When Passion Meets Profit: Passive Income, Golden Handcuffs, Career Change, Revenue Streams, Investing, Plan B, Time Freedom

By Patricia Noel Drain | Profit Coach, Passive Income Mentor, Entrepreneur

Discover Your Core, Create Plan B, and Build a workLESS Business You Do you feel unfulfilled in your career? Do you feel like there’s more to life? Wondering what you could do that would replace your career income? Are you searching for a Plan B but have no idea what it could be? Do you feel like time is running out, yet you don’t know what to do next? Then you’re in good hands. Welcome to When Passion Meets Profit - where I help career professionals just like you create a Plan B so they can build workLESS businesses they love. Imagine… Waking up with purpose and fulfillment, having something exciting to look forward to, dialing in a plan B that doesn’t feel like work, and finally knowing you’re on the right path. Feeling the freedom to do whatever you want. Creating options for your future. And, building a business that can replace (or surpass) your career income! My mission is to help you discover your niche, build a Plan B, have a framework to follow. Hi, I’m Patricia Noel Drain. After having a 9-5 for years, I realized I was completely stuck and that time was passing me by. I finally decided to do it my way. I am now living my passion and have never looked back. I get to help other career professionals uncover their gifts, talents, and skills while guiding them to build a plan B and use their gifts to create their niche! Get ready to be equipped, motivated, and not feel alone anymore. I am the coach for you if you have finally reached your career goals and are ready for what’s next. It’s time to throw out the old and welcome the new – let’s start building Plan B… Connect with other Plan B’ers here, FB Group LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2677416769197716 Need one on one help? Go to patriciadrain.com for additional support.

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