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Jack Lundquist

Jack Lundquist gets to know strangers and his loved-ones through contemplative questions and silly prompts.

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When do you feel most like a child, and when do you think most like a child? Hear answers from a surfer, a vegan who loves ice cream, an animal rights activist, and other strangers in Philadelphia. – Show Notes: Interviewee's Music Recommendations: Wake With by TR/ST Spray Paint by Black Moth Super Rainbow – Brought to You By: John Lundquist LLC, my freelance illustration company Explore the portfolio at:


Dec 2

35 min 3 sec

What about your future is most difficult to not know the outcome of? Hear answers from an opera singer, a news stand owner, a poet, and other strangers on the streets of Philadelphia. – Show Notes: Audrey Lee Poetry Selected Work: "Probably, Angels" Book: – Brought to You By: John Lundquist LLC, my creative media company Whether you have a business that needs a video or a best friend that needs a Christmas gift, I'm ready to help. Explore the portfolio at:


Nov 10

26 min 9 sec

Strangers share a decision that they're glad they made that not many people supported at the time. Brought to you by John Lundquist LLC: Hire Jack Lundquist to make videos, illustrations, or sculptures for you or your business. Visit Jack's portfolio at:


Oct 14

28 min 37 sec

Tim Hogeboom shares the process and personal impact of creating his Appalachian Trail documentary, North to Katahdin. Blog Post:


Sep 29

40 min 7 sec

The staff of Viva Video, a video rental store, shares important life events and which film directors could best portray them. Blog Post:

Jun 1

54 min 38 sec

Each interviewee titles the first and last chapters of a hypothetical book that tells the history of their romantic love life. Blog Post:


May 9

1 hr 13 min

Educators recall memories of sharing different opinions in class and how teachers can encourage their students to do the same. Blog Post:

May 9

46 min 57 sec

Christians reflect on self-judgment and developing their relationships with Jesus. Blog Post:

May 9

37 min 45 sec