The Modestshoppin Movement

Brigitte & Jason Shamy

Modest clothing designer, Brigitte Shamy and her husband Jason share their recipes for success in family, business, and marriage. They have built a multi-million dollar business from their basement that has become one of the top preforming roadshows of all time in Costco. They have been married for 17 years and have 4 daughters... You learn, laugh and cry, and cry laughing as this dynamic duo becomes your new favorite part of the day.

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12 years in the financial industry and co-founder of THE NITTY GRITTY PODCAST has got a surprise for you and your family. MrModestshoppinn goes all nitty gritty with this awesome host.  Andrew Vanburen collides with The ModestShoppin Movement!

Mar 5

54 min 50 sec

From drug addict to Husband, Father, Business Owner and Public Speaker. Danny Deaton shares his story of darkness and hope. He is living proof there is hope for anyones future, for your loved one or for your own. 

Mar 4

43 min 5 sec

This is the best 60 minutes you'll invest in yourself today. Dave shares his thoughts on perspective, failure and leaving the safety of the harbour.

Feb 23

1 hr 1 min

What to do? My life is in a season of routine, but I want to make positive changes.

Feb 8

24 min 29 sec

The @Modestshoppin couple shares thoughts on their Covid Testing and the conclusion of their Mexico fiasco and returning the USA after the crazy ordeal with the expired passports. 

Feb 5

37 min 38 sec

This is a story you'll have to hear to believe... even then you may not... MSM is back! 

Feb 5

24 min 5 sec

Enjoy a break with these two love birds while they talk about service and what it's done for them personally and their marriage.

Nov 2020

19 min 22 sec

Brig and Jase share a few of their latest findings on how to rid yourself of the thing that might be making you the most unhappy! Buckle up, this is The ModestShoppin Movement at its best! If you think this will make someone's life better, and you're willing, do it!  

Oct 2020

30 min 47 sec

Have Better Relationships Be more fun to be around. Stay younger on the inside and out...

Oct 2020

24 min 11 sec

Best life advice that you'll hear when you're ready!

Oct 2020

26 min 56 sec

Gaining insight from both positive moments and sheer tragedy will shape how happy you'll be in your life as you navigate all the things. 

Sep 2020

22 min 24 sec

If you've considered working with your spouse or have trouble ever being on the same page with your parenting... Get ready to LOVE AND LAUGH with the Ohana Adventure (Basically awesome Youtubers, Instagrammers and couple entrepeneurs) oh yes and modestshopping and mrmodestshoppin are here too! Love  The ModestShoppinMovement!

Aug 2020

1 hr 6 min

Do you ever catch yourself thinking or saying "That just ruined my whole day" Well that was the old you... Check this podcast out!

Jul 2020

17 min 9 sec

The ModestShoppin Movement is BACK! Life will certainly through you some curve balls, the true measure of success is HOW you LEARN to handle them... as experts at failing and just getting back up again (Which has not always been smart hahahaha) Brig and Jase get personal with what has worked for them in overcoming challenges that we all will inevitably  encounter. 

Jul 2020

48 min 13 sec

Brig talks about the struggles of her brain never shutting off... also how to deal with stress before having a full BREAK DOWN! 

Jul 2020

31 min 21 sec

Brig and Jase help you tackle the voices... and inspire us to DO HARD THINGS... NOW!

Jul 2020

19 min 25 sec

Posting a black square on social media wasn't gonna be enough... 20 minutes of the thoughts of our hearts. Love, Brig and Jase

Jun 2020

20 min 12 sec

WE ARE BACK! We've got a list that will may have you nodding your head as you take a moment to reflect on how your life can be better.

May 2020

43 min 15 sec

I asked my 86 year old Grandma what are the top 5 things she would tell me as advice to learn in this life. The list is beautifully simple...

Mar 2020

50 min 4 sec

The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you ask yourself... This podcast could change your life.

Mar 2020

32 min 17 sec

We delve into the mind of the beautiful Modestshoppin who shares what she's learned to be good at and what's been a struggle as she chooses to be a confident woman. 

Mar 2020

40 min 53 sec

This one is for us all, but ladies if your man could use a lister from another mister share away...

Mar 2020

34 min 56 sec

Handing our kids a brick of cocaine? How will you choose to balance teaching your kids about cell phones and their mental and physical safety on and off social media?

Mar 2020

58 min 12 sec

Here's a healthy dosing of just our opinion...

Mar 2020

27 min 53 sec

Teach your little ones right and they'll not only grow up to be happier, fabulous humans, they'll never move into your basement! 

Feb 2020

40 min 10 sec

8 Great Tools to add to your arsenal so when disagreement comes us, you can resolve and still love each other.

Feb 2020

25 min 55 sec

Other people's opinions and are we actively working with our kids to make sure they know how to handle both sides?

Feb 2020

28 min 51 sec

The better you is on the other side of everything that makes you uncomfortable. 

Feb 2020

24 min 52 sec

The exciting conclusion to the little things you can do today to gain momentum in your life. 

Feb 2020

18 min 46 sec

Taking control and getting into micro momentum can change EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER!

Feb 2020

24 min 25 sec

Tragedy happens everyday, but this one woke me up...

Jan 2020

7 min 43 sec

We have been asked by many on social media, what is your best parent advice? Well that's a lengthy topic, but if we have to lay the foundation and prioritize how WE think you should raise the family... this is very high on the list.

Jan 2020

20 min 27 sec

Is this the year we figure out how YOUR body works so you can actually eat well and think clear and feel amazing without being HUNGRY and bloated or gaining excess FAT? The answer is here.

Jan 2020

34 min 19 sec

They are back and it's a GOOD ONE! It's hard not to see a little bit of ourselves in this REAL conversation... Brig and Jase fought just last night and it was a doozy... lucky for us they have kissed and made up and today they talk about it!

Jan 2020

31 min 2 sec

The new year brings thoughts of setting goals both personal and professional yet... a few weeks in we see that spark of motivation fade... Can it be different... Life hack coming your way in the new year of The ModestShoppin Movement! Welcome to 2020 and a truly better you. Let's get after it!

Jan 2020

25 min

How do get that confidence for yourself and your kiddos...

Dec 2019

15 min 28 sec

Is the answer to everything we truly want to be fulfilled this simple? We are out to prove it and you can join us... every single day.

Dec 2019

21 min 37 sec

Buckle up... The Modestshoppin Duo is about to unleash some fire... They discuss boobs, sex, camel toe, shaming, idiots and much much more in this special edition of stop judging and STAY IN YOUR LANE! Grandma had it right from the very start... if you can't say something nice...

Dec 2019

49 min 54 sec

Today we share something that helps us so much... Gain perspective and WIN AT YOUR LIFE!

Dec 2019

27 min 25 sec

As members of The Church we enjoy the support of our friends and neighbors more often than not, but we've also dealt with their judgement on how we live or things they THINK we do... 

Dec 2019

33 min 33 sec

The Building Blocks of Success... start right here.

Nov 2019

35 min 20 sec

For the parents, parents to be and grandparents that help coach us younger parents... Let's squash some entitlement and instill  responsibility and gratitude.

Nov 2019

12 min 58 sec

Ran into a lady on a plane who had been searching for the secret to success... so I gave it to her. Now Brig and I will share it with you.

Nov 2019

27 min 54 sec

How do you know when you've found 'THE ONE'? How do we navigate the challenges after the honeymoon phase? How do we keep some magic rockin? How do we fight... FAIR? DIVORCE? Don't say it! 

Nov 2019

49 min 2 sec

In our house Santa doesn't bring gifts... We just don't believe in that. Here's what happens instead!

Nov 2019

29 min 23 sec

Some Date Nights are WAAAAY Better than others... This is the time to grab your spouse OR your best girlfriends and have an amazing time! Get Tix Here! Love, Brig and Jase

Oct 2019

18 min 15 sec

It's not what you do... That don't matter, it's HOW you do it that opens up all the things... Don't ever do it for them. Do it for you!

Oct 2019

13 min 26 sec

MOM GUILT... it's a thing, but should it be? How do we work through it? Let's talk it out.  

Oct 2019

25 min 41 sec

In this episode we clean up our mess from episode 11... Learn the love languages or go to bed angry!!!  Let's do the former, it's easier and more awesomer.

Oct 2019

36 min 8 sec

This episode is packed! We often hear how nice it is to see us so in love... Well it ain't all rainbows and butterflies and you won't believe what Brig lets me share on this one hahahaha. Love, Mr ModestShoppin

Oct 2019

52 min