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JSA Podcasts is your source for the latest news and insights from the innovators behind today's top telecom, data center and technology companies. Topics include: -Best Industry Practices During the Covid-19 Pandemic -Digital Transformation-5G and Network Infrastructure-Network Security and AI-The Explosion of Internet of Things and Smart Cities-Sustainable Green Data Centers-Cloud Conversion & Scalability-Big Data & Real World Implementation Kicking off Q4, join us for our latest series entitled ‘Data Movers’. Telecom PR pro Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel sit down with the most influential men and women of today’s leading telcos and data centers, supporting the network infrastructure requirements of our modern world. Hear the background stories, the career highs and lows, and the unique perspectives on the future of our industry from those with a direct pulse on digital infrastructure. If you are interested in learning more about the people behind our industry’s top headlines, this podcast is for you.Follow Jaymie on Twitter: @jscottoFollow Evan on Twitter: @evankirstel

  1. 1.
    1623 Farnam and KsFiberNet: Fiber Network Expansion
  2. 2.
    Data Movers Podcast with Staffan Göjeryd, CEO of Telia Carrier
  3. 3.
    Comstar and 8x8 Talk CPaaS, XCaaS and Digital Transformation
  4. 4.
    DartPoints Leaders Discuss Bridging the Digital Divide in South Carolina
  5. 5.
    Data Movers Podcast with datacenterHawk’s David Liggitt: The Data Behind the Data Center Industry, Sustainability, Dallas Sports & More
  6. 6.
    Data Movers with NJFX's Gil Santaliz: Next-Gen Telecom Pros, Connectivity Ecosystems and the Evolution of the Cable Landing Station
  7. 7.
    A Tier Above: Why Your Internet Service Provider Matters, With Telia Carrier
  8. 8.
    Kohler Power Talks Data Center Sustainability, New Launches and More at Datacloud Global Congress
  1. 9.
    American Tower on Recent Data Center Expansion in Atlanta
  2. 10.
    HGC Explores Opportunities for Telco Partnerships in the Edge Infrastructure Ecosystem with JSA
  3. 11.
    Data Movers with Prime Data Center’s Jeff Barber: Edge, Disaster Recovery, Wholesale Colo and a Pub in Dublin
  4. 12.
    JSA's May Virtual Roundtable | Disaster Recovery & Network Resiliency
  5. 13.
    JSA Podcast with Verne Global’s CTO, Tate Cantrell on Iceland’s Data Center Industry
  6. 14.
    Data Movers Podcast with Involta’s Bruce Lehrman: In the Cloud, at the Edge, and How to Get There
  7. 15.
    JSA TV with EdgeConneX and AdaniConneX // A New Joint Venture to Empower a Digital India
  8. 16.
    Data Movers with Connected2Fiber’s Ben Edmond: Digital Blueprints, Infrastructure Investment, Driverless Cars - and lots more!
  9. 17.
    Stream Realty Partners: At the Intersection of Data Centers and Investments
  10. 18.
    JSA April Virtual Roundtable: Shaking Down the Digital Divide: Rural Broadband Access Across America
  11. 19.
    Data Movers with Maven Wave's Brad Foster: The Raw Reality of Data Analytics & Cloud Migration with Special Guest, Harry Caray
  12. 20.
    Serverfarm’s Mario Calderone Discusses Los Angeles Data Center Acquisition, Upcoming Podcast Launch
  13. 21.
    The Truth about Europe’s Green Data Centres
  14. 22.
    Data Movers with NFINIT’s Denis Savage: Dragons, Documentation, and Decision Making
  15. 23.
    Metro Connect 2021: Greenlight Networks CEO Discusses Fastest Internet in New York
  16. 24.
    Metro Connect 2021: Great Plains Communications CTO Talks Rural Broadband
  17. 25.
    Metro Connect 2021: Comstar's Director of Sales Sam Mitchell Discusses Rebrand, Acquisitions & More
  18. 26.
    Metro Connect 2021: Horizon’s Jim Capuano Unveils Network Acquisitions, FTTH Initiatives and Beyond
  19. 27.
    Metro Connect 2021: LightRiver SVP Discusses LightRiver’s Pivots & Future Developments
  20. 28.
    Metro Connect 2021: President & CEO of DataGryd on the Increased Demand in the NYC Market and More!
  21. 29.
    Metro Connect 2021 JSA TV: MobileWare’s Unique IoT Solution
  22. 30.
    Metro Connect 2021: South Reach Networks' EVP of Sales on 2021 and the Hot Florida Market
  23. 31.
    Metro Connect 2021: 1623 Farnam’s Greg Elliott on Augmented Reality, Expansion and More
  24. 32.
    JSA Virtual Roundtable: Rising Above COVID-19: The Latest Developments in Hybrid Cloud Applications
  25. 33.
    Data Movers with Blackfoot Communications’ Todd Twete: Leadership, Rural Carriers, and Robert Redford
  26. 34.
    Data Movers Podcast with João Marques Lima: Perspectives on Data Center Trends and His Interview Bucket List
  27. 35.
    Notable E-Commerce Executive Marshall Lerner Launches New Company, GIR Software Services
  28. 36.
    JSA Podcast with OCP - Open Up to Europe’s Hardware Green Modernisation
  29. 37.
    Data Movers Podcast - The Importance of Listening, Telecom Sales Trends and the Emphasis on Cloud in a Pandemic-Affected World
  30. 38.
    JSA Virtual Roundtable: Taking the Pulse of 2021: The State of Telecommunications Around the World
  31. 39.
    JSA Virtual Roundtable | The ‘New Normal’: Effectively Facilitating Online Learning at Every Age
  32. 40.
    JSA Podcast with Guy Willner of IXcellerate on Building Russia’s Largest Data Centre Campus
  33. 41.
    Data Movers Podcast- Cryptocurrency, Emerging and Innovating Across Asia with BDx CEO & Celebrated Wordsmith Braham Singh
  34. 42.
    PTC’21 – JSA TV Interview with Jeremy Villalobos, Chief Operating Officer of GoldConnect
  35. 43.
    PTC'21: Nave Communications on Telecom Hardware Reuse, Rural Broadband Rollout & More
  36. 44.
    PTC'21: Connected2Fiber CEO on The Year of the Edge, The Role of the MSP and more
  37. 45.
    JSA TV interview with NJFX Highlighting Their Continued Partnership with PTC & SubOptic Initiatives
  38. 46.
    PTC'21- JSA TV interview with Andrew Kwok of HGC Announcing International Expansion
  39. 47.
    JSA TV interview with Phillip Marangella, CMO of EdgeConneX - The Home Is The New Edge
  40. 48.
    Q Advisors Predicts the Acceleration of M&A Global Transactions in 2021
  41. 49.
    Data Movers Podcast with Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam: Interconnection, Innovation, and why Omaha (Besides Warren Buffett’s Favorite Ice Cream)
  42. 50.
    Edgevana Founder on Digital Transformation, Sustainability & Impactful Trends

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