Social Dysmorphia

Diana Brandt

Social Dysmorphia is what happens when you’re constantly comparing yourself to social media images...

You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there.

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Diana, Joe and Emilia are joined by their first in studio listener. They talk about dating adventures, perceptions of food influencers eating everywhere for free, their love of cheese and some other local favorites and doing things that make you happy.


Nov 1

42 min 48 sec

Will it ever be enough? Brandon and Diana explore their feelings as business owners and constantly trying to accomplish the next thing and spiraling when it doesn't work out the way we planned. Brandon also talks about losing his biggest cheerleader, how being in business for 4 years has gone so far and plenty more. 


Oct 25

1 hr 7 min

Keifer Gilbert, a popular ex bartender, shares his journey of starting his career in Old Town Scottsdale, drinking and using getting a little out of hand, becoming a father and what happened to make him want to change his life and exit the bar scene. 


Oct 11

46 min 54 sec

Allison the Founder of Teaspressa, speaks all about her early and fast success at age 24. She experienced everything from being on Shark Tank, participating in Tory Burch's business group, being in Vogue and so much more. She was growing a ton every year, until Covid hit and then things went dark and she became numb. She had to work to get back to her normal self, re-evaluate what was important and what she could control and then she was able to double her sales.


Oct 4

49 min 14 sec

Elliott aka Apartment Bartender is a successful influencer that works mostly in the drink space. This week he talks about how he took the leap into becoming a full time social media content creator and the different things that happened along the way to get him to where he is today. He also talks about becoming a father, trying to process what that meant for him and his career and how he wanted to move forward with his work. Then we hit the tough stuff and he opens up about some personal struggles and growing through those.


Sep 27

1 hr

Chef Dom from Hush Public House talks to us about one of the hardest things he has dealt with in his life, dealing with the loss of a sibling. We also talk about his favorite places to eat, his future goals, the pressure of cooking for other chefs and more!


Sep 13

57 min 16 sec

Subash from Sherpa Kitchen shares his ups and downs over the last year and a half. His food truck was hugely successful and he opened his first restaurant within 8 months but then covid hit and one thing after another happened. He went from wanting to give it all up, to working back towards that success he had.


Sep 6

51 min 52 sec

Thomas opens up about his past struggles for the last 10 years, what happened during that time to make him feel full of shame, what pushed him to want to make a change for the better in his life and what he's doing now to overcome those challenges. 


Aug 23

49 min 24 sec

Lawrence from Provision Coffee is always keeping us caffeinated with some of the best coffee in town but today he opens up about a recent change that happened in his life and through his business. He speaks about going through one of the toughest times in his life and how he went from that mental space to where he is today.

Aug 16

1 hr

Flip from Frites Street tells us all about touring with Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds from Mars, his love of fries, how the pandemic turned his world upside down and the importance of having support during that time. 


Aug 9

1 min 27 sec

Chef Adam shares his story about the catering gigs he gets to do with Guy Fieri at the Super Bowl and Dixie D'Amelio's birthday party with Chef Aaron May. He talks about his journey with his long-time girlfriend and her battle with stage 4 cancer. We get on the topic of addiction in the kitchen and more.

Aug 2

38 min 47 sec

Emilia from Eatin Arizona on Instagram shares all the things going on in her life. We laugh about dick pics before morning coffee, meeting her in the cheese aisle, what it has been like entering the influencer world and one of the best things she's gotten from it, and the struggles that 2021 have brought her, including becoming her mother's caretaker, while her mom recovers from cancer. 


Jul 26

48 min 5 sec

LT and Aseret from Chilte Tacos speak candidly about starting up as a food vendor, owning their own taco truck, being cancelled for creating fusion, trying to elevate street food, how differently you're treated as a street vendor vs having your own brick and mortar, suffering from anxiety and colorism.


Jul 19

52 min 48 sec

Celine from Beignet Babe shares her story about coming from abusive kitchen environments to owning her own concept and the success and struggles she has been through. 


Jul 12

55 min 30 sec

Rachael flew in from the Dominican Republic and chats with us about how she was let go from her job 5 years ago and went on to live the dream. She traveled all around the world surfing and eating. And has now settled down in the Dominican Republic. No, she does not work and has not had a "real" job for 5 years. So what is that like? How is it living in the DR? Is it really the dream we all think it is?

Jun 21

55 min 46 sec

Elizabeth was scammed and even flew to another state to learn how to be an influencer and make money from someone that had bought all her followers and engagement. By the time she figured out what was happening, it was too late and this person was buying engagement and followers for her too. All so that the fake influencer could use Elizabeth's fake results to get other people to pay her $1000 to learn how to be an influencer.

Jun 14

59 min 19 sec

Joe and I answer your burning questions. We talk about everything from how we handle restaurants that don't have great food or service, how we stay in shape and how our relationship with food wasn't always the healthiest, our biggest regrets, our backstory on how we started on our platforms and how to become a foodie or influencer. 

Jun 7

56 min 26 sec

What's it like to go viral? We speak to Sophia, who posted her first YouTube video and ended up with over 5 million views, over 47k subscribers, brand deals, reposts from Brad Mondo and all before her first day of being a senior in high school. She speaks candidly to us about how people started treating her and how it affected her mental health. If she regrets anything and what advice she would give others.

May 31

45 min 27 sec

Have you heard of the apps just for pretty people to use and get free stuff? What about having to pick friends based on if their followers are legit or not? People pretending to have sponsored content and why they do this. The real purpose for giveaways and more.

May 23

46 min 18 sec

We talk to Joanie Simon (the bite shot) all about her path to success. From starting out in podcasting, doing social media and blogging and then her switch into youtube and auditioning to be on the Food Network, to where she finally ended up. 

May 17

1 hr 3 min

What kind of things do influencers ask for when they reach out to companies? We get a PR perspective on what is appropriate and what isn't. John Glynn works with the Fairmont Princess and in marketing and he shares how you should pitch to companies. We also talk about traditional media vs digital media.

May 10

49 min 7 sec

Aneesh from the Morning Mess on Live 101.5 joins us today to talk about being canceled. Is it a good thing to be canceled? Do people become more successful after they've been canceled? We have an example of this happening locally. We talk canceled vs accountability. And at the end, we share some fun stories about times we could have been canceled in the past!


May 2

54 min 57 sec

Racan with Eat Saint Pasta talks about using controversy to build and audience. He shares how it all started and the good and the bad. His marketing background and how that plays into what he thinks of influencers. 


Apr 26

34 min 26 sec

Being an influencer is a 10 billion dollar industry and everyone wants in on it. Unfortunately, it's so easy to buy every aspect of being an influencer and then be rewarded with lots of money. Why is nobody holding this fraudulent behavior accountable? We talk all about this in Part 1.

Apr 19

56 min 33 sec

Diana and Joe speak about their relationship with social media, and what they do to protect themselves. They go over how their relationship with social media changed during quarantine, and if influencers have the right to speak up on their platforms about topics that aren't specific to their "brand."     

Apr 12

48 min 19 sec

Cyberbullying can come in many forms. Diana and Joe share their personal experiences - and how they've seen bullying grow on social platforms.

Apr 5

1 hr

Let's take a look at what's ahead on Social Dysmorphia...

Mar 24

1 min 32 sec