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Bradley Charbonneau

Author Bradley Charbonneau narrates his best-selling book "Every Single Day." It's all right here in this podcast, shared weekly!

From the foreword by John Muldoon.

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Sep 2020

8 min 1 sec

Tell 'em now.

Jul 2020

4 min 44 sec

If you're going to have an attitude, it might as well be a good one that annoys people.

Jun 2020

10 min 2 sec

It's still time to create. In fact, it might be even more important. [ https://youtu.be/E-b4h9xE0wo ] https://youtu.be/E-b4h9xE0wo

Jun 2020

3 min 14 sec

You may create content, but is it catchy? Do your clients want to know more? Do they click, like, or buy? What makes content "catchy" or sticky or worthy of sharing, acting on, or buying? Learn more at: Creating Catchy Content. [ Wanna see that happen as it happened? https://youtu.be/6oHtKVbQmMY ] https://youtu.be/6oHtKVbQmMY

May 2020

6 min 33 sec

“An unfortunate thing about this world is that the good habits are much easier to give up than the bad ones.” W. Somerset Maugham To create new habits, it’s easiest if we create a ritual or a trigger to know we’re going to get started.  Every time I walk into the woods:  1. My mind becomes more clear 2. My ideas grow bolder 3. My fears spill into the ground 4. My dreams soar among the trees 5. The birds tell me what to do next That’s just a few steps into the woods.  My dad used to have a piece of chocolate after dinner. He really enjoyed it. In fact, it got to the point where if we didn’t have any chocolate in the house and dinner was over, he would get antsy.  Dinner meant it was almost chocolate time. Yep, the “bad” ones are harder to kick than new (good!) ones are to create.  Still, find the trigger, create a ritual, go a little nutty with it.  Watch professional athletes and their rituals. Each time that Steph Curry makes a 3-pointer, he taps his chest and points upwards. It’s his ritual or even prayer or thank you for making the shot.  Yet, we can do the same before something happens.  I walk into the forest.  What do you do? What could you do? Where might be your “creative space” where you’ll let your ideas arrive without having to go through security or customs?  Let’s make up a simple one just for example’s sake here. Say you want just a bit of clarity in your life. It could be for anything, short-term decisions such as what to make for dinner all the way to some help with your next career choice.  Create a daily ritual, a physical symbol, a motion, even a whispered mantra to let you know, “Hey, here we go. It’s about to get real around here.” Then give yourself the time to do the thing.  It could be as simple and quick as:  1. Brushing your teeth with your eyes closed and letting the humming brush shake loose your next fabulous idea. Twice a day. Boom.  2. Taking just two tiny little extra minutes after your shower to sit down, in the bathroom, on the toilet if there’s nowhere else (PRO TIP: close the lid first), and with some deep and slow breathing, shed the dread of your upcoming day and gather the strength to go on the offensive. (Ooh, “shed the dread,” I like that! See, I’m “being creative” here sharing tips on how to let creativity in!) 3. While on a walk, even if it’s a short as around the block or to the mailbox, take out the earbuds, put your phone in your pocket, and just listen. What do you hear? Birds? Cars? Dogs? Filter everything else out and hear what you want to focus on.  There you have it, 3 extremely non-scientific but possibly powerful triggers to get you started to tap into your deeper knowledge, your quick-witted charm, and a bit of the unknown.  Relish it. Do it daily. Follow the trigger.  • Possible: wait for perfection to arrive magically • Impossible: change yesterday’s trigger • Repossible: trigger daily clarity 

May 2020

6 min 26 sec

"My whole persona is different than it was 2 hours ago." We're getting stuff done. How about you? Need some help? Here are 10 days to get you towards clarity: Every Single Day Playbook. Here's a video version of today's podcast: [ https://youtu.be/9Zx247b6cdY ] https://youtu.be/9Zx247b6cdY

Apr 2020

2 min 33 sec

How you do anything is how you do everything. So, how are you doing on the "anything" stuff? This was a voicemail I left my mom but hey, it's good for everyone to hear. How do you treat the person rolling around The Snack Cart? Or in other words, who are you truly?

Apr 2020

2 min 33 sec

A little Every Single Day humor. A mini transformation of 10 days: The Every Single Day Playbook. You can get it here: http://playbook.repossible.com. [ https://youtu.be/dpsjEMv20_o ] https://youtu.be/dpsjEMv20_o

Apr 2020

2 min 6 sec

How do you define work? How do you define play? Video version here: https://youtu.be/IFERuhtlstc https://youtu.be/IFERuhtlstc

Apr 2020

3 min 55 sec

Spring has Sprung. Listen for the Woodpecker. Either I spend too much time in nature--or not enough. I'm in the woods and I hear birds, singing, and a woodpecker. Take some time out of your day and listen to the sounds around you. Every Single Day was trash day. After a few weeks, guess what? You get used to it. "Wow, I don't know what to do." Do what I know how to do: create. Every Single Day. There's no snooze button on the natural world. You can see the video version of this podcast here: [ https://repossible.teachable.com/courses/tt/lectures/14836217 ]

Mar 2020

6 min 35 sec

What I learned from Marc Reklau in 15 minutes waiting to get on the Dixie Queen.

Mar 2020

2 min 19 sec

Just because it's practice, doesn't mean it's "allowed" to be terrible. At least not intentionally.

Feb 2020

3 min 41 sec

The thing is, you're not going to work. You're going to play.

Jan 2020

2 min 5 sec

I promise I won't write "Every Single Quarter," but 4 times a year is a good time for a bigger splash. This stems from Mike Kim's "Brand You" podcast episode titled, "How to create your annual marketing strategy." BYP 215: How To Create Your Annual Marketing Strategy

Jan 2020

9 min 45 sec

10 years ago, there's no way I would have dreamed I'm doing what I'm doing now. Where will you be in another decade? When should start? When should you take the first step towards that goal? Oh wait, I know! I know! Yeah, I'm so predictable: today. "I'm so predictable." That's actually a habit joke: creation on a constant basis makes you able to leap out of your confining shell precisely because you're creating on a regular basis.

Dec 2019

8 min

You don't even want everyone to come. But you do have to build it.

Dec 2019

7 min 33 sec

Let's see. Big words: MeditateCreatePlay In my world, there aren't too many more important words than these. I talk with Louise Wo of "The Recess Life" this week and she digs deep into--and rises far above--the world of play. Grab her free list of "Seven easy ways to add more play into your life."

Dec 2019

37 min 37 sec

If you create every single day, I can guarantee that you will go from nothing to something. Video version below. https://youtu.be/DKzrcXCxEoU

Nov 2019

8 min 36 sec

Collaborations, networking, out-and-about. But what about Me Time? Don't underestimate the need for downtime.

Nov 2019

5 min 12 sec

"If you do not take any action, you can pretty much guarantee there won't be any reaction at any point in the future." Patience "Just because you haven't done it yet." "He's got 17 books out. When I met him, he had none." "What can I do when this career comes to an end?"

Nov 2019

15 min 43 sec

Because we can't stop creating. Well, I can't anyway. Creating is deeper. It's joy. It's life. I can't not do it. Change your game.

Nov 2019

4 min 16 sec

Do you get an award? Do you get an award for brushing your teeth? No, but you get to keep your teeth. 7 years, 2 continents, 2 companies, 17 books, 5 podcasts, 11 audiobooks, and 1 transformed human being. Live from "My Office," I shout it out that I've hit 7 years of writing Every Single Day. https://youtu.be/Fvz3rafTq20

Oct 2019

10 min 1 sec