IoT Playbook

By Mark Smith

IoT Playbook is a video podcast that shows you how to create and launch a profitable IoT Managed Service business. Mark Smith is a serial entrepreneur and has created several 7-figure and one 9-figure technology business. The IT industry is experiencing the greatest digital transformation it has ever seen. Before the dust settles, the IoT (Internet of Things) and Managed Services market will be hovering around the $500B mark. If you are an IT services provider, you should be fighting for a piece of that.

  1. 1.
    EP28: How to 10x the Value of Your Business
  2. 2.
    The Best IoT Opportunities for MSP's Right Now
  3. 3.
    How Integrators Can Help Clients Reopen After the COVID Lockdown
  4. 4.
    How AV, facilities and cotton gins doubled Corey’s MSP business - Guest: Corey Kirkendoll
  5. 5.
    How MSPs are Responding to the COVID-Crisis - Guest: Luis Alvarez
  6. 6.
    How to Outfit Your Studio for Top-Notch Productions - Mark Smith, IoT Playbook Host
  7. 7.
    IoT Service | How to Launch your IoT Practice Quickly With a Master Agent - Guest: Jonathan Smith
  8. 8.
    IoT Devices | How to Network Thousands of IoT Devices - Guest: Albert Behr
  1. 9.
    IoT Managed Service | How to Build a Compelling IoT Offer - Mark Smith, IoT Playbook Host
  2. 10.
    IoT Devices | Collect, Organize, and Monetize Data with BitBox - Guest: Michael Skurla
  3. 11.
    IoT Devices | How to Stand Out and ‘Own’ Your IoT Solutions - Guests: Andy Do and Brent Germain
  4. 12.
    Cybersecurity Solutions | How You Can Make Money Offering IoT Security - Guest: Josh Liberman
  5. 13.
    Managed Service Providers | Close More Deals With Cybersecurity Insurance - Guest: Chris Christensen
  6. 14.
    IoT Services | How to Build the Perfect IoT Offer - Mark Smith, IoT Playbook Host
  7. 15.
    IoT Managed Service | How to Start Selling a Managed Service From Scratch - Guest: Jack Knocke
  8. 16.
    Smart Building Technology | How Smart Greenhouses are Causing Cannabusiness to Grow - Guests: Luis Alvarez and Richard Newberry
  9. 17.
    IoT Products | 3 Ways the Channel Will Succeed with IoT (#3 will surprise you) - Guest: Jay McBain
  10. 18.
    Smart Building Technology | How to Create a Wind-Powered Hospital - Guest: Taylor Clark
  11. 19.
    MSP IT | How to Sell Smart Building Managed Service Projects That Generate Years of MRR - Guest: Taylor Clark
  12. 20.
    IoT Smart City | How I Sold 8-Figures of IoT Smart City Projects - Guest: Taylor Clark
  13. 21.
    IoT Services | How I Launched a 6-Figure Iot Managed Service Business in 2-Weeks Using a Plug-And-Play Iot Solution for Restaurants and Hospitals - Walter Silin, an Azure developer in Denver, CO
  14. 22.
    IoT Services | Need to Sell Technology, but Don’t Know What to Say? - Mark Smith, IoT Playbook Host
  15. 23.
    IoT Product | How I helped raise $300M in investment capital for IoT Startup companies - Guest: Tom Synder, Director of NCRIoT Accelerator
  16. 24.
    How I've Grown My MSSP Business 400% Per Year by Adding a High-ticket IoT Managed Service for High-end Home Owners - Guest: Mike Bloomfield, MSSP
  17. 25.
    How I Sold a $12M IoT Managed Service Contract to a School District
  18. 26.
    How I added $98k MRR of IoT managed services in 6 months
  19. 27.
    Welcome to the IoT Playbook Podcast, with Mark Smith

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