due diligence, pro-rata rights & more | Angel S2 E10
  25. 33.
    Pete Flint, NFX Managing Partner & Trulia Founder, shares criteria for $150M seed fund, supporting persistent founders, company-building & culture | Angel S2 E9
  26. 34.
    Rob May, investor in 45+ co's & founder Talla & Backupify, shares dealbreakers, successful founder patterns, creating Talla's ICO & future of bots, blockchain, & crypto | Angel S2 E8
  27. 35.
    Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund shares insights from ~50 investments focused on solving our biggest challenges, importance of tenacity, momentum & more | Angel S2 E7
  28. 36.
    Arjun Sethi, Social Capital on bringing skills as a founder (MessageMe, Lolapps) & Yahoo head of growth to early-stage investing | Angel S2 E6
  29. 37.
    Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital on being a self-taught VC, creating a rocket ship to fund 64+ underrepresented founders in just 2yrs, launching an upcoming studio, & mastering the art of disciplined investing | Angel S2 E5
  30. 38.
    Satya Patel, Homebrew, on 80+ investments, betting on founders with mission, solving problems over building biz, funding "phases" not stages, portfolio stars, & importance of boards | Angel S2 E4
  31. 39.
    Jeff Clavier, Uncork Capital, on pioneering micro VC, lessons from 200+ investments & 5 funds, strategizing at Seed for Series A crunch, risky ICOs, & the hard-won wisdom of always be raising | Angel S2 E3
  32. 40.
    BoldStart Founder Ed Sim on 20 years, 50+ enterprise investments, how family history shaped his VC approach & more | Angel S2 E2
  33. 41. Shaun Abrahamson & Stonly Baptiste seed & support startups improving cities, solving climate, housing, waste, transportation | Angel S2 E1
  34. 42.
    Matt Brezina, investor in 65+ startups (Dropbox, Cruise) & founder (Xobni, Sincerely) shares strategies for backing relentlessly resourceful founder-builders & bringing operational value in return | Angel S1 E10
  35. 43.
    Ask An Angel! Jason Calacanis & Brian Alvey answer investor questions on picking startups, evaluating founders, due diligence, syndicates, terms & more | Angel S1 E9
  36. 44.
    Pear VC Founding Managing Partner Pejman Nozad shares lessons from selling rugs as an immigrant to seeding 100+ co's & 6 unicorns, staying disciplined & backing founders who want to make a difference | Angel S1 E8
  37. 45.
    Dave Samuel, Freestyle Capital, on joy & risk of early-stage, qualities of ideal founder, team & product, portfolio faves, & focused investing as a former entrepreneur | Angel S1 E7
  38. 46.
    Ben Narasin shares his strategy behind 80 portfolio co's (w/ 50% Series A conversions & 3 unicorns), proven thesis on successful startups & founders | Angel S1 E6
  39. 47.
    Angel & syndicate leader Ed Roman on optimizing for outsized outcomes, leaning on gut & market analysis, not learning the wrong lessons, avoiding fraudulent customers, swinging for fences in SV | Angel S1 E4
  40. 48.
    Andrea Zurek, XG Ventures (Facebook, Twitter) & angel since 2006, shares lessons building Google, ideal terms & valuations, solving problems & finding right combination of money, fortitude, discipline | Angel S1 E3
  41. 49.
    Super angel & syndicate leader Gil Penchina on 20 yrs & 200+ investments, learning the game & making your own rules, optimizing deal flow, minimizing failure, & enjoying the chaos | Angel S1 E2
  42. 50.
    Premiere: Cyan Banister, angel investor now Founders Fund VC, shares portfolio hits/misses, deal flow strategies, finding founder-product fit & backing startups that change human behavior | Angel S1 E1

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