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Dion Gosling

Designing sporting and community spaces differently with Third Place Thinking™ so they unite cultures and people from across the globe.

Listen to Third Place Thinking™️ Founder, Sports Architect and former Olympian, Dion Gosling, discuss how this way of thinking can positively impact your local sporting and community facilities whilst giving glimpses of his life as an elite sportsperson and how this now shapes his design work.

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106 + NGV Melbourne Design Week 2021 - Transforming Everyday Public Spaces into Thriving Third Places Presentation by Dion Gosling, 106 Architects - 31 March 2021. How will design transform and shape life in the future development of community & sport facilities?  106 Director + Sports Architect, Dion Gosling OLY - Principal Architect, deep dives into the concept and detail that Third Place brings in sports architecture - both the buildings and the field of play. He addresses the following key questions » How do we design for a richness of experience? What role does scale and familiarity have? What is the impact and influence of cultural overlay? And how can design meet community needs? From the platform of Third Place thinking, Dion looks at how we might transform our community places and spaces. Designers are rapidly reimagining our built and social environment. From speculative structures to breakthrough approaches this theme explores new wave design-thinking in the context of our community and sporting infrastructure.  This event was part of Melbourne Design Week 2021, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV. It was also supported by Parks & Leisure Australia - VIC/TAS chapter.

Apr 7

29 min 52 sec

Recording from Simon Says featuring Dion Gosling - former New Zealand Black Sticks, Olympian and 2002 Commonwealth Games Silver medalist who's hockey career spanned over 12 years and earned him a total number of 169 caps - being interview by Simon Madden, former AFL superstar! Dion - Founder and Director of 106 Architects - is also a Registered Architect in Australia and New Zealand with over 25-years’ experience, who combines his years of elite sport and spacial awareness into his innovative sports designs. Simon also catches up with Tiffany Cherry - an Australian sports broadcaster, best known as the Australian Football League (AFL's) first female boundary rider on the original Fox Footy. She was the co-host of the Foxtel 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver as well as a Presenter of the Network's ASTRA Awards winning 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and Logie Award-winning 2012 Olympic Games in London. 

Sep 2020

52 min 44 sec

Recording from 1377 SEN+ Radio’s The Breakfast Stable featuring their interview with 106 Architects Director & Principal Architect, Dion Gosling. In this, Dion speaks about his experiences in playing hockey, rebuilding the Dunsandel Community Centre in the wake of Christchurch earthquakes ...and how Third Place thinking can be applied to help those after the recent Australian bushfire crisis. He also discusses the upcoming National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne Design Week event - a conversation around Transforming Everyday Public Spaces Into Thriving Third Places - at The Spotted Mallard, 3.30pm Thursday 19 March. Presenters: Helen Reizer, Jaq Muller, Catherine Cervasio & Peter Hilcke.

Mar 2020

11 min 9 sec