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They wish they knew how to quit each other, but apparently they’re back for more. Former radio partners Chico Garcia and Gino Quillamor reunite to talk life and entertainment. They’ll watch one episode of random shows and talk about what they think, and who knows what other shenanigans? Will this be a case of sweeter the second time around, or a matter of di na natuto? Join their podcast journey through thicc or thin, for richer or for newer lucrative contracts, in weight gain and in health, till greener pastures do them part. New episodes every Wednesday, no drama, OnlyFun.

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Jun 11

1 min 27 sec

LOTS of catching up between former radio partners, turned on-air rivals, turned podcast lovers, este, partners. Apparently one got into K-dramas while the other got into BL. Can you guess who got into what?🤣

Jun 16

55 min 45 sec

Consider this an audition to the second season of Trese and the non-gender specific sequel of Fangirl. You have been warned.

Jun 23

57 min 46 sec

What happens when a straight guy (well, mostly straight) watches an episode of a BL series? YOU WILL BE SHOCKED WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! Okay bang clickbait?😉

Jun 30

55 min 10 sec

Bad girl gone good, good boy gone bad. And no, we’re not talking about Chico and Gino. This week we’re going anime, whether you’re go go go, or yamete kudasai, you might enjoy this slice of Japan.

Jul 7

54 min 7 sec

What happens when real, legit, actual queens visit our mga munting prinsesa? Will beauty and glamour triumph, or will kalat and kagulo rule? Just Between Us Queens, check out this epic encounter to find out!👑

Jul 14

1 hr 4 min

Join Chico and Gino as they thrust headfirst into these black hole topics. Probe deeper, think long and hard, to find answers to these throbbing questions. Penetrate each other’s opinions until you reach an explosive climax. (You like dat?)

Jul 21

52 min 9 sec

The boys(?) will dive into Papa P (hala!) and Alessandra’s My Amanda and explore the complexities of friendships that blur the lines between platonic and may malisya. And also Papa P’s legs…and abs…and dreamy eyes…


Jul 28

45 min 53 sec

Sink your teeth into Blood Red Sky, and suck every warm drop of crimson goodness. Take a bite of this episode where we sharpen our wood and drive it deep into our worst fears. If ayaw niyo, eh di neck-neck niyo!

Aug 4

51 min 40 sec

Ano ba talaga importante, looks or personality? Paano kung hayup sa ganda, pero animal ang ugali? We’ll talk about the ridiculous but fun SEXY BEASTS, and we’ll talk about the delicate balancing act between inner and outer beauty.

Aug 11

58 min 12 sec

Can you say no, when your heart says yes? Can you walk away, when your dream Fboy walks in? Can you stay demure, when your panty is already laglag on the floor? All these important life questions answered as we talk about the Kdrama NEVERTHELESS…plus a new twist involving music!


Aug 17

1 hr 4 min

How did you you learn about the birdy-birds and the puchichers? When did you first touch your mini me? What was it like the first time you put the wand in the chamber of secrets? We answer these burning questions and more in this EXCLUSIVE(😊) first episode of Season 2!

Sep 22

49 min 25 sec

Alcohol is the best social lubricant, but it’s also the most potent idiot fuel. Within the backdrop of I’M DRUNK, I LOVE YOU, we look back on the best (and worst) versions of us laced with alcohol, during the days when alcohol meant inuman, and not green cross.

Sep 24

48 min 14 sec

Mga baon sa utang, game ka na ba? Game na game na! We talk about the insanely popular k-thriller SQUID GAME, how we only gamble with love, and how we used to play kid games like habulan ng utang, taguan ng feelings, and agawang jowa.

Sep 29

48 min 38 sec

Tooth be told, we were swooning watching this pretty Denteeth and her Chief Hung, este, Chief Hong take a bite of romance in HOMETOWN CHA-CHA-CHA. The molar of the story: tagaytay is in cavity.

Oct 1

46 min 15 sec

What do you get when you mix a cup of chaos, and a teaspoon of mayhem, with a dash of pandemonium? It’s the crossover of the boys of OnlyFun with the ghorls of The Week Sauce, Riki and Tin! Disclaimer: there was an honest attempt at a structure. 😝

Oct 6

53 min 33 sec

It’s Britney, bitch. We take a deep dive into the toxic black hole that is Britney Spears’ conservatorship in BRITNEY VS SPEARS. Is she crazy? Overprotected? Is she a slave for a criminal who keeps saying, “Work bitch, gimme more!” Okay, you get the point.

Oct 8

52 min 50 sec

We talk about the She’s All That reboot, HE’S ALL THAT, and more importantly, we revisit our own prom memories, and we promise you it’s an eksplosibong eksklusibo you can only find on OnlyFun. Fasten your seatbelts, this will be a bumpy ride!

Oct 13

53 min

We jump into the 911 thriller The Guilty with zaddy Jake G, and we take a journey through our history with the telephone, from party lines, to telebabad, to phone pranks, and even prepaid cards in exchange for love. Yes, we went there.

Oct 15

56 min 51 sec

It’s our version of a series recap, we call it “The Dip Dive,” because we’ll dive, but not too deep, more like a dip. FULL SPOILERS discussion on HCCC, it’s the closure we all need to give a proper goodbye to our Gongjin fam.

Oct 20

1 hr 5 min

We check out the viral new revenge porn K-Drama, My Name, with all the blood and gore, and hot gangsters, I mean, scary gangsters. And we talk about how we feel about revenge and one host reveals his violent gangsta past. (Rhymes with We Know Feel Ya More.)

Oct 22

54 min 25 sec

We sink our Night Teeth into this latest vampire thriller, but wait, there’s more! We also get into our wildest nights out EVER. It involves girls, drinking, getting kicked out of clubs, and that’s just Chico!🤣 You will NOT believe the things we reveal in this one! Listen now before it’s too late!

Oct 27

53 min 52 sec

We explore our love-hate relationship with the horror genre, and we look back at our most spine-tingling experiences, from malicious spirits that left physical bruises, to little girl spectres that followed us around, to helpful spirits that helped with boardwork, and even why one host went from top to bottom…bunk.

Oct 29

56 min 3 sec

“Army Of Thieves” robbed us the right way, and stole our hearts. Plus, usapang nakawan: Have you ever stolen anything in your life? Money? A glance? A kiss? And Chico talks about that one night when unknown perps barged into his back door. Literally.

Nov 3

42 min 54 sec

We watched The Morning Show and reminisced about the mornings we spent together when we did a morning show (Ayieeeee!), memorable morning moments like road trips with breakfast at McDo, and enjoying the scenery while we listen to Mariah, Spice Girls and the rest of Gino’s car playlist.

Nov 5

45 min 34 sec

We probe A Guy + A Girl and offer a mature (and immature) take on the heartbreak and frontal nudity in the film. Plus, we reminisce that one time in Baguio where we watched a movie…together…in bed…and shared another man’s eggs the next morning.

Nov 10

52 min 9 sec

We talk about the classic Cowboy Bebop in anticipation of the upcoming live action Hollywood version and the anime and cartoons (anime ≠ cartoons) and other shows that changed our lives like the Herculoids and out-of-costume Shaider. Plus legit wise words from Gino. (Believe it or not.)

Nov 12

46 min 9 sec

We’ll talk about Red Notice, the movie with Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and the actor that was the reason why Gino was almost “not straight.” Plus, Chico’s most humiliating defeat, and how Gino himself sabotaged his own path to being an artista.

Nov 17

53 min 15 sec

Zac Efron may be hot, but he doesn’t want to contribute to global warming. We watched his series Down To Earth, and we realized that yes, like Zac, Chico and Gino are living proof that you can be gorgeous, AND be earth friendly…just like the McDo Shaw Blvd Wack-Wack branch. Visit McDonald's Shaw Blvd. Wack Wack to see how McDonald's is going Green & Good.

Nov 19

48 min 59 sec

ETERNAL-ly grateful for this MARVEL-ous opportunity to join round table interviews with cast members of Eternals, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, Don Lee, and director Chloe Zhao! Wala lang, lume-level lang.😝❤️

Nov 24

56 min 51 sec

We do a SPOILER-FREE discussion about what we thought of Marvel Studios’ Eternals, our first cinema experience since the pandemic, and a look back at our live interviews with MCU legends like Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael B. Jordan (sigh😍), Paul Rudd, and more!

Nov 26

1 hr 9 min

We talk about Love Hard, the debate on whether Baby It’s Cold Outside is a harmless holiday ditty or a pervy predator song, Gino’s MIRC romances, and Chico’s pre-social media suyuan via liham and morse code.😅

Dec 1

51 min 7 sec

We check out the buzz behind the hellish new Kdrama that’s “on fire,” Hellbound. Plus we examine our own beliefs on hell, whether it’s horns, tails, hooves, fire and brimstone, or simply living a life without you…ayieeee! What better topic to usher in the holiday season than tales of eternal damnation?🤪

Dec 3

52 min 15 sec