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Empowering all professionals to think creatively and make bold proposals that will change the legal landscape. The Legal Creatives Podcast is created out of the real experiences and insights from host and world's renown legal innovation leader Tessa Manuello and her guests. Each episode will empower you with actionable insights on 21st Century Skills for the law, enable you to think more creatively, and inspire you to make bold proposals to change the legal landscape.

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Microsoft Word is and has always been an important tool for legal professionals. Be for lawyers, servers, judges, prosecutors, law professors, and law students. But it's primarily used as a text formatting tool. Can it be used as a design tool for visualizing legal information? Yes, it can! The purpose of this episode is to bring you some tips to optimize the way you communicate information in Word, both for you and for your readers. Although Microsoft Word is not made for design, there are many features that you can use to design information in your documents. So open a Word document and listen to this Episode to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to visualize legal information in Microsoft Word. PS. These tips work for Google Docs too!! Don't forget the Legal Design basics when using today's tips! Before visualizing information you need to understand who are your users, what information they find difficult to understand and find new ways to enhance the clarity of the information. This is why you can't just focus on Microsoft Word features. You also need to use the complete Legal Design methodology.  Visit for more resources and to access the courses and material inside the Academy. If you're busy, join the fast-track Certification Program coming up in November 2021! Last chance to get Certified this year!

Oct 12

19 min 9 sec

How to deliver on time and on scope, better manage your day-to-day work, and stop feeling overwhelmed to make your clients happy? This is what you will discover in this Legal Creatives Talk with Isabel Venegas. Every legal project has the potential to become a major hit or a disappointment. What's the difference? Your capacity to manage it thoroughly! To achieve this, you need to know and use Legal Project Management techniques. In this interview, Isabel Venegas talks about the tools and techniques you need to use to manage projects more effectively with your team, how to become a better leader and how to be more mindful of customer needs, while avoiding the most typical productivity mistakes! Isabel Venegas, originally from Chile, is a lawyer and a certified Legal Project Manager and Legal Design Expert with a Master’s degree in International Business Law from ESADE. She has more than ten years of experience as a legal advisor and strategist for multinational companies in the real estate, mining, construction, and M&A sectors. As an innovation seeker, Isabel’s practice has mainly focused on business development and legal operations for law firms, alternative legal service providers, and technology companies in Spain and Latin America. You can connect with Isabel Venegas on Linkedin for more information. Visit for more resources, also to access the courses and material inside the Academy or the Certification Program.

Oct 5

25 min 35 sec

As a Legal Design professional, Legal Technologist, and Innovator, do you know about the tools to use to create the perfect experience for your customers? In this New Season of the Legal Creatives Podcast, your host Tessa Manuello talks about the Legal Design toolkit that you can use in your day-to-day work to get more productive and effective when using Legal Design and Innovation methodologies, also to work better together and deliver more value to customers!  Listen to the First Episode of this new Season of the Legal Creatives Podcast to discover all the major tools that will help you and your law firm, legal department or organization stand out when it comes to customer experience. There are many tools you can use today to make a difference.  You will be surprised by the variety and richness of the toolkit and what you can do with these tools!  Subscribe to the Legal Creatives Podcast to be notified when the next episode is released! Watch the Video Podcast Recording with the Slides Tessa prepared for you via our Blog at Send your questions and comments on the theme for this season so we can prepare a special episode on the Legal Design Toolkit based on your suggestion! Email us at to share your insights and join us inside the Academy or Certification program to fast-track your success!

Sep 29

25 min 52 sec

Before working in Legal Innovation, Laura Fauqueur was a Court interpreter, translating legal documents for the Courts also for Law firms. One day she was invited to train the marketing team in a law firm and this is how she started as a legal marketer. She quickly understood the legal industry needed to embrace technology and through Legal Hackers she quickly became involved as a Legal Tech enabler and evangelist.  On this journey, Laura discovered Design Thinking as an Innovation methodology and since then she's been using to help law firms, legal departments and institutions find creative solutions. This is how she helps her clients find new solutions, always reinforcing the importance of creativity in conjunction to technologies. Laura Fauqueur was awarded with the European Women in Legaltech 2020 award by #EWOLT and the European Tech Women 2020 Award – Legaltech category – by the Department of International Trade of the Government of the United Kingdom.   Now, Laura Fauqueur is working in her day-to-day work at problem solving collaboratively and creatively for the private and public legal sector alike. Today she joins the podcast to share her real-life insights as a consultant about how to use creativity for the business of law and justice systems.  Connect with Laura Fauqueur on LinkedIn and be sure to share your insights from listening to the episode. Immerse yourself in the future of law with the Legal Creatives Online Academy. If you'd like an immersive and intensive experience, join the Expert Certification program in May, available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French! Visit for more information.

Apr 14

24 min 20 sec

When Mauro Martins worked as a lawyer in tech at Microsoft, he witnessed the company's reinvention and digital transformation. At the time, he took the opportunity to make some proposals to help the legal department be more digital, and successfully moved the legal departments from Excel spreadsheets to a software he helped built to manage litigation cases. At PK Advogados, a famous law firm specialized in technology based in São Paulo (Brazil), he brought his insights and experience as to how to define an organization's digital strategy. As head of digital transformation, Mauro led 3 waves in the law firm. At first, he did not get the momentum he wanted to engage lawyers in the digital transformation, until he discovered Legal Design ... Today, Mauro involve lawyers of the firm in developing new processes and new solutions for clients as well as build new technologies. With the PK Hub, an innovation hub for the legal sector, he helps build new products, new tools, new technologies, always reinforcing capacities using Legal Design. Now, at PK Hub, Mauro Martins is acting as Chief Design Officer, working every day to create new products for clients using Legal Design. Today, Mauro Martins joins the podcast to share the 3 lessons he’s learned in this journey leading the digital transformation in the legal sector. Be sure to share your insights from listening to the episode with us and Mauro Martins and to visit his website If you would like to start immersing yourself in the future of law, today, join us inside the Online Academy! If you'd like an immersive and intensive experience, then join us for the Expert Certification program in May, available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French! Visit for more information!

Mar 23

51 min 27 sec

When Angel Sumano learned about technology, he immediately imagined Max, a robot coming from the future to deliver legal advice online. He shared his idea to friends, colleagues and his legal community, but nobody believed a robot could do law. Angel decided nevertheless to start his journey, learning about engineering, coding and disruption until he finally met his partner and together they made this vision come true. Now, at Fractal Abogados where Max was born, Angel works every day with a lot of passion disrupting the way legal services can be deliver to users. And today, Angel Sumano joins the podcast to share the 3 lessons he’s learned creating Max, the first Virtual lawyer in Mexico. After listening to this episode, be sure to share your insights with us and with our guest. And if you would like to start your own journey or be more disruptive, bold and creative, you are always welcome on the Legal Creatives platform via Let's immerse yourself into the future of law with legal professionals learning online from all around the world!

Mar 16

1 hr 2 min

Melissa Saucedo quitted her in-house position after 15 years in the corporate and investment banking industry, to start Beyond Law School® as a practical training created using the Design Thinking method, helping junior lawyers develop a set of practical skills to advance their careers in banking and corporate law, using information and communication technologies. Doing so, she found herself totally immersed in Design Thinking and got hooked by this innovation methodology.  The day she experienced an empathy exercise for her business using Design Thinking, putting herself in the shoes of her students to better understand their needs and perspectives, and she got a major Aha moment! She discovered how powerful and meaningful it could be to really care for her audience, something she was not used in the corporate world, where everything is very mechanical and very much cold-hearted. Since then she has read, educated and practiced Design thinking for law and this journey led her to create a boutique law firm with a fresh perspective, specialized in alternative legal services.  Now, at Innovativ Law, she provides alternative legal services to the business community and also aspiring legal innovators with everything they need using Legal Design. As an innovation centered organization, Melissa uses design-thinking methodologies to design creative solutions to legal and business problems. Creating touchpoints with clients based on trust, she is able to deliver innovative solutions and to keep her customers engaged with the creative process to work with her as a team. Today, Melissa joins the podcast to share what she's learned on this journey: Empathy, Tolerance and Resilience. These are the three abilities she has learned on her journey to become a Legal Designer. She admits one of her biggest challenges as an entrepreneur and Legal Designer is to learn how to empathize with customer’s needs and objectives. But she found useful techniques and new ideas she's sharing on the Podcast, combining them with a deep understanding that the practice of law is undergoing a fundamental transformation, she is convinced the design of the future law must address these changing influences.  Sharing is caring and sharing is learning! Be sure to share your insights from listening to the episode with Melissa Saucedo! If you feel this episode can be useful to a colleague or a friend, please share this episode with them so they can subscribe to the Legal Creatives Podcast and share their own insights too! Sharing is growing!  Since we're all about community, you can also decide to share this journey with professionals from all around the world with our community inside the academy. For more information on our programs, visit - Enjoy listening to this new Episode of the Season 02 of the Legal Creatives Podcast!! Thanks for being a part of this! 

Feb 23

51 min 43 sec

Antonella Puntriano didn't believe she was creative. When she learned about the Academy and started to learn Legal Design, she discovered about the UX - User experience and how she could use the Legal Design methodology to improve communications at the law firms, but also increase the accessibility of the law and actively contribute to the transformation of the legal sector - in a very creative way! Now, at the law firm where she manages Business development and strategic communications, she uses the Legal Design methodology and channel her creativity to create communications centered on clients. She is key in making communications clear and actionable to increase client engagement and business development. Today, Antonella joins the podcast to share the story of how she found her creativity and got to focus on UX - User Experience, to bridge these two concepts that led her to innovate beyond the law firm, by starting the project of her life-time, redesigning the constitution in her country. Be sure to share this first Episode of this new Podcast Series with a colleague or a friend! The best way to learn is to share! Sharing your insights from listening to the episodes is key to maximize your learning and to implement new strategies. You can also join our Community inside the Academy to share this journey with professionals from all around the world. You're always welcomed ;) Enjoy listening to this new Series!

Feb 16

35 min 39 sec

What we love the most at Legal Creatives, is to bring the community together! This is why we're announcing today a new Series for the Podcast featuring extraordinarily talented professionals from around the world. This means for the next weeks you will get to hear real stories in Legal Design from all over the world and gain even more real-life insights from our guests. Each episode is designed to inspire you to, to inform you of what's possible with Legal Design, and to transform you! This week, we're releasing the first episode of this Series and you can already get a preview of this interview here: Meet Antonella Puntriano, Lawyer and Business Development Manager and discover how Legal Design has transformed her as a legal professional with this short interview preview. Be sure to listen to the full interview tomorrow once it's released and since we're all about community, please share this episode preview so they can get to listen to this Series with you. In the meantime, you can also listen to previous 10 episodes by your Podcast Host Tessa Manuello, to get to discover and to use her real-life insights in Legal Design. Let's spread the word! The first episode will be released tomorrow, stay tuned!

Feb 15

4 min 15 sec

Disruption is coming to law. And it's not about tech. So what is disruption all about? But most importantly, what you can do about it? Listen to this week's episode in which your Host Tessa Manuello demystifies legal disruption for you ... Surprise! You'll even get to listen to her latest keynote talk on the topic of Law, Creativity and Disruption,  considered one of the most remarkable speech delivered at the recent Legal Innovation and Tech Fest Online event. It's our way to celebrate you for the 10th episode of the Legal Creatives Podcast, as well as to celebrate our 1,000+ plays! Enjoy this week's episode and make sure to share it with friends and colleagues - whether they are interested in disruption or intrigued by it. Let's surprise them!

Nov 2020

27 min 20 sec

Great news, you can get started today! Listen to this week's episode to discover how you can get started with Legal Design and gain insights from real-life Legal Design projects initiated by Antonella Puntriano and Julian Cornelius. You'll be surprised to realise it may be easier than you think. As long as you're willing to give it a try ... it's all about practicing! 

Nov 2020

14 min

A look at Legal Design for Contracts, ensuring not just legal protection but maximum understanding for contract users.

Nov 2020

12 min 49 sec

Discover the most important strategy we use at Legal Creatives to contribute to the transformation of the legal industry.  Gain real-life insights from your host Tessa Manuello and tips to make better decisions, to make the right decisions for your career, so you can move forward with your business ideas and Legal Design projects in the legal market.

Nov 2020

23 min 59 sec

Don't delay  the moment when you involve your users in the Legal Design process, get started right away! Build a community of users and potential clients for your product right now! User testing is a fundamental part of Legal Design to collect users insights and feedbacks, to move from problem to solution, engaging users all the way. Using real life insights and frameworks from your host Tessa Manuello, engage your users today to get the best return on investment with Legal Design!

Oct 2020

13 min 48 sec

In this Interview recorded live at the Legal Creatives Virtual Open House on Oct. 17, 2020, we're asking the experts to share their real-life insights in Legal Design to help you re-design the experience of the law. With Legal Design colleagues Alejandro Temporetti Olivera (El Reclamador, Argentina) and Karol Valencia (Legal Designer, Peru/Spain), we're discussing how you can use Legal Design to innovate, to find creative solutions and to provide a better experience of the law. Make sure to watch the Virtual Open House Replay at - The replay is available during the week of the release of this episode only. 

Oct 2020

50 min 50 sec

Are you doing Design Thinking for Law or are you doing Legal Design? There is a huge difference between the two.  Avoid the most important mistake: Don’t just do Design Thinking for law! Using real life insights from your host Tessa Manuello, contribute to the emergence of Legal Design as a discipline. Stop doing Design Thinking for law, add value, gain efficiencies and do real Legal Design!

Oct 2020

15 min 46 sec

A look at the Legal Design strategy you need to implement to short circuit Legal Design critics, gain more momentum and build a case study for Legal Design.

Oct 2020

15 min 16 sec

Explore the most important skill you need to apply Legal Design in action, unlock your full potential and achieve your objectives. Discover practical tips to enhance your capacity to do great Legal Design.

Oct 2020

15 min 58 sec

Many people want to do Legal Design but very few like Tessa are actually doing Legal Design. Let’s take a look at the number 1 reason preventing you - and others - to do more legal design journey and how to overcome it. This episode has some insights and tips now how to do more Legal Design, and get a better strategy to set you on track for success.

Oct 2020

13 min 34 sec

An introduction from host Tessa Manuello, on the reasons that led her to the creation of this podcast and the journey you are about to take with her. Discover in what ways this podcast is different and how it’s going to empower you and challenge you outside your comfort zone, so you can think creatively about the law.

Oct 2020

9 min 44 sec