LAMBERT ON: Corporate wellness programs to help nurture a culture of wellness within companies

By Wayne Lambert (Owner)

LAMBERT is a provider of professional services in health and wellbeing, and is instrumental in improving the quality of life of companies, individuals, their families and the communities in which they live. LAMBERT is committed to ensuring that health and wellbeing is seen as a routine part of daily life, thereby blending together the needs of the organisation and the individual employees.Our point of differenceBeyond our specialisation in wellbeing, we continuously demonstrate an unwavering passion and belief in the role that wellbeing plays in modern society. We have an innate ability to spark large-scale change within corporates, community organisations and individuals; becoming a catalyst for companies and individuals to understand their symbiotic relationship between each other and the environment in which they live and work. It is this innate ability that produces extraordinary results, time after time.Our core purposeTo help corporates, community organisations and individuals be the best that they can by embracing physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional wellbeing.Our visionTo be referenced as an industry leading expert in corporate, community organisations and individual wellbeing practicesOur mission statementOur mission is to provide professional wellbeing services to corporates, community organisations and individuals who fully understands and appreciate their importance. By providing world-class consultation and action planning, LAMBERT is instrumental in improving the quality of life in corporates, community organisations and individuals, therefore ensuring that wellbeing is seen as a routine necessity, not a luxury.Everything we do is guided by this set“of principles which define our character and culture. Architects of visionary companies don’t just trust in good intentions or “values statements;” they build passionate cultures around their core ideologies. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct – they are a fundamental strength of our business and who we are.                                                                                                                                                                                  - Wayne Lambert, FounderOur brand valuesBeliefHas confidence, faith and trustDeterminationHas complete and wholehearted devotionDisciplineAlways maintains a state of controlRespectShows regard and considerationAccountabilityHolds themselves liable, or answerableKnowledgeHas a capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding and an aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts and meaningsEngage with us on any of our platforms on LAMBERT Wellbeing, and we would really appreciate it if you could subscribe and hit the notification bell on our YouTube channel. Our website also has many resources to assist you on your wellness journey

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    Our Purpose | Join us in helping you as an executive and your employees overcome unhealthy barriers
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    Executives Q+A | What are your frustrations? | Ask us any questions at
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    How to improve engagement in your workplace? | Health and business alignment strategy
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    FREE business strategy call | Own your own program now:
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    Executive wellness coaching | LAMBERT helps business owners like you, not just employees
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    What are the most common barriers to implementing a workplace wellness program?
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    Reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover costs
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    How employee caregivers can affect your business? and how it makes good business sense to care for them

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