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Welcome to the DealMakers show, hosted by Alejandro Cremades. Alejandro is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and cofounder at Panthera Advisors (M&A and fundraising advisory). On this podcast you will find weekly interviews with entrepreneurs that have been very successful at raising capital or getting their company acquired. You can learn more at

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Tom Glocer was born and raised in New York City. After studying law, he moved up the corporate ladder to reach the highest levels as CEO for the largest multinational corporations before founding several businesses of his own. Tom's latest venture, BlueVoyant has raised funding from top-tier investors like Temasek Holdings, Fiserv, Planven Entrepreneur Ventures, and Winton Ventures.

Dec 2

37 min 57 sec

Sal Gentile was born in the Bronx, New York. He learned about business from a very young age. His parents operated a small business, a fish market that had been passed down for three generations. He went through the conventional education system, got a degree, and started working for major corporations. Later on, he found his place in the healthcare sector, providing valuable insurance to consumers after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). His venture Friday Health Plans has raised funding from top-tier investors like Vestar Capital Partners, Leadenhall Capital Partners, Peloton Equity, and The Colorado Impact Fund.

Nov 30

32 min 16 sec

Petri Alava went from corporate CEO to founding his first startup at 50 years old. They've already raised tens of millions of dollars in funding while securing global partners like H&M, Patagonia, and Wrangler. His venture, Infinited Fiber has acquired investment from top-tier investors like Nidoco, H&M CO:LAB, Adidas, and Bestseller.

Nov 21

30 min 40 sec

Yan Zhao expected she’d have a career in medicine like both of her parents. But along the way, she discovered her real passion was for business and entrepreneurship. Her latest venture NYDIG has raised $400 Million from top-tier financiers like First Foundation, Starr Companies, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Soros Fund Management.

Nov 14

36 min 6 sec

The world is your oyster, and it is up to you to take chances in life and make things happen. Life is short as Omair Tariq has been reminded by the near-death experiences that have prompted him to go big rather than remain stagnant. His venture, has raised funding from top-tier investors like Sebastian Rymarz, Moonshots Capital, Oaks HC/FT, and Clearco.

Nov 11

35 min 28 sec

Yuval Brisker is a true serial entrepreneur who has launched and taken several companies full cycle. Including one for which he went from bootstrapping to raising $105M in funding before it was acquired by Oracle for $500M. His venture, Alviere has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Viola FinTech, Opera Tech Ventures, CommerzVentures, and Viola Ventures.

Nov 9

42 min 11 sec

Craig Knight has been leading the charge in fuelling the future with sustainable energy. It turns out that the world has been embracing his startup’s solutions in a big way. Resulting in creating a rocketship of a venture that went from launch to publicly-traded company in just a year. The company, Hyzon Motors has raised funding from top-tier investors like Wellington Management, Riverstone Energy, Federated Kauffmann Fund, and BlackRock. 

Oct 31

34 min 48 sec

Cofounders Michael Werner and Vincent Payen have taken home services into the future, with some much-needed upgrades to the industry for both consumers and contractors. They have raised more than $100M for their venture, HomeX. Top-tier investors including New Mountain Capital have funded the company.

Oct 26

38 min 12 sec

With creativity and tech, Gina Bianchi from California has created multimillion-dollar companies. She continues to pave the way for startups entering the market. As she continues to pave the way in the tech industry, everything Gina touches seems to turn to gold. She is bringing communities from various cultures together to learn from each other, and to provide an online platform where they can feel like they belong. Her venture, Mighty Networks has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Marie Forleo International, LionTree, Great Oaks Venture Capital, and Owl Ventures.

Oct 24

31 min 50 sec

Turning your passion into a billion-dollar company is exactly what Socrates Rosenfeld did. After spending seven years in the military as a helicopter pilot, Socrates suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and turned to cannabis for healing therapy. He always knew that the plant had healing factors. He then used his eCommerce skills to make purchasing cannabis online a simple process for others too. In turn, his company, Jane Technologies, has supported local cannabis retailers across the nation.

Oct 19

37 min 7 sec

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Alex has always wanted to solve the problems of the city. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and a Master's degree in Fine Arts, filming, and Production. His most epic contribution to the city and world is being a serial entrepreneur who has raised firms with one almost merging for $300 million dollars. Alex's venture, Metropolis has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Dragoneer Investment Group, RXR Realty, Halogen Ventures, and 3L capital.

Oct 17

32 min 48 sec

Pierre Dubuc is a French businessman born in Normandy, France. He has had a passion for educating the masses since middle school. His first project was simply to build a free online course for all subjects in France free for all to access. The team continued to keep the project alive from 1999 to 2013 when they got the drive to commercialize it into an educational company. The company, Openclassrooms has gone through blitz-scaling over the past few years to form a massive global educator. It has raised funding from top-tier investors like Lumos Capital Group, General Atlantic, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Salesforce Ventures.

Oct 12

35 min 19 sec

Justin Borgman was born in Chicago and was raised in Akron. He went through public school with a big dream to change the world one day. He learned a lot from his mom. In high school, he was the studious type and went onto college and an MBA where he found the “eureka” moment to change data analytics for good. Justin's venture, Starburst has raised funding from top-tier investors like Index Ventures, Coatue, Salesforce Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz.

Oct 10

35 min 32 sec

Marnix Broer is a Dutch businessman who has continually found entrepreneurial opportunities within the environment around him. His love for business has been seen since his childhood when he started selling old nails to his neighbors at a young age. His current business grew from a challenge at college that ended up spiraling to great success in the Netherlands and Europe. StuDocu has successfully raised financing from top-tier investors like Partech, Piton Capital, Point Nine, and Peak.

Oct 7

26 min 56 sec

Uri Marchand has already raised tens of millions of dollars for his latest startup. He recently appeared on the Dealmakers Show to share the latest developments at Overwolf, and his journey building companies. His venture has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Marker, Ubisoft, Kevin Chu, and Liberty Media.

Oct 5

31 min 47 sec

Jeevan Kalanithi scaled and sold his first tech business before raising over $80M to fund and scale his latest startup venture, OpenSpace. His venture has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Alkeon Capital, JLL Spark, Zigg Capital, and Menlo Ventures.

Oct 3

39 min 10 sec

Everett Cook has gone from young entrepreneur to investment banking and building a big fintech startup of his own. His venture, Rho Business Banking has raised more than $130 Million from top-tier investors like Rogue Capital, Eric Kinariwala, M13, and Josh Stech.

Sep 30

29 min 22 sec

Oz Alon’s journey is a living story and a fairy tale of how he and his wife met at around age 13 and became friends and managed to build a huge business. Both of them are co-founders of Honeybook which they created on a whim after a generous offer. Their story is exciting, inspiring, positive, and filled with many lessons for entrepreneurs. The venture, Honeybook has raised funding from top-tier investors like Tiger Global Management, Zeev Ventures, Citi Ventures, and Durable Capital Partners.

Sep 29

33 min 15 sec

Oron Afek has already built several companies from the ground up. His newest venture, Vim brings together all that he has learned so far, and has already attracted $100M in capital. Oron has successfully acquired funding from top-tier investors like Optum Ventures, Anthem, Frist Cressey Ventures, and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Sep 26

32 min 7 sec

As a child, Xu was taught to be both resourceful and hardworking. He learned from his father’s enterprises and started building websites from an early age before turning into an entrepreneur. Today, he has successfully raised more than $65M for his venture from top-tier investors like Newion, Jelte Vrijhoef, SmartFin, and Jerome Laredo.

Sep 23

34 min 52 sec

John Kim grew up on computers. He has been a pro-gamer and built a gaming company fresh out of university. He was able to sell that firm for $10M, and start a social gaming site. He pivoted from a social app to his current model that has raised $200M. His venture, Sendbird has raised financing from top-tier investors like World Innovation Lab (WiL), Meritech Capital Partners, Tiger Global Management, and Emergence.

Sep 21

35 min 5 sec

Hari Ravichandran grew his first startup into a multi-billion dollar business. Then his entrepreneurial DNA drove him to start all over from scratch again. He started Aura, a venture that has earned funding from top-tier investors like Warburg Pincus, General Catalyst, and WndrCo.

Sep 19

32 min 35 sec

Philip Belamant has been there, made mistakes, and come up with great solutions for the customers that have helped him build multi-million dollar companies in developing and developed economies. He was able to achieve remarkable success despite dropping out of college to pursue business. His latest venture, Zilch has raised funding from top-tier investors like Goldman Sachs Asset Management, dmg Ventures, M&F Fund, and Gauss Ventures.

Sep 16

32 min 50 sec

Jakob Freund’s business has grown from a small services business to a large venture-backed enterprise with customers like NASA. His company, Camunda has raised financing from top-tier investors like Highland Europe and Insight Partners.

Sep 14

32 min 16 sec

Alfonso De La Nuez's passion and desire to build something has elevated him to a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. His business has touched large tech firms such as PayPal, and he has kept on innovating on his dream for over two decades. UserZoom has raised funding from top-tier investors like Enjoy HQ, Validately, WhatUsersDo, and YouEye.

Sep 12

38 min 5 sec

After getting his first startup acquired, Johan Attby has gone on to raise $70M for his second profitable venture. His startup, FishBrain has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Consensus Asset Management, Softbank Ventures Asia, Adrigo Asset Management, and B Capital Group.

Sep 9

32 min 52 sec

Reuven Aronashvili’s startup has already raised $140M in capital and they’re growing fast as they work to equip organizations to fend off growing cybersecurity threats. His venture, CYE has acquired funding from top-tier investors like EQT, 83 North, and V Ventures.

Sep 7

33 min 20 sec

Jens Wohltorf’s startup is making travel simpler by closing the first and last-mile gap that has been long underserved in the travel industry. His company has already raised close to $100M, and their service can be found around the globe. The venture Blacklane has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Recruit Strategic Partners, RI Digital Ventures, Daimler, and btov Partners.

Sep 5

30 min 8 sec

Jay Giraud’s latest startup is taking on the motorcycle industry with game-changing improvements, just as Tesla rocked the world of carmakers and dealers. His venture, Damon Motors has successfully raised funding from top-tier investors like Benevolent Capital, Sol Global Investments, SmartHub, and Predictive VC.

Sep 2

32 min 36 sec

Swapnil Shinde and his twin brother are now on their third startup venture. Their first two companies were both successfully acquired. Including one by AMEX. Their venture, Zeni has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Elevation Capital, Sierra Ventures, Amit Singhal, and Neeraj Arora.

Aug 31

37 min 35 sec

Tim Sweeney has raised over $200M for his biotechnology startup which is about to bring groundbreaking new healthcare solutions to the market. Inflammatix, his venture has acquired financing from top-tier investors like OSF Ventures, D1 Capital Partners, Think.Health, and Northpond Ventures.

Aug 29

31 min 39 sec

Austin Allison sold his college startup for $120M, after raising just $14M. His latest venture has already brought $1.7B in capital onboard and is growing. He has raised funding from top-tier investors like Fortress Investment Group, Kathleen Hale, First Republic Bank, and Acrew Capital.

Aug 24

40 min 4 sec

Isaac Oates helped take one startup through to an acquisition by Etsy. Now his current company, Justworks, has already raised $143M across seven rounds of funding to help the thousands of small and medium-sized businesses on its platform grow with confidence. He has raised funding from top-tier investors like Union Square Ventures, Redpoint, Spark Capital, and Latitude.

Aug 22

34 min 42 sec

Angel Sahagun is now on his third company, and it has already raised tens of millions of dollars to completely disrupt a major industry. His venture, Albo has raised funding from top-tier investors like Valar Venture, Dr. Cornelius Boersch, Conny & Co, and Greyhound Capital.

Aug 17

33 min 3 sec

Ashutosh Garg has raised $400M for his latest startup, with almost half a billion raised across his first two ventures so far. His startup, Eightfold has attracted funding from top-tier investors like Foundation Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, IVP (Institutional Venture Partners), and SoftBank Vision Fund.

Aug 10

39 min 4 sec

Robert Piconi has been involved in some of the biggest transatlantic M&A deals. He’s now working with Bill Gross on a renewable energy startup that has already attracted significant capital from Softbank. His venture, Energy Vault has also acquired $117M in funding from investors like Helena Special Investments, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Cemex Ventures, and Neotribe Ventures.

Aug 8

32 min 30 sec

Jeff Seibert is a repeat founder, with multiple full cycle startups and exits under his belt. Including going from zero to selling a company to Twitter for $100M in just 14 months. He has raised 10M for his next venture, Digits from top-tier investors like Benchmark, GV, Jeff Fagnan, and Chloe Sladden.

Aug 3

39 min 7 sec

Tony Atti’s startup has raised a substantial amount of capital to bring big change to the working of many things you touch on a daily basis. His venture, Phoninic has raised $230 Million in funding from top-tier investors like Goldman Sachs Asset Management, GGV Capital, Wellcome Trust, and Eastward Capital Partners.

Aug 1

35 min 55 sec

Varun Talwar has already raised tens of millions of dollars to empower developers to build more new technology faster and to drive the success of small to enterprise-sized companies. His venture, Tetrate has successfully raised funding from top-tier investors like 8VC, Dell Technologies Capital, Scale Venture Partners, and Sapphire Ventures.

Jul 20

32 min 24 sec

Robin Thurston is an energetic person who began life in sports. First as a skier, and then as a professional bike racer who competed internationally before switching to business after a major accident. His rise in the business world has been plutonic ever since, carrying lessons from each part of his life to build better. His venture, Felix has raised more than $180M from top-tier investors like Sequoia Heritage, Jazz Venture Partners, Zone 5 Ventures, and Next Ventures.

Jul 18

26 min 34 sec

Francis Davidson launched his startup while still in school. That company now has over 1,000 employees and is going public through a SPAC deal. The venture Sonder has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Greenoaks Capital, Sandy Cass, Inovia Capital, and Spark Capital.

Jul 15

38 min 41 sec

Tomer Tagrin has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his startup which is empowering large brands and entrepreneurs alike to win online. His venture, Yotpo has raised funding from top-tier investors like ClalTech, Global Coin Ventures, Tiger Global Management, and Hanaco Venture Capital.

Jul 13

25 min 23 sec

Oisin O’Connor built a formidable eCommerce company by bootstrapping it for years before taking outside investor money. Now they’ve raised almost $300M to empower even more businesses to go online. ReCharge has raised funding from top-tier investors like ICONIQ Growth, Bain Capital Ventures, and Summit Partners.

Jul 11

26 min 46 sec

Alex Zivoder has been involved in building and scaling several companies. His latest venture has already attracted tens of millions of dollars in capital and is proving incredibly popular with parents and their kids. His startup, goHenry has raised funding from top-tier investors like Muse Capital, Citi Ventures, Gaia Capital Partners, and Edison Partners.

Jul 6

31 min 47 sec

Will Graylin is a true serial entrepreneur who has done it again and again. Today, he is juggling two big startups that have already raised a combined $150M. Indigo and OV Loop, his two ventures have raised funding from top-tier investors.

Jul 4

43 min 5 sec

Jake Kloberdanz has built a business with a purpose, and it is touching thousands of lives all over the country. His startup, ONEHOPE has millions of dollars in financing from top-tier investors like Wesley Chain, PLG Ventures, Matt Cheng, and West River Group.

Jul 1

32 min 48 sec

After many years of research, Sir Peter Donnelly made the leap from academia to founding his own company, to lead the charge in having a truly tangible impact with everything we are learning about genetics. His venture, Genomics PLC, has acquired funding from top-tier investors like F-Prime Capital, Oxford Sciences Innovation, Foresite Capital, and Lansdowne Partners.

Jun 29

28 min 36 sec

Carey Smith bootstrapped his own startup from zero to selling it for $500M. He is now a startup investor helping others grow their own ventures. He has invested in several startups like Awkward Essentials, Vibrant Gastro, Vibrant, Shotgun Seltzer, Lumen, and Tushy.

Jun 27

35 min 24 sec

Erik Schiemann has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in financing to scale commercial solar across the US via his startup Distributed Solar Development. This company has acquired investment from top-tier investors like Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Fifth Third Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Jun 24

31 min 22 sec

Alex Frommeyer has been a builder all of his life. He has taken that from childhood construction projects to engineering technology, and now creating a large and fast-growing startup, Beam. He has successfully raised funding from top-tier investors like Nationwide Mutual Insurance, Drive Capital, Georgian, and Banner Ventures.

Jun 22

32 min 48 sec