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Welcome to the Primal Edge Health podcast hosted by Tristan Haggard, founder of Primal Edge Health. Explore cutting edge holistic lifestyle optimization with a focus on nutrition, environment, light, movement, and worldview. We use animal-based nutrition, the ketogenic diet, the carnivore diet, whole unrefined ancestral foods, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, and a holistic lifestyle approach for health, vitality, and optimal performance so we can thrive and bring others along for the ride. Build healthy bodies, homes, families, and communities together, because we are far more than what we eat.Hosted By: Tristan HaggardEmail:

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Sep 1

29 min 10 sec

Dr. Bradley Campbell has been doing pre/post covid jab bloodwork with his clients and publishing some of the results, for which he was censored and deleted from social media. What are the media and big pharma hiding about the effects of the jab?

May 18

32 min 23 sec

Vaccine passport propaganda and preparation ensues as the CDC "guidelines" on masks changes. Rachel Maddow sees unvaxxed people as a threat. The weirdest thing to happen in the last year, the "magnet challenge", where people claim their covid vaccination site is now magnetic. Is this a hoax?

May 17

1 min 47 sec

Elder Joe Biden announces new medical torture guidelines for the unvaccinated, who must continue to wear masks, while vaccinated people can no go maskless. We discuss the Pavlovian behaviorist training program being implemented to stop "vaccine hesitancy".

May 14

57 min 4 sec

It's a wild world tonight in the Clownpocalypse. Beef is cancelled, but the big grown-ups are here to save you. Media bates the public with a praise song for Fauci while mass media successfully blackouts events for our safety and well-being.

Apr 27

2 hr 9 min

Ivor Cummins and Tristan discuss the massive psy-ops waged in the name of "science". How masks, lockdowns, PCR cases and more have been used to terrorize us into submission - we talk about the actual science that's been disregarded in lieu of scientism and propaganda. Check out Ivor at

Apr 21

35 min 15 sec

DARPA, Sesame Street and Madison Avenue want men's junk snipped, and their brains chipped. The dehumanization and feminization of man is a long-term social engineering plan - Tristan discusses what it's all about, why it's happening and where it's heading.

Apr 15

1 hr 43 min

Jay Dyer and Tristan discuss the worldview and driving spirit of the push for a global technocracy, transhumanism, and the smart city grid.

Apr 14

1 hr

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum openly declare their plan to phase out private vehicle ownership and bring in autonomous vehicles to completely control all human movement and behavior with social credits in a smart-city technocracy control grid.

Apr 7

1 hr 55 min

Jason Bermas comes on for a deep dive on the technocratic transformation of culture and the subversion and redirection of the "truth movement" over the decades.

Apr 6

33 min 22 sec

Easter inversion: Gnostic transhumanist vaccine sacraments. False Promises of Eternal Life, the Resurrection of Sophia & the Old gods. Stanford Research Institute laid out the roadmap decades ago. Sophia the Robot's makers shocking claims on Joe Rogan's show.

Apr 5

1 hr 33 min

Sesame Street infantilizes parents with cartoons sponsored by a Pfizer owned company. Galactic Emperor Bill Gates says new variants means we need more vaccines, masks, and social distancing. Health passports prep the social credit system beta tested by big tech in China.

Apr 1

2 hr 3 min

Plastic covid muzzles, carcinogenic make-up, fake plastic food and fake plastic celeb ambassadors for a fake plastic Globo-McMonoCulture are just a few of the factors behind the fertility crisis. Is this intentional? Who benefits? What can we do about it?

Mar 30

2 hr 23 min

Mar 27

1 hr 50 min

Weaponized worldviews - food, pharma, technocracy, and the father of lies. Bill Gates is now the biggest farmland owner in the US...Bayer owns Monsanto...where is this all headed?

Mar 24

2 hr 38 min

Polyamory is now pushed by mass media as a fun, edgy alternative to traditional relationships and the family. We discuss the truth about the long-term social engineering agenda behind this and why the "sexual revolution" is leading to transhumanism, depopulation, and technocratic enslavement.

Mar 23

2 hr 34 min

Sir David Attenborough says that all the problems in the world are due to one cause - there are too many people. We explore his worldview and position as the mythical "voice of nature" perpetuated by mass media in light of works of other depopulation and cultural engineering advocates such as Paul Ehrlich and Stanford Research Institute.

Mar 22

2 hr 42 min

Hip-Hop public health delivers another installment to convince minorities to roll-up their sleeves. Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton work with the Ad-Council tell us we can hug people if we behave.

Mar 19

2 hr 7 min

President Biden tells Americans they can maybe have a cookout with some friends and family if they behave themselves.

Mar 18

1 hr 10 min

2020 reviewed by a victim of the nihilistic weaponized pop-culture.

Mar 17

2 hr 6 min

Rappers and youtube rap fans tell us why we should all get the shot.

Mar 15

2 hr 28 min

Isolation, social distancing, etc - what are these measures doing to our children? Why behaviorism, the Skinner Box, and Pavlovian response training are being used on the population.

Mar 13

1 hr 17 min

Bill Gates, Monsanto and Shell help us get to ZERO Carbon Emissions - why it's a massive scam and what it's really about.

Mar 12

44 min 14 sec

Anderson Cooper and 60 minutes run PR for Galactic Emperor Bill Gates, who hass declared an unwinnable infinity war on climate change.

Feb 27

2 hr 9 min

Elmo and his friends hang out unsupervised with an adult they met online who teaches them about black history.Microsoft teams up with LA Unified School District's superintendent to gaslight parents into accepting their new behaviorist system for tracking their children like cattle.Why is mass media normalizing cannibalism? Is eating people going to solve the "climate crisis"?

Feb 26

2 hr 19 min

Colbert runs a pathetic PR interview for Bill Gates, who plans to save us from the changing climate by getting us all to purchase the products he invests in through his tax-free foundation.

Feb 24

2 hr 2 min

-Amazon continues its quest to consume all of consumer culture with its new transhumanism tinted ad for Alexa.-Why the so-called "baby bust" in 2020 was not only predicted but likely engineered

Feb 15

2 hr 11 min

A humorous look at the world gone mad: Warner Bros and the US gov't spend millions of dollars on a cheap photoshop ad. Bill and Anthony can't figure out why people don't trust them.

Feb 12

2 hr 2 min

-Tyler Perry and various hi-hop artists do a good deed with the good grown-ups on the TV- Media pushes polyamory and non-monogamous relationships - why?

Feb 10

2 hr 38 min

-BET talks to a doctor who blacksplains what the new happy healthy medicine shots are all about and why your homies should all get a fat sack of them-Oatly advertisements push the spirit of the age on the youth, influencing them to despise and dominate their fathers.-Vegan Gain's wife, Jasmin Gains, is challenged to a charity boxing match by a real Vegan Qwaine. Will Vegan Gains and his wife accept, or are they transphobes?

Feb 9

2 hr 40 min

We take a trip through pop-culture and the social engineered mindscape and discuss the latest "backdoor" swabbing testing method to go viral, the World Economic Forum's latest gaslighting video, and effeminate Vegan slacktivists Earthling Ed's dumb arguments of why we should all go vegan.

Feb 7

2 hr

Epic stream with some surprise guest call-ins from Tommy Kelly, Drew Morg, Vegan Phobic, and a recovering ex-vegan trying to get his health, digestion, and mind back after leaving the cult.

Feb 6

3 hr 27 min