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Only 2% of people are estimated to operate at their full potential. Join us as we interview peak performers in all walks of life to decode excellence and help you reach your full potential.

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Do you want to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? Join Steve Sims (Founder & CEO of Bluefish, and author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen) and Eric Partaker as they discuss what it takes to network with some of the world's most successful people. Take away tips and insights into how you yourself can join the path to achieving your goals. KEY POINTSAction = Reward - You don’t get slim by buying a diet book, you get slim by actioning that book. If you want a big bank account, you’ve got to have a successful mindset. Professionals know that action creates feeling. Amateurs believe feeling creates action. Be the professional of your life and take action today.Your Net Worth Is Your Network - Grow your network. Talk to as many people as possible in the position that you want to be in. Find out how they reached the position they are in today. Begin With Research - Connections aren’t made by chance. If you want to get a conversation going with someone, research them, find out about them, their interests, their work and discover how you could benefit them. You Don’t Know Me - Limit the confusion at the beginning of networking conversations. Begin the conversation with anybody you don’t know by putting them at ease and letting them know that they don't know you. Instantly they will feel more at ease rather than desperately trying to remember where they might know you from. What Value Are You Offering? -  When going into a conversation with someone, there needs to be a beneficial point to them. Approach every networking conversation with a solution, give them something of value that will benefit them, before you discuss your needs. Focus On The Client - Stop looking at how good your website is, or how eloquent you are. Focus on the client. Discover the problems that they need solving and solve it for them. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Nov 12

46 min 12 sec

Is your workplace a happy environment? Are you getting the most out of yourself and your employees? Join Jenn Lim (Author of Beyond Happiness, and CEO of Delivering Happiness) and Eric Partaker as they discuss insights and strategies to get the most out of yourself, those around you, reach your full potential and live an all around happier life! KEY POINTSWhat Brings You Happiness? - Reflect on your highs and your lows. What were they? What did they mean? What did you learn from them? Build a sustainable way to understand yourself. What creates your highs and your lows and how to create sustainable happiness within your life. We Rise By Lifting Others - To truly reach your full potential you need to help others self actualize. What could you be doing each day to help someone else in their journey to reach their full potential? Create A Company That Cares - Create a company that goes beyond caring about how an employee is doing in their role.  Care about their wellbeing, and teach them skills that may or may not be directly applicable to their role in the company. When you invest in people and not just as cogs in a machine, it elevates people to a whole new level.Are Your Company Cultures Exceptional? - What company cultures could you initiate that if people heard of them they would leave their company and run to you? Company culture is an integral part of the business and affects nearly every aspect of the company. It is the backbone of a happy workforce. Spend time perfecting yours!  What’s in it for me? What’s in it for all? -  Think about how you can make your company a triple win for everyone, not just for your customers and your employees but also your societal and planetary impact. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Oct 14

42 min 9 sec

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a company as successful as Netflix? Join  Marc Randolf (Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker) and Eric Partaker as they discuss what it takes to create a billion dollar business, and discover tips and insights about how you can become part of the 2% of people reaching their full potential. KEY POINTS(Netflix &) Chill - You do not need to know where you’re going right away. Stumble around,  and gather experiences until you end up in the right place. Don’t simply pick your dream job and fight like crazy to get it. Get your foot in the door and find out what people really do. What’s the vocabulary? How do they organise? Then you’ll have a better idea whether this is the right path for you. You Can’t Predict The Future - Stop dreaming about what your company is going to become, because you’re almost inevitably wrong. You can't, it’s impossible. Companies have their own life. There's too many forks in the road to predict the path they will go. The more time you spend trying to figure it out you are simply stalling the process of actually learning where it wants to go. Look Backwards - What went well? What didn't? Any insights? Leanings? What will I do in future directly as a result? Set yourself periodic goals. Review your progress and take that knowledge to perform better in the future. People Who Start Companies Are Not Superhuman - If you have an idea, if you have a dream, try it. Stop thinking about it. Stop coming up with reasons why you can’t. Cleverness is figuring out a way to quickly, cheaply and easily start, so you can learn whether it's a good idea or not. You Are Capable Of More Than You Know - Everything is solvable if you're willing to start and figure it out. Stop dreaming about it, or bumping into the first roadblock and turning away. Everything is possible if you believe in your ability to figure it out.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Oct 7

57 min 36 sec

Do you spend all day working through your to-do list to then go to bed and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing? Join Tonya Dalton (Author, Business Coach, Podcaster, Speaker and founder of inkWELL Press Productivity co.) and Eric Partaker as they share tips and insights into how you can break free from the 98% and join the 2% of people reaching their full potential!KEY POINTSPause For A Moment And Reflect! - When you look backwards, then can you start moving forwards. It is important to remind yourself of who you’ve been in the past, the good, the bad, the really ugly. All of that will help you find your purpose and grow you into the best version of yourself.What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger - The hardest challenges in life cause the most growth. That is your most fertile ground. It’s when you peel back the bandages and allow the wounds to heal that you can really see the life that you have created. Numbers Don't Define You!. - Whether it's the numbers of followers, the number in your bank account, or the number of likes you have on a post, you cannot let that define you. Constantly striving for numbers is exhausting, it's like chasing after a finish line that is constantly moving. You will never reach it.Prioritise Your Priority List! - Get rid of your to-do list and start making a priority list. Your to do list is taking you everywhere but where you want to go. The problem with to do lists is your brain naturally wants the high from checking off your wins. So you check things off that aren't important, that are not priorities. So make a priority list. It is essentially a to-do list with intention. Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail - Spend 5 minutes a day mapping out what your days are going to look like. Create your priority list and prioritize what you want to get done that day and make sure it's attainable.Work Hard, Rest Often - Periods of rest are not rewards for great work. They’re requirements for work to happen. Stress + Recovery = Growth. Take a break! Adaptability Is The Secret To Survival! - Life happens. Some days are going to be easy, some days are going to be hard. Allow that to be ok.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Sep 30

40 min 30 sec

Have you ever wondered what it's like to survive a plane crash? Join Dave Sanderson (Speaker, Author of ‘How To Turn Turmoil Into Triumph’ and Survivor of the 2009 Hudson River Plane Crash) and Eric Parker as they discuss how to be bold in the face of uncertainty, and how anyone can succeed and triumph over adversity. KEY POINTSEverybody Has A Story - Judge people on the content of their character, not what you see. Don’t judge people until you know their backstory.Every Adversity Has A Benefit - Stress builds strength. The problem isn't stress, the problem is how you view stress and deal with it. Don’t try and avoid it, embrace it because that is how you will level up in life and become a better version of yourself.Triumph Over Adversity - If you’re going to have any triumph, you have to overcome some adversity. Everything worth having, comes with trials worth withstanding. Your Ability To Succeed Is Related To Your Ability To Adapt - You can have a blueprint in life, but when life hits you, and your strategy goes out the window you need to be able to problem solve quickly. The people who are most resourceful and the ones who are thriving.Be Bold In The Face Of Uncertainty - Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strength. Real strength doesn't come from certainty, it comes from how you can handle uncertainty.Who’s In Your Inner Circle? - Expand your network. Put yourself around outstanding people who will stretch you consistently every day. Are the 5 people around you right now keeping you in your comfort zone or pushing you to better yourself?FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Sep 23

45 min 56 sec

What does it take to complete the toughest race on earth? Sonja Wieck knows! Join Sonja (18 times Ironman triathlon finisher, and a member of Team Iron Cowboy on Netflix show ‘The World’s Toughest Race’) and Eric Partaker as they share insight into what it takes to be an ultra endurance athlete and how mental toughness can help you achieve your dreams! KEY POINTSDevelop Your Mental Toughness - “You can’t dig your well deeper unless you’re standing on the bottom with a shovel.” Be willing to go your limit. Be willing to reach a very uncomfortable place and look around. Grab Your Dreams With Both Hands - Put it on your heart and soul. Let it envelop you like a blanket and live, breathe, eat and sleep your dreams. Follow Your Heart - Your purpose comes from within. Your heart dictates your direction and your brain is for problem solving. Don’t think too much about what direction to go in, feel your way.Let Go Of The Reins - Your purpose in life is to filter all of the beautiful things that come your way, and use those as stepping stones to let your life unfold in front of you.Conquer Your Fears - There is someone on this planet that is living the exact life that you desire for yourself right now, this moment they are living it because they were able to get over the fears that you’re not. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Sep 1

44 min 40 sec

Did you know that ANYONE can be successful? Would you like to learn how YOU can break free of the 98% and join the 2% reaching their full potential? Join Jay Samit (Author of the bestselling book Disrupt You!) and Eric Partaker as they uncover tips, tools and strategies that you can use to be successful and win at life! KEY POINTSFailing Is Part Of The Process - The great thing about failing is you either win or you learn. Either way you will be propelled forward, you will never end up where you started.Follow Your Own Path - Ignore the naysayers. People that gave up on their dreams will tell you to give up on yours. Yet every song that moves you, every movie, every painting that you love was created by somebody who never gave up on their dreams no matter the obstacles.Don't Fly Solo - There has never been a self-made person. Surround yourself with people who will propel you forwards, and help you through all the ups and the downs. Solve A Problem - Solve a problem for five people, you have five friends. Solve for a million, you’re wealthy. Solve for a billion, you’ve made history. People have changed the world by just solving one problem. What’s your problem solving idea?Money’s Nice, But Satisfaction Comes From Helping Others - Remove the “This is how it’s always been done” mentality. Most of society runs on autopilot. Open your mind up to new possibilities. How can you get out there today and change the world for the better and help just one person?Everyone Is Capable Of Success - It's easier today than it has ever been, all the groundwork has already been laid. The internet is already there for you. It's your job to connect the dots.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 25

48 min 46 sec

Can’t Find Your Purpose In Life? Watch This! // If you are thinking to yourself, “How do I find my purpose?” or “I wonder what to do with my life,” then this video is for you. Peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, helps you find your true purpose and passion by explaining simple self development steps you can take to build a strong mind, find your inspiration, and finally start living a life of meaning and fulfilment. KEY POINTSTurn Your Wounds Into Wisdom - To find your purpose in life, think about where in your life have you experienced pain? Where in your life have you experienced insecurities? How could you use that as your source or purpose?If You’ve Got Talent, Use It! - Where do you find your strengths? Where are your talents, and how could you weave them together in a purpose that would serve not just you, but also those around you?Who Do You Admire? - What is it that they are doing? What is it that you admire about them? Use them as inspiration for how you want to live your life and become the best version of yourself. Good Feedback Is The Key To Improvement - Listen to feedback, listen to what others say about your strengths or weaknesses. Listen to what others say about where you get your energy from, and what you get excited about? Use that as ammunition to propel you to the next level. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 20

7 min 25 sec

Learn how to ASK your way to achieving your dreams! Join Crystal & Mark Victor Hansen (Authors of Ask!) and Eric Partaker as they share tips on how you can reach your full potential and achieve your dreams through the power of ASKING!KEY POINTSQuestion Everything! - You cannot successfully navigate life without learning to be better. Asking is the only mechanism available to us that has the ability to reveal what is hidden. Asking questions delivers solutions! Any opportunity you have, ask questions and constantly seek to learn.A Good Relationship Starts With Good Communication - Half the improvement that you seek in any relationships can be improved simply by reacting better to the other person. Next time your partner triggers a negative response from you, insert a pause between the stimulus and your response. Ask yourself how would the best version of you respond to this trigger.Are You Missing Out On Opportunities? - Next time you’re afraid to do something, step on the fear with some courage and do it anyway. You never know how it may change your life and elevate you exponentially to the next level. Action Ends Suffering – Professionals know that action creates feeling. Amateurs believe feeling creates action. Be the professional of your life and take action today, don’t wait around for the next day you feel like it, or it will never get done.Make Each Day Your Masterpiece - At the end of every day ask yourself “Did I do my best today?”. Keep track of the score, give yourself a W for a winning day and L for learning.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 18

50 min 27 sec

THE CURE TO LAZINESS (This could change your life) // We all have days when we are feeling lazy and unmotivated. A lazy day is not the end of the world, but you don’t want to let too many of these lazy days form in your calendar. If you want to avoid laziness, stop procrastinating and find your motivation, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, has some solutions for you. By the end of this video, you will have the inspiration and strategies to combat laziness so you can pursue your goals and reach your full potential.KEY POINTSStarting Is The Hardest Part, The Rest Will Follow - Finishing a task can feel overwhelming, but just starting takes only a second. Adopt the mentality “I choose to start for just 5 minutes”.Get The Right Things Done, Prioritize! - Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your to-do list? What is the one thing that you could do that will help you progress, even just a inch forward? Pick your most important task and start with that. Perfection Is An Illusion - Often we feel lazy when we are seeking perfection. Perfect is impossible to attain. Instead focus on improving by 1%.Are You Getting Enough Sleep? - Are you feeling lazy because you are actually tired? Is the laziness of your feeling actually your body wanting to recharge and get energy back? Ensure you are getting a full 8 hours of sleep per night.  It's Ok To Ask For Help -  Laziness could be triggered by the fact that you actually need some support. Are you feeling isolated, alone, and not sure how to move forward? There is most likely a lot more support around you than you realize. Pick up the phone, or send that email and reach out and ask for the help that you need.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 16

7 min 2 sec

Morning Routine 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits // Do you want to know what the world’s most successful people have in common? They all have a morning routine. A morning routine consisting of personal growth, self development and productive habits. If you want to be healthy and happy then you should follow the success habits of the world’s top performers. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, shares a morning routine of activities you should be doing everyday. KEY POINTSI for Identity - Behaviour Follows Identity. Separate your life into three domains, health, wealth and relationships. At the start of every day decide who you are at your best in each of these three domains. What does that person look like and how do they act?R for Reading - Schedule around 20 minutes per day where you are focused on your growth and development. Do some reading, listen to an audiobook. Open yourself up to learning new things. E for Exercise - Spike your energy at the beginning of your day. Do at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise. Your body is designed to move. You are designed to be active. Exercise will boost your mood and lead to a happier day.V for Visualization - Picture your identities on the health, wealth and relationships front. How would those versions of you show up throughout the day? How decisive, inspiring and reliable will you be? A for Affirmations - Throughout the day remind yourself of your affirmations. They are positive statements, a selection of phases, sentences, or words which when you say them to yourself will increase confidence and help you complete your day as your best self.M for Meditation - For 5 minutes a day, put your phone away and focus on just counting to 10 and back down again .Create clarity and peacefulness in your mind to enable you to navigate your way through the day as your best self. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 13

12 min 33 sec

Do you have BIG dreams? Is the fear of failure holding you back? Join Brian Scudamore (Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of O2E Brands) and Eric Partaker as they dive into what it takes to reach your full potential and share tips on how you can succeed at life! KEY POINTSDream Big, Live Bigger - Believe in possibility. Every dream starts with an idea. Dream big, work hard, never give up. Failure Inspires Winners - The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. Failure is a gift. Not only do you learn how to deal with mistakes but it is a necessary ingredient in the recipes for success. Take the first step. Fail. Learn from that failure then take the second step towards success. Persistence Is Key To Success- You can have just about anything you want in life, providing you're willing to go through 1000 nos. Collect your nos because yes lives in the land of no, eventually yes will appear, and success will materialise. Giving Up Is The Only Sure Way To Fail - Set a goal of how many times you are going to fail this week. Imagine the gift of learning you will get from those failures. We all make mistakes, but it's how we learn from those errors in judgement and take steps to rectify the situations that show our true character.  So much of failure is not understanding what the mistake was and why you made it.Failure Is Not Fatal! - Don't let failure come as a shock to you. Expect it, and plan for it. By foreseeing failure and expecting mistakes to be made, you’ll reduce the negative emotional impact when it appears. Learn from it, pick yourself up and reflect. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 11

39 min 55 sec

How the comfort zone is ruining your life // Your comfort zone is a safe and secure little haven but it’s also holding you back from reaching your full potential and living the life of your dreams. It’s time to get out of the comfort zone and build up the courage to dare to become the best version of yourself. Today, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, encourages you to embrace these life hacks to break free and showcases the dangers of living life within the comfort zone. KEY POINTSAre You Limiting Yourself? - Staying in your comfort zone increases the risk that you won’t discover your true purpose in life. Finding your purpose requires a degree of risk and exploration. Get up, test your limits, step outside what is comfortable to you and flourish!Is Your World A Tiny Place? - Your comfort zone is shrinking your world. There are so many experiences out there that are waiting for you to enjoy them. Open yourself up to new experiences and reach a new level in life. Are You Sabotaging Your Growth? - There are many opportunities out there sitting waiting for you. Open up the doors of fear and step through them. Often you will realise it wasn't as bad as you anticipated.Are You Destroying Your Confidence? - Are you guilty of turning down opportunities or experiences that are outside what you are used to? If you are, why? Is it because you’re used to staying comfortable? This limits your confidence, and attacks your self belief and can lead to a mundane boring existence.Is Your Creativity Diminishing? - Often when you stay in your comfort zone, you will be repeatedly doing what feels safe. Try something new that allows your creativity to flourish and increase that excitement for life. Do Your Friends Think You're Boring? - You may not realise it but your comfort zone builds you a reputation to others of somebody who is not willing to take risks and try new things. Get out, try new things. Organise fun days out with your friends.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 9

9 min 24 sec

How to Stop Being Tired All the Time // Do you want to stop being tired all the time, feel more energetic and feel great throughout your day? Getting better quality sleep is important, but if you want to truly feel great when you wake up, you have to change up your routine. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, provides some insights and tricks to not feel tired so you are ready to attack and pursue your goals, each and every day. KEY POINTSWake Up And Work Out! - Exercise in the morning spikes your energy for the rest of the day. Just 20 minutes daily gives you a positive mood equivalent to taking an antidepressant.You Are What You Eat - Whatever we ingest goes into our tissue, it forms everything in our body, it also contributes to us feeling energetic or fatigued. If you eat foods that are unhealthy you will feel more fatigued. Life Is Better When You Get Enough Sleep - Ensure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Not getting the correct amount of sleep reduces your ability to focus. In the long term it increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, mental illness and even cancer risk.When You Embrace Stress, You Transform Fear Into Courage - Stress builds strength. Stress is not the issue, often it is your perception of stress that is the problem. Rather than avoiding stress, flip it around and realize that it's our perceptions which cause the problem.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 6

14 min 2 sec

Timeboxing: Elon Musk’s Time Management Method // Elon Musk is notoriously known for his insane work ethic, clocking around 80 to 100 hours per week. Want to know his time management secret? Timeboxing. Elon Musk's schedule is precisely planned and perfectly executed for incredible productivity, using an efficient time blocking method and relying on the fundamentals of Parkinson’s Law. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, explains Elon Musk’s daily schedule tool, so you can plan your day, get more done, stop procrastinating and reach your full potential. KEY POINTSWhat Is Timeboxing? - It Is the practice of setting a specific amount of time to work on tasks, then integrating those blocks of time into your schedule in your calendar.What Is Parkinson's Law? - Work will expand to fill the time given for its completion. If you give yourself 3 hours to complete a task, you will take 3 hours. If you give yourself 3 days it will take 3 days. Think about this when setting time for tasks. Get more done in less time!Think Proactively - At the start of each day look at each task you need to get done and assign an amount of time to complete it. Then hold yourself accountable to completing that task within the given time frame. Give Yourself Buffer Time - When you complete a task for the first time set yourself a goal for how long you aim to take to complete it. Then add 20% - 30% extra to give yourself a buffer so you can develop an understanding of how long it takes to complete certain tasks.Bunch Small Tasks Together - Don’t drip feed yourself lots of small tasks throughout the day. Group small activities together into a single block. Your efficiency when completing the tasks will greatly improve. Do You Single Task? - Minimize your distractions and make sure notifications are turned off on various apps, and that your phone is out of sight. Ensure you are focusing only on the task at hand. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 4

12 min 22 sec

6 Ways To Get Back On Track When You’ve Lost Your Way // Do you want to know how to get out of a rut? If you are feeling stuck in life, searching for motivation and want to get your life together, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, will share how you can get out of a rut, overcome procrastination and engage in personal development to regain your motivation and hunger to achieve your goals. KEY POINTSGet Up And Get Active - 90% of your psychology is driven by physiology. Exercise releases positive hormones that make you feel good. It can improve your mental health and give you the energy you need to go after your goals. What's Your Reason Why? - Write it down! Ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. What is motivating you to achieve your goals? Constantly remind yourself of the answers to these questions.  Feed Your Mind! - Consume powerful and inspiring content for your mind. Put on your favourite podcast or listen to some inspirational talks. Ensure you’re constantly filling your mind with things that make you feel strong, confident and good about yourself.  Are You Feeling Aimless? - If you don’t know where you’re going, if you don't have a vision for your life, that can lead to feelings of aimlessness. Think about what you would like to be doing to improve your health. Where would you like to be in wealth and work? And how do you see your relationships progressing and improving over time?   Give Your Motivation A Boost! - Maximise your motivation and minimize your likelihood of getting distracted. Check in with why you are doing each task, and highlight the benefits that you would receive from completing it.Nothing In Life Comes For Free - Everything worth achieving requires some form of payment. You can either pay in through the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Get your head down and work hard! FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Aug 2

12 min 30 sec

Don’t Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things // Do you want to know how to be happier, live a better life and reach your full potential? The truth is that to live the life of your dreams, you must let go and stop letting certain things control you. It may be that you need to develop a strong mind, break free from bad habits or learn how to let go of the past. In this video, peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker, explains 5 things you should never let control you so that you can take back control of your life, become your best self and reach your full potential. KEY POINTSDon’t Let Your Past Define You - The past no longer exists, the future hasn't happened yet. What’s done is done. Live in the moment. Make the right choices at the right time and create the better future that you seek. Ignore The Naysayers - Don't let other people hold you back from pursuing your ambitions. Ignore other people and do what feels right for you and your life. The Future Is In Your Hands - Don't let self doubt and limiting beliefs define you. The mind will do what you push it to do. If you tell it to find excuses, what is it going to find? Excuses. Take Action today, and stop making excuses.Who’s In Your Inner Circle? - Ensure that people you’re spending time with are people that matter to you, and people who will help further your dreams. Take all the relationships in your life and categorize them into either energy drainer or energy generator. Who do you think you should be spending more time with?Don’t Chase The Money - Focus not on chasing money, but creating value for others. When you focus on others and creating value for them, you’ll be shocked and surprised how your financial situation starts to change very rapidly. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 30

9 min 36 sec

12 Things You Should Not Do In The Morning // Win the morning and you win the day! While there are plenty of things you should implement into your morning routine there are also things you should not do in the morning if you want to live a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle. Today, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker, breaks down 12 things you should not do in the morning. These are life hacks and lessons to not only optimise your mornings but to break bad habits, change your life and reach your full potential. KEY POINTSStop Hitting The Snooze Button! - Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room, out of arm's reach so that you have no choice but to get out of bed to turn it off.Five Second Rule - The moment you have the urge to do something you know you should do, give yourself 5 seconds to take action before your brain will try to convince you otherwise.Put Your Phone Down - Stop using your phone as your alarm clock. Get an old school alarm clock and shut off your phone when you go to bed. This will help avoid temptation when you wake up to grab and start scrolling.Stop Winging It - Make a plan for your day. Spend five minutes in the morning, seeing what meetings you have, when and where do you need to be? Look at the free space and decide how best you could use that? How could you further your goals?A Clean Home Is A Happy Home - Ensure you have enough time scheduled into your day to clean up after yourself. Those simple acts of cleanliness will help promote a sense of discipline. It will increase structure and help improve your day.Time To Hydrate - Begin every morning with two large glasses of water. Replenish the liquids in your body and give your day a well hydrated start.Do You Make Your Bed? - The simple act of making your bed every single morning helps foster a sense of discipline and structure in your life so that you can get your day off to a good start.The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself! - Make time to read, study or learn at the beginning of your day. Take at least 5 minutes to visualize your day ahead. Decide how you will show up today with excellence.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 28

13 min 30 sec

Jim Rohn 10 Things You Must Improve Daily (Best Motivation) // In this video, entrepreneur, author and icon, Jim Rohn, shares the personal development and self improvement habits of successful people. If you practice and improve these things daily then you can improve your life and work to become your best self. Jim Rohn’s healthy habits and lessons are presented by peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker, to give you the tools and inspiration to develop a strong mind and reach your full potential. KEY POINTSDirection Is More Important Than Speed!  - A clear vision gives your understanding in what direction you are heading. It keeps you moving forward, and helps you not only conquer the peaks but also get through the tough times.Say Goodbye To Your Inner Critic - If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. It's up to you to decide whether or not you are going to believe in yourself. Check In With Your Passion - Are you doing something that you truly love? If the answer is no, how can you bring more passion into what it is that you’re doing?Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance - Ensure you are working towards what is meaningful to you. Every quarter, every week and every day decide on the top three goals you want to be working towards. Don’t forget to regularly check you are on track! Who are you at your best? -  What does that version of you look like? Check in with that on a daily basis, remind yourself how that person would behave. Success Starts With Self Discipline - In order to reach your full potential and perform at your best self a payment is required. You can either pay through the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Nothing comes for free. Regret is always more costly that the pain of discipline. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 26

11 min 10 sec

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset // Our minds are the most powerful thing on Earth, but it can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. In harnessing the power of your mind and aligning your mindset with your ambition, it is key to adopt a growth mindset. In this video, peak performance coach and expert Eric Partaker will highlight the difference between a growth and fixed mindset, and show you the characteristics of each, so you can build mental toughness, resilience and develop a high performance lifestyle, helping you to reach your full potential.KEY POINTSDreams Don’t Work Unless You Do - The amount of effort you put in now will correlate with the success you eventually achieve. Don’t give up, keep working hard, no matter how difficult the road ahead seems.  Where There Is No Struggle, There Is No Strength - Embrace obstacles. They are the primary way in which you’re going to become stronger, more capable and more able to achieve your goals in work and life. Who’s In Your Inner Circle? - Surround yourself with people that will push you to better yourself. Your path to growth lies in surrounding yourself with people who are at a level slightly higher than yourself. Feedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions - Actively seek out feedback. Find out how you can improve. Discuss what you could be doing better for next time. Be comfortable feeling vulnerable towards people because feedback will lead to personal growth.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 23

5 min 34 sec

How To Be Fearless Under Pressure // The powerful feelings of fear, panic and stress can be overwhelming if we do not control them. Harnessing fearlessness and finding your best self under pressure is a skill that can be learned and today is the day to sweep fear to the side and stop holding yourself back. In this video, peak performance coach and expert Eric Partaker will show how you can be calm under pressure, perform at your best and become mentally strong so you can pursue your dreams without fear stopping you. KEY POINTSTake A Step Back - What’s causing your panic and stress? Find the root of the cause. Understanding the situation will allow you to reduce the fear when you’re under pressure. You’ll be able to get a better idea of what’s driving the situation and therefore how to correct it.Knowledge Is Power - Schedule into your calendar time for knowledge and skill development. Identify the skills you need to work on in order to relieve the pressure in your stressful situations. The greater your knowledge and skills the more confidence you will have. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - Your growth and future potential sits outside of your comfort zone. You need to step outside of it to grow. Nothing great in life is achieved by staying comfortable. Embrace stress, reframe it as something that is going to benefit you.Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset - When stressed, and the feeling of nerves creeps up on you. Reframe your mind, Instead of sitting there saying “I’m nervous” say “I’m excited!” The energy that you feel, when nervous or anxious is chemically very similar to the feelings within your body when excited. Relive The Past - Remind yourself of times when you experienced an equally challenging situation, and remember how you were able to get through it.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 21

9 min 47 sec

How Successful People Think // When you think about your business, career, or personal life recently, where are you winning or losing lately? Well, whether you think of the pursuit of success as a game or not, success always leaves clues. In this video, peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker, outlines the traits of successful people and how their mindset can play a crucial role in their pursuit of greatness.KEY POINTSA Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish - Create goals which pull you into action, that allow you to dream big. Then take those goals and break them down into attainable chunks. So that you know precisely what you should be doing to keep yourself on the path to success.Are You Getting Enough Sleep? - Create a shutdown ritual. Before you go to bed, ensure you have made a plan for the next day. Decide on three tasks you want to prioritize to get done. Then one hour before bed, shut off all electronics to maximise the melatonin which will allow you to get 8 hours of sleep.Optimize Your Mornings! - Start your day with some exercise to build your energy levels ready for the day ahead. Don't sit on social media or read all your emails. Get up and get active!Could Your Work Day Be More Efficient? - Divide your day into Maker vs. Manager time. Manager time perhaps in the afternoon where you attend meetings, and maker time is protected time when you work on your top three tasks which you decided on the night before.Leap And The Net Will Appear - Gather the people, the resources and knowledge you need and believe in yourself. Take the dive. There will never be a perfect time to start your journey, figure it out along the way. Hold Yourself Responsible - Think constantly about accountability. Accountability for yourself, and for the people you’re working with. Every time you make a promise, ensure you deliver on that commitment.  Embrace Failure - Anticipate it. When you fail, you don’t lose, you learn. The combination of winning and learning will enable you to succeed bigger, better and quicker in the future. Perfection Is Impossible - Instead focus on progress. It is through taking action and progress that you become closer to the ideal you’re seeking. Ask yourself “What should I be doing right now that I am not? What action will get me one step closer to achieving my goals?”FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 19

9 min 6 sec

The Mindset of a Billionaire – Learn How To Think Correctly // Billionaires are not superhuman, they are not cut from a different cloth or have special abilities. However, their advantage is the way they see the world and how they think. In this video peak performance coach and expert Eric Partaker shares some invaluable insights about how adopting the billionaire mindset can transform your life and help you achieve your goals. Changing your mindset and following with intentionality and deliberate action, can make all the difference and create phenomenal results. Embrace these mindset traits and start thinking like a billionaire now!KEY POINTSYou Don't Always Have To Be Right! - Prioritize decisiveness, speed over precision, make decisions quickly and then act! Part of making a wise decision is recognizing that you don't always have to be right. If you’re wrong, accept it, make another decision, and move forward. Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake - Mistakes are a fundamental part of your evolution, growth and development.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, embrace them. It’s through mistakes that you’ll collect the valuable learning you need to reach your goals.Do Your Friends Bring Out The Best In You? - You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Associate yourself with successful positive people who are going to help you reach the next level and bring out the best in you.Pay Yourself First! - Do you pay yourself first at the end of every month? Decide what you’re going to save, then limit your expenses to what’s left over from that.Shoot For The Moon - Even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars. Big goals commit you to action. Start acting now, become hyper aware of your time and whether you're spending it in a positive, productive way to enable you to achieve your goals.Take Small Steps! - Create milestones that you want to reach, so that you can get a taste of success on your way to achieving your big goal.Identify With Your Best Self - Who are you at your best on the health, wealth and relationship front? What will that version of you achieve today?FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 16

9 min 7 sec

THE MINDSET OF A WINNER | Kobe Bryant Champions Advice // As the late great Kobe Bryant said, “Winning is everything!” Kobe was a symbol of mental strength, with his unbeatable mindset, mental toughness, and resilience. In this video, peak performance coach and expert Eric Partaker, explores the habits and lessons from Kobe to help you become the best version of yourself, overcome mental weakness and reach your full potential in life. KEY POINTSHard Work Is Not Enough! - What is your aim? What are you striving to achieve? In order to succeed you need something to shoot for. Intentionality will enable you focus on what's important to achieve your goals. Rule Your Mind, Or It Will Rule You - Meditation is incredibly powerful. It provides you with the skill of being able to focus on what matters most, eliminate distractions , and all the noises that are competing for your attention. Practice just 60 seconds a day to start developing a calm, focused mind. Never Stop Learning! - All the expertise and resources that you need to do or achieve anything in life already exist. You simply have to connect your way to them. Find a way of extracting that knowledge and learning from those who are already experts in their field. Play To Win! - Change your mindset. Instead of competing with others, compete with yourself. Aim to be better today than the person you were yesterday. Success Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint - Effort and intentionality in the long term will deliver results. But you have to play the long game. Your competitive advantage is that many people are not willing to play the long game. This is your chance to set yourself ahead of those you’re competing against. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 14

6 min 31 sec

Do you have what it takes to achieve elite level success? Join Katie Hoff (World Champion Swimmer) and Eric Partaker as they disclose useful tips to change your life forever and lead you on the path to achieving your goals. KEY POINTSSet Small Goals - Chunk big goals into small steps, ensure it's nearly impossible not to achieve them. Little wins will give you the taste of success sooner and keep you motivated.Choose Your Pain - Nothing comes for free. Everything requires some form of payment. You can either pay through the form of discipline now or the pain of regret later. Discipline is cheaper than the pain of regret. Action Ends Suffering – Professionals know that action creates feeling. Amateurs believe feeling creates action. Be the professional of your life and take action today, don’t wait around for the next day you feel like it, or it will never get done.Love What You Do – Become obsessed with your goals. If part of your energy is used convincing yourself to try the idea, you're wasting energy. If you love something, use all your energy to work harder on your goals and achieve them sooner.Hold Yourself Accountable - Set daily goals. Keep track and hold yourself accountable for your mistakes. It is an important tool for building habits and progressing. Nobody Achieves Greatness On Their Own – Surround yourself with the people who encourage you to be your best self. Find yourself a mentor, someone who can give you an outside view on your goals and your progress, and can give you the advice you need. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 13

48 min 5 sec

How To Master & Control Your Emotions // Do you want to learn how to master and control your emotions? In this video, peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker teach you how to develop a strong mind, enhance emotional intelligence and control your emotions through a self improvement process. KEY POINTSAcknowledge Your Feelings - If you feel negative emotions, don't repress them. Allow them to come forth. Give them a name. By naming the emotion it separates you from whatever the emotion is. That distance gives you the ability to decide what you want to do and feel going forward. Better Food = Better Mood - 90% of your serotonin is produced in your gut, not by your brain. Eat whole, naturally occurring food. Eat mostly plants, leafy greens, and rich colorful vegetables. Follow Your Dreams, And Go Back To Bed - Get eight hours of quality sleep. Ensure you shut off all electronics one hour before bed, so that your brain has time to relax and you can sleep deeply and restfully.Your Attitude Determines Your Direction - What are you thinking about? Dwelling on negative thoughts will put you in a bad mood. If you notice yourself becoming overwhelmingly negative, that’s your cue to start tapping into your positive mindset.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 12

9 min 48 sec

Jordan B Peterson – Mental Strength for Overcoming Fear & Building Your Dreams // Do your dreams always seem out of reach? Are you consumed and overwhelmed by fear? Dr Jordan B Peterson may have a solution for you. In this video, peak performance expert and coach, Eric Partaker uncovers the teachings of Jordan Peterson so you can become mentally strong and reach your full potential. Jordan Peterson’s lessons and motivational and inspirational in their ability to showcase the habits of mentally strong people, develop a strong, mind, chase your dreams and destroy mental weakness. KEY POINTSWhat Is Causing You Negative Energy? - Identify and remove the parts of your life that are bringing you down. What are the places, activities and people in your life that no longer bring you joy?What Gets Scheduled, Gets Done! - Make a list of the top three things that you would like to achieve in the day ahead, the week ahead, and the month ahead. Set them as appointments in your calendar and show up, just as you would an appointment with somebody else. What Is Your Life Purpose? - What is the compelling, powerful reason that will motivate you to achieve your goals, not just in the good times, but also in the low times? Create a clear vision of where you want to go. Find out and take time working on what you were born to do. When you die, what will you be remembered for?Self Love Is Your Superpower - Arm yourself with positive self talk. Practice simple affirmations everyday that will empower you, build your self confidence and elevate you to your best self.Be Bold, Aim High, Dream Big - If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll still land amongst the stars. Dare to challenge yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone will lead to growth and development.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 9

7 min 17 sec

Are you struggling to reach your full potential? Are you struggling to crack the secret world of marketing? Join Phillip Stutts (Political Marketer, and Author of ‘The Undefeated Marketing System’ and ‘Fire Them Now!’) and Eric Partaker as they discuss some useful tips to change your life forever and help you achieve your full potential!KEY POINTSCustomers first, Brand second! - Dive deep into customer data. Find out exactly what they want, what appeals to them, what digital tools they use. Only once you know your customers inside out can you begin to brand your company. Find alignment between your vision and what the customer wants.Break Through The Noise - According to Forbes we are now seeing up to 10,000 ads a day. You are no longer competing against other companies similar to you, you are now competing against everybody. Break through the clutter by resonating and connecting with your customers.Is Your Website Optimized?? - Optimize your website. Statistics show that 88% of all consumers will never come back if they have one bad experience on your website.Enjoy Your Work - Enjoy what you do, it's a process of climbing a ladder forever. Too often we are focused on our goals and forget to enjoy the process. Get up every day and enjoy the effort, enjoy the struggle, and understand that goals worth reaching take time and effort.Actions > Distractions - Distractions impede your ability to achieve your goals. Optimize your environment, shut off all notifications, and prioritize your work!Identify The Kryptonite In Your Life - What is getting you down and causing you stress? Embrace your emotions instead of ignoring them, deal with them so that you can move forward and avoid distraction.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 8

50 min 56 sec

5 Common Habits That Make You Mentally Weak // If you want to know how to get mental strength, reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself, then listen to peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker. In this video, you will see 5 common habits that make you mentally weak so you can eliminate them from your life and chase your dreams with resilience and unshakeable mental toughness. KEY POINTSAre You Easily Distracted? - Distractions impede your ability to achieve your goals. Optimize your environment, shut off all notifications, and prioritize your work!Are You Constantly Waiting For The Right Moment? - Action creates momentum. There is no perfect time. The only right time is when you decide it is. Feeling Sorry For Yourself? - Don't! Instead feel empowered. Ask yourself ‘What can I learn from experiences that haven’t gone my way?’, ‘How can I use them as fuel for my progress going forward?’The World Doesn't Owe You Anything! - You are not entitled to achieve your goals. Your biggest source of strength is knowing that you’re delivering your best effort no matter what. That is what will lead you on the path to success. Action Is Power! -  If you find yourself dreaming too much and not acting enough, then you need to rebalance the equation. Dreams are important, but only if they come with the commensurate action that’s needed to bring them to life.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 7

7 min 19 sec

Are you on the path to success or failure? Are your BIG IDEAS actually the reason you're not reaching your goals? Join John Lee Dumas (Founder & Host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, and Author of ‘The Common Path To Uncommon Success) and Eric Partaker, as they discuss tips on how you can achieve your dreams and reach your full potential. KEY POINTSHard Work = Success - It takes hard work and perseverance to achieve your dreams, to get financial freedom and fulfillment. There are no shortcuts. Get your head down and work hard!Who’s In Your Inner Circle? - Surround yourself with the right people. People who believe in your dreams and push you to be the best version of yourself. You have That BIG IDEA Inside Of You! - You just may not know it yet! Work out what you are enthusiastic and passionate about. What skills, value and expertise do you have that can help make the world a better place?Identify A Niche! - Find a void in the marketplace, an underserved market that you can provide not only a solution to the problem but the number one solution to that problem.Start Small! - Successful companies start small and earn the right to grow and expand. Jeff Bezos started Amazon just selling books. Over time, as you achieve success and notoriety, there will be opportunities to broaden out, to expand and move forward.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 6

14 min 19 sec

The 12 Surprising Signs of Mentally Strong People // Are you mentally strong? Well then, check out the signs and habits of mentally strong people brought to you by peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker. In this inspirational video, you will see how you can reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself by developing a strong mind and building resilience. KEY POINTSDo You Let People Walk All Over You? - Where in your life are you allowing someone to take advantage of you? How would the best version of yourself advise you in this situation?Say NO And Be True To Yourself - Being of service to the world and helping others creates incredible benefits to both you and others, but don't lose yourself in the process. Ensure you can devote enough time and energy to what matters most to you.Are You A People Pleaser? - Don’t try and please everybody. Ensure you are also prioritizing your happiness and dreams.Fix Your Own Problem! - Take the lead, take ownership of your situations and find solutions to problems yourself. Don’t wait for others to come in and solve them for you. You’re Wrong! Admit it! - Acknowledge when you make mistakes. Mistakes are secretly learning opportunities there to help you grow and progress. Be Patient! - Play the long game. The pain of discipline that you experience today is much cheaper than the pain of regret.Their Opinions Are Irrelevant - You are resilient! If people say negative things to you, it will only make you stronger!We Rise By Lifting Others - Do it out of kindness, not obligation. Mentally strong people still have enough energy and drive within them to give to others, purely out of kindness. The World Doesn't Owe You Anything! - You are not entitled. The success you crave in life requires dedication, hard work and effort. How Adaptable Are You? - Experiencing stress in situations makes you stronger. Look forward to uncomfortable situations. Embrace them!Exercise Empathy - Think and feel another person's point of view even if it's not your own. Be able to extend your hand to someone else to comfort and console them to help them through tough times.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 5

7 min

How to Build Mental Toughness – David Goggins // If you want to learn how to build mental toughness and get mental strength, check out these lessons from the toughest man alive David Goggins. Goggins has created many inspiration and motivational works, including his best selling book cant hurt me. Today peak performance expert Eric Partaker will help you develop a strong mind and divide into the habits of mentally strong people. You will learn about resilience from the best in the business, here are the behaviours of the one and only David Goggins. KEY POINTSKeep It Real! - Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself on a daily basis “Am I showing up at my best today?” You’ll find that you cannot lie to yourself. Hold yourself accountable each day for reaching your goals.What Makes You Uncomfortable? - Write it down. Review that list regularly, and embrace your discomforts. Growth and development is not within your comfort zone!Big Goals = Small Steps - Break big goals into smaller steps, It builds confidence and enables you to experience achievement sooner rather than later.Visualize, Believe, Achieve! - Take five minutes everyday. Visualize what your life will look like when you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.Take Souls! - Create the mentality that anything is possible. You will win in the end, because you will persevere and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and push forwards.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jul 2

9 min 26 sec

10 Daily Practices to Increase Mental Toughness // If you want to learn how to develop a strong mind then check out this motivational video from peak performance expert Eric Partaker. Here are 10 signs and habits of mentally strong people which help provide inspiration for you to build incredible resilience and mental toughness. KEY POINTSDo You Take Cold Showers? - Build up your ability over time to take cold showers daily. It provides multiple health benefits, as well as the ability, and mental toughness to handle stress.Eliminate Digital Distractions - Limit the times when you're using apps. Remove them from your phone, turn notifications off or schedule set times of the day to use them. Constantly engrossing yourself in apps,  comparing yourself to others, and being constantly distracted, weakens the mind.Dare To Move! - Bodies are built for movement. Mobility is absolutely key to maintaining a positive hormone balance. If you're not moving throughout the day it will have a negative impact on your mind.Exercise Your Mind, Read! - Reading helps you develop your focus. You will be much better prepared to survive challenge, and to get through obstacles when you have the ability to get into focus zone.Schedule A Meeting With Yourself! - Gather your thoughts, think through, what are the things that are going well today. What's not going so well? How might I change the direction in which things are headed, or the way in which I want to experience the rest of this day?Be The Boss Of Food! - When you’re hungry, don't eat right away! This is an effective tool in practicing your ability to tolerate challenge. Use it as a way to develop your mental toughness. Self-Talk Is Your Power - When challenging moments appear, practice the phrase ‘Bring It On!’ Step into the direction of stress. Embrace stress. Look forward to it!Gratitude Is The Best Attitude - Make sure that you just take a moment to be grateful for the things that you do have. This awareness will help sustain you during the times when you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for.Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility! -  Take full responsibility and ownership for your life. Whether or not you achieve your goals,  your reactions to situations, and whether you showed up at your best. If you fall down, just stand right back up and go at it again.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 30

9 min 34 sec

Mentally Fragile to Mentally Strong! You have to listen to this! // If you want to learn how to be mentally strong, develop mental toughness and develop a strong mind then this motivational video is for you. Listen to peak performance expert Eric Partaker show you how to get mental strength by highlighting the habits of mentally strong people so you can reach your full potential.KEY POINTSWhy Do You Want This? - What is your deep fulfilling reason for striving to achieve your goals? In tough times, if you  have a superficial reason for achieving your goals, you will struggle to overcome your obstacles. Let It Go! - You cannot control everything, but what you can control is how you react. Success is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to those things. Your reactions are everything. Instead of adopting a ‘poor me’ mentality, say ‘Bring it on, I accept the challenge!’Who’s On Your Team? - No person has achieved greatness on their own. Support around you facilitates mental strength. Nobody who is at the top of their game mentally has gotten there without the help of someone else. Ask yourself whether you have the right support system around you to get through difficult times.It’s Not Stress That Kills Us, It's Our Reaction To It! -  Stress is good! It builds strength in the body. Having the ability to maintain your emotions under stress is paramount to transitioning from mentally fragile to mentally strong.Never Give Up! - Adopt unwavering positivity and tenacity. Always look to persevere. There's always a way through every single obstacle that comes into your path. Embrace your obstacles. They are the weights asking to be lifted so that you can become stronger as a result.Are You Compromising Your Standards? - When times get rough, maintain your standards. By not compromising your standards during hard times you will transition you from mentally fragile to mentally strong. Every single challenge that you experience will strengthen you.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 25

11 min 12 sec

Overcome Self Defeating Behaviors // Do you often find yourself running in circles? You make a commitment to stop smoking, binge eating or procrastinating and yet when something goes wrong you find yourself reverting to the same self defeating behaviors. In this video you will learn how to defeat the beast of self destruction and how to build discipline, master self control and have more willpower. If you are saying, “Its time to sort myself out,” then employ these success secrets to help you face your fears, overcome self doubt and achieve anything you want in life. KEY POINTSIdentify Your Self Sabotaging Behaviours - What habits shouldn't you be doing that are getting in the way of you becoming your best self? Reach out to those closest to you, and ask, “Where do I sabotage my own success?"Know What Your Triggers Are - What leads you to engage in self-defeating behavior? Don't try to change the trigger, but change how you react to it. Change and swap in a new behavior, a behavior, which is better than that self-defeating behavior.Practice Mindfulness - Develop the ability to quiet your mind, especially in moments when you feel anxious, resentful or frustrated. Also in those moments you’re likely then to engage in a self-defeating behavior.Take Small Steps And Set Realistic Goals -  Set small goals. Chunk your big goal down into the small  steps. Ensure that it's nearly impossible for you to not be able to achieve it.Practice Self-Compassion - Be kind to yourself. Sometimes you will achieve what you set out to achieve, sometimes you won't. That reality will give you room to breathe. It allows you to feel kind towards yourself and far less likely to engage in self-defeating behaviors.Seek Help - If you're really struggling with self-defeating behaviors, seek help from your support group. Seek help from a professional.Be Persistent - If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. Don't let your first attempt, and perhaps failure, rule your life.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 25

7 min 47 sec

Build Unbreakable Self Discipline With These 5 Rules // So you want to become more disciplined but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place, as this video will teach you how to build discipline, have more willpower and how you can implement self control in your life.KEY POINTS Get Organized! - Organize your life, use a daily planner, get into the habit of planning out your weeks and planning out your days. You will feel more disciplined knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it!Plan Your Next Week - Plan out the top three things that you want to achieve in the week ahead and when you will be doing them.Plan Your Next Day - Plan the top three things you will do within the day ahead and when you will be doing them. Schedule them into your day. What gets scheduled gets done!Account For Decision Fatigue - When is your decision muscle strongest? At the start of the day! Make sure you are doing my most important tasks at the very start of each day.Invest In Yourself! -  Use rewards to give you something to look forward to, and to provide rest and recovery. During the course of the day, don't work nonstop, make sure that you take breaks, and reward yourself with some time off.Nourish Yourself to Flourish! - Keep the body and the energy operating at a high level. Stay hydrated throughout the course of the day. Stay away from garbage. Garbage in, equals garbage out. It will hurt your ability to maintain your discipline. Choose To Start - Rather than trying to finish every task, continually focus on starting throughout the day, the finishing eventually will take care of itself. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 23

6 min 50 sec

Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Do you wish you had the tools to overcome your fears and lead your best possible life EVERYDAY? Join Jennifer Cohen (Fitness Personality, Author and body image consultant) and Eric Partaker as they discuss tips on how you can reach your full potential and win at life!KEY POINTSGet Fit, Don’t Quit! - Exercise gives you energy, and increases your productivity. Exercise first thing every morning, Make it a habit! Beginning your day with exercise increases your ability to stay on track for the remainder of the day.Happiness Consists Of Getting Enough Sleep! - A lack of sleep causes reduced cognitive abilities and poor focus. Get enough sleep. This will elevate your hormones and improve your mood. Rejection And Failure Are The First Steps To Success - Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Block out other people’s opinions and perceptions and focus on you. Don’t give up! Every rejection or failure is a lesson learned on your journey to success. Do It Anyway! - If you are bad at something, or it makes you uncomfortable, embrace it. The only way to overcome fears and progress is to do it over and over again until it becomes benign and comfortable.Self Awareness Is Power - Be very aware of yourself. Take time to work out exactly what interests you and what you excel at. If you focus your work and life around that success will be the by-product!Lead By Example - The most effective way to teach others is by showing them the fruit of your labor. Hold Yourself Accountable - Keep track of your goals and hold yourself accountable for your mistakes. It is an important tool for building habits and progressing. If you have no data, progression becomes difficult.Practice = Progress - To improve you must practice. Consistency and practice will take you from novice to expert. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 22

47 min 54 sec

Winners Need Discipline Not Motivation // Which is more important discipline or motivation? This video shows why discipline is one of the key habits of successful people and why mastering self control will help you achieve your goals in life. Stop laziness, stop relying on motivation and learn how to be more disciplined and have more willpower you will become unstoppable because discipline is freedom and a core success secret.KEY POINTSDiscipline Helps You GET THINGS DONE -  By just showing up and doing what needs to be completed for the task at hand, eventually everything gets done. Set yourself small daily windows to work on your tasks and be disciplined enough to stick to it.Discipline helps you MASTER NEW SKILLS -  Practicing the discipline to continually engage in whatever activities you are striving to achieve, will allow you to progress and achieve. Self-discipline becomes your ally on your route to mastery.Self-discipline builds your SELF-CONTROL - Self discipline allows you to become more in control of your behaviors, your actions, and your feelings.Discipline = FREEDOM - By being more disciplined, you're able to get tasks done in the right amount of time, in the right place, in the right situation, and that frees you up to focus on other activities.Discipline Remains STRONG, Even When MOTIVATION WEAKENS - There'll be plenty of times when you do not feel like doing your tasks when you don't feel motivated. But if you've built your self-discipline muscle, you'll stay the course and you'll be able to carry on doing those activities.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 21

5 min 15 sec

Why You Can’t Stay Disciplined // Ever wonder why you cant stay disciplined? And how the best at what they do are able to master self control, have unstoppable willpower and seem to achieve anything they want in life. Now is your time to join them by incorporating a key habit of successful people and build discipline. In this video, I will highlight why your obstacles to discipline may be holding you back and how you can overcome them to achieve your goals in life. KEY POINTSAre You Sabotaging Your Ability To Stay Disciplined? - What bad habits do you have which are holding you back from staying disciplined? Being aware of your habits is the first step to becoming more disciplined.Are You Afraid To Do What Makes You Uncomfortable? - Growth lies outside your comfort zone. The best way to stay disciplined is to make sure you’re discarding your safety net and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.Progress Beats Perfection - The name of the game is progress not perfection. Perfection is impossible to achieve, just get better little by little, everyday, that's your goal.Respect Your Need For Balance - Your willpower, your discipline, it's like a muscle. You can stress that muscle, but it needs time to rest and recover. Stay balanced by prioritizing sleep, nutrition and exercise, as well as your mental clarity. Get Some Sleep! - Ensure you are getting eight hours of sleep, or else you are unlikely to be able to stay disciplined. If you're tired and run down you're likely to give into temptation.Eat The Best, Leave The Rest! - Studies have shown that when you eat sugary, processed food that does not occur naturally within nature it leads us to reduced discipline.Nothing Will Workout Unless You Do! - Exercise is a fantastic way to stay balanced. If you exercise in the morning it gives you a 12 hour mood boost. When you're in a good mood, you're more likely to be able to maintain discipline. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 18

6 min 53 sec

The secret to success is simple! Join Peter Taunton (Founder of Snap Fitness) and Eric Partaker as they share their secrets on how hard work and persistence can help you reach your full potential and succeed in life!KEY POINTSLife Is Unpredictable - Life is uncertain. In moments of uncertainty, when you face adversity, you can not view it as a failure. Learn from it, grow and move forward better than you were before. Fail Fast And Learn - Don't get hung up on being a failure. You're not a failure. In fact, if you haven't failed, you're not trying hard enough. Anyone can be an all-star if you set the bar at your ankles. Get your head in the game, don't be afraid to fail, and believe in yourself.Your Deserve Success! - Believe that you are as deserving of success as the person next to you. You deserve it, but it's going to be hard work. Adopt the right mindset to know that there's going to be not only hard work but sacrifice.Push Yourself To Your Limits - As soon as the work towards your goals gets uncomfortable, as soon as you feel yourself struggling, that's when you have to push yourself beyond your pain or discomfort.  If you want to grow in business, you must push yourself.Anyone Can Run A Business With The Wind On Their Back - It's just smooth sailing. It's easy. Your character is defined in moments of strife. Push yourself, don't give up!Opportunity Is Usually Disguised As Hard Work -  Opportunity, it doesn't knock, it whispers. You have to recognize when opportunities come your way. See it, feel it, embrace it. The biggest failure in life is a missed opportunity. Surround Yourself With Winners - Winning in business is a team sport. Surround yourself with great people that share in the same passion, the same vision, and they're willing to walk on fire for you. Those are the people who will lean forward and take the shots with you.Success is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.Hard Work Works - There are no shortcuts, in life or in business. Get your head down, work hard, and celebrate your successes along the way!Believe In Yourself! - Every day, look in the mirror and believe in the person looking back at you. In moments of difficulty, you've got to believe that you're capable of powering through it. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 17

47 min 54 sec

Struggling with Self Discipline? // Your success depends on a number of elements, but one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is discipline.  In this video, I will share how you can build unshakeable discipline and sustain habits that will help you achieve your goals and ultimately become the best version of yourself. KEY POINTSWhat's Your Motivation? - Create a strong reason for completing your tasks. Put a date on it and create a deadline. What gets scheduled gets done!Optimize Your Environment - Optimize your surroundings to support your success. Install conditions that enable you to achieve the discipline that you seek.Assign An Accountability Partner - It is incredibly powerful to have someone there alongside you. Get them to set your goals and review your commitment on a weekly basis.Start with Bite Size Chunks - ‘Journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step’ What is the smallest action that you can take that moves you closer towards your goal?Expect Bumps In The Road - Expect there to be obstacles, visualize them in your head. Anticipate the inevitable setbacks, but also visualize how the very best version of you would handle and overcome them.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 16

6 min 40 sec

Have you ever wondered what's the secret to all round success? How can you become a master of not only your wealth but your health and relationships too? Join Mel Abraham (CPA, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Business and Success Strategist and #1 best selling author) and Eric Partaker as they share tips on how you can reach your full potential and win at life!KEY POINTSStrong Mind, Strong Body - If the body's ready, the mind is ready. If you are lazy with your body, inevitably you will be lazy with your mind. Get up and exercise, create a healthy routine to stimulate your mind!Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Missed Opportunity - Recognize opportunities when they reveal themselves to you, take them on, don't let them pass you buy. You will only regret the chances you didn't take! Life Is Precious, Cherish Every Moment! - Everybody has been given a specific number of slices of life. The question is how are you going to spend those slices? Too often, people flippantly spend them with little care about how many they have left. Give It All You’ve Got! - When you say yes to something, you are giving up a piece of your life. That means that you have to be prepared to give everything to that moment!Keep Your Eye On The Finish Line! - Too often people do not define their finish line. If you don't know where you’re going, then you will just keep going faster and harder. Define your end goal, and celebrate your wins along the way!Live The Way You Want To Be Remembered - You have the ability to shift a life. Smiling at someone, a helping hand, a handshake. The little things create a legacy. Create your legacy everyday!Things Happen For Us, Not To Us - Don't get yourself down, often the toughest times in our lives provide us with the most valuable lessons. You either win or learn.Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight -  Keep standing back up. When a boxer enters a boxing ring, the name of the game isn't to avoid getting hit, it's about when he gets hit, can he survive the punch? Whatever knocks you down, embrace it, learn from it, and keep moving forward. Your Journey Is Your Own! - Don’t measure yourself against those around you, those on social media, or those to your right and left. Instead measure yourself against who we were yesterday, and aim to improve yourself a little bit everyday!FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 15

54 min 14 sec

How To Turn Awkwardness Into Confidence //  Want to know how to turn awkwardness into confidence and be confident in any situation. We have all experienced awkwardness at some point in our lives and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to put those days behind you so you can build self confidence and self esteem, believe in yourself more and overcome insecurity. Time to learn and apply the habits of successful people to reach your full potential in life. KEY POINTSBe In This Moment! - When you’re sitting in a state of awkwardness, focused on yourself, you are not able to engage properly with others around you. Instead, be curious, get into the habit of asking simple curiosity based questions.Failing To Prepare, Is Preparing To Fail - Take time developing the skills which you struggle with. Translate the awkwardness into confidence and engage effortlessly.More Proactive - Seek out situations which make you feel awkward. Those stressful situations are the very things which will build your confidence and strength.Show Your Vulnerability - Openly talk about your vulnerability. Discuss your most awkward moments. Share some of your embarrassing stories. People respect those who are open about their vulnerability.Their Opinion Is Not Your Reality! - Let go of what others think of you. You cannot control what people say about you, but what you can control is how you react to those statements. Choose not to hear them. Think past them!Rome Wasn't Built In A Day - Be firm but not too hard on yourself. Behaviour changes take time. Focus on getting a bit better each and every day.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 14

8 min 35 sec

6 Things CONFIDENT People Don’t Do // What makes confident people so remarkable? The ability to be confident in any situation, believe in themselves and overcome insecurity are all important but it is also what they don’t do that sets them apart. They avoid certain behaviours to safeguard their self esteem so they can develop the confidence to reach their full potential and become successful in life. KEY POINTSFeedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions - Look at feedback as an opportunity to grow. Seek constructive feedback, a confident person wants to constantly know how to improve. Are You A People Pleaser? - Confident people recognize they cannot be all things to all people. If you are spreading yourself too thin, you won't be able to deliver your best.Be Your Own Competition - Instead of constantly seeking the approval of others, seek to improve yourself everyday. Strive to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today!Do You Play The Blame Game? - Rather than taking on a victim mentality, ask yourself ‘How may I have caused or contributed to the situation that I am in?’.Challenge Accepted! - Confident people run towards challenges and discomfort. They embrace hardship. Your full potential lies outside your comfort zone! Don't Give Up Too Easily - Persist, If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll still stand among the stars.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 11

8 min 17 sec

How To Be More Confident // Do you sometimes feel that everyone around you is confident and sure of themselves? If you are wondering what their secret is, it is pretty simple. They understand that having more self esteem and confidence comes from within and that these states are something that you can create. It is a belief in yourself to overcome self doubt and insecurity and you are capable of achieving whatever you want in life. KEY POINTSKnowledge is Power -  Learn something new everyday. Schedule it into your calendar before the day begins, whether it's taking a new course, reading, or listening to a podcast.Take Responsibility For Your Life! - Create your own destiny, design your future, decide what it is that you’re going to do and schedule it into your day. What gets scheduled gets done.Are You Praising Others? - Develop the habit of looking for an opportunity to give praise and recognition to someone else, whether it professionally or personally. It will slowly start to build your own confidence. Teach and Give Back - The best way to learn a new skill is to teach it to someone else. It embeds the knowledge in your own head. Do You Put Others Down? - Recognize if you are making comments that are negative on making those around you feel inferior. You do not need to make others feel less in order to feel more. Take Advantage of Opportunities - Leap at new opportunities and use it to acquire new skills. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 9

7 min 5 sec

Do you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential? Do you have a burning desire to achieve all your goals? Join Joseph Valente (CEO, Winner of The Apprentice) and Eric Partaker to discover some useful tips to change your life forever and lead you on the path to achieving your goals. KEY POINTSDream, Believe, Do it, Repeat - Don't let anybody tell you, you can't do something. If you decide to go for your goal, then it's going to happen. Don't listen to naysayers who don't believe in what you're capable of. Who Is Going To Lift You Higher? - We are constantly told ‘Be realistic, don't try and do that, don't be too ambitious, don't work too hard, don't try and overachieve.’ If you surround yourself with people who don't believe in your goals, that is a road to failure. Connect The Dots -  All the resources, people, expertise, everything that you need to achieve already exists in the world. Your job is to connect your way to it.Learning Is A Gift! - Constantly be learning from other people. Listen to all different types of people, from business people, life coaches to monks. Take a piece from each of those people and create the best version of yourself.Anything Is Possible - Believe that anything is possible. Believe that you can speak anything into fruition. So many things going on in the world today seem unfathomable 50 years ago, but now they are the norm.Everything Is Impossible Until Somebody Does It! - If you are struggling to believe in yourself look around for inspiration of what has been done before then relate it to your life and go! If humans can fly a plane and make light come out of a lightbulb you can start your own business.Be Better Than You Were Yesterday - if you're  0.1% or 10% better than you were yesterday, then that is a step in the right direction. If you are always focused on being better than yesterday then that is constant improvementLook In The Mirror -That's Your Competition! - Forget about competing with those around you, compete with yourself, be better than who you were the day before. Believe In Yourself - Believe you can, or believe you can't, either way you’re right. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: Please rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 8

38 min 44 sec

5 Bad Habits that DESTROY your Confidence// Every day we do things that are fantastic for our confidence and self esteem, but we also do things that can destroy them. In this video, I will share the unhealthy habits that lower your confidence and hold you back from being able to reach your full potential in life. Choose to stop bad habits now and watch this for a confidence boost, showing how you can achieve anything you want through believing in yourself.KEY POINTSDo You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media? - Are you spending too much time comparing yourself to others on social media? The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday.Optimalist > Perfectionist - The perfect moment will never arrive. You’ll never be quite ready, but it's the act of doing and trying that makes you better, that will increase your confidence. So don't be a perfectionist, be an optimalist.Do You Allow Others To Make Decisions For You? - Don't allow others to control you and make you feel like you can't do the things you want to do. Nobody can allow you to feel inferior about yourself unless you allow them to do it. Your Past Doesn't Define You! - Don’t dwell on the past. Look at where you are now, and where you want to go. Make decisions about what you need to do to move forward, and how you can get to that point. Look forward not back.Align With Your Values - What do you value. Think about your best self on the health, work and relationship front. Give that identity a name. What does your best look like in each of those domains? Allow that best self guide your behaviour each day.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 7

8 min 28 sec

How To Be Confident In Any Situation// Do you want to know how to have more confidence? Watch this video to learn how to build self confidence, boost self esteem and overcome self doubt and insecurity to reach your full potential in life. Learning how to be more confident will give you the certainty to believe in yourself, so you can achieve your biggest dreams and most ambitious goals. KEY POINTSControl Your Emotions! - Pause between a trigger and your response so that you can choose the optimal most courageous response. What’s Your Value Proposition? - You are unique, you have special strengths, gifts and abilities. Sit down and write out what those are. What makes you special?Eliminate Self Doubt - Visualize at the start of a day what are the various things that could go wrong? How might your day not go to plan? Picture yourself at your most courageous and visualize how that version of you would respond.Stress Is A Superpower - To achieve our strongest self physically, we must stress ourselves. Anticipate stress, embrace it and seek it as a way to build your strength. Practice, Practice, Practice - The best way to become more confident is by practicing. Go ahead, make mistakes and learn from them. Act As If You Are Confident - Acting as if you are in the state that you want to be will make you enter that state and work through your struggles in a confident way.Face The Wolves - Walking into discomfort allows us to grow and progress into a confident person. Do the activities that require confidence in order to build it.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 4

7 min 44 sec

Do you want the secret to success? Learn how to train your mind to achieve your dreams and conquer your goals! Join Tim Storey (Author, Speaker and Life Coach) and Eric Partaker as they dive into the miracle mindset and share tips on how you can reach your full potential. KEY POINTSEmbrace Your Inner Childhood Dreams - Reignite your childhood dreamlike state where anything was possible. No dream was too big. Become conscious and pay attention to the world around you and let go of limiting beliefs.What's Holding You Back? - Take proper inventory of how you’re doing, the clarity of your mind, your joy in life, your imagination. Whatever is holding you back from reaching your full potential, work on it!Partner with Power - Knowledge is power! Educate yourself. Turn on a podcast, read a book, talk to someone that will ignite that fire within you to be the best version of yourself.You’re Born An Original, Don't Die A Copy! -  A dream for somebody else is not necessarily the same dream that is right for you. Follow your own path. It is ok to be yourself. Don't allow someone to make you into something you are not. Renew Your Mind Everyday - Begin everyday by building your faith and starving your doubt. Read, gain knowledge, repeat positive affirmations. Set yourself up in this way every morning ready to attack the day ahead. Life is Good! - Mentality is powerful! Cement in your mind that life is good, even when you are having a bad day. Run Like a Kenyan! - Create so much stress on your body in preparation for what is to come. That when it does come you are so prepared that it feels easy!FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 3

37 min 2 sec

How to Form a Habit - Develop and Maintain Good Habits // Are you sick of setting goals and falling short? Are you tired of making commitments and not pulling through? Watch this video and you will learn how to choose, install, and execute new habits to help reach your full potential in life. Choose to work on yourself,  improve your lifestyle habits and listen to the top tips for a high performance life to discover what becoming your best and the greatest you really take. KEY POINTSWhy Do You Want To Reach Your Goals? - What is it that you are trying to achieve? Why is it important? What are the benefits that you’re going to get from achieving that goal?Successful People Are Simply Those With Successful Habits! - Create habits that if done well will make the success of your goals inevitable! What are the 20% of habits, which will create 80% of the benefit that you are seeking?Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail! - Create a schedule for your habits. What are the weekly goals and targets you want to hit? And how will you accomplish them? What gets scheduled gets done. Track and Reflect - At the end of the week, look back and ask yourself, how that week went? Did you perform your habits at the quality level that is required to reach your goals?Set Up Tools For Success - What, if done well will enable you to carry out your habits easier. For example, If you are going into a certain mode of work, what are the tools you need laid out on your desk ready to enable you to do so.Seek Help and Guidance - Enlist the support of others. Is there a community that you can plug into, that can give you the challenge and support you need?Go Public With Your Ambitions - Put yourself on the line and tell people what you want to achieve and by when. Vocalizing your goals makes it more likely that you will achieve.Implement Rewards and Recognize Achievement - Create micro rewards along the way, little milestones where you can treat yourself when reaching small goals.FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms: rate and review my podcast here:

Jun 2

6 min 1 sec