Where The Living Meet The Dead

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Raconteur Robert Edgerly tells ghost stories and hosts extraordinary tours in one of our favorite ghoulish cities, Savannah, GA. Robert has curated tales that are a mixture of myths, murders and suspense that takes your imagination winding down the cobblestoned streets of one of the oldest and most curious of cities.https://www.savannahghostlytours.com

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Robert Luis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island begins with Billy Bones knocking on the front door of the inn looking for Captain Flint. Legend holds that Flint died in the upper room yelling “Bring Arf the rum, Darby.” They say he died of rum poisoning but I say he died becauseDarby didn’t bring him another rum!

Nov 25

17 min 30 sec

Intense shades of pink are thought to promote sensuality, and passion, as well as creativity, energy, and, as studies have suggested, the color is thought to raise pulse rate and blood pressure.

Nov 18

19 min 26 sec

In 1861 a local Irishman who perished in the Battle ofManassas was buried on land adjacent to the Catholic Cathedral and when the home was built no one bothered to move the burial. The grave was disturbed when the basement was dug and the remains unceremoniously moved to Laurel Grove Cemetery.

Nov 11

16 min 28 sec

It was the lady in room 204. She was very upset and seemed quite shaken, she said, “My husband is on the floor. He won’tget up. Please help me!,” and she hung up.

Nov 4

17 min 23 sec

A kiss on the cheek, a little girl vanishes at the foot of thebed, chills that have nothing to do with the cold, an embalming room in the basement, blood curdling screams in the night, there are a lot ofghosts in this inn.

Oct 31

19 min 32 sec

The British didn’t say ghost. They said haunt or spectre. If you read Chaucer, Shakespeare, or Sir Thomas More, they mention haunt. “Haint” is the Gullah dialect for "haunt”. Haint blue keeps the haints out.

Oct 31

14 min 38 sec

It’s a classic ghost story. Three members of the household saw him that day and two lived to talk about it. Three people witnessed the same thing and no way to collaborate it. It’s a love story: Willie came back to get her.

Oct 27

22 min 49 sec

A sailor swinging from a noose on the post of a bedin the third floor bedroom. The dying gasps of a youngwoman sickened by pneumonia. An ancient crypt belowthe foundation, accidently unearthed and then hastilysealed by terrified workmen. Visitors still feel a bonechilling cold when they cross the threshold.

Oct 27

18 min 18 sec

Alice was the first woman to be hung in the state of Georgia and she was hung here in 1735. A nineteen year old, blue eyed, red-haired Irish girl hung in the middle of the square for three days as a murderer. Her common-law husband was hung eight months earlier.

Oct 22

21 min 42 sec

Born large and grew to be much larger. Renee was 7 ft tall and weighed more than 350 lbs. He was 14 years old when they lynched him.

Oct 22

11 min 46 sec