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Our Solicitors explain and discuss areas of English law that impact both individuals and businesses.

*This podcast has been created for general information purposes only. The law changes rapidly and no reliance may be had in relation to the information provided in this recording.. If you require specific legal advice, please discuss with a specialist solicitor who can advise you in relation to your specific circumstances

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The last couple of months have been very exciting for Glaisyers. We've grown - adding the strength of London firm Laytons - and rebranded bringing us closer to our ETL Global partners. David Jones (Executive Partner, Head of Litigation - Glaisyers ETL) and John Abbot (Managing Partner - Laytons ETL) discuss this exciting new chapter for the firms. 

Jul 7

10 min 15 sec

The sixth and final episode of the probate mini-series, Chris Burrows (partner and head of private client) is discussing the issues that might be faced by executors of an estate where the person that has died was the owners of a business.

Jul 7

16 min 48 sec

In the fifth episode of the Probate miniseries, we look at other things that can impact the probate process. Chris Burrows talks through three of the most common Trusts used in England and what that can mean if you're distributing an estate. 

Apr 7

21 min 2 sec

We're talking to our trainees about what it takes to become a solicitor. They share their experiences and tips for anyone considering a career as a solicitor. 

Mar 24

15 min 44 sec

Congratulations - you've completed on your property purchase. So why is my solicitor still calling? Dean Lawson, our post completion executive, discusses the final steps that need to be taken after the property transaction has completed, including how you inform HMRC, Companies House and the Land Registry. 

Feb 24

18 min 42 sec

In the forth episode of the Probate miniseries, we continue through the probate process with Emma Green - a solicitor in the private client department – talking about what happens after you get the Grant of Representation. Emma answers the question - is the probate process now finished?

Feb 10

23 min 8 sec

In the third episode of the Probate miniseries, we continue through the probate process with Charlotte Hardie – Senior Associate in the private client department – talking through the process of applying for a grant of representation, answering common questions the team get from clients.

Jan 13

13 min 16 sec

In this bonus Brexit episode, the corporate/commercial team discuss possible impacts of Brexit on a company's commercial contracts. **This episode was recorded 21/12/2020 and the information is accurate at the time of recording.**

Dec 2020

15 min 31 sec

A protected conversation can be a very useful tool for an employer or employee when discussing their future with a company. Stevi Hoyle talks through what a protected conversation is, best practices when having a protected conversation and next steps once the conversation has happened. 

Dec 2020

9 min 12 sec

This is the second episode of the Private Client department's Probate mini-series. In this episode Emma Green talks through inheritance tax, answering the questions we all have when planning for the future, including practical advice for executors when administering an estate.

Dec 2020

27 min 56 sec

Tom Simpson, head of residential property, discusses the current state of housing market in the UK - what the team are experiencing and the impact of the pandemic and the Stamp Duty holiday. 

Nov 2020

10 min 24 sec

The Private Client department are launching their Probate mini-series. Across six episode, the team will be discussing some of the main steps and questions that come up during the probate process. In the first episode of the mini-series Charlotte Hardie looks at the legal steps to take when someone dies.

Nov 2020

15 min 2 sec

Michael Fletcher, partner and head of costs, speaks with David Jones, executive partner and head of litigation, about the systems our costs department has in place for clients costs and recovery. 

Oct 2020

11 min 26 sec

Many business owners concentrate on business plans - their 12 month, 5 year and 10 year goals - but don't have plans in place for other eventualities. As a business owner, you are the key person the company relies on. If you are suddenly unable to make decisions, many companies would come to a grinding halt. In episode 7 Chris Burrows looks at the importance of a business Lasting Power of Attorney. 

Oct 2020

19 min 3 sec

In today's economic climate many businesses are looking at their options for moving forward. We sit down with Niki Polymeridou from our Corporate team to discuss business restructuring. What it entails. When it's the right move. And some tips and things to watch out for if that's the next move for your business. 

Sep 2020

18 min 58 sec

For landlords, collecting rent is their business - their sole source of income. When everything locked down in March of 2020 renters of both residential and commercial property worried how they were going to continue to pay rent if they weren't working or the commercial premises had to close. The Government stepped in provided support for renters, but what can landlords do to recover rent during a pandemic? Anas Shah, a solicitor in our litigation team, talks through the options both residential and commercial landlords have and the temporary legal changes the Government put in place. 

Sep 2020

11 min 23 sec

Have you caught a member of staff stealing? Bullying? Consistently not meeting deadlines? It's important to remember to follow all the steps of the your firm's disciplinary procedure. Sarah Scholfield, Associate in our Employment Law team, discusses some of the tricky situations that may come during the disciplinary procedure.  

Aug 2020

23 min 37 sec

Business Owners know the importance of planning their business for 1, 5 and even 10 years into the future. Many times this isn't the case for their personal investment in the business and their other assets. Chris Burrows, partner and head of private client, discusses the main reasons why business owners don't make inheritance plans and outlines the very important reasons why they should.

Aug 2020

22 min 35 sec

David Jones, head of litigation, and Michael Fletcher, head of costs, discuss some of the common areas in costs litigation that can be vital to a positive outcome for your client. Cost budgets, cost management and detailed assessments might seem common sense in a litigation matter, but they can have significant impact when a matter is resolved. David and Michael talk through these areas and share their years of experience. 

Jul 2020

24 min 6 sec

Bethanie Bailey, the firm's Business Development and Marketing Manager, sits down with Tom Simpson, Head of Residential Conveyancing, to discuss buying a home in England. The pair talk about the steps that are involved, how long it can take and some terms you will hear. 

Jul 2020

12 min 57 sec