Authentically You With The Himmers

By Himmer Institute

We are each hard wired to connect. When we don’t connect it hurts and when it hurts, too often we medicate in a fashion that brings about more pain. Authentically You is a breath of fresh air and in our 3rd year of sharing, we’re just scratching the surface. Instead of focusing on problems, Dr. Richard Himmer and his lovely bride, Cheri, focus on solution-based conversation. Listen to what 37+ years of a happy marriage sounds like. They have no problem with conflict; however, they don’t engage in contention. Conflict is a focus on what is right and is necessary for growth. Contention is a focus on who is right and is the primary source of discord, divorce, bullying, poor management, and dysfunctional relationships. Authentically You is the energy behind discovering happiness, joy, and well-being. When you know who you are, you are free to become your true self. Too many people want happiness without the necessary skills and understanding that support the lifestyle of being happy.

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