Andrew Graunke's 4 rules of remote work

By Andrew Graunke

Full transcript available for deaf community, here: In this talk, Andrew Graunke shares his 4 rules of remote work. Andrew spends much of his time helping companies of all sizes design high-return, technology-sound, campaigns and digital products. An avid drawer from a young age, Andrew earned his Degree in Architecture from Cal Poly – the program ranked number 1 by Architectural Record. His professional design background began in the dot-com-Boom of the late 90s. Previous clients include a two thousand twenty candidate for president of the United States, all or many of the FAANG technology firms, big 4 accounting firms, big 3 management consulting firms, and global leaders in government, industrials, research, healthcare, banking, auto, energy, IoT, media, education, telecommunications, and hardware. Andrew's work has been featured in Wired, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review. His mission is to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the global workforce and shape new paradigms in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, public policy, and the future of work. Andrew mentors students at Designlab, serves as CEO of No Capital, Chairman of No Politic, and manages the global enterprise design P&L for Toptal.

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