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Between Two Derms is a weekly podcast exploring all things related to dermatology and skincare.

Join Dr. Dustin Portela as he speaks with other doctors, scientists, aestheticians, and influencers to explore any topic related to skin, hair, and nails.

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I'm proud to announce that the same skincare products I make available to my patients in the clinic are now available online for all to try.  208SKN has been in the works for over a year and the products are amazing.  We've been offering these products to our patients in the clinic for a while now and the feedback has been phenomenal.   You can visit to purchase, or sign up for subscribe and save.  There will be promotions and discounts periodically so make sure to sign up for the email list.  

Nov 24

10 min 46 sec

Adult acne is on the rise and is disproportionately affecting women with a strongly suspected hormonal cause.  This frustration led Sarah Waldock to start her own journey to find a for her own acne.   We discuss her personal journey with adult acne and also discuss the mental and emotional issues that can come along with adult acne.   The video version of this podcast is available on my YouTube Channel.   To purchase Balm Labs products visit this link: Balm Labs Products Use Code 208skindoc to get $20 off the Balm Labs 3 Step System This episode is not sponsored by Balm Labs, but links may contain affiliate links which can result in compensation for Dr. Portela

Nov 1

30 min 35 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Dr. Chris Tomassian, as they talk about the ins and outs of what it takes to become a dermatologist. A common question on social media is how to be a dermatologist, and Dr. Chris shares his path to being one. He also gives tips from getting a mentor to earning a dermatology residency program. Stay tuned and learn how to be a dermatologist!  In this episode, you’ll learn: How important it is to find a mentor when getting into dermatology The pathway from a bachelor’s degree to medical school What applicants need to do to get into a dermatology residency program Dealing with medical research and case reports What is an internship, and why is it important? Different subspecialties within dermatology a resident should go through Fellowships or board certification? Tips on skincare and when to visit a dermatologist And much more! ~ You can find Dr. Chris Tomassian on…   Instagram: TikTok: ---        Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Company Instagram: Facebook: Company Facebook: Tiktok:

May 24

47 min 20 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and Natalie of Hello Meridian as they do an “ask me anything” episode where the subject of the interview is Dr. Dustin! He shares his experiences, updates on TikTok, about skincare, and more. You will definitely learn a lot from Dr. Dustin himself!  In this episode, you’ll learn: The story of how Dr. Dustin got into the world of TikTok. Did this new development or social media fame change their team operation? Dustin shares the damaging trends he has seen on Tiktok. Food is meant to be eaten, and it is not mean to be on your skin. How Dr. Dustin chooses the companies, he works with on social media. An influencer is a person who should influence other people authentically. Dustin’s background, training, and how he fell in love with skincare.  The kind of videos he enjoys most watching on TikTok And much more! ~ You can find Natalie of Hello Meridian on…   Instagram:   LinkedIn:  ---    Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Company Instagram: Facebook: Company Facebook: Tiktok:      

Jan 4

45 min 40 sec

Recommendations made in the show notes may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you.  I may earn a small commission from purchases made.  Thank you for supporting the podcast. -Dr. Portela This episode is sponsored by EltaMD.  The new UV Restore sunscreen from EltaMD protects the skin from UVA/UVB as well as infrared, blue light, and environmental pollution.  UV Restore doesn't just protect the skin, but is formulated with ingredients to restore and improve the skin.  You can purchase UV Restore in a tinted and non-tinted version.  UV Restore Tinted Sunscreen UV Restore Clear Sunscreen Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Dr. Muneeb Shah, as they talk about the good and bad skincare trends seen on TikTok! Dr. Shah is a dermatology resident who has 2.4 million followers on TikTok! He shares his knowledge and opinion about the skincare videos that you can usually find on TikTok and in life in general. Stay tuned and receive pieces of advice from two dermatologists!  In this episode, you’ll learn: He originally planned to pursue radiology but came to love dermatology! The specialty you like as a student may be a lot different than what you'd like in practice.  Why did he decide to transition into dermatology? At the end of the day, it is about educating people to better understand their own skin. It may be cheaper to go to a dermatologist and get a skincare regimen than buying random products that may not work. What are medical-grade skincare products and the items he recommends? Make sure to consider the reliability of a product and if it has been tested. And much more! ~ You can find Dr. Muneeb Shah on…   Instagram:  TikTok:  Youtube:  ---        Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! Shop my recommended skincare products Shop skin care on Amazon LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Company Instagram: Facebook: Company Facebook: Tiktok: Dr. Portela    

Dec 2020

1 hr 8 min

This episode is sponsored by MDSolarSciences.  Use promo code '208SkinDoc' for 20% off your purchase from MDSolarSciences is a Dermatologist created sunscreen company that makes highly rated, sustainably manufactured, feel good sunscreen formulas that work for all skin types.  I love using their Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer and it has quickly become one of my daily spf favorites.  Check them out and save 20% off your purchase with the code 208SkinDoc.  Now the podcast.  Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Vi Lai, famously known as @whatsonvisface, as they talk about her journey to becoming an influencer, the skincare products she recommends, and her tips on how to take care of your skin. She is an inspirational influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers on Tiktok and Instagram! I loved learning about how skincare has helped her in her mental health journey as well. Learn more about Vi’s story and skincare; enjoy the episode now! In this episode, you’ll learn: Vi never planned to become an influencer, but her followers grew massively! How Tiktok and her new career has impacted her life. Skincare can help you love yourself more and feel better about how you look. Insecure people tend to buy all of the things influencers recommend. You don’t need to buy them immediately. What are the skincare products that Vi always use and come back to? Some people get addicted to buying new products every month, but you don’t need to do that. Skincare products don’t always work immediately; consistency and patience is the key. Who are we to say that a product is not worth it just because others can afford it while some can’t. And much more! ~ You can find Vi Lai on…   Instagram:  Tiktok:  Linktree:  ---        Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Company Instagram: Facebook: Company Facebook: Tiktok:    

Nov 2020

44 min 45 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Tom Allison, as they talk about the amazing skincare brand, CeraVe. Tom is one of the co-founders of CeraVe and is currently the Global Vice President of Professional Marketing for CeraVe. Now, they offer over 70 skincare products! CeraVe is a very loved brand for continuously delivering effective and desired results for its users.  In this episode, you’ll learn: Before becoming one of the founders of CeraVe, he was already working as a regional manager for a large dermatology pharmaceutical company. Why Tom wanted to stay within the dermatology space after working as a drug rep calling on dermatologists CeraVe started in very humble beginnings that successfully and massively grew with the help of other dermatologists’ recommendations. There's a minimal margin for error when trying to build something that a dermatologist will recommend.  The story of how they came up with the brand name CeraVe. Ceramides help repair and rebuild the health of your skin moisture barrier. During COVID-19, people have gained more time to focus on themselves. CeraVe became a viral hit through the new era of TikTok and Instagram influencers and users.   Social media has been an excellent tool for many dermatologists in giving out information and educating people about skincare. And much more! ~ About Tom Allison: Founder member of the CeraVe Skincare Brand.  Experienced CPG Executive with a demonstrated history of creating CeraVe Skincare and marketing skincare brands across multiple core job functions including consumer and professional marketing, new product development, and national retail sales leadership.  ~ You can find Tom Allison on…   Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: ---        Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Company Instagram: Facebook: Company Facebook: Tiktok: Text Dr. Portela at +1 (208) 203-0767  

Oct 2020

47 min 39 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Hyram Yarbro, while they chat about a wide range of skincare topics. Hyram is one of the most influential skincare creators on the internet. He rose from very humble beginnings of merely posting on his YouTube channel a few times a month to now having more than 3.6 million subscribers. Today, a lot of people are asking him for his skincare tips and brands are reaching out to him to review their products. Find out more about his insights, and definitely check out his “Merch With a Purpose”.  In this episode, you’ll learn: Hyram’s personal journey with skincare that has become his career. One of the primary sources of misinformation is people thinking that they can do their own research when they're not properly equipped with knowledge and expertise. Hyram wants his channel to be a platform for helping brands and helping consumers grow in knowledge and standards. What are the products that he always comes back to, and who would he like to collaborate with in the future? The importance of exfoliating and using sunscreen.  Changing opinion on an ingredient in the face of new information that's actually good. You can't judge a product completely by its ingredient list, it’s important to understand the percentage of those products and the intent behind their use.  Educate yourself from different people; learn from their experience and knowledge. And much more! ~ Our episode sponsor is CeraVe As anyone who follows me on social media knows, CeraVe is one of my favorite skincare brands. The products are developed with dermatologists and they are safe, effective and affordable, so it makes therapeutic skincare that works accessible for all. All CeraVe products are formulated with three essential ceramides, which are critical for a healthy skin barrier. CeraVe products help restore and maintain the skin barrier. They have serums that hydrate the skin to cleansers that help cleanse without stripping away the moisture barrier; and mineral sunscreens that both protect and hydrate the skin, CeraVe has a full range of products formulated for each skin type to help complete every step of a skincare routine.   DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! Please check out my instagram at and see the post relating to this episode to be entered to win a complete CeraVe skincare giveaway.  ~ You can find Hyram on…  Skin Care Junkie:  Fanjoy Merch: Instagram:  Youtube: Tiktok: --- Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Company Instagram: Facebook: Company Facebook: Tiktok:  

Sep 2020

35 min 57 sec

In this episode I cover a range of questions that were sent in over Instagram or were texted to me through my text community.  (Details to text me on my IG profile).    We discuss laser hair removal, rosacea, skincare ingredients, which skincare steps are essential.    Find me on social media Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn Website Instagram Company Instagram Facebook Company Facebook Tiktok

Sep 2020

37 min 52 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Young Yuh, a well-known skincare influencer, chat about different kinds of skincare products and skincare routines. Young Yuh already had experience in working in the beauty industry before he became famous. His love for skincare is what drove him to start posting his videos on social media. In this episode, he shares his stories, insights, and why reaching out to a dermatologist is important. In this episode, you’ll learn: The backstory of Young Yuh, a skincare influencer The Korean 10 step skincare routine: Hydration is essential. Ordinary skin care products can work like a miracle and surprise you. Waiting too long in between when applying your products can dry out your skin. Having a regular exfoliation routine is the key to a healthy skin. What is the difference between physical exfoliating and chemical exfoliating? And much more! ~ About Young Yuh: I’m a skincare lover at heart with a never-ending hunger to learn as much about beauty as possible. I’ve worked in the Beauty Industry mainly as a salesman for quite some time and was lucky enough to dabble in every department (marketing, social media, e-commerce, logistics, copywriting, etc. forever).   I love sharing my passion for skincare through video tutorials, product reviews, and brand highlights. Everything I showcase has been thoroughly researched, tested, and either given the thumbs up/thumbs down by me. I have no filter. If I need to be brutally honest, I will be brutal and honest.   Merry Skincare,   Young ~ You can find Young Yuh on... Website          Instagram Youtube Tiktok ---   Connect with Dr. Dustin Portela! LinkedIn Website Instagram Company Instagram Facebook Company Facebook Tiktok  

Sep 2020

32 min 50 sec

On this episode I sit down with Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, a board certified dermatologist in Manhattan.  We discuss his role in bringing access to generic medications to his patients and the platform that he helped develop which gave this option to patients across the country.  Dr. Bhanusali is a leading Dermatologist and digital health entrepreneur based in Manhattan.  As a member of the prestigious Medical Scholars program at Michigan State University, Dr. Bhanusali was accepted into medical school at the age of seventeen and graduated college in three years. He was awarded both the Spartan scholarship, as well as the Arthur L. Foley, MD PhD scholarships for his outstanding academic achievements. After finishing medical school, Dr. Bhanusali completed his Dermatology residency at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City.  During his training, he also started Health Digital, a hybrid venture capital/ development platform that Forbes noted could “revolutionize health care innovation.”               Throughout his young career, Dr. Bhanusali has been featured on Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, Askmen, GQ, Business Insider, the Atlantic, People Magazine, Teen Vogue, Bustle, Self, WebMD, and countless other media outlets. His novel laser techniques and humanitarian efforts were featured on ABC , FOX, and People Magazine.  His award winning research has been presented around the world and earlier this year, he was the Dermatologic formulation scientist behind Amazon’s first exclusive skincare line, Fast Beauty Co.       Most recently, Dr. Bhanusali helped build Skin Medicinals, a technology platform that helps provide access to compounded medications at affordable prices for patients.  He also co-founded AIRE Health, a fast growing EMR platform in Dermatology and HairStim, a technology platform providing access to personalized hair loss formulations. Between being active in digital health and his dermatology practice in NYC (Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery),  Dr. Bhanusali spends time working with non-profits and serving as a member of the American Academy of Dermatology’s media advisory team, as well as numerous committees (Access to Care, Teledermatology, Artificial Intelligence, etc). Skin Medicinals - Health Digital- Dermatologist- MSU Alumni of the Year - Find Dr. Bhanusali online Hudson Dermatology & Laser Surgery Skin Medicinals Find Dr. Portela online Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

Aug 2020

37 min 15 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and Dr. Jason Chouake as they talk about acne diagnosis and treatment. Acne is a concern that people have had for generations, and it’s time to shed light on the mysteries of the things that appear on our faces! They’ll get into the different kinds of acne, treatments, and common misconceptions surrounding acne.   In this episode, you will learn: What acne is, and the difference between blackheads and whiteheads Tips on getting over-the-counter treatment for acne and managing expectations. The efficacy of dermatologists’ prescription versus over-the-counter options. A growing concern on fungal acne. What is it and how can it be treated? Side effects that one can experience from Accutane and other oral medications. The problem with spot treatments. It’s just playing whack-a-mole!   ~   About Dr. Jason Chouake:   Dr. Jason Chouake is a Board Certified Dermatologist in medical and cosmetic dermatology, training for thousands of hours with both hospital and office patients in every aspect of dermatology. Dr. Chouake has performed treatments and procedures varying from aesthetic and cosmetic changes to life-saving dermatologic procedures. Coming from a family of medical practitioners, he grew up with a love of science that bloomed naturally into an aptitude for medicine and the desire to help people. Thanks to seeing how his parents interacted with their patients while he was growing up, Dr. Chouake values the relationship between physician and patient, and how that relationship can help move the patient's life in a positive direction.   Dr. Chouake has been happily married for 13 years, and he and his wife have 5 children. He loves having a large family and enjoys taking road trips with them whenever possible. He enjoys a wide range of hobbies including playing guitar and Japanese embroidery and even did some beekeeping throughout his years of medical school and residency.   His residency was completed in New York, in a highly competitive program that he is proud to have been a part of, calling it one of the best medical dermatology programs in the country. Right now, he's glad to be back at Cliffside, where he once worked as a teenager, doing everything at the time from working the front desk to filing papers. Now he's back as a practicing physician, working to ensure every patient feels well taken care of.   “When people come in and they look and feel a certain way about their appearance, we are able to easily turn that around in a minimal amount of time. Patients walk out so light and happy and feeling so good about themselves. It’s amazing to be a part of that process. When a procedure or treatment is done right and the results look natural, when someone looks and feels beautiful, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of that.” - J. Chouake, M.D. Dermatology.   ~   You can find Dr. Jason Chouake on… Website: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook:   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Facebook: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram:

Jul 2020

33 min 19 sec

We’ve been getting lots of comments to cover spray tans, so we made sure to deliver what you want! Join Dustin Portela and Marie Tillman of Touch of Sun LCC as they talk about her experience with tanning salons, knowing what you’re getting into with spray tans, and the importance of communication.   In this episode, you will learn about: The dangers of commercialized spray tanning. Why do some spray tans sometimes turn the skin orange? The risks that come with spray tanning and the significance of knowing the things you put on your skin. What ingredients should people stay away from spray tanning? How long do spray tans last?   ~   About Marie Tillman:   Touch of Sun - Mobile Airbrush Tanning LLC, founded by Maire O'Connor (now Tillman), launched in April 2013. Headquartered in Boise, ID Maire looks forward to providing a tanning experience that is both private and professional, and leaves each client glowing!   Maire has over 10 years of experience in the tanning industry and has brought the expertise she gained in Beverly Hills, California back to her hometown of Boise, Idaho.  Through love, passion and persistence, Maire has grown and developed Touch of Sun into a full spray tan and teeth whitening business. As a reflection of the love and passion, Maire uses only eco-certified, 100% Gluten free and vegan solutions approved by PETA. Clients of Maire's have always walked away happy with raving reviews. This includes body building competitors, and pageant contestants ranging from Idaho International Junior Miss to Mrs. Idaho America, with multiple clients winning titles. Maire is a Certified Airbrush Technician through the National Tanning Training Institute (NTTI), National Spray Tanning Professional Association (NSTPA) , certified in competition tanning through Spray Tan Class and is SmartTan Certified, as well as certified in Melanoma Awareness through Eyes on Cancer. When she’s not giving people that perfect touch of sun glow, Maire enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors with family and friends.   ~   You can find Marie Tillman on… Website: Instagram: Facebook:   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Facebook: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram:

Jun 2020

39 min 38 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and Dr. Jacqueline Calkin as they talk about Botox and fillers. Dr. Calkin is an expert on cosmetic procedures and a leader in the field of cosmetic dermatology. They get into the different products available in the market and what consumers should know beyond the product.   In this episode, you will learn about: The most groundbreaking developments in dermatology in the last 20 years History of collagen injections Importance of putting trust in the skill of the doctor more than the product What it means to be an “expert injector”?  If Botox and other neuromodulators make you look unnatural   ~   About Jacqueline Calkin:   A graduate of the University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine, Dr. Calkin is a dynamic physician with over fifteen years of experience in general and cosmetic dermatology. Nationally renowned UCSF, consistently the highest-ranked medical school in California, recognized Dr. Calkin as one of its top graduates in 1991. She completed her internship at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland followed by three years in the UCSF dermatology residency program. She has served as a key partner in leading dermatologic practices in Northern California for the past eight years. Recognized as a leader in her field, Dr. Calkin is a frequent lecturer on dermatologic treatment techniques and has coauthored significant studies on laser hair removal and laser resurfacing. A local authority on dermatology, she is the host of a monthly skin care segment on KXTV Channel 10.   She is a member of the nationally recognized Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. In addition, she has been invited to join the clinical faculty at the UCSF School of Medicine.   Dr. Calkin completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Claremont-McKenna College in Southern California, specializing in treatment of autistic children. Although she subsequently shifted her focus to therapeutic dermatology, Dr. Calkin maintains a keen interest in the care of children. She is a classically trained violinist, lifelong Californian, and a mother of two.   ~   You can find Jacqueline Calkin on… Calkin & Boudreaux Dermatology: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Facebook: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram:

Jun 2020

38 min 26 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Dr. Sarah Pinney as they talk about her experiences and different dermatology practice styles. She shares the process of how one can become a dermatologist and the story behind her decision to get into dermatology. They get into what fellowships are, the options to choose from, her reason for getting into academic practice, and later getting into a cash-pay, or fee-for-service practice. Stay tuned to the podcast to see Sarah’s take on the expensive, cookie-cutter products and the next best thing to sunscreen! By the end of the episode, you will have a more detailed appreciation of dermatologists. ~e About Sarah Pinney:   Cosmetic Dermatologist and native Houstonian, Dr. Sarah Pinney, joined the team at Clear Dermatology in February 2019. She specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and helps patients looking to utilize treatments such as Botox and Dysport as well as dermal fillers such as Restylane to achieve a natural, yet refreshed look without going under the knife.   Prior to going into private practice, Dr. Pinney was an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at The University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston. Her responsibilities included serving as chief of service at Lyndon B Johnson hospital, where she had the opportunity to train medical students and residents.   Although her background and experience is quite diverse, Dr. Pinney has always had a strong passion for the aesthetic and cosmetic aspects of dermatology. Helping patients look and feel their best, without surgery, is one of the most rewarding aspects of her day!   Some of the treatments that Dr. Pinney specializes in include:   Consultations to determine the most beneficial treatment for you Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (Botox, Dysport) Dermal fillers to help restore facial volume (Juvederm, Restylane) Kybella to help with the appearance of excessive chin fat   Dr. Pinney is Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. She was selected as a Top Doctor by Texas Monthly Magazine in July 2017 and a rising star in July 2018. She is a member of the Texas Medical Association, Texas Dermatological Society, Harris County Medical Society, and Houston Dermatological Society. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and regularly participates in conferences and other activities to continue and share her medical education.   Dr. Pinney completed her undergraduate studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After completing her degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology, she attended medical school at The University of Texas Health Sciences Center – Houston. She completed an internship at Baylor College of Medicine, dermatology residency at The University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, where she served as chief resident.   ~   You can find Sarah Pinney on… Clear Dermatology: KP Dermatology: Instagram:   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram:

May 2020

31 min 36 sec

Join Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Doctor Heather Rogers as they talk about her experience as a dermatologist and the world of skincare. They get into how simple dermatology can be for you, how to spend less on skincare with the same results, and how multipurpose items may not be the best option for you. Heather also talks about starting her skincare line, the products she has available, and how she uses them for her patients. Stay tuned to know the three things that are vital to skincare!   By the end of the episode, you will learn that beauty doesn’t need to be complicated and understand the value your promised before buying any product or before having any procedure.   ~   About Doctor Rogers:   Dr. Rogers attended Stanford University & The University of Washington School of Medicine. She headed east to NYC for her dermatology residency at Columbia University Medical Center where she served as chief resident. She then completed two procedural dermatology fellowships with extensive training in Mohs micrographic surgery, surgical reconstruction, laser procedures and aesthetics. She remained on faculty at Columbia until returning to Seattle in 2009. She lectures nationally, has published numerous articles and book chapters and is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology Media Expert Team. Dr. Rogers’ skin care regime includes an antioxidant then moisturizer and sunscreen with at least 10 percent zinc oxide to her face, neck and chest every morning. Nightly, she washes her face with a gentle cleanser, applies a retinol product, then a moisturizer. She is not married to a single brand line and believes that the best results are achieved when a variety of clinically-proven active ingredients are used regularly on the skin. #HELPTHEHEALERS campaign Like most independent brands, RESTORE had a give-back program whereby each year it donates tubes of its Healing Balm to cancer hospitals for patients to use post-radiation. In March, when a Seattle nurse emailed Dr. Rogers for a recommendation to cure her dry hands, RESTORE decided to donate 10k tubes of Healing Balm to frontline healthcare workers. Additionally, RESTORE donated one hundred tubes to the only Navy dermatologist treating patients and healthcare workers at the Javits Center who were suffering from sores on their faces from wearing masks. The requests from healthcare workers and other frontline individuals continue to pour in so RESTORE has vowed to donate another 10k tubes in the coming weeks. You can follow for more on this story or if you are a healthcare worker, email for more information.   Doctor Rogers clinic Modern Dermatology Seattle Doctor Rogers Restore SkinCare Company Doctor Rogers on Instagram   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Facebook:  

May 2020

30 min 51 sec

Join Dr. Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Dr. Angelo Landriscina as they talk about LGBTQ+ Care in Dermatology. Dr. Landriscina desires to help dermatologists have a better-nuanced understanding of how to take care of sexual and gender minority patients. They touch on the lack of data collection that the health industry has for the LGBTQ+ community, the archaic iPledge system that isn’t gender-affirming, and how both patients and medical practitioners can appropriately communicate with each other.   By the end of the episode, you will learn the health challenges that you should be aware of for sexual & gender minority patients and how to advocate for yourself when seeking healthcare. Enjoy!   ~   About Angelo Landriscina:   Angelo Landriscina, MD is a resident dermatologist, medical writer and blogger. Dr. Landriscina completed his MD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, graduating with distinctions in dermatology and basic science research. He has won awards for his research focusing on therapeutics for burns and wound healing and the use of nanotechnology in the treatment of dermatologic conditions and has contributed over 40 entries into the medical literature. He is currently completing his residency in dermatology at the George Washington University in Washington, DC where he is Chief Resident. His research interests include the growing role of social media in personal health and LGBTQ+-focused dermatology including the unique risks and health disparities faced by sexual and gender minority patients. He is also the founder and principal author of the website where he writes about skincare and common skin problems for the public. He can be found @dermangelo on all social media.   ~   You can find Angelo Landriscina on… Website: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Email:   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Facebook:  

May 2020

29 min 37 sec

Join Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Jamie Hayward (EltaMD) as she talks about sunscreen and skincare. She explains the relationship between the Aestheticians and Dermatologists and her take on the direction that dermatology clinics are taking for Aesthetics. They get into how various treatments may drive different results to people depending on their skin type. Jamie gets into the variety of sunscreens that made her transition working with EltaMD and the revolutionary products that the company will have available soon. What’s the primary ingredient that you should look for on your sunscreen? Stay tuned to the podcast to find out!   By the end of the episode, you will put importance on knowing the background of the people you consult and read the labels of the products you use.   ~   About EltaMD:   For more than 25 years, we have developed wound healing, sunscreens and  skin care products that are widely used and recommended by physicians and other medical professionals in hospitals, burn centers, rehabilitation clinics, and long-term and short-term care centers. EltaMD applies that experience to create innovative products that help restore, protect and maintain healthy skin.   We are committed to providing physicians and their patients innovative products that help develop and maintain great skin for life.   ~   Resources: Instagram: EltaMD:   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Instagram: Treasure Valley Derm Facebook:  

May 2020

25 min 19 sec

Cory Rubin is a Board-Certified Dermatologist practicing at the Michigan Dermatology Institute in Waterford, Michigan. He is the founder and medical director of the practice, and is on staff with several large health systems in Michigan including Ascension/St John-Providence, Beaumont-Royal Oak, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai, McLaren-Oakland and St Joseph-Oakland hospitals. His medical school education was completed at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and his dermatology residency training was performed at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has a passion for complex medical dermatology and professional skin care. When not practicing, he is a proud father, happy husband and avid ice hockey player. Instagram links If you think you may have psoriasis and would like to seek out a dermatologist in your area please visit to locate a board certified dermatologist in your area.  For additional resources for patients with psoriais please visit or Oral medications discussed included methotrexate as well as Otezla The biologic injectable medications we discussed are listed here as well according to their class, and otherwise in no particular order.  TNF-inhibitors Humira Enbrel Cimzia Remicade IL-17 inhibitors/receptor blockers Cosentyx Taltz Siliq IL-23 inhibitors Ilumya Tremfya Skyrizi IL-12/23 inhibitor Stelara If you have found this information helpful please consider leaving us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Apr 2020

33 min 46 sec

Join Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Kristi Hawley (The Derm Institute of West Michigan) as they shed light around the seriousness of psoriasis, its treatments, and everything in between. They touch on the different medications available (topical, oral, and biologics). Dr. Hawley also gives the reasons why psoriasis is important to treat during pregnancy and what the safest available options are   By the end of the episode, you will have a basic understanding of the condition, have an idea of what help you could get, and learn the importance of having a board-certified dermatologist. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!   ~   About The Derm Institute of West Michigan:   Skin treatment is never skin deep. The Derm Institute of West Michigan knows that when you suffer from a chronic skin condition, your treatment shouldn’t be surface level. It needs to incorporate every part of your life. It needs to be personal. That’s why our respected staff goes beyond basic to create a plan that works for your schedule, your skin, and you.   Chronic skin conditions are beyond cosmetic. The dangers of a severe rash or skin cancer require a skilled hand and quality care. They call for top-level practitioners who have the expertise to accurately diagnose your condition and determine the best possible course of action. And most importantly, they call for practitioners who take the time to get to know you. The Derm Institute believes in tackling your chronic condition as a team. We’re committed to personalizing your treatment, which is why we start by listening to your skin story and then incorporating a skin solution that’s a perfect match for you. We don’t just write a prescription. We listen, and use your story to find the best care.   ~   You can find Kristi Hawley on… Instagram: Website:   See Mother to Baby here!   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Instagram:

Apr 2020

14 min 30 sec

Join Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Danielle Layman (Boise Beauty) as they chat about her passion for makeup and skincare plus her experience with social media. She starts with her story of how she just initially wanted to find friends online that shared her passion and build a community around it. Later on, Danielle began to work with brands and was able to create a good reputation in the space. They also touch on how she dealt with the fact that Instagram’s algorithm had reduced her followers’ engagement!   By the end of this episode, you will learn some of the misconceptions in the beauty industry, listen to your skin, and look less into the numbers of your social media following. Enjoy!   ~   About Boise Beauty:   Trying all the things to help you find the best makeup and skincare for your budget! MOTDS Honest Product Reviews Swatches   ~   You can find Boise Beauty on... Youtube Instagram   ---   Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Instagram:

Apr 2020

29 min

Mariya Ostermiller is a board certified Physician Assistant.  She has practiced in dermatology for 14 years and joined Dr. Portela at the opening of Treasure Valley Dermatology in March 2018.   Join Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Mariya Ostermiller (Treasure Valley Dermatology) as they talk about her experiences and learnings as a Dermatology PA. She shares the process of how she got into the field, from her education to finding her specialty. Mariya explains the intricacies of the trade, why she loves working in dermatology, the relationship dynamics between a PA and their supervising physician, and what goes on in their daily lives. Stay tuned to the podcast to hear what the common misconceptions with dermatology that her patients have! By the end of the episode, you will appreciate how the medical field runs and see the importance of proper education in the health industry, but everyday life as well. ~ About Treasure Valley Dermatology:   Full service dermatology clinic in Boise, ID treating children and adults. Dr. Dustin Portela @208skindoc, & Mariya Ostermiller PA-C ~ You can find Treasure Valley Dermatology on… Website: Instagram: --- Connect with Between Two Derms! Website: Instagram:

Apr 2020

14 min 28 sec

Between Two Derms is a new podcast exploring all things related to the health of your skin, hair, and nails.  We'll cover medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology and visit with guests who will bring you the latest in the science of skincare.  Join the host, board certified dermatologist, Dr. Dustin Portela, each month for an AMA episode where we will answer questions about anything related to dermatology.  Visit for more information.  You can follow us on social on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok at @208SkinDoc  Thanks for subscribing! Please leave us a 5 star review and share this podcast with your friends. 

Apr 2020

1 min 44 sec