Intersections: A podcast by The Connect

By The Connect

Intersections podcast dives into the overlapping layers of brand partnerships, and the overall sports and entertainment business world. The Connect is Rayde Luis Baez. Rayde Luis Baez, is a Dominican born, passionate partnership builder based in Europe with strong relations with the top brands and properties across the world. Find out more at:

  1. 1.
    Dídac Lee (Galdana Ventures) | Overcoming the unknown and working towards fulfilling your life dreams
  2. 2.
    Cesar Ruiz (Microsoft) | How purpose is the main builder of the brand connection
  3. 3.
    Joel Rodriguez (Translation) | Be your full self… because details matter
  4. 4.
    Jose Luis Rosa-Medina (Euroleague Basketball) | A New Game for Sports Properties
  5. 5.
    Vanessa Åsell Tsuruga (RAKUTEN) | Storytelling with purpose, a personal and professional journey
  6. 6.
    Adam Martin (T/A Martin Studio) | Designing in the Sports World
  7. 7.
    Andrew Pitagorsky (SLAM) | Slam Magazine, The Great Cultural Guidebook
  8. 8.
    Joe Markowski (DAZN) | Global Sports Media market & the changing paradigm of content distribution

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