Found in Estonia

By Tiina Pärtel, Kaisa Holsting

Found in Estonia podcast is sharing chats with foreigners who have made Estonia their home. It’s here to inspire more open-mindedness and bring people together. Foreigners are sharing their useful tips, recommendations, and fascinating observation about Estonians and life in Estonia. 
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  1. 1.
    #43 Ahmad Hussein from Jordan to Estonia: architecture, Jordanian hospitality and Estonian honesty
  2. 2.
    #42 Nicole Pono Weimer from Hawaii to Estonia - researching Estonian goat cheese, making kimchi, and in search of Boulders
  3. 3.
    #41 Jacobina De Rivera from Mexico to Estonia: I wouldn’t be able to have this quality of life in Mexico at all
  4. 4.
    #40 Olla Abbas from Sudan to Estonia: It’s all about having the right mindset
  5. 5.
    *EST* #38 Iverson Ng: kolides Hongkongist Eestisse: Hongkonglased jalutavad kiiremini kui eestlased
  6. 6.
    #39 Iverson Ng from Hong Kong to Estonia: Estonians and Hongkongers have more similarities than differences
  7. 7.
    #37 Katerina Chantzi from Greece to Estonia: Greek people are like peaches and Estonians like coconuts
  8. 8.
    *EST* #36 Katerina Chantzi: kolides Kreekast Eestisse: Sul on parem kui tuled Eestisse elama maakohta!
  1. 9.
    #35 Hesam YR (Säba) from Iran to Estonia: The energy, the Estonians give you when they see you are trying to learn Estonian is really worth trying
  2. 10.
    *EST* #34 Hesam YR (Säba): kolides Iraanist Eestisse: eestlased näevad tänaval välja, nagu oleks nad peol
  3. 11.
    #33 Aili Vahtla from USA to Estonia: growing up as Estonian American
  4. 12.
    *EST* #32 Aili Vahtla: väliseestlasena Ameerikast Eestisse: Siin sa ei pea pingutama, et eestlane olla.
  5. 13.
    #31 Daniele Monticelli from Italy to Estonia: Don’t be scared of your basic knowledge of Estonian and try to use it as soon as you can!
  6. 14.
    *EST* #30 Daniele Monticelli kolides Itaaliast Eestisse: Olen olnud ka väga kriitiline, aga see ei tähenda, et ma ei armasta seda riiki
  7. 15.
    #29 Enlik Tjioe from Indonesia to Estonia: The hardest part was to explain my parents, where is Estonia.
  8. 16.
    #28 Tiina - what's up with Found in Estonia podcast?
  9. 17.
    #27 Alex Bitskov from Narva to the world and back to Estonia: I like when things are difficult
  10. 18.
    #26 Brothers Joy and Jessi Verano from Peru to Estonia: I think that in Peru we should know more about Estonia
  11. 19.
    #25 Avishek Tarun from India to Estonia: I applied to 300 different job offers, before moving to Estonia
  12. 20.
    #24 Andrew Sai from Ghana to Estonia: I love the sauna!
  13. 21.
    #23 Eunice Bolanle from Nigeria: My children like it because there is snow!
  14. 22.
    #22 Nikki Tan from Singapore to Estonia: The air in Estonia is impossibly clean
  15. 23.
    #21 Mihaela Benedicitie from Moldova to Estonia: even if you move to Antarctica, you know you are a Moldovian!
  16. 24.
    #20 Viktorija Domarkaite from Lithuania to Estonia: Lithuanians are way too loud and eccentric
  17. 25.
    #19 Ucha Vekua from Georgia to Estonia: I was 15 years old and I decided I want to organise a huge hip-hop party
  18. 26.
    #18 Penelope Piip from Australia to Estonia: Being a red head I tend to blend in!
  19. 27.
    #17 Tiina and Kaisa - reviewing 2020 and going over all the episodes!
  20. 28.
    #16 Jameela Prits from Palestine to Estonia - "Estonians are living their own lifestyles, don’t think people will focus on you!”
  21. 29.
    #15 Marino Bresciani from Italy to Estonia - “Italians can absolutely work hard, the point is, we realise we don’t always have to.
  22. 30.
    #14 John Avila from Colombia to Estonia - “Before coming to Estonia I was just a plain software engineer”


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