Sex at Work

Wyoh Lee

Sex at Work is a look into the jobs, businesses and brands that help shape attitudes and norms around sex. Guests include sex educators, workers, and researchers, as well as media and industry leaders whose brands are relevant to sex lives everywhere.

The goal is to explore ideas around sex and sexiness in different contexts, the ultimate goal is to create a more compassionate world.

Why I Want Sex at Work
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Have you ever been afraid of being too honest with a lover? How do you move an app match from get-to-know-you small talk to steamy exchanges that make you wanna rip your clothes off and squiggle your bodies all over each other? Amorus is an intimacy app created to offer a launchpad for play in the name of connection—for new-to-sexters, it’s a beautiful training ground; for experienced and dirty creatives, it’s a framework to show off the brilliant corners of your (hopefully filthy) mind. Amorus Founder & CEO Elizabeth Dell has a background in storytelling — she’s a filmmaker and a self-described sexuality nerd who created an app so (prospective) lovers can have a safe space to explore where it’s clear that “I don’t want THAT” does not mean “I don’t want YOU.” We talk hope for improving sex lives everywhere, becoming a sextech entrepreneur, what it’s like to realize that you may have (a lot more) experience sexting than your team, and the most powerful thing you can do to get your desires met.   JOIN THE MISSION / ///   SHARE A STORY / /// GET AMORUS / 


Nov 29

47 min 42 sec

Three hot audio sex stories from on-the-job ready by Wyoh. (1) Yummy-ma on reddit has her (it sounds like?) first physical encounter with a coworker who found her onlyfans []. (2) A dude at a print print shop makes a (possibly initially cringey without more context) move on his coworker and she spooks — and then he gets a surprise. (3) A physical therapist does his best to stay professional with a very bold, underwear-less patient whose knee is finally healed, and makes the most of their 30-minute appointment. From the SEX STORIES subreddit: // Share a Sex at Work Story: // See Wyoh’s art/work: 


Nov 22

16 min 49 sec

What started with self-empowerment has transformed into a career of full-body self-love. Jacquie Ray, the artist behind High Creatives, quit her full-time job five years ago, and has been creating art that has rewritten an old narrative of self-hatred and shame, and it even sounds like she’s healing some generational sh*t, too. She talks about creating beauty — using food in her highly colorful sex-and-art-filled adult films, and gives details on what it’s like to create scenes with sex workers who are new and experienced, the sensual experience of food, what she loves about ice cream, buffalo wings, and candy, her dreams of an orgy, and how sex work has ultimately helped her create a closer relationship with her mom. JOIN THE MISSION:  /// FIND JACQUIE'S WORK: @ahighcreativesfilm & 


Nov 15

42 min 19 sec

Wyoh’s monthly update episode & listener emails that might be relevant to the larger conversation including topics of squirting of penis-owners, shaming dude bodies, especially around penis size, and Wyoh’s sex work (or: sexual artist) journey. Then, details on the development of Dante, Wyoh’s Dominatrix character, PlayShip updates, snippets of visions for the full service creativity resort dream, and the ever-present invitation to join the mission. SQUIRT LINKS: Vagina-owner squirt studies: Single case penis-owner squirt observation: /// join the mission!!!! / 


Nov 8

20 min 13 sec

What did the condom manufacturer say when Melanie Cristol, founder & CEO of Lorals was honest about the fact that she was looking to produce silky latex undies that are ultra thin super stretchy for oral sex, fingering, scissoring, for people who are sensitive to beards, periods, for nervous rimmers, shy people & more? Melanie and Wyoh talk about the value in learning implicit communication, the inadequacies of dental dams, and her background as a lawyer and peer sex educator that led her to create a product that is making a longed-for pleasure for so many a possibility — with a safety stamp of approval from the FDA on the horizon. She talks about the loans and pitch competitions that got away because the idea of pleasuring lower holes is “too” sexy, we talk about how younger generations are opening up the minds of their elders, and of course discuss Wyoh’s future fantasy about having a PlayShip stocked with Lorals. // Join the Mission! MISSION69.ORG /// @melaniecristol @mylorals / 


Nov 1

51 min 54 sec

Wyoh shares an almost-sex-at-work story that is the origin of hot sex at work fantasies, works her way through a Reddit thread with a few sex stories, and wants to know what your sex at work *fantasy* of the moment is. 🍆📖🍑 / 🚀💛🌍 


Oct 25

19 min 36 sec

What are your sexual values? Cindy Gallop, founder & CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, is on a mission to make it easier for every single person in the world to talk openly and easily about sex — in the name of world peace. Her mission aligns and overlaps with Wyoh’s vision of a more loving world, and in this Sex at Work episode, she tells us about how seeing real-world sex is already positively impacting the lives of MakeLoveNotPorn stars and voyeurs in the best of ways. Prioritizing human connection and safety, Cindy has created a space where all videos are fully reviewed, where self punishment isn’t a thing, where creators share revenue, where you can see examples of not just the real-world sex, but the relationships and dialogue that go with them. MakeLoveNotPorn helps us understand the difference between performance in porn and the erotic connection we can create with our lovers, AND IT IS A HOT HOT HOT TURN-ON AND FOUNTAIN OF INSPIRAITON. Join the mission // Join MLNP // @makelovenotporn / (if Wyoh’s channel isn’t up yet, it will be soon)


Oct 18

46 min

Wyoh answers her own set of Sex at Work questions and talks about Mission 69 [] and catches up on her sexy work-related emails in this episode: (33:52) a Listener YAY re: talking to his 17-year-old son about sex! (37:22) how an arthritis diagnosis led to a big load (38:32) I want to explore this brave new sexy world…where should I start? (43:40) beyond vanilla explorations, threesomes & x-somes, with nice people who are also interesting in fucking her & (45:49) a parts poll response that includes a helicoptering dick mirror fantasy that is *delightful.* (52:45) Questions from Dante: what BDSM furniture would you be most excited to play with in a dungeon? And if you were a grownup but had no grownup responsibilities, what arts & crafts projects would you be most excited to work on for a couple months? Email 6-9 answers for each to // JOIN THE MISSION:


Oct 11

56 min 28 sec

Adriana helps vagina-owners when it comes to money and sex and tells us how she works with clients to answer questions like, where does *my* desire come from? What does arousal mean? We talk g-spot orgasms and pussy ejaculations, learning from her mentor Deborah Sundahl, leading explorations in small groups, the pee feeling that goes with these deep explorations, bodies & vaginas as sacred, beautiful things, whether or not sex is a part of that, and connecting to & building relationships with vaginas. Adriana: @artofloving / /// join the Sex at Work mission:


Oct 4

28 min 50 sec

What to do when you can’t finish your job right away…and there’s private space? This is a tale of horniness, storminess, curious friends, sharpies, sounding and includes contemplation of cum eating–and the danger of getting caught. Also includes an intro by Wyoh to explain the new Sex at Work format (interview / sex-at-work story / interview / Wyoh’s sex-at-work updates, repeat) and introduces F.A.M.: a Fucking Awesome Mess Work-in-Progress magazine that will be the visual system of monthly updates going forward. And soon, will be ready to launch; in the meantime, check out and


Sep 27

9 min 8 sec

Cake creates specialty lubes and is out to make sex fun –– this brand is a Mission 69 ally for sure, and there is even an on-pod surprise discount code offer*. Mitch and Wyoh talk small condoms, how specialty lube fits into the list of FDA-approved items helps with social platforms, the silly hint of shame that still sticks with him, his experience as a sex-related startup finding investors, snug vs small and what “magnum” actually means, what it’s like to product test, how starting a specialty lube company has improved his own Sex Life, and the in-depth responses Cake got from their awesome community when they asked about panty fetishes (and how to tiptoe vs. dive in). Wyoh gushes over Cake’s helpful website info, loves how they have get-it-right instead of be-right thinking, and definitely thinks you should check out their guide to butt stuff. Mitch Orkis, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Cake. Join the mission: Share a sex (at work!) story:  By some lube & support Mission 69: *visit / code: SEXATWORK // @hellocake on insta & TikTok


Sep 20

52 min 37 sec

TW: extreme kink fantasies, Work-sexy is what sells, private-life-sexy is *very* kinky, and yes, there’s overlap. Mistress Venus, a full-service sex worker who has worked at a brothel and with private clients, gives their perspective on the sexiness of sex work, what they love about it, the eye-rolling offer they get from clients over and over, the thing people wanna do to their bellybutton, what it’s like to femme it up even though they’re non-binary, what happened when someone left printouts of their XXX online personae in their conservative religious family’s mailbox, and what it’s like to offer and receive feedback with lovers and the beauty of conversations without fear of rejection. 24 non-binary bi poly queer very kinky Australian Pro-Domme, DM, host of the pod What the Kink @WhatTheKinkPod // Sex at Work is a production of Wyoh Media  — submit your sex at work stories here: 


Sep 20

54 min

Turns out, selling an after-sex cleanup tool is sexy, just not in the way you might think. Awkward Essentials isn’t talking about the pleasure parts, they’re talking about sticky, gooey, often embarrassing parts. Founder Frances Tang never expected to be the face of what’s known on TikTok as The Cum Sponge, but her personal displeasure at post-sex dribbling led her to found this hygiene company that’s doing awesome stuff like normalizing business conversations around anal sex and sparking more open, intimate conversations between lovers. She offers (surprising) insight on pitching to VC’s as a sex-adjacent company, and offers Wyoh advice on developing her PlayShip Mission // / @awkwardessentials 


Sep 20

36 min 20 sec

Sex at Work is a look into the jobs, businesses and brands that help shape attitudes and norms around sex. Guests include sex educators, workers, and researchers, as well as media and industry leaders whose brands are relevant to sex lives everywhere. The goal is to explore ideas around sex and sexiness in different contexts, the ultimate goal is to create a more compassionate world. Wyoh Lee an artist, filmmaker and host of Sex Stories, a podcast where people of all ages from all over the world share their most personal details in an effort to smash shame and inspire each others' creativity so we can all lead better-laid lives. Let's do it.


Sep 15

47 sec