STOP! I've just been triggered

STOP I've just been triggered

Join us as we chat about everything triggers - what they are, why they happen, and most importantly how to respond rather than react!

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In episode 3 we continue to explore the RAIN process diving into A is for allowing.  In this episode we share a meditative process you can practice to increase your ability to allow yourself to sit with your emotions.  The steps of this meditation are below for your reference and use: - Take a moment to settle into your position ensuring you feel stable and supported. - Connect with each of your senses to help you to ground and centre yourself.  Followed by sitting with and watching your breath for a little while.  - Connect to your Body. Start by scanning your body from head to toes and simply noticing what ever is there. You might also gently say in your mind, to whatever sensation you notice “it’s ok you are here”. Take time to deeply connect and look within, and as much as you can allow it to be there, noticing and giving yourself permission to be. - Then invite in a feeling of Acceptance, of Allowing, and feel it wash over the whole of you. The intention here is to initiate a relaxation, a release of tension. A whole Body Relaxation where the focus is on inviting in relaxation rather than focusing on sensations within the body. Inviting in this feeling of acceptance. It becomes an experience of surrendering to relaxation, allowing it to flow through your whole body. - Next rest in your Heart Space, where you feel emotions, and allow what is there to be there and invite the sensation of acceptance and relaxation to wash in slowly. - Spend some time in stillness here, return to your natural breath/sense of touch/sound if you find yourself wandering and becoming lost in thought. - Consciously connect once again to your senses, the sensations in your body, the feeling of your whole body. Take some purposeful deeper breaths, start to move your body slowly. If you have had your eyes closed you can gently and slowly open them.

Nov 30

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Over the next four episodes we are going to explore the RAIN method or Recogise, Allow, Investigate, Nurture. Today's episode is diving into the R step. Recognising when you are triggered, along with some tools to helps strengthen your ability to recognise your emotional responses in the moment.  Enjoy  Natalie and Candice 

Nov 16

24 min 44 sec

In episode Natalie and Candice provide an overview of everything triggers - how to spot them, where the come from and what you can do about them. 

Nov 2

23 min 37 sec

Join us as we chat about everything triggers - what they are, why they happen, and most importantly how to respond rather than react!

Oct 20

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