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A podcast hosted by technology leaders who spent years working in IT for a Fortune 500 Company and we are passionate about leadership, technology, and the community. We talk to non-profits, startups, to thought leaders, or anyone else that has an interesting or compelling story. We will be looking to see how people are utilizing (or not utilizing) technology, what problems they are solving, the challenges and pitfalls of managing technology, and try to have some fun along the way! Hosted by Paul Ferraro, IT exec and technology advisor and Jeff Krueger a fellow technology enthusiast.

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Todd Moore joins the podcast with guest host John Caruthers!  Todd is the Senior VP of Encryption Products for Thales and we discuss hot topics from the  #ThalesDataThreatReport, the recent executive order, and several cyber attacks. Tune in!

Aug 10

31 min 11 sec

In this episode, join Paul and our guest host, Matt Stamper, CISO and Executive Adviser for EVOTEK. They sit down with Steve Riley, Field Chief Technology Officer for Netskope. Steve discusses a range of topics from his passion for music, his skill with brass instruments including the mellophone, finding his place throughout the technology industry and his ability to come up with witty and short terms that will help describe the world he works in . As a new member of the Netskope team, Steve brings a multitude of knowledge from his previous employment opportunities and we are excited to share his story!

Jun 30

42 min 38 sec

A new TNT episode featuring Cesar Garcia, the Business Development Manager for EVOTEK. Cesar shares the surreal story behind his Carnegie Hero Medal at the age of 24!

May 25

11 min 49 sec

Paul and Jeff sit down with long time friend and author, Jason M. Hough, for a fascinating discussion about his process for writing, how he got into it, the new book, and more! Jason M. Hough (pronounced 'Huff') is the New York Times bestselling author of The Dire Earth Cycle and the near-future spy thriller Zero World, which Publisher's Weekly said is "a thrilling action rampage that confirms Hough as an important new voice in genre fiction.” In a former life he was a 3D artist, animator, and game designer (Metal Fatigue, Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction, and many others). He has worked in the fields of high-performance cluster computing and machine learning, and holds a patented invention related to location-based content licensing.

May 10

44 min 28 sec

Paul and guest host Chris Forbes sit down with Jose Dominguez, CISO for TD Ameritrade!We discuss his career, how he got into the role, and a variety of security topics top of mind for security leaders.

Apr 20

40 min 46 sec

As we close out the month of March and Women’s History Month, please welcome our guest, Teresa Annibale, Regional Vice President for EVOTEK.  Listen as we explore a variety of topics from growing up in Canada to the challenges she has faced along the way and to her being an empowering voice for women in the technology industry. 

Mar 29

34 min

Paul and Jeff sit down with Ken Grohe, President and CRO for WEKA.  Ken has had a long career in the storage industry with over 25 years with EMC, several startup's, and now with WEKA.Ken has a huge following on LinkedIn; we discuss how he got started with his 1 minute #lunchtimefriday and why he does it!We discuss the Mount Rushmore of Storage Visionaries, what's new with WEKA, and how they are competing in the market.For fun, we also discuss Ken's recent appearance on Clubhouse!

Mar 16

42 min 6 sec

Evan is a long time friend of our show!  We check in with him again to see what he is thinking about and working on.   He gives us his take on IBM, Redhat, CentOS changes coming, and more!   Hope you enjoy this fun and quick episode....oh, and also its in our new studio. Evan has a Masters degree in Telecommunications from The George Washington University, a wealth of experience supporting large enterprise customers, and is genuinely an all around good guy.    

Mar 13

18 min 40 sec

Paul and guest host John Caruthers talk with Neil Daswani and Moudy Elbayadi to discuss their new book, "Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone"!In an engaging and exciting fashion, Big Breaches covers some of the largest security breaches plus technical topics behind them such as phishing, malware, third-party compromises, software vulnerabilities, unencrypted data, and more. Cybersecurity affects daily life for all of us and the topic has never been more accessible than with this book.

Feb 24

47 min 26 sec

Mark Campbell, EVOTEK Labs CIO and Paul Ferraro sit down with Saqib Awan, Partner at Lightspeed Ventures to discuss the state of Enterprise IT!Here are a few of the questions/topics we discussed.Was your time at the newspaper foundational to your career overall?How important is the culture of the companies you invest in and how do you effectively review it? You spend a lot of time mentoring and helping entrepreneurs, CIOs, and sales exec’s – what do you take away and share from these experiences and what’s your favorite part of these interactions?In the first part of this year there was a lot of “Dry Powder” in the VC community. Can you explain what that means and is this still the case?What changes have you seen in the types of companies you invested in this time last year and today?How can today’s IT executive avoid being left behind by adopting newer companies in their solution stack without taking undue risk?For those wanting to learn more about the VC community where would you point them?

Jan 26

41 min 31 sec

Amir and Paul sit down with Emilio Escobar and discuss a variety of topics!   Here are a few of the highlights:How can you motivate and build an inclusive environment with your partners and suppliers?  what benefits might you see out of this kind of partnership?Emilio's leadership style, his experience, and his path to becoming a CISO.What's it like to join a company as a new leader?  What are some tips and tricks to success?Thoughts on working and leading from home."Top of mind" topics in Security. Collaboration with professionals and peers in the security field.   What does Emilio do to unwind?

Jan 19

39 min 43 sec

Amir Fouladgar returns as guest host for this episode with ResMed Chief Information Security Officer, Todd Friedman.

Dec 2020

41 min 10 sec

First off, Scott was a fantastic guest!! He brings a lot of experience to the table and has very thoughtful approach when it comes to moving IT forward with technology.Here are a few of the topics we hit on:Simplified and Next Gen Data Center ArchitectureAutomation & Network SecurityFinancial Benefits Private vs Public & Cloud JourneyCustomer Examples / Thoughts from the FieldWe also talk about some of the organizational challenges (and ideas for how to improve) for networking teams when it comes to transformation for on-prem environments."there's a great opportunity for network engineers" in the challenges facing the business today.

Nov 2020

49 min 12 sec

Join us for this walk down memory lane with old friend Nick Mehta!  Also he happens to be CEO of Gainsight, a customer success company.    Tune in today!

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min

How does a tri-athlete and a former collegiate swimmer think about building high performing teams?  Jesse Ameli has had a successful 20+ year career with Cisco so tune in to hear on how you can take your career to the next level!  We also discuss what he is seeing with clients from a number of different verticals and how they are approaching technology decisions.   And look out for the unique or different on what Cisco is doing during these challenging times.Enjoy the episode!

Oct 2020

47 min 31 sec

Paul, Jeff, and David sit down with Chandra Sekar and Ashish Shah of VMware (formerly AVI Networks).We discuss some of the highlights from the global VMworld event plus much more!AVI Networks, VMware coming together in 2019...why was this significant, what does it mean for customers, etc.Considerations for modernizing application deliveryBest practices in choosing multi-cloud load balancing and WAF solutionsHow to eliminate finger-pointing when troubleshooting application performance issuesWhat capabilities should you expect for automation and self-service How to get ready for future application architectures including micro servicesChandra Sekar is VP, Marketing for VMware Ashish Shah is Sr Director, Product Management for VMware

Oct 2020

39 min 20 sec

Paul, Jeff, and special technical guest Richard Sower (he leads EVOTEK's cybersecurity pre-sales & architecture team) spend a few minutes with Charles Ross, Chief Customer Officer for Tanium.What does a Chief Customer Officer do anyways?      You'll also learn about the culture and hiring practices at Tanium and we get into why Tanium has been successful in the market.Plus.....How are customers are changing their security posture during COVID-19, consolidated agent vs multiple agents, platform vs best of breed, and we all know the endpoint space is vast and can be unnerving……. Listen in to learn how to avoid the pitfalls, how have things changed, and what's coming in the future.Listen to find out! 

Oct 2020

38 min 5 sec

Paul is joined by guest hosts Matt Stamper and David Kotlerewsky as we discuss the future of cyber security with the SVP and CISO of Palo Alto Networks, Niall Browne.  Learn how PAN has evolved their SOC, how they retain talent, and what you can be doing to level up your security organization.   This is also a great podcast for those interested in learning more about the challenges in the cyber security field and how top security organizations are trying to evolve to meet the threats of today.

Sep 2020

1 hr 3 min

Paul and Jeff return to the studio for this in depth discussion on automation with Dan Shays of Red Hat.   Learn the benefits of Ansible, how you can get started, and so much more!Dan Shays is a Solutions Architect for Red Hat.

Sep 2020

52 min 19 sec

Join EVOTEK's Network & Wireless Practice Lead, Shaun Neal and TNT Host Paul Ferraro for an inside look at Aruba Networks with Founder, Keerti Melkote!   Learn how starting out as a network engineer has been foundational to a thriving billion dollar business, what "Customer First, Customer Last" is all about, and can you really find peace working in IT?Keerti Melkote is the President and Founder, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Sep 2020

1 hr

Episode 25!  Join us for this discussion on the latest developments around data privacy with Hilary Wandall, SVP of Privacy Intelligence and General Counsel for TrustArc and Matt Stamper, Chief Information Security Officer & Executive Advisor for EVOTEK.Here are just a few of the things you are going to learn and hear about on this episode:How privacy regulations have been an executive leadership team (ELT) and board-level topicInteresting lessons learned from TrustArc and insights from the marketHow privacy and security intersect and the important ways that they differHow privacy requirements are driving organizations to have a better understanding of the data and information that they collect, from whom and with whom they share this informationHow CISOs and Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) or Data Privacy Officers (DPOs) collaborateKey risks associated with not maintaining an adequate privacy programTechnologies that have privacy impacts (e.g., facial recognition, de-identification and re-identification algorithms, etc.)BIG THANK YOU to Hilary Wandall for joining us and also to Matt Stamper for co-hosting.   Hope you enjoy the episode!

Aug 2020

1 hr 1 min

Excited to announce our latest episode this time with Mohit Aron, Founder & CEO of Cohesity!     We covered a wide range of topics from design methodology of the underlying filesystem (built from the ground up), to why they started with backup as the initial service, what surprised him about the backup market, and the benefits of running applications like CyberScan on the Cohesity platform.If you know us at TNT, we like technology but we also love talking leadership and culture with our guests.    This was no exception and you’ll come away with some valuable insights on how Mohit keeps the startup culture going, his major leadership influences, how he balances being an active and involved technologist & CEO, and hiring top talent.We hope you enjoy this episode as we sure had fun making it!  Big thanks to Ned Engelke, EVOTEK CTO for co-hosting with Paul Ferraro and our sincere thanks to Mohit Aron and the team at Cohesity for the continued partnership. 

Jun 2020

1 hr 2 min

Do you know if the technology choices you are making have relevance for the business?   How do the business decisions being made impact the technology deployed in your environment?     IT professionals often struggle with making the connections between technology and how it directly impacts the business.    In this episode, we talk with Chris Hood, Head of Platform Strategy at Google on how you can ensure that you are making the best decisions for the business when it comes to technology.   He has spent his entire career at the intersection of technology and the business and he shares stories and his insights on this extremely important topic!

Jun 2020

41 min 23 sec

Paul and Jeff reminisce about the last year and all the great guests we've had.   we also go down a rabbit hole on "FREE" software... what is free software anyways?

May 2020

18 min

A TNT first!   We held an Information Security panel discussion with 3 giants in the field....including John Caruthers (former FBI) and currently a Dir with a major life sciences company, Macy Dennis Chief Security Officer for EVOTEK, and Gary Hayslip a CISO with a multi-national conglomerate.You'll hear them talk about working with the Board of Directors, how they think about threat actors (the bad guys), and how they are dealing with COVID-19.   and most importantly... what's fun about working in the Security field?!

May 2020

55 min 29 sec

TNT's hosts Paul Ferraro and Jeffrey Krueger sit down with Dell Technologies, Trey Layton, SVP of Engineering, for a wide ranging discussion on his career, leadership, technology trends, and how we are working around COVID-19.For this episode, we are giving away Bluetooth headsets and listeners will have the chance to win a Dell laptop!   Listen to learn how to enter.

Apr 2020

57 min 11 sec

On Apr 24 Jeff and Paul sat down with Gary Knight, Executive Director of the San Diego Futures Foundation.   This is a non-profit here in San Diego that has a commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare that has been around since 1999.They typically provide around 5,000 low cost computers to the community every year...but have already exhausted their entire inventory for 2020 due to COVID-19.They need your help now more than ever with everything moving to be to on-line....many disadvantaged people, seniors, and others don't have access to community computers (library for example) so they need your donations of either computer equipment or $$$.   Please listen to learn more and see how you can help!!The San Diego Futures Foundation is in the business of improving lives through technology.  Please learn more at

Apr 2020

19 min 27 sec

Katy spends a little extra time on the pod to give us her thoughts on some of the recent scandals in the sports world....   also, she does a live intro for us on the spot!    What a pro!!Hope you enjoy!!   

Mar 2020

9 min 30 sec

Jeff and Paul sit down for a really fun discussion with Katy Temple, Founder & CEO Katy Temple Media Coaching, which just recently celebrated 3 years in business.  Katy knows a little something about the media....  She has been a sports anchor, sports reporter, sideline reporter, covered the Olympics, Major League Baseball, the NFL... and she has worked for the NFL Network, Fox XETV, the San Diego Chargers, Media One, KFMB Channel 8.. oh and she won an Emmy!Katy tells us how she got started in the TV business and why she wanted to start her own company.   She also enjoys mentoring young people and giving back to the community.  Katy regular MC's the City of Hope annual fundraiser and in 2019 raised over $40,000 for the Lymphoma and Leukemia San Diego chapter.Katy holds a communications degree from St Mary's College.

Mar 2020

55 min 50 sec

Paul Ferraro and Amir Fouladgar sit down with Akbar Gbajabiamila for another Technology and Things podcast!  Akbar has already had an impressive career in sports (SDSU college football, the NFL) and broadcasting and he's just getting may also know him as the host of America Ninja Warrior which he joined in 2013.Akbar shares a number of personal stories including how he grew up in South Central Los Angeles, his visit to Nigeria in 2006 with his Dad (who hadn't been back in 32 years), and even the time he jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.... but what you'll hear is that he always has a way of finding an important life lesson.Failure can happen but these are usually good learning experiences and working through failures is part of the process.If you like a story of never giving up, having resolve and seeing it through, you will love this episode.It's all about pushing past your your comfort zone......and this is applicable to our clients too says Amir....we make sure the clients get the right mix of tech and executive advisory but always stay focused on the business solution and outcome.Recognize and own that you may need help....again with parallels to the technology business, don't be afraid to ask for help. C.S. Keys, a successful broadcaster in San Diego, gave Akbar a platform early on in his pursuit of moving into the broadcasting business. Why? because Akbar asked for help.Other topics include the importance of collaboration and networking."Your net worth is associated to your network"And Akbar isn't just talking about your bank account; it's so much more so you'll want to tune in to understand exactly what he means and how you can best utilize your network.Akbar is also a devoted husband and father to 4 children and making sure he has quality family time is something that's always on his mind. How do you find the time to relax and be in the moment? It's a challenge we all face.Enjoy!!

Mar 2020

1 hr 12 min

Norm talks about some of the fun emails he gets as the head of the facilities department.

Feb 2020

1 min 22 sec

Jeff and Paul sit down with Norm Fjeldheim, CIO & SVP of IT and Facilities at Illumina to discuss a wide range of topics including collaboration, leadership, and 3D design!

Feb 2020

55 min 16 sec

Jeff and Paul sit down with Adium Tech co-founders Daniel Burns and Jacob Byerline to discuss a range of topics from how they got their start in technology to what drove them to start a company.    Spend just a few minutes with Daniel and Jacob and you'll see just how passionate they are about doing right by their customers and getting the job done whether it be for a home or small business.    Adium Tech is your local, friendly tech help!  They specialize in cutting the cord services, computer repair/upgrades, and networking.   Check them out at

Feb 2020

39 min 51 sec

Listen in as we discuss open source software, the perils of managing data in the cloud, Y2K comes again?, and yes... Evan ties it all back to our democracy and giving back to the community.    Evan has a Masters degree in Telecommunications from The George Washington University, a wealth of experience supporting large enterprise customers, and is genuinely an all around good guy.    

Jan 2020

30 min 21 sec

So we were having some technical difficulties getting things setup prior to our podcast with Evan Macbeth of Crunchy Data.... this is an outtake of the fun we were having before the show!

Jan 2020

1 min 14 sec

Paul Ferraro and guest host Amir Fouladgar sit down with Matt Stamper, EVOTEK CISO & Executive Advisor.    Matt is a wealth of information and you will get his insights on the security profession, challenges, and opportunities as it touches almost everything “under the sun” but it’s all about a well-informed business decision in the end.  And have you ever wondered what a CISO does to disengage?  Do they ever really disengage?  You decide.   “Taking a business perspective to security is one of the things we bring to bear, security is not technology, security is not process, security is not people, security is a combination of all of those things layered over with the important business context of the organization” ---  Matt Stamper, EVOTEK CISO and Executive AdvisorMatt discusses his favorite project of 2019, what’s ahead for 2020, “reasonable security”, and if you want to see, hear, and talk with Matt come to our EVOTEK Security Summit Jan 17, 2020 or see him at the WSJ Cyber Security Symposium Jan 10, 2020  in San Diego!“It’s a tremendous and significant resource to be able to bring Matt to our clients… it’s instant credibility, because he’s done it” –  Amir Fouladgar, EVOTEK Regional Vice PresidentAnd lastly on Dec 19, 2019 EVOTEK held its 3rd annual Rise Against Hunger event, EVOTEK CEO Cesar Enciso stops by our podcast to discuss why these events are important and how giving back to the community is foundational to EVOTEK’s culture. 

Dec 2019

49 min 48 sec

Are we safer as a nation now or prior to 9/11? Threats we are facing....Offensive vs defensive strategies and Teddy forms a company while at the FBI and then ends up having to make a big decision.   His work and focus as of now....and his thoughts on the mission for America and we discuss EVOTEK helping those in need in our the community.

Nov 2019

25 min 48 sec

Paul Wynns is the CEO of FlexAir Flight Training and President and Co-Founder of the Kevin Workman Foundation a San Diego based non-profit focused on the creative arts.   Learn from Paul which is easier, to land on an aircraft carrier or to start a non-profi?  Culture comes up again in our discussion.....oh and we promote an upcoming party and fundraiser!

Oct 2019

28 min 30 sec

In this episode we introduce you to Teddy Lindsey, former FBI Special Agent, computer scientist, and all around good guy.   He discusses with us his early days working in IT, his desire to serve the country and we end this episode with discussing the long term impact of his work.

Sep 2019

25 min 25 sec

Brent is one of those people that you may have in your life... he knows how to fix or build just about anything.   He plays music, he is well read, he has lived an interesting and full life.  He will help you at the drop of a hat.    We give you Brent and hope that you enjoy this fun episode!

Aug 2019

32 min 24 sec

Shaun Walsh has had a storied 20 year+ career in the storage industry.   He spends some time with Paul and Jeff discussing the latest mega trends, his thoughts on where we are today with data privacy and more!

Jul 2019

31 min 35 sec

On this episode, we do our first remote podcast from the mountains of California!    Listen in as we talk to the founder and principal owner of Stone Church Brewing, Bill Steinkirchner.  We talk with him about why he started the business, why craft beer is special, what makes beer "clean", and the importance of setting goals.    You definitely should listen and try some of his beer ASAP.

Jun 2019

20 min 3 sec

Join us on this episode as we talk with John Caruthers of the FBI.    It is the first of many discussions that we plan to have with John and sets the stage for more to come.   We hope you find it interesting - oh and Jeff wasn't able to make this interview so Paul runs the board all by himself!

May 2019

22 min 9 sec

Paul and Jeff take TNT on the road!  They give you their take on the conference and share two interviews with you from the show floor...Daniel a Software Engineer with Liqid and Steve, President and COO of Lock n Charge.

May 2019

23 min 10 sec

On this episode, host Paul Ferraro & co-host Jeff Krueger talk with Shayne Skaff, an entrepreneur based here in San Diego. He has already built and sold a very successful SaaS company and is now focused on helping others build their business with a new incubator (the Sandbox).  We talk with Shayne about how he got started, family and priorities, the importance of culture in building a company, and learned more about his new venture.    

Mar 2019

31 min 15 sec