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Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!

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Last stop before the 500th episode. Its the first time the boys use Zoom and its an adventure. Danny Limelight joins the boys to talk NJPW Strong, UWN on Fite Tv and much more. Talks turn to AEW, Impact and the UWN show. How does the NWA title fall apart? After the break, A Very Good Professional Wrestler joins the show and we talk some football, winning the Super 8,...

Sep 22

190 min

Anthony, Kate & Danny, the Triple Threat of Degeneration WHY are back for another AEW Dynamite Post Show. The squad talks about another Being the Elite, a loaded AEW Dark Card, Will Hobbs being a positioned to be a break out star, Brandi, & Avalon vs Cutler. Then its time for AEW Dynamite, and what a loaded show we got. The crew talks Thunder Rosa, tag team action, Lance Archer,...

Sep 17

122 min

The Road to 500 continues with the latest. Matt’s eating pretzels, Kevin watched Impact and Tony watched AEW. Talks turn to Lex Luger & the Lex Express, and some more AEW talk before Dave LaGreca joins us. We bust balls, talk AEW, WWE, Top 80’s songs and much more. Right after Dave, Todd Keneley the play by play man from United Wrestling Network calls in to talk about the big...

Sep 15

184 min

Its the Fall Out from ALL OUT as Anthony, Ryan and Kate go Triple Threat Style and run down the show, what they loved, hated and the overall feel of the show. After that it’s on to AEW Dynamite. What did they think of Kip’s best man, did they bounce back after the PPV. Lots of insights & interesting takes on AEW. Its a must listen to episode.

Sep 10

126 min

The Road to 500 Continues, and we kick off the night with the Fall Out from All Out. We go over our picks, what we loved about the PPV, what we hated, and who we hated. As these talks wind down the MLW Tag Team Champions of the World, Marshall and Ross Von Erich join us from Hawaii. Tons of talk about MLW, Team Filthy, being a Von Erich, wrestling...

Sep 8

205 min

Kate, Danny, Matt & Anthony are back to break down the Go Home AEW Dynamite Show to All Out. We start off hot talking about BTE, and Matt is out of control about AEW Figures, and Peanut Butter Cups. Quick run down of AEW Dark and we are off to the races with AEW Dynamite. We get a run down of the Rankings, and then its on. The discord is...

Sep 3

129 min

Matt & Kevin are joined by Ryan from the Wednesday Night squad as they break down the busy week that was wrestling. WWE Payback is first on the agenda, Ryan doesn’t watch WWE but watched for the 1st time in a while, so he weighs in on the conversation with Matt & Kevin. Is the Fiend Ruined? Do we love Roman now? Ring of Honor’s Dak Draper calls in to...

Sep 1

215 min

Thursday Night Dynamite, and the whole crew is back. Kate, Anthony, Ryan, Danny & Matt are back to talk AEW. We quickly catch up with each other before talking about how great Being the Elite is, talks turn to AEW Dark this week, then we dive deep into Dynamite. Thoughts on the gauntlet match as it kicked off the show, did the right team win? Darby Allin is a maniac,...

Aug 28

117 min

The road to 500 continues as Impact Wrestling’s Eric Young joins us. Kevin is in his glory as him & EY talk NHL Hockey Playoffs, talk turns to his WWE Exit, Vince missing the boat with him, and his return to Impact. We talk about the talent in Impact, what’s next for EY, the love/hate relationship with Independent Wrestling & so much more. Its a great interview, and Eric Young...

Aug 25

188 min

Matt, Anthony, Danny & Rhi get together to do a 1st time AEW Watch Along as they catch the August 22nd AEW Saturday Night Dynamite. Its a full show, as we all watch the show for the 1st time. We talk FTR vs Private Party, try and keep up with the MJF, Moxley Promos. Really enjoy The Elite vs Dark Order, Matt shits all over the Women’s Tag Match, we...

Aug 24

104 min

The Boys are back for a jam packed show. We catch up with each other before jumping in to WWE Raw and Raw Underground from last week. This takes us to the Thunderdome, whatever that is. Talks turn to the crazy Sonya Deville situation, and Matt puts his foot in his mouth trying to get his point across. Impact talk is up next, Brian Myers, Wrestle House, oh my. Tony...

Aug 18

187 min

The OG’s are back to talk AEW Deadly Draw Tag Cup, AEW Dark & AEW Dynamite. Its a loaded show, as we get into an intense talk about the women of AEW, cover some Dark, and then its on to Dynamite. Tag team appreciation night, Cody defends the TNT Title, the Tag Titles are on the line, plus Rock N Roll Express, and we cover it all & more. Its...

Aug 13

113 min

The crew is back for another jam packed episode. Tony had his vacation ruined by the storm, Matt had his week ruined by the storm, and Kevin killed it on twitter during Impact. We talk some BBQ & Salad, before jumping into the week that was wrestling. Marty Jannetty is a topic, as we move on to AEW, and the expectations to sign everyone who is a free agent. Some...

Aug 11

161 min

Kevin and Tony from the Shining Wizards take over for Matt and join Kate the Great and Ryan Van Dam for tag team coverage of this week’s show. Moxley defended the AEW Championship against Darby Allin, the Elite and FTR take on the Dark Order in 12-man action, the Best Friends take on Santana and Ortiz, and Eric Bischoff returns to moderate a debate between Le Champion and Freshly Squeezed!...

Aug 7

125 min

Matt, Kevin and Kate the Great are back for another action packed episode. We catch up on where Matt was last week, he buries Tony, then we chat some AEW and the Matt Cardona thing before being joined by one of the up & coming stars in the NorthEast TJ Crawford. Talks include time spent during COVID, ring rust, the Beach Bums, Heavy Metal and much more. After a quick...

Aug 4

169 min

The Triple Threat of Ant Money, Kate the Great & Ryan Van Dam run this weeks AEW Dynamite Post Show. There is some Being the Elite Talk, followed by some AEW Dark before the main event. AEW Dynamite. Matt Cardona is a hot topic, plus the squad breaks down the whole show. What they liked, what they didn’t like & what they are looking forward too. Its a jam packed...

Jul 30

107 min

Kate the Great joins the Two Man Army tonight, so you know there’s plenty of AEW talk. Plenty of coverage goes around concerning the upcoming women’s tag team tournament, Brian Cage and his fake belt, the Jericho cruise and much more. There’s some quick wraparound coverage of New Japan before the crew is joined by Brian Pillman, Jr. We discuss his quick rise to stardom, his matches in AEW, and...

Jul 28

154 min

Its another AEW Dynamite Post Show. Anthony, Danny & Matt kick off the show with some Being the Elite Talk, AEW Dark, the Rankings for July 22, and then we dive into AEW Dynamite. The gang raves about Eddie Kingston answering Cody’s open challenge, talk some MJF, cover the Britt promo, Taz/Brian Cage/Darby/Starks then are joined by Kate the Great who also suffered the same fate as Matt with the...

Jul 23

121 min

Kevin got a Mac book, Brian Pillman Jr had to reschedule, we had a ton to talk about, Francis Wright AKA Frantik called in, talked about fixing the wrestling industry, the government, Tin Foil hats & Iron Maiden among other things. We also talked Slammiversary, Extreme Rules Horror Show, a little AEW, Can you Top That, Kevin’s Top 5 List and so much more. Its a fully loaded show, and...

Jul 21

189 min

Being the Elite, AEW Dark, and AEW Dynamite Fight for the Fallen are all the topics covered this week and more. We talk a little about BTE, then dive into Dark & some of our favorite moments, including Shawn Spears, Will Hobbs & Diamante. Then we dive head first into Fight for the Fallen, covering all the match, the stories, what we loved, what we hated & so much more....

Jul 16

124 min

We are back, and Everything is indeed EVIL. New Japan Cup and Dominion have come and gone. The boys are stunned by the results, but in a good way. Matt is so excited that he can’t even speak the English language right. From NJPW we jump over to NXT & The Great American Bash, specifically the Keith Lee/Adam Cole Match. Talks turn to the New US Championship, some AEW Fyter...

Jul 14

144 min

Degeneration Why is back to talk AEW Dark from July 7th, and the 2nd Night of Fyter Fest from July 8th. Its a PPV quality show, the gang rocks it on the hot mic, and they break down every match and so much more. Which night did we enjoy more, night 1 or 2? What was the match of the night? What did we love? Did we hate anything? Its...

Jul 9

121 min

Technical glitches and power outages, be damned! Tony and Kevin discuss high fashion, Fyter Fest and the New Japan Cup, plus title belts and speculation around the new WWE US title belt. Fresh from a return to power, Matt joins the boys to put a spin on New Japan booking. Then it’s game time, as Kevin plays another round of Top Five with a contest covering WWECW, and Tony brings...

Jul 7

157 min

Its the July 1st AEW Dynamite Post Show. We talk a little Van Halen before diving into AEW Dark, if you’re not watching Dark, you should be. Then we dive into Fyter Fest Night 1. Covering all the action, what we liked, what we didn’t like & what the future holds for AEW. Plus what should AEW do about Tessa Blanchard. Find out who we thought was the break out...

Jul 2

124 min

The boys are back on the Skype to talk all things wrestling. Its been a week, & there is a ton to cover. We put a bow on the #SpeakingOut topic with a few more firings & promotions closing, then we turn our attention to Tessa Blanchard & Impact. Cover some Impact, then move onto COVID 19 in wrestling before we are joined by Bobby Vala from Valaverse to talk...

Jun 30

144 min

Its the go home show to AEW’s Fyter Fest. The gang talks about the #SpeakingOut movement, Sammy Guevara, and all the terrible stories we’ve heard for the last week. Once we put a bow on that, we cover AEW Dark, then dive into Dynamite from June 24th 2020. Its a jam packed episode full of Tag Matches, Press Conferences, Lumberjack Matches and more. If you’re an AEW Fan this show...

Jun 25

156 min

This week we get into the #SpeakingOut movement. We are 100% for it, and we are upset about the whole situation. We spend a good 50 minutes on it, if you are tired of hearing about it, please skip those 1st 50 minutes, we understand. We get silly & talk MLW, New Japan Cup, and the 1st 3 nights, talk a little AEW & Kevin’s TOP 5 List rocks our...

Jun 23

150 min

Its the June 17th Episode of AEW Dynamite. The crew breaks down the show from the Tag Title Opener to the Tag Team Main Event #1 Contenders Match, and everything in between. Everyone is impressed with the newest addition to the women’s division, disappointed with 1 of the tag matches, and very happy with the Star of AEW. Find out all of this & much more by listening to the...

Jun 18

129 min

The Finals of the IC Tournament have come to an end, and we discuss the winner. Coming in hot off of the WWE Backlash PPV. Matt is all sorts of fired up about the Street Profits & Viking Raiders, we talk the PPV, the Paul Heyman firing and much more. NXT is next up, as we talk last weeks show & some news and notes. MLW, AEW & Impact all...

Jun 16

150 min

Kate, Matt, Danny and Anthony are back to talk AEW Dynamite from June 10, 2020. We catch up on what’s been going on the last week in our lives, talk a little NJPW, and then dive right into AEW. AEW Dark kicked off AEW this week, and we were very happy with the results. After some talk about Dark, we go all in on Dynamite. Its a full show on...

Jun 11

140 min

Matt. Kevin and Tony are back for another episode of your favorite show. After some banter, we dive into NXT In Your House, with a detour to the Drake Maverick situation, before wrapping up. Some news and notes, MLW, NJPW, Impact and WWE as we prepare for Backlash. Plus we talk the Finals of the Greatest IC Tournament. Its a full, fun, action packed episode.

Jun 9

157 min

The Shining Wizards are joined by members of D-Generation Why Ryan Arthur, Anthony and Danny Russoniello, and Phil Raia from the Turnbuckle Throwbacks for the Shining Wizards Draft 2020.

Jun 5

161 min

Degeneration Why is back to talk the June 3rd episode of AEW Dynamite. Tag Titles are on the line, Brian Cage has another match, Jericho faces Cabana for the 1st time ever, Big Swole is back, and the TNT Title is on the line. As well as a sit down with FTR, the road to the Fyter Fest and much more. Its a packed show, and if you’re an AEW...

Jun 4

124 min

Another Monday Night, Another Wizards Episode. Kevin has never heard the Hart Foundation Killer Bees promo so we find that, talk some 80’s wrestling, some Smackdown & the Jeff Hardy story before Guy Evans, author of the Nitro Book calls in. We talk about the process of the book, his favorite people to talk too, and if there will be a follow up book. After that we get into some...

Jun 2

144 min

Its a busy week in AEW. We break down Double or Nothing, briefly touch on AEW Dark, break down the rankings for the week and then cover the Post Double or Nothing AEW Dynamite Show. Wild 6 Man Tag Action, Brian Cage makes his singles debut, A tag team match with the winner getting a title shot next week, the new AEW Women’s Champ defends the title, a battle royal...

May 28

166 min

We are back to cover AEW Double or Nothing. Tony lost a bet to Matt, so he has to wear a Lucha Libre match during the show, which looks as silly as it sounds. The gang talk about Double or Nothing, Tony & Kevin are on the fence about Brian Cage, Matt loves everything they did, and the boys have some good debates about the show. Talks get serious as...

May 26

120 min

Ant, Kate, Ryan, Danny & Matt are back to cover the go home show for AEW’s Double or Nothing. We break down the matches, Mox vs 10, MJF vs Marko Stunt, Jake/Arn Showdown, Fenix vs Orange Cassidy, Britt/Nyla vs Shida/Statlander, & Sammy vs Hardy, plus we talk Promos, dive deep in to the Women’s Division & more. We also preview the PPV this Saturday Night and we make our picks....

May 21

179 min

They boys are back & ready to rock. They talk about the Greatest IC Tournament and some NWA before 1/2 the Wildcards & Member of Strictly Business Royce Isaacs joins the Boys. Talk quickly turns to True Crime, and who we are fascinated with. We turn our attention on the NWA, The Wildcards, Billy Corgan & much. Plus Royce has his own true crime podcast dropping soon. After Royce we...

May 19

153 min

Tony had a conversation with Dave over the weekend, and Dave happened to mention that he had an early version of the script to “No Holds Barred,” the movie that became a classic to wrestling fans in the late 80s. You know the one, starring Hulk Hogan and “Tiny” Lister as Zeus? Anyway, he suggested to Tony that they actually read it and do some analysis. The guys don’t read...

May 15

151 min

Matt, Kate, Anthony, Ryan and Danny are back to discuss AEW Dynamite from May 13, 2020. It was a hell of a show, we break down each segment, talk a little AEW Dark, Cody & his truck, tag team action all over the place. The ladies shined. Mike Tyson!!! Jericho, The Inner Circle, The Elite and much more. Plus its Kate’s Birthday, Danny doesn’t know who the Killer Bees are...

May 14

152 min

We are back with another action packed episode. We talk WWE’s Money in the Bank, and what we thought of the new concept. We cover Shining Wizards Picks, the Money in the Bank Match & more WWE in the first hour. Prince Nana joins us to kick off the second hour, to talk about the book he is working on, the Embassy, the impact of an African American owner in...

May 12

161 min

We are back to cover the May 6th, 2020 Show. Matt, Kate, Anthony, Ryan and Dan talk of the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. Cody vs Joey, the Nyla Rose match, the AEW Women’s Division, Mox vs Kazarian, Archer vs Marshall, & Le Sex Gods vs Hardy/Omega. Sprinkle in some MJF & Shawn Spears promos, match announcements for Double or Nothing & we have a ton to talk about. Join...

May 7

141 min

It’s a first in the Skype era of the Shining Wizards as we have our 1st guest Thunderheart J George. Everyone is doing ok, Matt is heated about the neighborhood people who don’t understand what the stay at home order is. Talk turns to J George teaming with the Warlord, which Version of Mabel did we enjoy most, the King of the Ring 95, 99 & SummerSlam 95. Plus some...

May 5

134 min

Matt, Kate, Anthony & Ryan are back on this chilly Wednesday Night to talk about the latest edition of AEW Dynamite. The Semi Finals of the TNT Tournament Take Place, and we find out who faces off in the Finals at AEW Double or Nothing. We talk about the NO DQ Tag Match, Wardlow, Brodie Lee, and what the road to Double or Nothing looks like. Plus lots of laughs,...

Apr 30

126 min

Lockdown continues, and so do the Skype shows. Kevin has been watching a lot of wrestling, Matt read an Al Snow Book, and Tony can’t say out of facebook groups. We talk some AEW, MLW, Impact, WWE & so much more. Who we like in the finals of the TNT Tournament, the AEW Rankings, MLW Fusion & what the future holds for MLW, Impacts Rebellion, WWE, Money in the Bank...

Apr 28

131 min

Another Wednesday Night, another Dynamite Review. Matt, Kate, Danny & Anthony cover the latest episode of Dynamite. Kate is back after her battle with COVID-19, Matt missed the show, so the Crew leads Matt through the show. Cody’s Promo, the TNT Championship Matches, Wardlow, Brodie Lee, Kenny Omega and much more. Its an in depth look at AEW

Apr 23

115 min

The boys are back at it again, talking all things from the week of wrestling, plus they are working with a new system, Hot Mic. We talk about Black Wednesday, the surprise releases, & where we think those folks are heading. A little Money in the Bank talk, AEW, and Wrestling Twitter After Dark. We get some news and notes out of the way, plus we talk about what we...

Apr 21

134 min

Another Wednesday Night with Degeneration Why. Matt is joined by Anthony, Danny, and Ryan. They get into the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. Talks turn to Jake Roberts & Lance Archer, the TNT Tournament, the Moxley vs Hager No Holds Barred Match, and much more. Tons of COVID 19 talk and the affects it’s having on AEW and the world of wrestling. Plus Double or Nothing, the WWE Release’s today,...

Apr 16

93 min

The boys are back together, and while the world is in chaos, they bring you your weekly wrestling talk! WWE is designated as “essential” in Florida and they plan on bringing more live shows. Impact taped some shows for the future, AEW keeps moving on, and MLW stretches out its tapings from Mexico. Was it a mistake for Shanya Baszler and Rhea Ripley to come up short at WrestleMania? Who’s...

Apr 14

142 min

Degeneration Why is back with another AEW Dynamite Post Show. We cover everything from the show, from the Jake Roberts Promo, to the hype for Mox vs Hager, the Tag Match with The Best Friends vs Kenny & Michael, Brodie Lee, Lance Archer, and the 1st Quarterfinal Match of the TNT Championship Tournament. Plus we talk a little Dark Side of the Ring, where AEW will be once these tapings...

Apr 9

102 min

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