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They’re expensive, sometimes annoying and the best thing that’s ever happened to us. But there’s so much more to being a mom that no one really talks about. Betches Moms is a podcast that deals with all the real sh*t that happens - like what to do when your toddler figures out TikTok, the fact that the baby’s not the only one who has to wear a diaper after birth, or your mother-in-law constantly criticizing you for eating carbs or drinking coffee. Relax, it’s decaf. Hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine share stories and insights, interview guests, and have honest conversations about what it’s really like being, and becoming, a mom. They may not be experts (that’s what the expert guests are for) but they have plenty of opinions and life experience to share. Each week they answer questions about the sides of pregnancy and motherhood that everyone experiences, but you rarely hear about. You know, the moments in between those perfect looking Insta posts. So get ready to lock yourself in the bathroom (or wherever else you hide from your kids) and listen to this podcast. Because you’ll literally never be alone again.

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Brittany is joined by financial hype woman, speaker, and host of the Money Please podcast, Berna Anat to talk all about money and budgeting. To kick off, they chat about everything we weren't taught about money growing up, and just how to start the conversation around money with kids. Next, Berna offers some practical tips and some of the most important money lessons when you're first teaching your kids about money. Then, Berna breaks down the best savings accounts for kids (and also explains WTF a 529 plan is). They run through some listener-submitted questions before wrapping with some financial resources for parents to check out. Make sure to follow Berna @heyberna and follow Money Please on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Nov 29

50 min 25 sec

This week, Brittany is joined by Rebecca Minkoff, co-founder and designer of the Rebecca Minkoff global fashion brand. To begin, Rebecca shares what it’s like being a mom of three while also running a business at the same time. She tells us how she got into the fashion industry, including some of the most valuable lessons from when she first started out. Next, they discuss how she empowers her kids to work hard, and the moment she felt like she was failing as a parent. Plus, they talk about her experience going into maternity leave (and the relatable feeling of wanting to just check out). Finally, Rebecca offers some tips for moms who are re-entering the workforce after maternity leave and the necessary things to ask for when making the return.

Nov 22

33 min 37 sec

On this episode, Brittany is joined by reality TV star and entrepreneur, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi. To start, they chat and reflect about Snooki's time on Jersey Shore, and why she decided to take some time off for herself. They also chat about Snooki's thoughts on Sissy and Meilani becoming reality TV stars in the future, and being mini-me versions of her and JWoww. Next, they talk all about her brand new wine line, 'Messy Mawma.' Snooki shares how she got into the liquor and wine business, the process behind creating her wines, and how her kids inspired her in the creation of Messy Mawma. Finally, Snooki shares how she finds time to unwind as a busy mom of three and some of the best parts of being a mom (and of course the toughest parts).

Nov 15

20 min 31 sec

Aleen is back to continue sharing how life has been since the birth of her daughter Mila. First, Aleen talks about the impact of the amount of support she received after last week’s episode. Then she discusses her current experience with postpartum anxiety and how she’s managing to navigate through it all. She talks about her struggles with leaving the house, sleeplessness, and just a general feeling of being down. Brittany also shares her experiences in this difficult period, and how she managed to keep going forward despite these emotions. They end the show on a high note, as they both share some of the most rewarding parts of motherhood.

Nov 8

1 hr 1 min

It’s been two months since the birth of her baby, Mila, and Aleen is back to share her birth story! They dive right into Aleen’s labor and delivery experience, with details on just how chaotic (and not so easy) it was. Plus, she shares a story about her mom taking charge in the delivery room and the final push (with the help of Rusty’s playlist). Then, Aleen tells us about the postpartum challenges she’s been struggling with, including coming to terms with the struggle of breastfeeding and deciding to start weaning. Finally, Aleen answers a listener question about the biggest surprise during her postpartum journey, adjusting to new-mom life, and having a support system.

Nov 2

1 hr

This week. Brittany is joined by pediatrician, best-selling author, and medical correspondent, Dr. Tanya Altmann to chat all about infant gut health. To start, Dr. Tanya shares her background and focus in preventative health, nutrition, and sleep. She discusses signs of newborn gut deficiency in babies, what to ask your pediatrician if you see those signs, and steps parents can take to protect their baby's gut microbiome. They get into some practical nutrition tips, common allergies in babies, and how to choose the right probiotic (and what isn't so important when looking for one). Plus, they chat about how to keep children as healthy as possible going into the flu season and whether or not we should expect to see a rise in other illnesses. They wrap with a discussion all about solids, including when to start. weaning from breastfeeding, and what foods are most appropriate when transitioning.

Oct 25

47 min 28 sec

It's been two weeks since Brittany has officially returned for maternity leave and this week, she is joined once again by Shira Dreksler for this special welcome back episode. To start, Brittany shares how she's feeling and what's been going on now that she's back to work. They also chat about Brittany's difficulty with breastfeeding, parenting without Noah in the house, and getting into that postpartum slump. Shira offers some advice on what she's learned after a year of returning back to work, the realities of the fourth trimester, and how to ignore the need to bounce back after having a baby. Then, it's time for some listener-submitted questions about separating yourself from work while on maternity leave, how much leave you should take, and taking care of a sick toddler around a newborn. Finally, we end with a No Mom Guilt all about balancing parenting, marriage, and personal time alone.

Oct 18

46 min 27 sec

Aleen is joined by her sister-in-law & Director of Talent and Community at Betches, Shira Dreksler, to answer all your questions on paid family leave. To start, they discuss what working moms should know about maternity leave, what moms are entitled to, and the right questions to ask about during a job interview. Next, they share their thoughts on how f*cked up paid family in the U.S. really is, and even the stigma with men and paternity leave in the workplace. Then, it’s time for listener questions all about re-entering the workforce after having a baby, including how to separate yourself from work, any other benefits moms should be aware of, and how companies can provide support for parents who are coming back from parental leave.

Oct 11

41 min 11 sec

This week, Brittany is joined by Laura Chambers, CEO of Willow, and Annie Sartor, Senior Director of Business Partnership at PL+US (Paid Leave for the US) to talk all about paid family leave, why it is so critical, and how Willow is helping to empower moms through their advocacy and product. They start off discussing the upcoming vote in the Senate that will decide the future of paid leave in the US, and how we can all get involved to make sure it is passed. They also get into the steps that Willow is taking in advocating for universal paid family leave and how they are using technology to empower mothers to live free and untethered with their hands-free breast pumps. To learn more about this critical issue, visit and check out for more information on their innovative breast pump.

Oct 4

32 min 41 sec

This week, Aleen is joined by two-time author and first dad on Betches Moms, Jordan Shapiro. To start, they chat about his story as a dad and stepdad, before diving into his newest book Father Figure: How To Be a Feminist Dad. Jordan shares his reason for writing his book, the meaning behind being a “feminist dad”, and why so many books about parenting are about what it’s like to be a mother. Next, they discuss navigating the world of technology with kids, how technology affects parenting, and how to help kids navigate life online. To close, they talk about redefining fatherhood, steps to becoming a better parent, and how to truly make space for your kids.

Sep 27

52 min 16 sec

Aleen and Brittany are joined by Pregnancy Counselor and Clinical Support Specialist, Sami Albert, to talk all about the adoption process for adoptive parents and birth parents. To kick off, Sami shares how she works with birth parents to make sure they are informed throughout the entire process of adoption. They talk about the first steps to take once you know adoption is the right choice for you, the different pathways to adoption, and some of the disqualifying pieces for adoptive parents. Then, they get into some listeners questions, including the costs associated with adoption and why it actually takes such a long time. To end the episode, they chat about some of the stigmas around adoption, and some helpful resources people can look into to learn more about preparing for adoption.

Sep 20

41 min 29 sec

Brittany is joined by actors Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn (screaming!) to talk about parenting, the importance of music in a child’s life, and their new animated series Do, Re & Mi. They start by telling us how they created the show, including why they wanted to give children a new way to learn to love music. They also explain how their friendship and time spent with Kristen’s children impacted the show’s creation. Then Brittany asks whether or not Kristen’s own kids appreciate how cool it is to have Anna from Frozen as a mom (hint: they don’t). Finally, they close the show with a conversation about Kristen’s recent TikTok featuring her kids using foul language (and just how funny it is when your kids curse, let’s be honest).

Sep 13

18 min 21 sec

Aleen is joined by Betches co-founder Sami Sage to talk about her decision to freeze her embryos. They chat about waiting to have kids, fears around parenting and actually being “ready”, and how much our lives really change after starting a family. They also discuss when she started thinking about her fertility options, and the actual costs of embryo freezing. Sami shares more on the process so far, including her first consultation, genetic testing, and ultimately choosing embryo freezing over egg freezing. Then it’s time for some listener DMs, including one from a listener asks how much insurance is actually covering for the whole procedure. Finally, Sami talks about when she’ll know it’s the “right” time to have kids and whether her family was supportive of her decision.

Sep 6

36 min 3 sec

Today, Aleen and Brittany are joined by parent & child educator and play expert Jennie Monness (aka Mo’Mommies). They start off with a conversation about why Mo’Mommies was created, how Jennie helps educate new parents on play, and the real struggles of being a new mom of two. They chat about the importance of promoting healthy child development, why it really matters, and where parents can start. Plus, they discuss ways to encourage independent play and why you might want to start teaching your kids to play on their own. Finally, they close with some screen-free activities for your kids, including tips to help your child manage frustration during play.

Aug 30

38 min 54 sec

Aleen and Brittany are back together once again, and with only a few days to go before Aleen’s due date they’re talking all about the third trimester. First, Aleen shares the things she never expected to experience during her third trimester, including some of the biggest challenges along the way. Plus, she explains what it’s like dealing with the overwhelming anxiety of not feeling like herself and taking steps to enjoy the rest of her pregnancy. Finally, it’s time for a No Mom Guilt, where Brittany talks all about overcoming and working through new mom guilt with her as a second-time mom.

Aug 23

33 min 57 sec

This week, Brittany makes her much-anticipated return to the show with an update on her birth experience what it’s like to become a mother of two (with the arrival of her new baby boy, Jack). To start, Brittany walks us through her second time in labor, with details on just how different it was from the first time around. Plus, she shares a story from the hospital that’s almost too embarrassing to believe. Brittany also tells us about the postpartum challenges she’s faced including breastfeeding, the baby blues, dealing with mastitis, and adjusting to a two-kid family. Finally, it’s time for some listener-submitted questions all about post-pregnancy clothes, the most underrated baby items you need, and newborn photoshoots.

Aug 16

46 min 56 sec

This week, Brittany and Aleen host Sabia Wade, aka The Black Doula, to talk all about how doulas can impact the birthing process from beginning to end. They start off with some background on how Sabia got involved in her role before diving into all the details of how doulas can help make the birth a breeze. They also get into how doulas can fill in the gaps that the medical system can leave open for expecting mothers, and how they can make sure you’re advocating for yourself through it all. They also cover at what stage of you pregnancy you should hire a doula as well as what the costs of a doula can be. Follow @theblackdoula to learn more about Sabia’s work! 

Aug 9

41 min 55 sec

Brittany and Aleen are joined by Dominika Knossalla, certified dog trainer and founder of Dog Meets Baby, to talk all about preparing your dog for a newborn baby’s arrival. They begin with a conversation about the most common fears parents have when making the introduction, including some practical tips for a smooth interaction. Then they jump into a discussion on some of the signs to look for if dogs are in distress, how to deal with an overly affectionate dog, and why distancing before the baby arrives is vital. Plus they tell us how to encourage positive associations when your dog and baby are finally around each other. Finally, they close with some additional tips to prepare your dog for your baby, including changing your dog’s routine, and why you should seriously consider a dog trainer.

Aug 2

41 min 43 sec

On this week’s episode, Brittany and Aleen are joined by prenatal exercise specialist Jemila Medley to talk all about an under-discussed topic: the pelvic floor. To start, Jemila talks about what it’s like being a first time mom, getting into occupational therapy, and how she has helped moms to improve functional performance through exercise. They break down what pelvic floor therapy is, how you can benefit from it, and what to expect at a pelvic floor therapy appointment. She also shares some practical tips for at-home exercises you can do during pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor. Finally, they tell us how to identify symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, and at what point you might want to see a specialist.

Jul 26

34 min 52 sec

This week Aleen and Brittany are joined by Shanicia Boswell, best selling author and founder of Black Moms Blog. They begin with a conversation about Shanicia’s journey, including her time as a stay-at-home mom, navigating through motherhood while homeless, and how she was able to turn her blog into a successful business. Plus, she shares how she started Black Moms Blog to help positively reflect black motherhood. They also chat about how the birth experiences is different for black mothers, along with practical tips to help women learn to put themselves first, before closing the show with ways to introduce diversity to your kids.

Jul 19

38 min 31 sec

In this week’s episode, Aleen and Brittany are joined by Ryann Kipping, also known as The Prenatal Nutritionist, to talk about why nutrition is one the most important things to a healthy pregnancy. They start by diving into why it is important for women to change their diets before getting pregnant, as well as the foods you should incorporate and avoid during pregnancy. Next, they talk about dietary supplements, why they matter, and tips for choosing the best prenatal vitamins. Finally, it’s time for the listener email, which is all about an expecting mom dealing with constant heartburn that has gotten out of control.

Jul 12

50 min 2 sec

Aleen is back this week with her sister-in-law & colleague, Shira Dreksler, to chat about being a working mother of two and her own nursing experience. To start, Shira tells us about being pregnant during the height of the pandemic (including how she had to go to the hospital by herself), what it’s really like having your water break, and how parenting changes after having a second child. Next, they dive into a discussion all about nursing, with tips for when you’ll actually need a lactation consultant, whether or not breastfeeding hurts (hint: it does), and why pumping is so important if you choose to breastfeed. Finally, they close things out with a conversation about sleep training and why your feeding strategy is vital to the whole process.

Jul 5

45 min 37 sec

This week, Aleen sits down with actress Catherine Reitman to chat all about her comedy series Workin’ Moms and what it’s like to be a real-life working mom herself. To kick off, Catherine dives into where she drew her inspiration when creating the show, including some things she learned about herself along the way. She also shares her experience with postpartum depression, taking the first steps to ask for help, and finding a balance transitioning back to work. Plus, they also talk about what happens when maternal instinct just doesn’t kick in and why you don’t need to apologize for it. They run through some listeners questions, including how to find support as busy moms and Catherine’s favorite (but also least favorite) part of being a working mom. Finally, it’s time for a No Mom Guilt from Catherine all about dealing with work-life balance stress and the shame that comes with not being there enough for your kids.

Jun 28

27 min 12 sec

Aleen and Brittany are joined by Samantha Jade, master instructor at SoulCycle and soon-to-be mom to share her story through pregnancy and talk about her experience with endometriosis. They start with her journey from being a first-time rider to auditioning to become an instructor, and how she climbed her way up. She shares her experience riding through her pregnancy, and how she knew when it was time to step off the bike. Samantha has also been through a serious back injury, and shares her story of coming back from that obstacle and how her struggles with her body have made her so much more conscious about everything around her. Plus, they talk about how being diagnosed with endometriosis and Hashimoto’s changed her outlook on her own body. Then, it’s time for a No Mom Guilt from Samantha all about setting boundaries for the way that she wants to raise her own baby, and how she’s dealing with other people’s expectation versus her own wants and needs.

Jun 21

43 min

Aleen and Brittany are back and this week, they host wardrobe and soul stylist Jenny Greenstein, Founder of Your Soul Style, to breakdown styling for moms and her personal journey as a mom. They break down how important style is to your personal wellbeing and mood, and how taking the time to can dramatically improve your mindset. Then, Jenny gives a few tips on how to approach clothing and styling from an investment standpoint, and what to keep in mind as your body changes throughout your pregnancy. They also discuss the stigma of caring about the way you look when you’re a mother, and why that way of thinking is misguided. After that, Jenny shares her own pregnancy story and the challenges she faced with first trimester depression, and how she was able to overcome them with time and the support of the people around her. They also get into Jenny’s experience with two mom parenting, and how she had “the talk” with her daughter about how she came to be.

Jun 16

43 min 53 sec

Brittany and Aleen are back this week to talk about nursery and baby essentials to complete your space before the baby arrives. To start, Brittany checks in about her pregnancy with the baby coming soon and how her nursery is coming along so far. Next, they dive into their nursery must-haves, including essentials for your baby’s changing station and why you might want to consider a glider over a rocking chair. Comfort is key people. Plus, they talk about what to look for when choosing a baby monitor and which features you don’t actually need. Aleen asks Brittany what unexpected nursery items she wishes she’d bought the first around, how to pick right baby bottle, and how much you should expect to pack for in a hospital bag. They close the show with a No Mom Guilt about everyday tasks that become almost impossible to do while pregnant.

Jun 14

52 min 36 sec

Aleen and Brittany are joined by Dr. Becky Kennedy, to talk about the all-too-familiar topic of temper tantrums and trying (sometimes unsuccessfully) to manage your kids’ emotions. They start off with an explanation of Dr. Becky’s gentle approach to parenting and how to try it yourself. Next, they share practical tips for being an assertive parent, when being restrictive is too much, and how to build a strong relationship with your child. Then Dr. Becky breaks down the nature of child tantrums, including why they happen, and how to avoid throwing one yourself in the process. They discuss examples of how parents can help kids with emotional self-regulation, then close out the show with a conversation about the nature of forced apologies and what to do when your child just won’t say sorry.

Jun 9

45 min 18 sec

This week, Brittany and Aleen are back to talk all about body image during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as the emotional and physical changes that come with this new stage of life. They start off by sharing their own experiences of people commenting on their pregnant bodies and feeling judged for it. Plus, they chat about why body comments are actually toxic and harmful for pregnant women. Next, they talk about reality of postpartum body image and the pressure to “bounce back” and quickly lose the baby weight following birth. Lastly, it’s time for No Mom Guilt, where Brittany shares her process of practicing gentle parenting with Oliver after getting a text from his teachers that he was “acting up.”

Jun 7

49 min 6 sec

In today’s episode, Brittany and Aleen are joined by fertility and fibroid specialist Dr. Tiffany Jones to talk about starting your fertility journey, treatment options, and preparing for pregnancy. They start off with a conversation about why fertility is so hard to talk about and how we can normalize conversations around fertility. Next, they chat about when we should start thinking about our own fertility and how to start planning our reproductive journeys. Then, they discuss the difference between egg freezing and embryo freezing, as well as IUI and IVF treatment, and how long should you be trying before seeking fertility services. Plus, they talk about the early signs of infertility in both women and men and what family planning options for same-sex couples look like. Lastly, Dr. Jones shares a first-of-its-kind fertility treatment that offers a more accessible option to IVF.

Jun 2

45 min 43 sec

In today’s episode, Aleen and Brittany are back to talk all about maternity clothing, the best options for maternity clothes, and how to feel both comfortable and stylish. They also talk about how to feel good on the inside and outside. To kick off, Brittany shares her experience with buying maternity wear during her first pregnancy and some of her must-have pieces throughout the year. Next, they chat about what types of bras and underwear are most comfortable during pregnancy, as well when to buy nursing bras. Then it’s time for the Dear Betches Moms email, which is about navigating friendships once you have kids, especially with child-free friends. Plus, Aleen and Brittany share their own experiences with how their social lives have shifted since getting pregnant and having kids.

May 31

50 min 26 sec

In today’s episode, Aleen and Brittany are joined by Megan Roup, Founder of Sculpt Society to talk about fitness, body image, and looking after yourself both physically and mentally during pregnancy. They start off with a conversation about Megan’s struggles during her pregnancy and why we should normalize conversations around not enjoying pregnancy. Next, they talk about dealing with body changes during pregnancy and how to overcome negative self talk. Then, Megan shares one of her favorite prenatal and postal exercises in her TSS Mama program called 360 breathing and demonstrates how to practice the 360 breath. Lastly, they talk about how to modify your exercise routine for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

May 26

40 min 41 sec

On this week’s episode, Brittany and Aleen are back to talk all about childbirth and delivery. They start with a conversation about Britt’s recent baby-moon and the importance of unplugging from work. Plus, Aleen shares some updates on her upcoming move and how the packing has been going while being pregnant. Next, Britt shares what her first birth experience was like, including the signs of early labor, how long she pushed for, and her close experience to getting a C-section. Then she shares some additional tips for first time moms to prepare for labor and delivery. Finally, they wrap the show with a No Mom Guilt all about experiencing a stronger bond with your baby than your partner.

May 24

44 min 51 sec

This week, Aleen and Brittany and joined by actress Busy Phillips to talk about what motherhood has been like having two kids, and how parenting has changed for her over the past years. They start off with a conversation about Busy’s surprise reunion with her mother after a year of separation due to the pandemic. She also shares what it was like having the sex talk with her child and the moment her 12-year old child, Birdie, came out to her. They discuss the importance of having open conversations with your kids and how to foster a safe space for those conversations to take place. Plus, she shares her thoughts on the internet, online safety, and why we shouldn’t place strict limitations on kids’ social media use. Finally, they wrap the episode by talking about the importance of nurturing your kids' mental health.

May 19

52 min 36 sec

On today’s episode Brittany and Aleen are talking all about choosing between hiring a nanny or finding a daycare. They start with a conversation about experiencing the dreaded pregnancy-congestion, and why it’s so hard to figure out what you can and cannot take to treat it. Then they give us the rundown on how you go about picking a nanny, or searching for the right daycare, should your family circumstances demand it. Plus, they explain exactly what an Au Pair does and whether or not hiring one could be right for you. They also share the pros and cons of having someone living under your roof, and Brittany gives tips on how to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. Then it’s time for a game called “Mrs. Doubt-hire” all about the things that would make you hire or fire a prospective nanny. Finally, they close the show with a heartfelt No Mom Guilt entry all about what it feels like when your family grows from three people to four people.

May 17

45 min 57 sec

Aleen and Brittany are joined by Emmalee Bierly, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to talk all about sex with your partner after having kids. They start with a conversation about how you know you’re ready to start having sex after giving birth, not just physically but also emotionally. They talk about bringing the unconscious elements of your relationship into the open and having an honest conversation about how you’re feeling about sex. Emmalee shares some practical techniques for getting back in touch with your body and subtly communicating that you’re in the mood without having to literally schedule sex. They also talk about how to create a space for intimacy in a relationship, with some examples for getting on the same page with your partner, and why couples therapy is valuable even in a healthy relationship. Finally, they close the show with some listener-submitted questions about sex after having kids, and not allowing the baby-making process such a transactional experience.

May 12

54 min 57 sec

Brittany and Aleen start the show with a conversation about limiting your child’s screen time and setting reasonable boundaries without becoming a perfectionist. Aleen tells us what she expects her approach will be to screen time, and Brittany explains how her view on putting an iPad in your kid’s hands has changed over time. Plus, they discuss the urge to always keep the food clean and organic, but why there must be room for exceptions. Then a listener writes in to ask when you know you’re ready to have child number two. They talk about how to assess when you’re emotionally and financially prepared for the family to grow, with tips for planning ahead. Finally, they close things with a No Mom Guilt story about treating yourself to a much needed massage.

May 10

38 min 42 sec

Today’s episode is all about finding the right car seat for your baby, so Brittany and Aleen are joined by none other than “The Car Seat Lady” herself, pediatrician and nationally certified child passenger safety instructor Dr. Alisa Baer. They start with a conversation about what qualifies a car seat as being safe, and how to go about choosing the right type for your baby. At 15:00 Dr. Baer explains the different anchoring and tethering methods available, and how that plays into your decision on which seat to buy. At 25:30 they talk about the difference between rear-facing and forward-facing seats, including when you should transition your child to a convertible seat. Plus, they discuss some of the top brands and how effective they are compared to their competitors. Finally, at 33:00 they close the show with some tips for keeping your children safe in the car (and why that includes buckling yourself safely as well).

May 5

39 min 31 sec

Aleen and Brittany are back and talking about treating yourself to a well-deserved vacation during pregnancy. Aleen tells us what she did on her recent baby-moon, how she kept from overheating, and what it takes to make it through an airport at 20 weeks. Brittany offers an update on moving Oliver to his “big boy bed” and how she managed to complete the process with the help of his ‘loveys’. Then a listener writes in with a Dear Betches Moms email all about introducing a newborn baby to a household full of pets. Is there a trick to keeping your animals from becoming jealous of the baby? Finally, they close the show with a No Mom Guilt story about trying to get your 3-year-old to stop and listen, and the anxiety that comes with watching a kid play near the pool.

May 3

45 min 47 sec

Today, Brittany and Aleen are joined by perinatal psychiatrist Dr. Pooja Lakshmin to talk about anxiety and depression during pregnancy and motherhood. They explain what exactly a perinatal therapist does, how Dr. Lakshmin got into the field, and what she does in her work with moms. They discuss postpartum anxiety and depression, just how common they really are, and what your options may be for treatment. They also explain how normal it is to experience intrusive thoughts once the baby has arrived. Dr. Lakshmin tells us about the “triple threat” of mom guilt, martyr-mode, and perfectionism, and shares some practical tips for dealing with these feelings. Finally, they talk about the pitfalls of maternal gatekeeping, and why it’s important to relinquish at least some control to other caregivers when raising a child.

Apr 28

30 min 49 sec

Aleen are Brittany are back and start the week with a few updates on how their pregnancies are going. Brittany gets into how she’s monitoring the baby’s movements as she enters her third trimester, and what you can look out for at that stage. Next, Aleen talks about her upcoming anatomy scan as she hits the 20-week mark. Brittany also talks about transitioning her son to his “Big Boy Bed,” when she decided he was ready, and how’s he adapting to the big switch. They play a game of “What The F*ck Did You Say?” where they go over some hilariously ridiculous quotes from our listener’s kids and decide which one they would want to deal with the least. They end the show with another round of “No Mom Guilt” presented by Heineken 0.0, where Aleen talks about the decision to get vaccinated, and how she’s realized more and more the power of filtering out everything that doesn’t help you in your life.

Apr 26

25 min 26 sec

Today’s episode is all about sleep training your baby, so Aleen and Brittany invite sleep expert Lauren Olson (@sleepandthecity) to share all the secrets for getting your child to sleep soundly. They start with a conversation about why sleep is so important for children (and parents) in early development, especially when it comes to health and temperament. They discuss the various methods for sleep training, why the cry-it-out method may not be right for you, and how napping plays into your sleep plan. Lauren offers some simple tricks for getting your child to fall asleep and what to do when you’re dealing with an active child. Plus, she gives tips for keeping your toddler in their new bed once they’ve left the crib, and why it’s so important to maintain a routine. Finally, they explain the role of sleep cycles (both for adults and children) when it comes to getting good rest.

Apr 21

40 min 35 sec

This week, Aleen are Brittany are back and start with some personal updates! Aleen tells us about her latest sonogram experience and how relieving it felt to see the baby, and Brittany discusses the results of her glucose test and what she learned from the whole experience. Then, they dive into a Dear Betches Moms email from a listener who is wondering how to tell if she is financially prepared to have a baby. They offer their thoughts on what big expenses to keep in mind as you build a budget, including childcare, diapers, toys, cribs, and more. They also give a few tips on how to save money where you can, and how to stay on top of your finances so that you’re also preparing for the future. Finally, it’s time for the No Mom Guilt story of the week presented by Heineken, featuring Brittany’s story about feeling guilty for caving into her son, and how sometimes even small happenings can linger on your mind for a while when you’re a mom.

Apr 19

43 min 27 sec

On this episode, Aleen and Brittany are joined by board-certified Ob-Gyn and ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton to talk all about the Covid vaccine and pregnancy. The start off talking about the vaccine itself, what we know about potential risks, and when to get the vaccine if you decide to do so while pregnant. They also talk about what factors to consider when choosing whether to get it, and how to ask the right questions so you make the best decision for yourself. To end the episode, they get into some general pregnancy questions from listeners, including best practices when trying to conceive, prenatal vitamins, and gestational diabetes.

Apr 14

32 min 24 sec

Aleen and Brittany start things off with updates on how their bodies are faring in their respective stages or pregnancy. Brittany talks about her upcoming Glucose Test and the possibility of having gestational diabetes, including a few symptoms that could point towards that diagnosis. Then they dive into a conversation how your eating habits change during pregnancy, sometimes in unexpected ways. Next, they share a listener-submitted Embarrassing Story Of The Week featuring a hilarious mixup at the hospital between the mother and the grandmother. Finally, it’s time for the No Mom Guilt story of the week presented by Heineken, where Aleen shares her struggles with feeling like she’s not doing enough to prepare herself for the baby, and how to make the mental shift to acknowledge that she’s already doing so much.

Apr 12

41 min 28 sec

Hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine are back and start the episode with a conversation about where kids learn all that defiant language you certainly never taught them. Next, Aleen shares an Embarrassing Story of the Week all about getting advice for conceiving from her OB-GYN mother. Then they play a game of “What the F*ck Did You Just Say” featuring some boob-related kid quotes. Aleen tells us about finding out she’s having a girl and wonders out loud: how do you even figure out how to parent? This leads Brittany to share an excellent piece of advice for allowing your kid to have “big feelings'' and why that may be the secret to raising happy children. Then a listener writes in to ask whether or not it’s okay to change doctors midway through your pregnancy. Should you search for a new physician if your current one doesn’t feel like the right fit? Finally, Brittany gets vulnerable in a segment called “No Mom Guilt” all about why you need to take it easy on yourself and shake those feelings of judgment and guilt.

Apr 7

37 min 45 sec

On the first ever episode of Betches Moms, hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine start the show with a conversation about the two of them being pregnant at the same time during a pandemic. Then they’re joined by actress Rachel Bilson to talk about her new podcast “Welcome to the OC Bitches” and what it’s like to raise a six year old as a working actress. They discuss what it’s like for a child to start virtual kindergarten, how she handles co-parenting and whether or not Bilson’s daughter knows just how famous her parents really are. Plus, they talk about the ‘hot grandma shit’ they like to do and Rachel shares a great parenting hack to keep kids busy. Then they play a game of “What the F*ck Did You Just Say” featuring some of the craziest things the Betches Moms followers have heard from their children. They close things out with some embarrassing stories of the week, and Rachel reveals whether or not she’d ever do an OC reunion.

Apr 5

35 min 31 sec

Betches Moms with hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine starts April 5th, 2021! Follow us now on Spotify or subscribe on Apple podcasts to be the first to hear it.

Mar 1

23 sec