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hosted by online coach and personal trainer, Jessie Williams ~ talking all things health, wellness, money, mindset and, just real life. A podcast for the visionary, go-getter, dream chaser, the optimist.

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Today’s powerful episode is short and sweet! I chat about one core question that put my entire life into perspective and made me take up more space in the industry! Asking yourself this question will allow you to tap into your true power and potential and move forward in all areas of your life. I chat about: Putting people on pedestals Others are not more special or lucky Landing in gratitude for what you already have Being bold and brave with your voice My experience with ‘why not me?’ Is there a formula to power + success? As always, if you love the episode I would really appreciate your support by sharing the episode on your socials and tagging me! Happy listening angels!   Jessie x P.S - Black Friday sale for 24 hours ONLY! Lack to Love Masterclass - 40% off Spicy Woman Masterclass - 40% off Lack to Love + Spicy Woman BUNDLE - save $156!

Nov 25

23 min

Today I’m bringing a cheeky BONUS ep! This is an episode of the Inside Out podcast where I was interviewed by the lovely @insideoutwithkris.   I had such a grea time chatting with Kris, we covered so many random and juicy topics! We cover: 🤎my experience healing my relationship with body image and disordered eating. 🤎my career path and how I became a coach 🤎reprogramming the subsconscious mind and energy healing 🤎discovering limiting beliefs and breaking your conditioning 🤎my favourite healing modalities 🤎diet culture  🤎embodiment and sooooo much more! If you love the ep, please share on socials and tag @jessiewilliams and @insideoutwithkris  

Nov 15

48 min 49 sec

In this episode, I sit down with my partner Oscar Ledlin, to chat all things relationships🤎   We cover: -How our relationship has improved overtime -What makes our relationship successful -How we’ve showed up unhealthily in the past  -Creating a safe space -Taking responsibility over defensiveness  -Building trust with your partner and reducing shame -Allowing your partner to be a sovereign being -Letting go of ‘tit for tat’ And so much more!   If you love the episode, share it on your story and tag us! @jessiewilliams @oscarledlin   If you’re a woman wanting to create a more conscious, intimate, deep AF relationship - my 5 week program, Conscious Connections is now open! CLICK HERE to find out more.   @jessiewilliams

Oct 24

58 min 16 sec

Today’s episode is straight up FIRE. It’s raw, honest and straight to the point! We are chatting all things BOUNDARIES. I explain how not setting boundaries is not a selfless act, but actually a form of unconscious manipulation! What I cover in this episode: > what boundaries are are > honouring your sacred no > boundaries as a pillar of trust > why always saying yes creates disconnection > how not speaking your truth leads to resentment > People-pleasing = unconscious manipulation And so much more!   Want to get on the waitlist for my new communication / relationship program? JOIN HERE - you’ll get access to join first and get a juicy discount!  @jessiewilliams 

Oct 13

41 min 3 sec

Today's episode is all about giving and receiving advice and how our intention to help can actually do more harm than good! I cover: -The core foundations of why we give advice -The difference between unsolicited advice vs permission - How it feels to receive unsolicited advice - How to create more connection + closeness WITHOUT giving feedback and so much more! This quick lil episode will give you practice tools to implement with your loved ones, colleagues etc that will allow you to feel connected, rather than disconnected! The waitlist for my new upcoming course, Conscious Connections - is now open. Sign up HERE to be the first to hear when it opens!   

Sep 23

22 min 41 sec

Today’s episode is alllllll about relationships and healthy vs toxic cycles.   Some topics I cover: ⚡️What is a trauma bond? ⚡️How they are formed and why we trauma bond in relationships ⚡️Examples of healthy vs toxic signs when dating (what is a green light vs what is likely a trauma bond) ⚡️Why push-pull/high-low relationships are so addictive ⚡️How Hollywood has distorted our concept of love ⚡️How to close our trauma cycles ⚡️What foundations you need to build a healthy, loving relationship. If you love this episode, please share to your story and tag me as it really supports and inspires me to produce more episodes :)    @jessiewilliams

Sep 4

23 min 15 sec

The theme of today's short and sweet episode is... don't be so conscious that you forget to be human. When we set off on a spiritual / personal development journey, sometimes we can start taking life a little too seriously and forget that we are also here to just be a human. To laugh, have fun and play. Some topics I cover: 🌙 emotional/spiritual bypassing 🌙 not speaking your truth  🌙 taking life too seriously 🌙 trying to say the most 'conscious' or intelligent thing 🌙 losing touch with fun/play in your life 🌙 being spiritual and being a human If this episode resonates with you, feel free to share + tag me :) @jessiewilliams

Aug 29

22 min 53 sec

In this incredible interview with Trauma healer + coach, Amy Szep - we chat about all things mental health, trauma + healing. Some of the topics we dive into: ❤️Amy’s experience with mental health and disordered eating ❤️Childhood trauma and how it impacts us as adults ❤️How the victim mentality is holding you back ❤️Radical responsibility for healing from trauma ❤️Finding forgiveness and acceptance to set yourself free ❤️Eating disorders, body image and binge-eating ❤️Managing your energy as a sensitive or empathetic person and literally soooo much more! This episode is raw, vulnerable and a little bit confronting, but it will also empower you to walk away ready to take radical responsibility for your life and healing! Find Amy: @amyszepanowski Amy's stationary biz: @memaplanning If you love this episode, please share on your story + tag us @jessiewilliams @amyszepanowski and tell us your favourite take away! Love and appreciate your support so very deeply, Jessie xx 

Aug 25

53 min 1 sec

Today’s episode is short, sweet and just plain REAL TALK! I chat about how so often we miss half of the equation when it comes to creating lasting change. Some topics I cover are: 🌙Why just focusing on our behaviour isn’t enough to create change 🌙How the hustle + shiny things are put on a pedestal 🌙Creating a life that LOOKS good vs FEELS good 🌙 Why we crave validation  🌙How our sub-conscious mind can keep us stuck in loops of the past  🌙The power of thought + how to make lasting change 🌙Letting go of being the victim + taking back your power 🌙Making the impossible, possible   I hope you enjoy the episode (if you love it, please share + tag me on socials to spread to LOVE!) P.S 24hours left to join the waitlist for my new 8 week mindset program, The Discovery Code — click here to join the waitlist NOW.   Or, if you need some extra love getting unstuck + manifesting your dreams, join me tomorrow night for my Lack to Love masterclass! Click here to grab your tickets for only $33! @jessiewilliams

Aug 9

25 min 25 sec

Hey! Today’s pod is a mini pep talk cross ramblings of my brain right now! The main things I chat about: ❤️Why my heart is breaking right now (Trigger warning: mentions of mental health and suicide) ❤️It’s okay not to be okay, but you don’t need to live there ❤️Enoughness and worthiness are your birthright ❤️Taking responsibility for your life and knowing anything is possible for you.   I hope you walk away from today’s ep feeling a little more inspired and in your power!   Join Lack To Love - my LIVE manifestation masterclass being held on Tuesday (10th August) HERE   Opt-in to the waitlist HERE for my new mindset program, The Discovery Code (enrolment opens next week!!!!) 

Aug 5

22 min 28 sec

I felt inspired to sit down and record today’s episode after witnessing the heavy collective divide + chaotic energy (especially on social media right now). In this episode I chat about: ⭐️A mini life update ⭐️Our unconscious wounding is causing a divide  ⭐️Being able to compassionately hold other people’s perspective ⭐️Maintaining your own boundaries and speaking your truth ⭐️What you felt as a child is probably what you feel now ⭐️How you were disciplined as a child is how you are disciplining yourself  ⭐️Connecting in with your inner child   Our current circumstances (especially in lockdown states) are heavy, emotional and challenging beyond comprehension - we all have differing views but one thing we all have in common... we all just want to be safe. I invite you to listen to today with an open mind and allow your heart to feel the compassion for all humans today. Let's begin creating a sense of unity and collective love. Enjoy the episode? Please share and encourage your fam + friends to listen as well! The waitlist for my brand new mindset program, The Discovery Code is now open! Official enrolment opens SO soon, so jump on the waitlist HERE. (Going in the waitlist will also give you access to a super juicy discount).   @jessiewilliams

Jul 27

34 min 9 sec

In today's episode, I chat with women’s coach and co-founder of My Healthy Baby, Elyce Wintle. We dive into Elyce's journey with her health, fitness, body image and recovery to regain her period. She also shares beautiful insights into topics such as fertility, preconception, pregnancy and the plans for the arrival of her own baby! In this raw episode, we cover; ✨ How she got her cycle back after not having a period for 5 years ✨ Her experience with an eating disorder and her recovery journey ✨ Social media and it’s damaging effects on mindset & health  ✨ Changing your IG so that it supports your goals & journey  ✨ Her health journey to improve her fertility & egg quality ✨ How her partner improved his sperm health & quality ✨ The impact of intentional pre-conception  ✨ Why she co-founded her business @myhealthybaby_  with her partner Paul  And so much more Connect with Elyce:  @elycewintle  & @myhealthybaby_  Enjoy the episode? Show us you're listening and loving by sharing on socials and tagging us @jessiewilliams @elycewintle  P.S — we are currently taking applications for Nourished in 90, my 3 month signature 1:1 health + mindset program!🥳 Read more about it HERE!

Jul 6

50 min 8 sec

In today’s solo episode, I talk about the motivation and failure loop.  You know… Motivational high, do all the things, motivation fizzle, lose momentum, fall off track, throw in the towel. Yeah, that. Let’s chat about why it happens and how to overcome it!   In this juicy ep, I delve into; ⚡️Why you may not be achieving what you SAY you want ⚡️How underlying limiting beliefs or trauma can stop you from achieving your goals ⚡️Why your body hates change ⚡️How starting too many things at once can make you fall off track ⚡️What is a ‘motivation high’ ⚡️Gold nuggets to support you in building new habits   And so much more!   Don’t forget to screenshot and tag me on socials so I can see which ep you’re listening to + loving!    P.S — we are currently taking applications for Nourished in 90, my 3 month signature 1:1 health + mindset program!🥳 Read more about it HERE!    @jessiewilliams

Jul 2

23 min 8 sec

In today's episode, I sit down with lifestyle & performance coach Blake Worrall-Thompson to chat all things adversity, motivation, passion, purpose, love and connection.   We cover a whole range of topics such as; 🔥 Blakes rock-bottom moments that have shaped who he is today 🔥How we can use our struggles to light a fire within us and gain momentum 🔥How to find your purpose and what purpose can look like 🔥How passion, purpose, love and connection differ for the masculine and feminine 🔥Are you outgrowing your friend/partner do you just need to communicate your needs 🔥Guiding the masculine to do ‘the work’ 🔥And mindset beyond motivation    Find Blake @blakeworrallthompson   Enjoy the episode? Show us you're listening and loving by sharing on socials and tagging us @jessiewilliams @blakeworrallthompson 

Jun 28

1 hr 3 min

If you've been anywhere near the health and wellness space, at some point you've probably come across the term, there is no such thing as "good" foods and "bad" foods (hey, I even say it). But in today's episode, I shed a different light on this and explain why CONTEXT MATTERS! In this juicy ep, I cover; Good vs bad foods for weight loss Do the same rules for weight loss apply to health? How some foods can impact your body (skin, digestion etc) Why the food psychology approach is an exception Why context is SO important  Understanding which category you fall into + how each phase has a place in your journey.     If you love the episode, please screenshot and tag me on socials so I can see! :) P.S - we currently have limited spaces open for Nourished in 90, my signature 1:1 health and mindset coaching program. You can learn more about it HERE!   @jessiewilliams

Jun 22

31 min 45 sec

Yep, it's finally here... part two of the BIZ SERIES. In this episode, I chat more around strategy + systems. From the front end (lead generation) to the back end (client fulfilment). This episode tells you what you need in order to scale, without hitting multiple bottle-necks and having to put out fires 24/7. So buckle up if you want to hear my thoughts on; - Managing the front + back end of biz - social media (balancing personal vs professional) - building an audience  - client/customer funnels (taking them from cold to raging hot!) - sales (i.e. human connection) - staying on top of finances - having the confidence to speak on camera and so much more!     ________________________________ I currently only have THREE 1:1 spaces available for mindset coaching. Interested? Apply here  @jessiewilliams

Jun 13

39 min 55 sec

  Up for a pep talk anyone? In today's episode, I chat about the three core reasons that people don't take action! I cover; ⚡️How fear holds us back from taking action  ⚡️What are “open loops” ⚡️How we can reduce overwhelm and increase clarity  ⚡️Removing noise so you can tune into your intuition ⚡️Why you can’t make decisions and how to be a more decisive person  ⚡️You’re not afraid of failure, you’re afraid of what failure says about you ⚡️The perfect zone of discomfort  ⚡️The difference between a fixed vs growth mindset ⚡️How you call yourself out on your BS and take action! @jessiewilliams  

May 31

30 min 29 sec

Today's episode is f*cking needed! It'll highlight why phrases like; "good vibes only" "don't cry" and "it's not that bad" are actually invalidating our experience and teaching people not to feel their feelings and instead, water down, distort, number or avoid facing what's actually coming up.    In today's chat, I cover: ⚡️Life update and why I got upset  ⚡️How I process shitty stuff ⚡️Speaking your truth and attracting aligned people who love the real you ⚡️What is re-framing and when can it lead to toxic positivity? ⚡️Seeing things from a different perspective ⚡️When emotional + spiritual bypassing allow you to remain the “good” person ⚡️What is gas-lighting and how to know if someone is gas-lighting you ⚡️How you can process your emotions properly and so much MORE!   This is some real talk and let's just say, it's juicy!   If you love the episode, please take a screenshot and share on your story! I love to see what episodes you're listening to!   @jessiewilliams   P.S - My waitlist for 1:1 mindset coaching is NOW OPEN. Click here to apply to work with me (spots opening in July).

May 26

47 min 42 sec

Today's episode is jam packed with juicy-goodness as I welcome the fiercely feminine, Monica Yates onto the podcast.   Monica is a life coach, period whisper and a speaker. She helps women get into their magnetic as fuck feminine energy, and men feel ecstasy and intimacy. Through the use of many deep & powerful modalities, Monica has helped thousands of women heal their cycle, reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past.   In this powerful episode, we cover; 🔥The difference between masculine vs feminine energy 🔥How demonising the masculine is creating inbalances in society  🔥 What IS trauma how does it impact our nervous system and menstrual cycle 🔥 Why we need to complete our trauma cycles 🔥 What are ‘normal’ vs not normal period symptoms 🔥 What do do when you’ve nailed the foundations and are still having shitty periods 🔥 Monica’s take on ‘self-love’ when it comes to respecting your body  🔥 How to find more pleasure in the day-to-day AND SO MUCH MORE.   Beautiful humans, this spicy episode is a must listen!🌶   Find Monica on Instagram here Listen to her Podcast here Find out how to work with her here   -----------------------------------------   I'm currently taking applications for Nourished in 90, my signature 1:1 health and mindset coaching program. Read more about how you can work with me here! @jessiewilliamsfitness

May 16

42 min 44 sec

OKAY, THIS ONES A SPICY EP! 🌶🌶   Today’s episode was an Instagram live that’s too good not to share!  Tune in as we explore the law of attraction, the power of thoughts and how our thoughts can create our reality.    I cover; Why does ‘The Law of Attraction’ matter? How it impacts our manifestation Perception vs Reality and how limiting beliefs affect our reality  The power of thought in behaviour change  How the brain distorts our reality How to harness the power of thought to create your reality!   Follow me on Instagram @jessiewilliams Checkout my free resources + ways you can work with me 

May 13

30 min 46 sec

In this weeks episode I sat down with Spirituality Mentor + Manifestation Coach, Efia Sulter to talk about how you can manifest your souls purpose. In this raw episode, Efia shares her story of overcoming adversity. From being orphaned at 14 and experiencing mental illness, to moving to Australia and building a soul-aligned life. In this episode we chat about manifesting your soul-purpose, living an aligned life, overcoming doubt, not letting others taint your dreams, potential blocks to your manifestations, plus Efia shares some of her fave manifestation stories! Find Efia @efiasulter_  Watch her Masterclass: How To Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality   If you loved this episode, screen shot and tag us @jessiewilliams @efiasulter__

Apr 26

32 min 52 sec

Hey babe, I'm creating a series dedicated to all things BUSINESS! In today's episode, I dive into the energy and mindset around business. I cover: - Balancing masculine vs feminine energy - What shows up when you don't integrate both energies - Money mindset; including money blocks and perspective shifts - Investing in your growth and out sourcing - Doing deep inner work and self discovery - Knowing your core values, drivers and your WHY - Moving through fear; failure + what others think of you    Loved the episode? Take a screenshot, upload to your story and tag me! Have biz questions? Send me a DM @thejessiewilliamspodcast

Apr 9

42 min 11 sec

In this solo episode, I chat about how you can create a healthier relationship with food! I'll give you 5 actionable steps you can implement to heal your mindset towards food! I talk about; -How we form poor relationships with food in the first place -Working out where your food fear stems from and how to unpack the layers -Embodying your dream food relationship NOW -Labelling foods vs food freedom -Letting go of diets and restriction -Healing your relationship with your body, to heal your relationship with food -Client examples and so much more! Let me know if you found this episode helpful and which tips you're going to implement first!    PS - I had an IG name change, you can now find me @jessiewilliams

Mar 29

23 min 55 sec

Today’s episode is all about the concept of ‘holding space’ for others. I explain how you can be a better listener and allow others to feel safe, seen and heard when they are sharing their emotional experience with you.    I cover; What it means to hold space for others Providing people safety to express their emotions Protecting your own energy when people are emotional or venting Knowing the difference between venting vs emotional dumping How to set boundaries when you don’t feel safe or prepared to hold space for others Becoming a better listener (listening to listen, not listening to respond) and more!   You’ll walk away from this episode with the skills to be a better listener, deepen your relationships and have more conscious communication with others.   If you're loving the podcast, I'd love if you would leave a review on iTunes or share a screenshot of the ep you're tuning into on social media - I appreciate it! Happy listening. x x x

Mar 23

21 min 35 sec

Welcome todays guest, Georgie Stevenson. Georgie is a lawyer-turned entrepreneur, wife, dog mum, manifestation Queen, co-owner of natural supplement company, Naked Harvest Supplements and host of one of the most popular self-help podcasts in Australia, The Rise and Conquer Podcast.    She’s driven, multi-faceted, raw and authentic AF, so it’s no surprise that she has built an online community of over 300 thousand!    In today’s episode, we chat about; Daily habits and the mindset that contributes to success Georgie’s vision and how she’s got to where she is in business today Trusting your intuition and going with the flow Balancing masculine vs feminine energies to avoid burnout  Being bold and taking risks to move you forward Pivotal moments that required Georgie to be brave and pursue her dreams Georgie’s top manifestation tips!   Georgie lives by the phase ‘No One Is You, And That Is Your Power’ - today’s episode is all about inspiring you to take action, trust your intuition and step into your power!     If you love the episode, please take a screen shot, share on your stories and tag @jessiewilliamsfitness @georgiestevenson — we love seeing who’s listening!     __________________________________________________________________   Naked Harvest discount code: XOJESSIE @jessiewilliamsfitness        

Mar 7

46 min 57 sec

Welcome back pod squad! The first episode for 2021 is all about aligning your vision for the year!   First, I give you tools on how you can gain CLARITY! We cover: What do you desire? What gives/takes your energy? Where you need boundaries? How can you align with your core values and what even are your values?   Secondly, I share how you can take action to move you closer to your goals! How to use scripting to manifest Embodiment - acting 'as if' What's in YOUR control? How can you take action and 'move the needle'? If you enjoy the episode, upload it to your story and tag me with your 'ah-ha' moments! See you in the next episode!

Feb 16

21 min 55 sec

As you may tell by the name of this episode, the nature of content in this episode can be highly triggering. Please do not proceed if topics of childhood trauma, sexual abuse or PTSD are triggering for you. We talk about: - Childhood sexual abuse and how to begin healing - Repressed memories: what are they and how do you know you have them? - Avoiding repeating trauma patterns in future relationships + with your own children - And so much more While Jess and I did our best to remain transparent, open and calm throughout this episode, it was incredibly challenging for the two of us. We felt called to talk about these taboo issues, to reduce shame around them.   If you or anyone you know may be in danger or needs support, please reach out to a support service: - 1800 Respect, support relating to sexual assault and family and domestic violence : 1800 737 732 - Bravehearts, support relating to child sexual assault : 1800 272 831 - Lifeline, hotline for mental health + emotional distress : 13 11 14 

Dec 2020

1 hr 12 min

In this solo ep, I chat about what boundaries are, why they're important and above all, how to set them!   I share; ~ why people lack boundaries and fall into people pleasing  ~ how setting boundaries helps you remain in your authenticity and integrity ~ Understanding what areas of your life are currently lacking boundaries ~ how to communicate boundaries to others ~ examples of how to say no ~ ensuring you stick to your word and so much more! @jessiewilliamsfitness  

Nov 2020

27 min 48 sec

In this episode I chat to mindset & soul discovery coach, Tali Belle.   We talk about: ~ How to not let trauma, painful experiences or past failures hold you back ~ Tips for knowing which relationships to keep nurturing and which ones to let go (especially when you're on a self development journey!) ~ Letting go of fear, judgement and the opinions of others so you can truly step into your power ~ How to tell the difference between your ego and intuition Plus SO much more! Find Tali on Instagram - @talibellecoaching ----------------------------------- @jessiewilliamsfitness

Nov 2020

49 min 20 sec

Today's episode is a personal update about how I'm going with my current health challenge; what I'm doing well, what I haven't done perfectly, how I'm feeling and above all, what I've learned so far. I share with you some realisations that have come with this challenge and how it's helped me grow as a person! Start - 3.30 ~ introduction + productivity tip 3.30 - 5.30 ~ why I decided to do the challenge and why I haven't shared much about it 5.30 - 7.00 ~ recap about what the challenge involves 7.00 - 12.00 ~ how I've been going (what I've achieved and what I've slipped up with) 12.00 - 22.00 ~ 5 key things I've learned since starting the challenge  22.00 - 24.00 ~ how I'm feeling and how my mental and physical health has changed 24.00 - 25.00 ~ wrap up and how you can get involved with our team! If you enjoyed the episode, don't forget to print screen, share and tag me so I can see what episodes you're loving! @jessiewilliamsfitness  

Nov 2020

24 min 54 sec

In this episode I share 8 signs you can look out for when you're manifesting something! It can be easy to be impatient, to lose faith, to question whether it's 'working' or over think the 'how'. These signs will help give you reassurance that your vision is coming to fruition. Let go, trust, surrender and let the Universe do it's thing! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Nov 2020

23 min 53 sec

I welcome back mindset + manifestation mentor, Kimberley Wenya to dive even deeper into manifestation! In this episode, we talk about what manifestation is and how it *actually* works on an energetic level! Kimberley shares some actionable tools and mindset shifts you can make, to enhance your manifestation practice - plus, spills the tea on some of her own manifestations! Can't get enough of Kimberley? Find connect with her on Instagram @kimberleywenya or listen over at The Kimberley Wenya Podcast. @jessiewilliamsfitness

Oct 2020

42 min 46 sec

Are you aware of your trauma and how it holds space in the mind and body? Are you aware of how trauma (big or small) can be holding you back due to limiting beliefs or reoccurring patterns? In this episode, I share how many of us aren't even aware of our minor traumas and how that impacts our life. Learn to stop judging your trauma and stop judging your own judgement! Ready to up-level your life? It all starts with healing... @jessiewilliamsfitness   

Oct 2020

32 min 17 sec

If you've ever felt as though you can 'tick all the boxes' and it's still not enough, if you ever feel like likes 'okay' and you 'can't complain' but something is missing, it could be that you're not living a life that aligns with your core values. In this episode I chat about how important it is to gain clarity around your core values so you can reach fulfilment. I break down a step-by-step process on how you can discover your values and make some shifts to re-align with them! Don't forget to share the episode and tag me so I can see what episode you're listening to! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Oct 2020

26 min 50 sec

I sat down with my boyfriend, Oscar Ledlin - to answer all your questions about money, business, saving + investing.  Oscar is a property tycoon and chief executive of Ledlin. In this episode, he shares his personal experience and shares key insights about business and wealth creation. Hit play and don't forget if you post on socials to tag us and share your key insights or what you took away from the episode!   Find Oscar: @oscarledlin ___________________ @jessiewilliamsfitness ___________________ *disclaimer - Oscar nor myself are financial advisors or qualified to give financial advice. The views expressed in this episode are personally our own and should be taken as such. Please consult a financial advisor before making any major financial decisions. 

Oct 2020

1 hr 16 min

Hey Pod Squad, In this solo episode, I give you an inside scoop on how I'm currently pushing myself out of my comfort zone, with a personal challenge designed to expand my mental and physical limits! Plus, I challenge you to let go of the BS and prepare to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, so you can grow and truly step into the next level! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Sep 2020

32 min

In this episode I sat down with mindset coach, Shellee Rose. Shellee shares her experience trying to find balance between her health (including living with Crohn's disease), her fitness goals, relationship and business all as a new Mum! In the episode I ask Shellee: ~ What it's been like living with an auto immune disease ~ How she's had to re-align her expectations since being a Mum ~ Her tips for maintaining a strong and healthy marriage ~ How she navigates balance in life ~ Her top mindset tools for those feeling stuck + overwhelmed ~ Plus so much more! You can find Shellee on Instagram - @shelleerose @jessiewilliamsfitness

Sep 2020

43 min 2 sec

This episode is all about money mindset! This isn't about money making strategies, it's about your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself about money (e.g. "money is hard to make!"). Learn how to shift your energy from lack to abundance, so you can allow room for money to FLOW! A few simple mindset shifts + strategies can help you attract more money instantly! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Aug 2020

31 min 4 sec

In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Steph Mcdonald, better known as @betterbeingsteph to talk all things physical + mental health. Steph gets raw and vulnerable, sharing her entire journey battling multiple eating disorders, poor mental health and a huge scare with her physical health in 2019. She shares advice on how she has managed to breakthrough the dark times, her go-to self care rituals and how she's managed to still kick goals with her business and career while overcoming adversity (hint, it doesn't involve 'hustle'). Steph is the queen of baking and an incredible recipe creator! Find her @betterbeingstephs and check out her amazing recipe e-books! If you loved the episode, don't forget to take a screenshot, share it and tag us! We love to see who's listening. @jessiewilliamsfitness

Aug 2020

52 min 1 sec

In this juicy episode I sit down with Asti Maree, an incredible women's empowerment coach, sexuality expert & author of the book Pleasure Codes. We chat about sexual fantasies, embracing light vs dark sexual energy, how sexual energy flows into all areas in life (and even helps with manifestation) + more! If you are holding onto fear, shame or negativity around your sexuality and are ready to learn how to let go and step into your most sexually empowered self,  this podcast is for you gf!   Connect with Asti ~ @asti.maree @jessiewilliamsfitness

Aug 2020

47 min 14 sec

In this episode, I chat about triggers. I explain what they are and how they often stem from core limiting beliefs, created from traumatic experiences (even the little things too!) I give examples of some common triggers and the small handful of limiting beliefs they stem from! I provide 6 practical tools and strategies you can use to self-soothe, find more peace and even learn to heal your triggers. @jessiewilliamsfitness   My next episode has a super amazing guest, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss it!

Jul 2020

30 min 50 sec

In this episode I talk about how we can fully embrace Leo season by stepping into our brightest, most confidence selves!   Let go of > people pleasing > fear of judgement > being too serious > avoiding rejection   Step into > being brave > taking bold action > having fun > being yourself   PLUS, some affirmations + rituals you can embrace this season!   @jessiewilliamsfitness

Jul 2020

21 min 12 sec

In this episode I chat about how you can move from a fixed or 'lack' mindset, into a growth or 'abundance' mindset to create more freedom and flow in your life! I'll provide you with my top mindset shifts + tools to create the shift (including some actionable journal prompts). If you love this episode, don't forget to tag me on IG so I can see you listening! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Jul 2020

33 min 55 sec

I sat down with Jess Ainsworth, founder of Aaurka™ to chat all things mind, body, soul! In this incredibly raw episode, Jess shares her personal journey, included some of the lowest, most painful moments of her life. After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and doing everything she possibly can to heal, Jess explains how both the highs and lows of her journey have shaped the way she now views healing disease and our mind, body, soul connection! We talk about: ~ How to remove limiting beliefs (Jess' speciality!) ~ Healing disease ~ Raising our consciousness + connection to the Universe ~ Finding your 'flow' and so much more! Find Jess: ----------------------------------- @jessiewilliamsfitness  ----------------------------------- Disclaimer: I am not a qualified doctor, dietician or health care professional. The views expressed in this episode are solely our own. You should always consult a doctor or health care professional prior to making any dietary changes.

Jun 2020

1 hr 29 min

In Episode 18, I welcome you to sit back and learn about the insane power of the mind when it comes to visualisation! I'll tell you *how* you can use visualisation to create the life of your dreams, including my top 3 visualisation tools! PLUS, I answer some of your top questions and concerns about manifestation such as: -Should I start small before manifesting big? -How can I overcome a manifestation block? -Should I try dismiss negative thoughts or work through them? -How can I tell my manifestation is on it's way/working? -Is it better to manifest 1 thing at a time or lots of things at once? Sit down, get comfy and be prepared to unlock a power that will change your life!   @jessiewilliamsfitness Access the JW LIBRARY *referred to in episode* HERE!  

Jun 2020

47 min 25 sec

In this incredible interview, I sat down with Matt Cama (@matt_cama) to talk about how we can begin healing trauma and removing destructive thought patterns. In the episode we talk about; ~ Shadow work, what it is and why it's important ~ Matt's 5 pillars of transformation and how we can work through each pillar to begin our own healing ~ Somatic healing and other healing methods ~ What is the 'inner child' Plus so much more!   I absolutely loved interviewing Matt for this episode and hope that you can walk away from this having learned so much about the mind, body and our thought patterns, as well as having actionable steps you can implement in your own life!   Find Matt: @matt_cama Freebie from Matt:   @jessiewilliamsfitness  

May 2020

57 min 27 sec

I sat down with Self Doubt & Relationship coach Stephanie Lauren to chat about how we can move from self-hate to self love! In this episode we chat about; ~ anxious prone VS depressive prone personality types ~ removing limiting beliefs ~ how to stop letting your ego rule you ~ the process of elimination to reveal your true self   Find Steph at: @stephanieeelauren @jessiewilliamsfitness  

May 2020

1 hr 8 min

In Episode 15, I sat down with Mindset & Spirituality coach Monti Vaccari (@mindsetwithmonti) Monti shares how she went from substance abuse, anxiety and toxic relationships, to mental resilience, living in alignment and finding her purpose! During the episode we talk about, ~ Masculine (Yang) VS Feminine (Yin) energy and how to balance the two! ~ Tools and strategies to improve your mindset, listen to your intuition and create a more positive, love-fuelled life ~ Trusting yourself and the process when you set out on your healing journey    You can find Monti at @mindsetwithmonti IG: @jessiewilliamsfitness E:

Apr 2020

52 min 18 sec

In Episode 14, I sit down with Lauren Curtain to get clear on fact vs fiction when it comes to reproductive health! We talk about: ~ The most common period symptoms. What's normal?! ~ How to have a healthier, happier cycle ~ The difference between a pill bleed vs period ~ Natural vs hormonal birth control ~ PLUS a rapid fire Q + A with Lauren, answering all YOUR questions about periods, contraception, fertility and more!   BIO: Lauren Curtain is a Women's Health focused Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She centres her clinical practice around supporting women navigate their hormones, menstrual cycles and fertility using a combination of education (all the womens health info you didn't get in high school), acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle support. Lauren believes every woman has the right to know how her body works, and what she can do to optimise not only her reproductive health, but whole body health. Lauren sees firsthand in clinic everyday the dramatic improvements that can be made to reproductive health through simple, inexpensive, non invasive techniques and firmly believes symptomatic periods and menstrual cycles can be a thing of the past.  Find Lauren: Instagram: @laurencurtain Website:   If you loved this Episode - please like + subscribe or send me a direct message with the biggest insight you learned from the Ep!   Let's chat! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Apr 2020

58 min 13 sec

Episode 13 we chat about, ~ how honour what you're feeling, without guilt! ~ questioning your identity and who you are outside of what you do ~ Aligning with who you are and what makes you happy! ~ stepping forward into growth!   JOIN MY FREE FB GROUP! Say Hi! @jessiewilliamsfitness

Apr 2020

36 min 34 sec