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Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Michael discuss the horror in Waukesha, Mayor Pete’s 2024 presidential bid, and Thanksgiving traditions.

Nov 24

56 min 17 sec

Editors’ Picks:Rich: KDW's magazine piece "The ORC Invasion"Charlie: Jim’s corner post “Joe Biden Can’t Deter Anyone”Alexandra: MBD’s piece “The Never-Endemic Story”Jim: Dan’s Corner post "The Professional Resistance Desperately Wants Trump to Be the Republican Nominee in 2024" Light Items:Rich: Planted flower bulbsCharlie: Getting a wine bathAlexandra: Shopping for Christmas decorJim: Thanksgiving travel traffic

Nov 22

1 hr 9 min

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Dan McLaughlin’s piece "The QAnon Shaman Gets 41 Months in Prison. Good"Charlie: David Harsanyi’s piece "The Unseemly Canonization of Saint Schiff"MBD: Jim’s work on the Chinese tennis star story Light Items:Rich: Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising”Charlie: The wall of whiskey at a barMBD: Family Christmas photos

Nov 19

1 hr 1 min

Today on this special edition of The Editors, Rich is joined by Jon Riches of the Goldwater Institute and Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas. They discuss Nicole's struggle to obtain information from her daughter's public school concerning whether CRT and gender studies are taught there, how the NEA sued her for asking too many questions, and how the Goldwater Institute helped her fight back.

Nov 17

36 min 3 sec

Editors' Picks:Rich: Arthur Herman’s piece "Nikole Hannah-Jones Mangles World War II Atomic History"Charlie: MBD’s piece "What Rittenhouse’s Crying Means to Psychos"Alexandra: Clarke Forsythe's magazine piece "Roe and Stare Decisis"Jim: Charlie’s piece “No, We Don’t Actually Need to Be More Like Europe”Light Items:Rich: John Ondrasik's NR+ callCharlie: Judging a cake competitionAlexandra: Beginning her sourdough starterJim: Entertaining in his new kitchenSponsors:Boll & BranchThe Thinking Fellows podcast

Nov 16

1 hr 4 min

Editors' Picks: Rich: Andy’s Rittenhouse pieceCharlie: Kyle Smith's piece 'The Year’s Best film to Date'MBD: Magazine piece Hadley Arkes 'Abortion as Anti-law'Light Items:Rich: BiscottiCharlie: Playing TetrisMBD: The new Bond film

Nov 12

55 min 25 sec

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss BIF, “forever masking,” and if anyone will ever answer for the Russiagate hoax.Editors' picks:• Rich: The entire upcoming print issue, which is dedicated to why Roe should go• Charlie: Alas, he forgot his pick this week.• Alexandra: Kyle Smith's piece "How Not to Approach Princess Diana"• Jim: Jimmy Quinn's post "Beijing’s Taiwan Invasion Timeline: Two Predictions"Light items:• Rich: Daylight Savings is an abomination• Charlie: His three year old's first encounter with ice• Alexandra: Playing Apples to Apples• Jim: Watching other football teamsSponsors:MasterworksStamps.comThe Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

Nov 9

1 hr 1 min

Today on The Editors, Rich, Michael, and Phil discuss how to interpret the Virginia election, where the BIF and BBB bills stand, and the Durham indictment.Editors' picks:• Rich: Dan McLaughlin’s piece "The Big Red Wave of 2021"• Phil: Andy's piece "What to Make of Durham’s Latest Indictment"• MBD: Charlie on the BIF and BBB bills Light items:• Rich: The National Conservatism conference in Orlando• Phil: The Jets• MBD: Lunch with Jack Fowler Sponsors:There's No Free Lunch by David BahnsenMadeIn CookwareThe Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte. 

Nov 5

1 hr 3 min

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss the wild ride in the VA gubernatorial race, Manchin’s continued stance against Dem’s spending bills, and the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ debate.Editors' picks:• Rich: Kyle Smith's post "Dems Test Out a ‘Racist Dog Whistle’ Rationalization for Virginia"• Charlie: Andy McCarthy's piece "Cuomo Charged with Sex Crime . . . or Is He?• Alexandra: Phil's piece "McAuliffe’s Infamous ‘Parents’ Quip Wasn’t a Gaffe — It’s How Democrats Think"• Jim: Phil's piece "Democrats’ Shell Game on SALT Deduction"Light items:• Rich: Speaking at UVa• Charlie: Halloween decor in his neighborhood• Alexandra: Rendezvous with Destiny by Craig Shirley• Jim: His kitchen renovation is almost doneSponsorsQuipDavid Bahnsen's new book, There's No Free LunchThe Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

Nov 3

1 hr 13 min

Today on The Editors, Charlie — hosting for Rich — Jim, and Phil discuss the current standings of the reconciliation bill and the state of the Virginia gubernatorial race.Editors’ picks:• Charlie: NR Editorial “Democrats’ Spending Monstrosity”• Jim: Phil’s piece “Why Biden’s Social Agenda May Prove Less Resilient Than Obamacare” and MBD’s piece “An Embarrassment for Biden• Phil: David Harsanyi’s book excerptLight items:• Charlie: The Florida-Georgia Game• Jim: Halloween• Phil: Also HalloweenSponsors:MarpipeWoke Racism by John McWhorterThe Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

Oct 29

1 hr 1 min

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Michael discuss the uproar in VA, the White House’s ridiculous ‘gender strategy,’ and much more.Editors’ picks:• Rich: H. R. McMaster in the upcoming print issue• Charlie: Daniel Tenreiro’s piece “Biden’s Capital-Gains Tax Grab Would Wreak Havoc”• Alexandra: Jim’s Jolt “Some Reassurance for COVID-Anxious Americans”• MBD: Jim’s piece “Wait, How Many Coincidences Does the Natural Spillover Theory Require?”Light items:• Rich: Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury• Charlie: A squirrel saga• Alexandra: Visiting the Reagan Ranch• MBD: Wet/dry vacSponsor:The Subtext podcastThe Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

Oct 26

1 hr 15 min

In this short and snappy Editors episode, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the VA governor’s race, the reconciliation bill, and more.Editors’ picks:• Rich: John McCormack’s piece “John Eastman vs. the Eastman Memo”• Charlie: Jim’s reporting on the Wuhan question• Jim: Charlie’s piece “Biden in Wonderland” Light items:• Rich: The Buckley Prize Dinner• Charlie: Traveling• Jim: Mexican food in Dallas Sponsor:BabbelThe Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

Oct 22

30 min 7 sec