Life Goals with Theo Delaney

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Every football fan knows it's the goals that really stay with you such is their juddering emotional impact. In Life Goals well known football fanatics re -live the eight defining goals of their lives with host Theo Delaney and reflect on what was happening at the time as it all comes flooding back. Like a good football match it veers from the poignant to the euphoric

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Theo Delaney’s guest is the affable Mike Parry who made his name in newspapers before switching to radio and playing a key role in the genesis of Talksport. He remains a familiar voice and face over the airwaves and along with his eight chosen goals come memorable tales with cameos from Rod Stewart, Alan Brazil, Joe Cole and more. Cole features among his chosen scorers along with several who wore the blue of his beloved Everton like Colin Harvey, Andy Gray and Francis Jeffers.@mikeparry8@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Nov 29

1 hr 19 min

Skids front man and creative polymath Richard Jobson continues to relive the goals of his life with Theo Delaney who is regaled with tales from the music business and beyond. Goals from Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi feature and the love of the beautiful game is profuse.@richardjobson@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Nov 23

50 min 41 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is Richard Jobson, the lead singer with The Skids and a film director, writer, actor and model to boot. In a wide ranging conversation he talks of his fondness for Celtic, Scotland, Arsenal and St Pauli and friends and acquaintances like Lou Reed, John Lydon, Ian Curtis and Patti Smith. Among his chosen scorers on this, part one of two, are Kenny Dalglish and Diego Maradona.@richardjobson@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Nov 22

57 min 37 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is Brian Barwick OBE whose long and illustrious career has included stints as head of sport at both the BBC and ITV and Chief Executive of the Football Association. His lifelong devotion to Liverpool FC is entertainingly documented in his new book ’60 Years A Red and Counting’ and among his chosen scorers are Dalglish, Owen, Gerrard and Salah.@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Nov 15

1 hr 15 min

Theo Delaney’s guest is ITV’s lead football commentator Sam Matterface who is also a regular on Talksport. Sam grew up immersed in football in a Chelsea-mad family and was determined to be a commentator from the age of fourteen when he started working in hospital radio. He provides fascinating insight into the commentator’s craft and the pressures and adrenelin rushes of bringing England games to audiences of up to 28 million. Among the scorers of his chosen goals are Di Matteo, Kane, Van Persie and Sterling.@sammatterface@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Nov 8

1 hr 14 min

Theo Delaney’s guest is top football broadcaster Kelly Cates of Sky Sports and BBC Five Live. As the daughter of the great Kenny Dalglish she grew up immersed in football and is a Liverpool fan despite her impeccable on-air impartiality. She talks about growing up with a superstar Dad, learning her trade at a nascent Sky Sports News and coping with the vagaries of VAR on live TV. Among her chosen scorers are Gazza, Kanu, Kompany and, of course, her Dad.@KellyCates@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Nov 1

53 min 34 sec

Tony Cascarino, the former Irish international Centre who is a columnist and broadcaster with The Times and Talksport, continues to relive the goals of his life with Theo Delaney including a couple of his own and a sickener from Gary Lineker. We also learn about his emotional bond with Ireland, the quirks of Teddy Sheringham and why some managers are chickens. @LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Oct 26

58 min 25 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is Tony Cascarino, the former Irish international who counts Aston Villa, Celtic, Chelsea and Marseilles among the clubs he scored goals for. Following his retirement he released ‘Full Time - The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino’ which remains one of the most acclaimed football autobiographies and he has been a Times columnist and Talksport regular ever since. In this, part one of two, he talks about his sometimes tempestuous formative years and his love of Liverpool FC. Among his chosen scorers are Terry McDermott and Mark Hateley.@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Oct 25

49 min 35 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the writer Musa Okwonga who has had no fewer than three critically acclaimed books published in 2021. ‘One Of Them’ is about his days at Eton, ‘In The End It Was All About Love’ is a semi autobiographical novel set in Berlin where he lives and ‘Striking Out’ is a novel aimed at 10-14 year olds co written with broadcaster and ex England forward Ian Wright with whom Musa he does the weekly podcast ‘Wrighty’s House’. Musa’s other weekly football podcast ‘Stadio’ is also highly recommended. This wide ranging conversation features goals by Kanu, Van Basten, George Weah, Leon Goretsky and more.@Okwonga@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaneyhttps://stadio.football

Oct 18

1 hr 15 min

This is part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with comedian and Leeds United devotee Maisie Adam. We learn of her adoration of Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds side, she relives Euro 2020 and saves some love for her local side Brighton and Hove Albion. And the Eurovision Song Contest.

Oct 12

45 min

Theo Delaney’s guest is super-smart comedy star Maisie Adam, a familiar face on the TV panel shows and on the comedy circuit. Maisie talks of her lifelong love of Leeds United and tells Theo about her rapid rise in comedy. Among her chosen scorers in this, part one of two, are Alan Smith, Robbie Keane and David Beckham.

Oct 11

45 min 4 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the author and Financial Times columnist Simon Kuper whose new book ‘Barca - The Inside Story Of The World’s Greatest Football Club’ is the definitive tome on the Catalan institution. He makes a connoisseur’s selection of goals allowing him to ruminate on how Johan Cruyff invented modern football and how Dolly Parton reminds us of its importance. Scorers include Iniesta, Neeskens, Mbappé and Lineker.@KuperSimon@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Oct 4

51 min 11 sec

Part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with the enthralling Alyson Rudd of The Times and Sunday Times. One of the finest sports writers of her generation she is also a critically acclaimed novelist. (Her latest book ‘Eleven Lines To Somewhere’ is out in paperback shortly). Among the scorers here are Gerrard, Alonso and Allison.@allyrudd_times@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 28

38 min 10 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the revered sports writer and critically acclaimed novelist Alyson Rudd of The Times and Sunday Times. Her latest novel Eleven Lines To Somewhere is released in paperback imminently and comes highly recommended. She is a lifelong Liverpool fan partly because she liked to tease her Evertonian grandad and partly through a childhood infatuation with Steve Heighway. As well as the highly educated Irish winger there are goals from Terry McDermott, Ronald Koeman and Eric Cantona in this, part one of a two parter.@allyrudd_times@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 27

44 min 22 sec

Part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with the irrepressible Dave Bassett a member of the League Manager Association’s 1000 club. We pick the story up in January 1988 with Bassett’s appointment as Sheffield United manager…@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 21

41 min 58 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the legendary football manager Dave Bassett whose career spanned eight different clubs. He holds the record for automatic promotions as a team boss and, uniquely, he has been voted as best manager of all time by the fans of two different clubs, Wimbledon and Sheffield United. This is part one of two taking in his playing career and his extraordinarily successful time as the boss of Wimbledon’s 'Crazy Gang' which he took from division four to a sixth place finish in the top flight before moving on to Elton John’s Watford…@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 20

1 hr 2 min

Part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with the remarkable Harry Harris who has written 80 books on football and tells of his tempestuous relationship with Piers Morgan and drinking champagne with Robert Maxwell and Elton John. Among his scorers are Shearer, Owen and Solskjaer. His New books ‘Sir Alex - Simply The Best’ and ‘Saved: Overcoming 47 years of Gambling Addiction’ written with Peter Shilton and his wife Steph are out imminently.@FLegends100@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 14

39 min 58 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the legendary football writer Harry Harris who had a highly successful career in newspapers before leaving to concentrate on writing books. He has written 80 to date and his latest ‘Sir Alex - Simply The Best’ is an acclaimed tribute to Alex Ferguson. Also imminent is the release of ‘Saved: Overcoming 47 years of Gambling Addiction’ written with Peter Shilton and his wife Steph. His tales of his illustrious career feature Bill Nicholson, Glenn Hoddle, Pele and Maradona. And this is only part one!@FLegends100@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 13

41 min 59 sec

Part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with the brilliant Sports Journalist of the Year Jonathan Liew who provides insight into the life of a top football writer and why the beautiful game matters. Among the scorers of the goals of his life are Bale, Van Persie and Luke Shaw. @billythebee99@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Sep 6

45 min

Theo Delaney’s guest is The SJA Sports Journalist Of The Year Jonathan Liew of The Guardian. His richly entertaining and enlightening work is characterised by a rare frankness and he writes on many other sports as well as football. He is a regular on The Guardian Football Weekly podcast alongside former Life Goals guests like Sid Lowe, Max Rushden and Philippe Auclair. Among his chosen scorers are Sol Campbell, Lampard and Berbatov. This is part one of a two part special.@jonathanliew@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 30

47 min 42 sec

The third and concluding part of Theo Delaney’s conversation with storied music entrepreneur and Brentford and England fan Billy Grant. The German and South African World Cups and Brentford’s triumphant arrival in the Premier League feature as Billy does a stint as a museum exhibit and moves in to a Cape Town mansion to the chagrin of local Afrikaners.@billythebee99@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 25

1 hr 5 min

Part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with legendary Brentford and England fan Billy ‘The Bee’ Grant. Play-off agony and the Reggae Boys at France 98 feature and fond memories of their trips to Japan for World Cup 02 are traded by host and guest.@billythebee99@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 24

51 min 43 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the incomparable Billy Grant of the Beesotted blog and podcast. A music business impresario, football content creator and familiar face and voice on the BBC and Talksport, he has followed Brentford up and down the country since the late 70s and travelled to 15 international tournaments supporting England. @billythebee99@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 23

1 hr 8 min

Part two of Theo Delaney’s conversation with author David Peace who counts football masterpieces ‘The Damned United’ and ‘Red Or Dead’ among his many lauded novels. Among his selections are goals from Christiano Ronaldo and Junichi Inamoto.@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 17

37 min 31 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the author David Peace who wrote the classic football novels ‘Red Or Dead’, about Bill Shankly, and ‘The Damned United’ about Brian Clough which is also a major feature film. A lifelong Huddersfield Town fan and longstanding resident of Tokyo, his chosen scorers include Trevor Cherry, David Platt and Johan Cruyff. This is part one off a two part special.@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 16

42 min 14 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is top football writer and broadcaster Raphael Honigstein whose work can be found on The Athletic, Der Spiegel, BT Sport and The Totally Football Show podcast. An anglophile German who is a long standing Londoner, his team is Bayern Munich and among his chosen goalscorer are Matthäus, Robben, Zidane and Kingsley Coman.@honigstein@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Aug 9

55 min 18 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is multi award winning comedian and TV star Mo Gilligan, the host of Channel 4’s ‘The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan’. His ‘There’s Mo To Life’ world tour kicks off in September 2021 and the Arsenal fan took time out from from his hectic schedule to relive the goals of his life from scorers like Bergkamp, Henry, Beckham and Ronaldinho and re trace his steps to stardom.@MoTheComedian@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaneyhttps://mogilligan.com

Aug 2

1 hr 14 min

Part two of Theo Delaney’s compelling conversation with Rock superstar Noel Gallagher in which he selects more life defining goals and tracks and the talk turns to Pep Guardiola, Phil Foden, the Aguero moment, the 2021 Champions League final, Damon Albarn, brother Liam and much more.@NoelGallagher@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaneyhttps://www.noelgallagher.com

Jul 26

1 hr 2 min

Theo Delaney's guest is Noel Gallagher of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and previously of Oasis. One of the most successful rock stars and songwriters of his generation he has been a massive Manchester City fan since childhood and here he relives the goals of his life including strikes from Malcolm McDonald, Denis Tueart and Maradona. It's a wide ranging conversation that took place in Gallagher's London recording studio spanning The Jam, Malcolm Alison, The Smiths, VAR, The 1981 Cup Final and much more. And this is only part one! Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' new album, Back The Way We Came, is out now and as well as favourites from the last ten years features two excellent new tracks which can be heard in part two of this podcast which will be released in a week's time.@NoelGallagher@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaneyhttps://www.noelgallagher.com

Jul 19

59 min 58 sec

Part two of Theo Delaney's conversation with multi award winning author Duncan Hamilton whose new book, the novel 'Injury Time', is out now. Great stories of Brian Clough, Brian Glanville and leaving newspapers to become a full time author.

Jul 13

42 min 38 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is Duncan Hamilton who shot to fame with his Brain Clough book ‘Provided You Don’t Kiss Me’ which won the prestigious William Hill Sports Book Of The Year prize in 2007, an accolade he has now won an unrivalled three times. His excellent new book ‘Injury Time’ is a novel set in the 90s football world.A Newcastle fan with strong links to Nottingham Forest among his scorers are Bobby Charlton, Maradona, John Robertson and Gary Speed. This is part one of a two part special.@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jul 12

37 min 13 sec

Theo Delaney is joined by journalist and politician Daniel Finkelstein OBE, a member of the House Of Lords and a columnist and associate editor on the Times where, as well as his political writing, he is known for his analytical football column ‘The Fink Tank’. His latest book, ‘Everything In Moderation’, a collection of his Times columns, is out in paperback on July 22nd 2021. A passionate, lifelong Chelsea fan, his chosen scorers include David Webb, Kai Havertz and his friend Frank Lampard.@dannythefink@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jul 5

50 min 21 sec

Theo Delaney’s is joined by the Chief Football Writer on The Times Henry Winter who, during a 30 year career, has reported on eight world cups and hundreds of big games across all the major competitions. As well as exquisitely crafted match reports and features he’s ghost written books for Liverpool trio Dalglish, Barnes and Gerrard and also penned the excellent ’50 Years Of Hurt’ about the modern history of the England team. Among his connoisseur’s list of goals are strikes from Caniggia, Zidane, Beckham and Drogba and his music list ranges from the Sex Pistols to Katherine Jenkins.@henrywinter@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jun 28

1 hr 5 min

Part two of Theo Delaney’s wide ranging conversation with NBC Sports' lead football commentator and former BBC man Arlo White. Scorers include Vardy, Hazard and Allison.@ArloWhite@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jun 22

51 min 27 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is Arlo White the former BBC man who is the lead Football Commentator for NBC Sports who broadcast the Premier League in the USA. He’s also known for his cameos on cult TV series Ted Lasso and is a lifelong Leicester City fan. Among his chosen scorers are Andy Peak, Andy Peak’s best man Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer. This is part one of two.@ArloWhite@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jun 21

40 min 8 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is David Preece who had a long career as a professional and a coach in in Britain and Scandinavia at clubs like Sunderland, Aberdeen and Darlington. Now a popular journalist and broadcaster, he is the go to goalkeeping expert for the likes of The Times and The Totally Football Show. A lifelong Sunderland supporter, there are vivid stories of life as player and as a fan featuring goalscorers like Ian Porterfield, Marco Gabbiadini, Michael Laudrup and David Beckham.@DavidPreece12 @LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jun 14

1 hr 13 min

Theo Delaney’s guest is Alison McGovern, the MP for Wirrell South and the Shadow Minister for Culture and Sport. Her first political act was to mount a protest at her primary school against a rule forbidding girls to play football and she never looked back. A passionate advocate for the women’s game, she is also a staunch Liverpool fan born and bred. Among her scorers are Hernan Crespo, Robbie Fowler and Mo Salah and there’s an eclectic list of music choices too.@Alison_McGovern @LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

Jun 7

1 hr

Joining Theo Delaney to relive the eight goals of his life is stand up Justin Moorhouse who has been a popular presence on the comedy circuit for over twenty years and is also known for his acting - notably in ‘Phoenix Nights’ and the Ken Loach film ‘Looking For Eric’ - and his radio shows. He has his own excellent podcast too called ‘About 30 Minutes, No More Than 45’. A big Manchester United fan, his list of scorers includes Van Persie, Keane, Sheringham and Peter Davenport.@JustinMoorhouse @LifeGoalsTD @theodelaneyhttps://www.justinmoorhouse.com

May 31

1 hr 11 min

This is part two of the Bob Wilson Life Goals in which the former Arsenal goalkeeper tells Theo Delaney about clinching the double in 1971, his subsequent 30 year career in TV and his charity The Willow Foundation, co founded with his wife Megs which puts on the annual London Football Awards. Also, his unlikely friendship with American crooner Johnny Mathis. Goals from Charlie George, Bergkamp and Henry.

May 25

43 min 44 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is the former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper Bob Wilson who went on to have a hugely successful television career before setting up and running the excellent Willow Foundation charity with his wife Megs. His goal choices stretch from the 50s onwards and in this, part one of a two part special, scorers include Ferenc Puskas, Geoff Hurst and Ray Kennedy…

May 24

52 min 22 sec

The second part of Theo Delaney’s Life Goals chat with writer, comedian and political interviewer Matt Forde of Absolute Radio’s Rock n Roll football and his own excellent podcast The Political Party. Goals from Pearce, Gascoigne and Steve Chettle. To see Matt Forde live interviewing top politicos including Kier Starmer and Andrea Leadsom go to @LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

May 18

40 min 18 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is writer, comedian and political interviewer Matt Forde of Absolute Radio’s Rock n Roll football. His own excellent podcast The Political Party has live dates coming up with guests like Kier Starmer, Peter Mandelson, Baroness Warsee and Andrea Leadsom. A Nottingham Forest and England fan, his music and goal choices make up a love letter to the nineties with scorers including Collymore, Pearce, Des Walker and Tony Yeboah. This is part one of a two part special.@mattforde @LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

May 17

40 min 19 sec

Theo Delaney’s guest is musician and author Giles Paley Phillips of the highly successful ‘Blank’ podcast. (There’s now an excellent accompanying book of the same name). A Crystal Palace and England fan, among his chosen scorers are Ian Wright, David Platt, Darren Ambrose and Dougie Freedman and, as you might expect of an accomplished guitarist, rock dominates his musical selections. @theodelaney

May 10

1 hr 6 min

Theo Delaney’s guest is a true doyenne of football writing Patrick Barclay whose prose has graced the pages of all the quality nationals. A familiar face from Sky Sports Sunday Supplement show he has his own football podcast ‘The Perspective’ and is the author of acclaimed biographies on Herbert Chapman, José Mourinho, Alex Ferguson and Matt Busby. He chooses goals from Maradona (he was in the Azteca in 1986 for his famous brace), Messi, Joe Jordan and Harry Kane and expounds on the pros and cons of a life as a football scribe. @theodelaney

May 3

1 hr 11 min

Part two with storied musician and Spurs fan Jah Wobble featuring more great goals, a memorable story about legendary drummer Ginger Baker and some forthright views on the people that own and run modern football clubs.

Apr 27

50 min 9 sec

Theo Delaney is joined by storied musician Jah Wobble who founded Public Image Limited with John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) and, after conquering his drink and drug problems and spending some time as a driver on the London Underground, has gone on to collaborate with some of the world’s greatest musicians including Pharoah Sanders, Ginger Baker and Brian Eno. The one constant in his mercurial existence has been football of which he is a lifelong devotee. Among the scorers of his chosen goals are Bobby Charlton, David Rocastle and Paul Gascoigne.

Apr 26

43 min 40 sec

Theo Delaney is joined by broadcaster Hugh Woozencroft who hosts Talksport’s prime time Kick Off show and the popular The Game podcast from The Times. He grew up in Wembley so Cup Finals and Internationals are particularly special memories and his connoisseur’s list of scorers includes Ronaldinho, Gascoigne, Cantona and Bergkamp @theodelaney

Apr 19

1 hr 9 min

Theo Delaney is joined by top football journalist, author and broadcaster Daniel Storey whose voice will be especially familiar to listeners of James Richardson’s Totally Football Show. His excellent writing appears in a whole host of places including the ‘I’ newspaper, Football 365 and The Irish Examiner and he also writes great football books. He describes going to Nottingham Forest with his Mum from and early age, staritng out as a blogger, the unique visceral impact of the penalty shoot out, a moving trip to watch Messi and he comes as close as anyone has to summing up the very raison d’être of Life Goals. Scorers include Gemmill (Scot), Messi, Beckham, Rooney and Michael Brown. @theodelaney

Apr 12

1 hr 1 min

Theo Delaney is joined by top commentator Conor McNamara whose rich Irish Brogue is familiar to sports fans across TV and radio channels on the BBC and beyond. He tells of growing up watching Limerick City before getting his big break and doing the commentary of the 1997 Cup Final on national radio while still at university. The conversation covers the life and craft of the commentator, the misunderstood merits of U2 and the gobsmacking brilliance of Lionel Messi who figures among the selected goalscoreres along with Zidan, Neymar, Sully Muntari and more.

Apr 5

1 hr 3 min

Part two of Life Goals with guest Tam Cowan of BBC Radio Scotland’s football institution ‘Off The Ball’. Tam takes Theo Delaney through the remaining four goals of his life featuring a stellar cast including Paul Gascoigne, James McFadden, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey and leaves the host hysterical with laughter more than once.

Mar 30

37 min 59 sec