The Resident Experience Podcast

Nick Latz

Do you want to retain residents and improve your bottom line? Guests reveal how they build a standout multifamily resident experience, from tried-and-true tactics to new ideas. Discover the people and communities that are defining what it means to create and sustain an exceptional resident experience that produces real results in multifamily real estate.

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Zego attended NAA's Apartmentalize 2021 in Chicago, and we had the privilege of meeting a number of

Sep 21

14 min 27 sec

Create mega fans - from employees to residents   This is a production of Habanero Media 

Jul 16

36 min 23 sec

Distinguish your property with an enhanced digital front door   This is a production of Habanero Media

Jun 30

38 min 13 sec

How tech is driving the resident experience   This is a production of Habanero Media 

Jun 22

29 min 46 sec

Apartment living expectations have dramatically evolved over the last decade. Is customer service a critical component to your management strategy? Do you even consider resident service as customer service - and why is this important? Jered Lerum from  Edison47 joins us to discuss how they view resident communication as a critical piece of customer service and how this approach has positively impacted portfolio performance.    This is a production of Habanero Media

May 16

29 min 27 sec

How to build a proactive resident retention program (for all property types) with Lori Hammond       This is a production of Habanero Media  

Apr 17

18 min 40 sec

How does your company culture and employee satisfaction tie into resident retention? And is their actual proof or is it only a feeling? Jen Piccotti from Swift Bunny talks about their research and leadership around the connection between happy and engaged

Mar 23

30 min 59 sec

Is your resident onboarding the start of a splendid relationship? Melinda Howard from PLK Communities talks about how they're creating excellence in the multifamily resident onboarding process that creates happy new residents and a positive resident exper

Mar 12

24 min 23 sec

How does the "friendship factor" increase retention and reduce operating costs? Pete Kelly from Apartment Life talks about their research and leadership around resident engagement and retention and how these factors positively impact multifamily operators.

Feb 23

2 min 28 sec

Welcome to the Residence Experience Podcast

Feb 23

2 min 57 sec