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South Asia’s agriculture is in crisis. The majority of its farmers are facing serious production constraints, making them economically non-viable. Research at The University of Manchester has shown that group farming initiatives could provide a sustainable solution to these problems.

Jul 29

40 min 16 sec

Theatre artists in war zones around the world suffer from a sense of disconnection. Research at The University of Manchester is mobilising, empowering and connecting people living in some of the world’s toughest and most troubled environments.

Jul 29

32 min 1 sec

Globally, the significant role of women in global value chains is under-recognised. Hear Professor Stephanie Barrientos discuss how her work has been helping companies realise and implement gender-equitable strategies to benefit their female workforce.

Apr 30

39 min 9 sec

Poor air quality is an issue for everyone, and aircraft flying daily above our heads contribute to the problem. Hear Dr Paul Williams discuss how he has helped set the standard for today's aviation industry through his research so that our skies are cleaner.

Apr 30

3 min 14 sec

Cardiovascular disease accounts for one in three deaths in Indonesia, and is an increasing cause of mortality across the Global South. Hear Dr Gindo Tampubolon discuss how he and his team have been helping to extend life expectancy and improve public health with smart technology.

Apr 30

6 min 31 sec

“Ultimately we want to see a day where we will wake up and know that no child is going to be subject to non-consensual medical interventions; that no child is going to have to live with that burden.” Hear Manchester academic Dr Fae Garland and activist Valentino Vecchietti discuss their work to protect the rights of intersex children.

Oct 2020

24 min 53 sec

"We live in one world and that's the key, not only to history, but to life itself" Professor of Public History, Michael Wood, is one of the country's best loved historians. In his Lockdown Lecture, he talks to us about the relationship between Britain and China, and his love for poetry.

Jul 2020

9 min 9 sec

"We're in a particularly exciting moment with lots of big, new ideas about medicines that could harness the power of the immune system to fight off different kinds of disease." Professor of Immunology, Dan Davis, has helped establish new concepts in how immune cells communicate with each other. Watch his Lockdown Lecture.

Jul 2020

11 min 1 sec

“A classic complaint among scholars who study British imperial history is that dimensions of our past, as well as our culture, our cuisine, our language and our economy, have been quietly forgotten or conveniently brushed under the carpet.” Professor David Olusoga is a historian and broadcaster who joined the University in 2019 as a Professor of Public History.

Jul 2020

10 min 36 sec

“One the things we are fairly certain about with the Parkinson's odour is that it's produced due to molecules called lipids, which are long chain fatty acids... “With COVID, I think there will be an equivalent inflammatory response to that and that may well have an odour. But, we think there are probably other methods to see whether people have coronavirus or not.” Scientists at The University of Manchester have found small molecules contained in a substance secreted by the skin, known as sebum, that are responsible for a unique scent in people with Parkinson’s. Professor Perdita Barran discusses more here.

Jun 2020

22 min 39 sec

Claire is Professor of Sociology at The University of Manchester and a member of the Critical In/Equalities research cluster where she works on race, ethnicity, migration and youth in Britain. She is Director of Research for the School of Social Sciences and Associate Director of the Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity.

Jun 2020

21 min 13 sec

Professor Danielle George is a Professor in Microwave Communication Engineering and is the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Science and Engineering "When we found out about it, the people who worked on ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array), we were like, 'Wow that sounds amazing, but what what does it mean?'" Hear more from Professor Dan George MBE.

Jun 2020

12 min 55 sec

"I hope if one positive thing has come out of this pandemic, it's the visibility of nursing, the importance of nursing and also the importance of social care staff..." Nicky Cullum is Professor of Nursing in the Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work in the School of Health Sciences, and Director of the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration for Greater Manchester.

Jun 2020

8 min 27 sec

“And I wanted to see the world partly because a lot of my experiences growing up, particularly in the 70s and early 80s in Britain, were people saying, "well you're not from here, where are you really from?" And thinking well, I really am from just down the road, but also knowing that there was something different.” One of the leading thinkers on politics and society, Gary Younge, is Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Sciences and an award-winning journalist.

Jun 2020

13 min 39 sec

Professor Sir Cary Cooper OBE leads ground-breaking research on health in the workplace. Find out more about his career and how managers can support their staff while working at home.

Jun 2020

10 min 42 sec

"You can say that it was an accident (the isolation of graphene) but accidents are important in science..." Nobel Prize winner Professor Kostya Novoselov reflects on his research career, those 'Friday night experiments' with Andre Geim and the relationship between art and science. 

Jun 2020

15 min 50 sec

President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, Nancy Rothwell has been undertaking research in the field of neuroscience. This has contributed towards major advances in the understanding and treatment of brain damage in stroke and head injury.

Jun 2020

10 min 54 sec

Brian's Lockdown Lecture takes the form of a question-and-answer session with third-year politics student Megan Ritchie. We talk all things space, science and being in a band!  

Jun 2020

19 min 40 sec

Head of Campus Life, Sarah Littlejohn, talks about how The University of Manchester is working to support students at every stage, including giving specialist training to staff. Sarah speaks about the University's partnership with the online mental health community Big White Wall.

Oct 2019

24 min 38 sec

Dr Sharon McDonald discusses her work in suicide bereavement and the engagement her work has generated, as well as the invaluable support provided by ex-footballer Neville Southall. She credits his input with the surge in male respondents to her survey on mental health.

Oct 2019

29 min 5 sec

Vikas Shah MBE, an Honorary Professor of Business at the University, speaks openly about his own struggles with suicidal depression and anxiety, and the importance of separating work and social life. He explores the cultural expectations that lead people to overwork themselves and the need to talk openly about mental health issues.

Oct 2019

30 min 55 sec