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April Price

You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thoughts you think.

This is very good news because it means that changing our thoughts can change everything else.

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Accepting our life as it is can become a habit. We sometimes forget that it can be better. In this special episode of the podcast, I remind you that you can have more and share the best way I know to get it. To learn more about my coaching program and sign up for a free call go to www.aprilpricecoaching.com/madeformore

Dec 6

10 min 32 sec

Our lives are finite and our time on earth is precious. We each want to get the most out of our life experience but sometimes it feels like the things that happen to us, the actions of other people, and our own brains are preventing us from doing that. On today’s podcast, I’ll show you how the things that may appear to be keeping you from the life you want are the very things that will allow you to get the most out of your experience on earth. Everything that happens to you while you are here presents another opportunity for you to learn to choose what you will think and feel and do, independent of things outside of you. The ability to choose perfectly is what makes God who he is, and he has given us the incredible opportunity to come here and practice choosing for ourselves. There is no one better than God at choosing. And as we get better at overcoming our brains and making choices in the challenging reality of this life, we become more like him. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/135

Dec 2

36 min 1 sec

My life was completely changed by life coaching. The things I have learned and the skills I gained are among the greatest blessings of my life because they made every other part of my life better. It wasn’t that coaching gave me things I didn’t have. Coaching just showed me how to use what was already in me, the agency God had already endowed me with, to love my life and make the intentional choices I wanted to make to live a life I am proud of. This is available to all of us. You have exactly what you need inside of you to create everything you want, and coaching can help do that in a way you haven’t been able to before. In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing the biggest breakthroughs, transformations, and blessings that coaching has given me in the hopes that they will change how you see the possibilities that are available to you. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/134

Nov 25

38 min 4 sec

We all want to do amazing things in our life, but for every amazing thing we create, there is a lot of discomfort that comes along with it. Success has companions. Results have “friends” that come with them that accompany their creation. You can’t get one without the other. These result companions go by names like dread, inadequacy, anxiety, insecurity, terror, shame, and fear. They are the accompanying negative emotions that come when you leave your comfort zone and do new things. And anybody who has spent time accomplishing things in their life has spent plenty of time with these as well. They go hand in hand with whatever it is you want to create in your life. If you aren’t creating the results you want in your life, what’s really in the way of that is your aversion to these “result companions.” In todays podcast episode, I’m sharing five things that have helped me manage my brain around these result companions in the hopes that it will help you get more of the things you want without letting these uninvited companions get in the way.

Nov 18

32 min 9 sec

A lot of people come to self-improvement because they want more for themselves or they want more from themselves. And when those desires comes from a feeling of not being enough yet, then self-improvement can be a very painful, never-ending quest.  Ironically, when we go after “more” without first establishing our fundamental enoughness, it won’t create more, it only creates more not-enoughness. So I want you to know two things:  You are already enough. And also, there is more for you. These are not contradictory ideas. They are complimentary ones. And these two ideas are most powerful and do the most good in our lives when they are used together. Separated, these ideas can either cause us to settle or to constantly strive. But together they are magic.  In today’s podcast episode I’ll show you how because both things are true—you are enough and there is more—your potential is unlimited and reaching that potential can be a joyful endeavor.  https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/132

Nov 11

29 min 10 sec

Sometimes it can feel really hard to create something different in our lives. But it really isn’t that complicated because the only thing between you and the results you want is a thought that can be questioned. If you aren’t getting the experiences and results you want in your life right now, you’re simply thinking a thought that is preventing you from having what you want. What are your costliest thoughts? What are the thoughts that are costing you the results you want in your health, in your relationships, in your finances, or in your spirituality? What are your costliest thoughts in terms of your goals and dreams? Today on the podcast, I’m sharing some of my costliest thoughts in the hopes that you’ll be able to see what your thoughts might be costing you. Then you can decide if you want to continue to pay the price of keeping those thoughts, or you can decide to exchange them so that you can get the things you really want in your life. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/131

Nov 4

32 min 3 sec

Every one of us is the child of the greatest creators in the universe and, because of that, we have each inherited an incredible capacity to create new things, new experiences, and new realities that don’t currently exist. The prerequisite to creating new things is believing new things. Nothing springs into being without first existing as a thought. But how do you believe in things you can’t see and that don’t exist yet in your life? It’s easy to believe in your past. It’s easy to believe in the things that you have evidence for. But how do you believe in things that just feel “made up?” In this week’s podcast episode, I’m sharing an experience that made me realize just how much power we really have as creators when we’re willing to believe and go all in on believing in things that don’t yet exist. And I’m giving you three tips to help you get better at the skill of believing (even without evidence) so you can use your creative power to get the life you want. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/130

Oct 28

28 min 6 sec

Thought is the most powerful creative force in the world. That’s why it’s so important to carefully consider the thoughts you are choosing to think. How often do you ask yourself what you want to think, rather than just observing your thoughts? Any thought is possible and any thought is optional. You get to choose whatever thought you want, and nothing can ever take that choice away from you. And the better you get at choosing the thoughts you want to think, the more power you will have to create the life experience and the world you want to live in. You can change your whole life with a few powerful thoughts and on today’s episode I’m sharing the five thoughts that I wish everybody had. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/129

Oct 21

33 min 14 sec

Shame is the most universal human emotion. We all feel it. And sometimes we think it’s necessary to feel shame in order to change and to do things differently in our lives. However, shame is the enemy of change. Shame keeps us stuck and repeating the same behaviors because shame causes us to hide. And hiding doesn’t help at all. To makes changes, we need to look closer, have more awareness, and curiously examine why we are doing what we’re doing. In this week’s episode, I’ll show you that not only is shame unnecessary and useless, it’s also sabotaging you and keeping you from making the changes you want. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/128

Oct 14

27 min 57 sec

You might have noticed that it’s a lot easier to set goals than to keep working towards goals. This isn’t because you are undisciplined or uncommitted or you lack “follow through.” It’s because your brain is programmed to get you to stop. All the time you are working on your goals, your brain has a biological reason to stop you. The good news is that your brain can’t actually stop you from reaching your goals. It can try. And it will. But you always get to choose what you do. And when you are aware of your brains goals and tactics, it makes choosing to pursue your dreams so much easier! In today’s episode, I am sharing five things that will help you NOT STOP on your way to your goals. There is so much that you want to create and do in your life, and I hope you never stop working for them. Don’t ever stop! https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/127

Oct 7

34 min 40 sec

As humans, we have all been given a body so that we can have this earth life experience, and yet, most of us have lots of thoughts that make our body wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every thought you think is optional and the thoughts you think about your body are no exception. You can love your body! Without changing it at all! You just need to question the thoughts that make your body wrong and then purposefully choose how you want to think about your body. In today’s episode I’m sharing ways to challenge your current thoughts about beauty and your critical thoughts about your body and giving you the tools to love your body exactly as it is. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/126

Sep 30

34 min 2 sec

If we want to change any aspect of our life, it starts by changing our thoughts—which sounds simple, but can sometimes be easier said than done. During a recent renovation of our home, I was reminded of some important things to keep in mind when you are dismantling, changing, and reconstructing your thoughts. In this week’s episode I’m sharing this experience and five takeaways that will help you do the challenging, internal, life-changing work of changing your thoughts, so that you can use your brain in a way that builds your life exactly the way you want it. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/125

Sep 23

36 min 17 sec

Loving other people is the most challenging work we do as humans because love does not come naturally or easily to our brain. Our brain is programmed to be defensive and judgmental and self-righteous—and so is everybody else’s. This creates a world that is full of conflict and judgment and criticism, and so learning to choose love, despite your brain’s tendencies, has never been more important. Your brain isn’t going to naturally choose love, but you can direct it to do just that. In today’s episode, I am sharing the reasons it’s so hard for us to love as humans and then giving you powerful tools to increase your own ability to love. Love is a choice and a skill and as you increase your own capacity to choose love, you increase the amount of love there is in the world. And that is something all of us would love more of. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/124

Sep 16

35 min 57 sec

Grief is a normal, natural part of every human life. Whenever we experience any change or transition or loss, we can experience grief. However, even though grief is a regular part of the human experience, most of us are ill-informed about it and we often resist grief and the painful feelings we have when we are grieving. In today’s episode, I’m talking with grief recovery specialist, Kelly Norton, about the purpose of grief and how to allow and process your grief so that it can add to your life, rather than keep you stuck. It’s no surprise that our thoughts about grief shape our experience of grief and through this discussion I want to offer you a new way to think and feel and use your grief to enhance your human experience. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/123

Sep 9

52 min 23 sec

Our children have as much agency as we do, which means that they have the unlimited power to decide their own life experiences. We are powerless in terms of their choices and that is by divine design. They get to choose and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. This only becomes a problem for us when we think that our children might choose wrong or that their choices might create suffering for them. But none of this is actually a problem and in today’s podcast episode I’ll show you why. We don’t get any say in what choices our children make, but we get all the say in how we choose to think about those choices. The objective is not to change their choices, but to manage our minds about those choices. That is always in our power—and it is the key to having the loving relationships we want with our children. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/122

Sep 2

33 min 8 sec

A lot of us have dreams for our lives—and as humans we each have unlimited, god-given capacity to make those things happen. There is no limit to what we can create or to what we can achieve or become. But to get any of that, we have to start. In many ways, starting is the hardest part. Starting means doing things differently, changing from one state to another, taking risks, and spending energy, and our brain never wants to start doing any of that. In today’s episode, I’m sharing three things to help you get started so that you can create all the experiences you want to have while you are here on earth. Whatever it is you want in your life, start here. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/121

Aug 26

35 min 50 sec

When I teach people that their thoughts are creating all the pain and all the results in their life, the question I get most often is, “But how do I change my thoughts?” In order to change our thoughts, we have to be very purposeful. New thoughts don’t just happen to us. New beliefs aren’t ever going to descend upon us uninvited. In fact, because your brain is programmed for survival, most of the thoughts you want to think will be hard-won and only acquired through intention. In today’s episode I am sharing the 3 simple yet essential steps that allow you to change and acquire any new thought in your life, so you can create any result you want. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/120

Aug 19

29 min 48 sec

When we realize that our beliefs are creating the results in our lives, the next thing we want to know is how we change and build those beliefs. It’s a question that I get a lot as a coach because the better we get at believing, the more powerful creators we become. Building our beliefs is like building anything else—it requires effort and work. I think there are a lot of parallels between the work in other areas of our lives and the belief work we do in our minds. In today’s podcast, I’m sharing some of the powerful lessons that I have used to improve my work in the gym and applying them to help you in your work in your head to build your beliefs and increase your thought capacity. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/119

Aug 12

33 min 44 sec

Our brains spend a lot of time arguing with reality—telling us that things should be different than they are. But thinking things are supposed to be different leaves us stuck and disempowered. When we can’t change the circumstances of life, we can still change the way we experience our life. And one of the best ways to do this is stop believing that things should be different when they simply aren’t. In this episode, I’m sharing how accepting what is and choosing to say “Yes, and…” to everything in our lives allows us to move forward and create amazing things in our life. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/118

Aug 5

39 min 24 sec

A lot of us are committed to self improvement, but there is actually no such thing. You are already whole and so no matter what you do you can't improve yourself.  You can't get better, but you can change your life experience. You can create and design your life to be exactly the way you want it and the most powerful way to do that is through coaching.  In this special bonus episode, I'm sharing why I think coaching is the best decision you can make to get the life experience you want. And the most amazing thing is that when you change the way you live your life, the impact of that work goes far beyond you and blesses the whole world. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/call

Aug 1

11 min 15 sec

If you could wave a magic wand and change any aspect of your life, what would you change? While you might not have a magic wand, you have something just as powerful—your brain! Whether you know it or not, you have created every result in your life—even the ones you wish were different—with your thoughts. This is the best news I can give you because it means you are more powerful that you realize and it means that if you don’t like what you’ve created, you always have the power change it. It might not be magic, but it’s the closest thing to it! On today’s podcast, I am asking five powerful questions. The answers to these questions will allow you to change any result in your life by changing your thoughts. Believe it or not, your brain is as good as any magic wand and these five questions will allow you to put it to good use. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/117

Jul 29

32 min 46 sec

This is your life. Make the most of it. Don’t just move. Decide the direction you want to go and start arriving at all the places in your life that you’ve always wanted to be. None of them are off-limits. There aren’t experiences in life that are reserved only for other people or things that you are disqualified from somehow. Anything you want is available to you. You just have to get your brain out  of the way to get it. And I can help you do that.

Jul 26

16 min 46 sec

We are powerful creators. There is nothing we want in our lives that we can’t create by changing the way we think. But often when we go to do new things, create a different reality, think new things, or build new capacities or abilities, our brain will tell us that we can’t because we’ve never done it before. Your brain thinks you need evidence from the past in order to be able to create things in the future, but it’s not true. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing some powerful tools that will help you get around your brain’s objection so that you can create all the things you want, even if you’ve never done it before. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/116

Jul 22

30 min 13 sec

Your life is really just the physical manifestation of the invisible relationship between you and your brain. What is that relationship like? Who gets the most say? Who is driving the conversation? Which of you is deciding what you do and how you feel most days? Who is in charge in your relationships? Which one of you is deciding how you spend your time or your money? Which one of you has the most say in what’s really important to you? When you really understand the dynamic that exists between you and your brain, you will see how much control you really have over your life experience. In this episode, I’m sharing how to put yourself in charge more often and take more responsibility for your life instead of leaving it up to your brain. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/115

Jul 15

19 min 7 sec

In order to help others and do the work that we are uniquely capable of doing in this world, we each have to overcome the fears of our brain. Our brain cares about our survival, not our impact. In this episode, I encourage you not to give up and not to give in to your fears. I’m sharing what’s really going on when you’re scared to show up in the world and how to overcome your brain’s fear and anxiety, so that you can do hard things and make a difference in your own life and in the world at large. You matter. Your life matters. And it is worth confronting your fears in order to create the everlasting impact only you can make. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/114

Jul 8

36 min 20 sec

Even when we want to forgive, it can feel difficult to do. But the way we think about forgiveness can make it even more difficult because it can be hard to let go of negative feelings when we think someone else created them. But no one can create any feeling for us. Our pain is always created by our own thoughts. And when we really understand this, we can see that the key to forgiving others is not changing others but changing the way we think about what they have done. In today’s episode, I’m helping you think about forgiveness in a whole new way, so that you can see your power to forgive, why forgiveness is truly something we do for ourselves, and how no matter what someone else does you are always the solution to your pain. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/blog/113

Jul 1

29 min 37 sec

The purpose of repentance is to change and create a reconciliation between us and God so that we can reconnect to who we really are and who we are trying to be. But sometimes the way we think about repentance doesn’t create connection and peace—it creates shame. Instead of reconciliation, this shame creates distance and separation which is the opposite of what we want. In today’s episode, I’m offering a different way to think about our mistakes and our ability to change, and how repentance can be an amazing tool to help us do that. But the way we think about repentance matters and reframing the way you think about it will help you create the change and connection and reconciliation that you really want. Sign up for my free class, “How to Love Yourself and Your Life” here: https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/loveyourlife

Jun 24

27 min 53 sec

Even after we understand that our thoughts are creating our emotional experience and we know that to feel better we can choose what we want to think on purpose, it can still be hard to do it. Especially when things are difficult it can feel really hard to change our thoughts. What do we do then? What do you do when your brain says everything is stupid? In today’s episode I’m sharing some ideas to help you when you want to feel better, but it feels really hard to change your thoughts. To get more help, click the link to sign up for my free class, “How to Love Yourself and Your Life”: https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/loveyourlife

Jun 17

33 min 42 sec

Over the last four years I have changed my life in lots of significant ways. And all of that change was created because I started thinking differently. Today I’m sharing ten life-changing things that I have learned that have made the biggest impact on my life and my relationships. They are the ten things I wish everybody knew. No matter who you are or what your life looks like, I think if you really know and understand these ten things…it will change your life in really big ways. These ideas have far-reaching impact on how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how we experience our lives, and I want to make sure you know them too. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/110

Jun 10

33 min 17 sec

Sometimes when we hear that we are capable of anything and that it’s possible to create any change we want in our lives, we use that amazing possibility against ourselves. Instead of feeling excited and hopeful, we end up feeling stressed, paralyzed, and wrong. Our brain has all kinds of ways to keep us the same—and shaming ourselves for all the things we aren’t doing is one of the most effective. You have a life of magnificent possibility. But don’t use that against yourself. In this week’s podcast I’m sharing four ways your brain might be using your limitless possibility to keep exactly as you are. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/109

Jun 3

30 min 17 sec

Our brains are amazing prediction machines. They take the past and they use that evidence to inform us about our future, to tell us what we are capable of and what’s possible for us. But so much of what we want to create in our lives doesn’t exist in the past and so to get what we want we have to be willing and able to believe things we’ve never believed about ourselves. In this episode, I share the tools that will help you suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to believe impossible things about yourself and your life. It’s easier than you think and you already have the natural ability to do it. You just have to give yourself the permission to practice and strengthen your skills to believe impossible things, so that you can create a future that is everything you want it to be. Find out more about my group coaching program and sign up for a free call here: https://www.aprilpricecoaching/madeformore https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/108

May 27

32 min 17 sec

For many years I wasn’t proud of the way I was showing up in my life. I could see that I had problems in every area, and I thought that I was the common denominator in all of it. I thought that I was the problem. But the real common factor creating our lives is not us, it is our brain. And if we aren’t getting the results we want, we don’t have to change us, we just have to change what we are choosing to think. You might think that you can’t change, but the good news is that you don’t have to. You just have to change your brain. And I can show you how! For more information on my group coaching program, follow this link: https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/madeformore

May 26

8 min 19 sec

We each have an infinite capacity to change and become, but our brain is not interested in that at all. In fact, our brain is super resistant to change. Your brain only wants to keep you alive in the easiest, more energy-efficient way possible. It is not interested in becoming anything. It just wants to stay the same. As soon as we try to change and grow, in any area of our life, our brain offers all kinds of resistance to it. Today I’m sharing some of the brain’s primary tactics that it uses to keep us the same—so that you can be aware of your brain’s natural resistance, and not let that resistance keep you from creating all the things you really want. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/107 For more information on my group program or to sign up for a free coaching call go to: https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/madeformore

May 20

31 min 4 sec

Just like any other area of our life, when we are considering the decision to hire a coach our brains can get in the way. They can produce thoughts that create fear, doubt, skepticism, anxiety, and even embarrassment for us. And while these emotions do a great job of keeping us “safe,” they also keep us the same. In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear the thoughts and experiences of some of my amazing clients as they made the decision to invest in coaching and what that decision has created in their lives. You will hear what they were nervous about, what they have been surprised about, why they find group coaching uniquely helpful, and how coaching has been valuable to them in their lives. If you’ve ever thought about coaching, this episode will help answer your questions and concerns. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/106 For more information on my group program or to sign up for a free coaching call go to: https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/madeformore

May 13

46 min 56 sec

Most of us think that we’re supposed to be good parents. And we make that mean that we shouldn’t make any mistakes and, if we are doing our job right, our children shouldn’t either.  We think it means that our children will be happy and successful. The trouble is that so much of what we call “success” in mothering and parenting are things that we have no control over. In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing four things that you can let go of in order to love your parenting and increase your connection with your children. I’ll show you how in all your imperfection you are exactly what your children need and how all your ideas of perfect parenting are only getting in the way of being able to love your children as you are. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/105

May 6

32 min 46 sec

Most of us have never been coached and we might not know what to expect from coaching or how coaching can help us. In this episode, I explain what I do as a coach and how that can help you in your life. I’ll explain the purpose of coaching, the method and the philosophy behind my coaching and the goals I have for all my clients. Most importantly, this episode will show how coaching is different than any other problem-solving technique you’ve ever used and how it can help you find the solution to any problem in your life. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/104 Sign up for a free coaching consultation here: https://www.aprilprice coaching.com/work-with-me

Apr 28

28 min 51 sec

Life is full of contrast, conflict, and even catastrophe. We are never going to be able to control the world or the people in it, and that can feel scary until we understand that life is designed that way for our maximum growth. In today’s episode I am talking about your emotional wellness, how you can take care of yourself and take charge of your emotional life so that you can feel how you want, even when don’t control anything outside of you. Here are three important principles that I think will make a huge difference in the amount of peace and emotional wellness you can create in your life. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/103

Apr 22

33 min 24 sec

As humans, we have an instinctive tendency to want to avoid pain and discomfort. This inclination can sometimes lead us to live our lives avoiding failure and seeking the perfect circumstances—the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect house in the perfect place—in order to ensure our happiness. But when we need life to go right or be easy in order to be happy, it makes it really easy to give up when things get hard—even when we’re doing the things we really want to do. The key to creating the life you want (even when things are hard) is developing resilience. Resilience allows us to live our life and pursue our dreams without needing it to be comfortable all the time. In this episode of the podcast, my son, Caleb, and I share how to become resilient and discuss how discovering our own power to choose our experience and feel our feelings makes us resilient in every circumstance we face. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/102

Apr 15

35 min 26 sec

Sometimes we think that extraordinary lives are few and far between, hard to get, and reserved for only a special few. But the truth is that each one of us has the capacity to live an extraordinary life by living with intention and purpose. Everything that you do in your life is optional. You get to choose it all. Your right to choose your life is unalterable and absolute. None of it is determined and none of it is required and we are choosing our life, every moment of every day, whether we recognize it or not. In this episode of the podcast, I share five things that will help you use your agency to get the most out of your earth life experience and do every extraordinary thing you want to do while you are here. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/101

Apr 8

30 min 6 sec

There is so much power in the compounding effect of taking one small action in our life and then repeating it over and over. This idea is especially powerful when it comes to our thoughts because changing our thoughts is just like changing anything else in our life. We do it by thinking one thought and then choosing to think it again and again—until it is the only thing our brain knows how to think. Over the last five years, I have been able to change my life significantly and to do that the ONLY thing I changed was my brain. In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing some of the most awesome, life-changing thoughts I’ve chosen to believe, and I’ve invited my clients to share the thoughts that have changed their lives as well. Whatever result you want to create in your life, you just need to think the thought that will create it. That is how you create an amazing life—choosing one awesome thought at time. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/100

Apr 1

32 min 11 sec

Deciding to hire a coach requires us to leave our comfort zone. And whenever we choose to do that, our brain is going to protest. Our brain wants us to stay the same and do things like we've always done them. But we were never meant to stay the same.  We each have an unlimited capacity to grow and change and to tap into our amazing potential to create and become, we're going to have to stand up to our brain.  In this episode, I'm sharing the thoughts that I think when I hire my coaches so that I can get everything I want out of my life, regardless of the fear and anxiety and doubt my brain produces. www.aprilpricecoaching.com/madeformore

Mar 29

13 min 49 sec

One of the best skills we can acquire is learning how to like ourselves and our life because it affects every other area of our life. With our brains running the show, we often don’t realize that liking ourselves is an option. We don’t understand that liking ourselves isn’t something that happens to us, but instead it’s a choice we make by the way we think about ourselves. Liking ourselves and our life is never a result of what we do or what our life looks like—it’s always a result of what we think. In this episode I’ll show you how to put yourself in charge of liking you and your life, and everything you need to know to do it. Not liking yourself is the brain’s default setting, but liking yourself and your life (no matter what) is a feeling that is always available to you. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/99

Mar 25

30 min 33 sec

Our relationships are one of the most important aspects of our earth life experience. But for most of us, if we don’t currently have the relationships we want, it feels somewhat out of our control. But that is only because we don’t understand that our relationships are created entirely by the way we think. I spent years struggling in my relationships. This all changed when I found coaching and learned  three important things: our pain is always caused by our thinking and not other people’s behavior, it’s no one else’s job to make us happy, and love is not supposed to be easy. These ideas changed all my relationships and allowed me to love in ways I was never able to before. In this episode, I interview my husband to get his perspective on how our relationship and our family life changed when I changed the way I thought about the people I love and the way I thought about myself. Coaching changed the way I experience my relationships and the amount of love I feel in my life—and it can do the same for you! https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/98

Mar 18

33 min 15 sec

Your brain is the only problem you have. When you came to earth and got put in a physical body, your brain became an automatic filter between you and your earth life experience. This means that everything outside of you has to go through this filter to be experienced by you. And everything inside of you has to overcome this filter to be manifest in the world. This filter (your brain!) is what is creating all of your problems. The way your brain interprets everything that happens and the resistance it produces when we try to do things we really want to do, creates every problem you have. But this also means that the solution to every problem in your life is simple. You don’t have a million problems that all require a different solution. You just have one problem and you just need one solution. And it’s already inside of you! https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/97

Mar 11

33 min 35 sec

I used to think there were two kinds of people in the world—those that could have what they wanted and the rest of us who couldn’t. But now I know that we’re all the same. And no matter who you are, we all have the same God-given power to create our life and choose our experiences. There isn’t anything that you want that you can’t have, there isn’t any possibility that exists out there that you can’t create, and anything you want is just as possible for you as anybody else. In this episode, I’m sharing three things you need to do to become a person for whom anything is possible. Most of us seriously underestimate ourselves and limit what we think is possible for us. But these limitations are just made up by our brains and you are allowed to make up anything you want. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/96

Mar 4

25 min 44 sec

For most of us, what really gets in the way of creating the life we want is pain. We have a natural, biologic aversion to pain that has been useful in keeping us alive. But the need to avoid pain and solve for pain and live a life free from pain can actually keep us from doing the things we want. One of the most powerful things you can understand is that while your brain has a built-in instinct to avoid pain, your brain is actually the only thing in your life creating your pain. In today’s episode, I’m looking at two of the questions I get as a coach—why we don’t take action and why it’s hard to love people—and answering them with this principle in mind. Being aware of your brain's tendency to want to avoid pain while actually being the source of your pain, can help you understand yourself better so that you can create the life you want. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/95

Feb 25

30 min 9 sec

Every result in our life is created by our thoughts. This means that if we don’t love the results we are getting, the solution is to change our thoughts. But this is easier said than done because our thoughts “feel true” and our brains fight to be right about them. It can help to recognize that while no thought is inherently good or bad, or right or wrong, every thought has a different capacity to create results in our life. We can’t create amazing results with low-capacity thoughts. In this episode, I’m sharing the most common low-capacity thoughts that are keeping us from getting the life we want. No matter how true your thoughts feel, identifying a thought’s capacity to produce results can help you decide if you really want to keep thinking it. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/94

Feb 18

29 min 39 sec

One of the things that all humans have in common is the feeling that we aren’t enough. This is because our brain is measuring who we are and what we do against a constantly shifting standard of acceptability and the conclusion is always the same: we aren’t enough. A lot of us have tried to get around this feeling of not enoughness and inadequacy through achievement, self-improvement, and even righteousness.  We are constantly trying to earn our enoughness by the things we do, but this doesn’t work and it leaves us exhausted, desperate, and even more aware of our shortcomings. In this podcast episode, I share two important truths about your enoughness—there is no such thing as being enough and there is no way to be anything other than enough. Understanding this paradox will allow you to love you exactly as you are and let go of your brain’s insatiable quest to be “enough.” https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/93

Feb 11

28 min 8 sec

When we make a decision, we are choosing one thing and eliminating the other options. This feels scary because we’re afraid that if we make the wrong decision, we might impact our happiness and then we’ll have regret. But regret is not created by whether you made the right decision or the wrong decision. Regret is created by our thoughts.  It is created by what we think after we make the decision. Whatever we feel about a decision— regret or peace, anxiety or confidence—it is never created by the decision itself. On this episode I’ll teach you how to make powerful decisions without regret and show you how to replace fear with confidence no matter how big or small the decision is. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/92

Feb 4

32 min 42 sec

Pain is a part of earth life. But when we forget this and we think our pain (either physical or emotional) is a problem, our brain pays more attention to it and this increases both the perception of our pain and the actual amount of our pain. It turns out that the way we think about our pain is way more important than what we do about our pain. In this episode, I talk about the experience of both physical and emotional pain, how our thinking affects our relationship with pain, and how the way we interpret our pain can impact how much pain we have. Pain is part of being human, but you have way more control over the way you experience that pain than you may have thought. https://www.aprilpricecoaching.com/91

Jan 28

34 min 2 sec