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The Be Healthy Podcast brings you closer to the connection between the Greater Bristol, Connecticut community and the medical professionals who care for it.

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Mary Lynn Gagnon stops by the show to talk all things Bristol Hospital Foundation, the Emergency Center Expansion Project, and her plans as she heads into retirement.

Nov 12

34 min 17 sec

Meet Plastic Surgeon Julia Toto, MD and learn what inspires her and hear her insight on the dangers of the plastic surgery tourism phenomenon.

Aug 27

44 min 46 sec

Longtime Bristol residents and Bristol Hospital supporters Marie & Tom O'Brien join the show to reflect on their years in Bristol, their upbringing, their family, some personal experiences, and to even share some insight into the vote that brought ESPN to the city. 

Jul 14

51 min 4 sec

Dr. Khaula Khatlani, MD, director of occupational medicine, and Laura Leonetti, RN, COHN-S, join the show to bust the many myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine as well as announce the kick-off of Bristol Health's PACT program aimed at helping COVID long-haulers recover. 

Jun 8

50 min 9 sec

Physical Therapists Jennifer Carbone and Brittany Telke join the show to talk about vestibular therapy, what it is and how it can help patients suffering from vertigo. 

May 21

30 min 7 sec

Foot and ankle specialist Dr. Peter Bellezza joins the show to talk all things foot health, his road to becoming a podiatrist and his determination to bring podiatry to the Greater Bristol community. 

May 4

33 min 52 sec

Physical Therapists Brittany Telke and Merinessa Quintilla talk the art of cupping therapy, how it can help and who's a good candidate. 

Apr 15

29 min 56 sec

Joint replacement specialist Thomas O'Shea, MD joins the show to talk knees, hips and shoulders.

Mar 23

40 min 38 sec

Rehab Dynamic's Shannon Hickey and Heather Garretson join the show to talk Dry Needling and how it can help with muscle pain. 

Mar 15

31 min 19 sec

Bristol Health Medical Group Cardiologist Dr. Richard Gosselin shares the Top 8 tips to a healthier heart. 

Feb 27

43 min 34 sec

Tim and Jenny O'Connor, relatives of one of Bristol Hospital's founders, Fuller Barnes, stop by the show to talk about their family ties to the organization and the City of Bristol as well as their personal experience with the hospital. 

Feb 22

34 min 36 sec

Bristol Historical Society member Bob Adamczyk joins the show to talk about the history of the City of Bristol and, as Bristol Hospital celebrates its 100 year anniversary, how the medical institution came to life. 

Jan 21

48 min 40 sec

Meet one of the Bristol Health Medical Group's newest primary care providers, Dr. Erika Chico as she talks about parenthood, growing up in the Philippines, her thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine and more.

Jan 12

32 min 17 sec

Rehab Dynamics' physical therapists Kevin Jacobs and Chris Dunham join the show to talk back pain. 

Dec 2020

37 min 59 sec

Dr. Margarita Reyes, palliative care and hospice medical director, as well as Sophie Whitlock, RN join the show to talk about palliative care. 

Nov 2020

36 min 17 sec

Renowned surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Brady, joins the show to talk about the importance of breast screenings, diagnosing and treating breast cancer, and all things breast health.

Oct 2020

47 min 58 sec

Meet one of Bristol Health's newest faces, general surgeon Tanya Olszewski, MD and discover her love for performing hernia repair surgeries as well as her adventurous side. 

Oct 2020

34 min 50 sec

Primary care's Emily Durocher, PA-C, joins to show to talk about delivering care in the community she grew up, the difficulty of planning a wedding during a pandemic and her time spent with the Amish. 

Aug 2020

29 min 38 sec

Get to know Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Henry Lin, including his time in the military, what's most rewarding about his career, and his love for Star Wars.

Aug 2020

40 min 57 sec

Keona Dawson-Camerota, APRN, and Liran Blum, MD, join the show to talk about the detrimental effects of social injustice and health disparities among African-Americans.

Aug 2020

42 min 3 sec

Rebecca Colasanto, LCSW, System Director of Behavioral Health talks the importance of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. (May 21, 2020)

Jun 2020

43 min 20 sec

Cardiologist Dr. Liran Blum and Primary Care physician Dr. Nandini Menon talk Telehealth and COVID-19. (May 6, 2020)

Jun 2020

40 min 35 sec

Dr. Kamakshi Vemareddy talks about pregnancy and COVID-19. (April 23, 2020)

Jun 2020

34 min 12 sec

EPISODE 4: COVID-19 Donations Manager Julia Belanger talks about the effort and the outpouring of support from the community. (April 9, 2020)

Jun 2020

36 min 28 sec

Dr. Andrew Lim, Director of Emergency Medicine answers questions regarding the coronavirus (March 31, 2020).

Jun 2020

40 min 34 sec

Dave Koscuk, Bristol Health's Director of EMS, Public Safety and Emergency Management, talks COVID-19. (March 25, 2020)

Jun 2020

22 min 49 sec

Director of Sleep Medicine Dr. Toshita Kumar joins the podcast for a conversation on the importance of sleep, what "well-rested" should feel like, the effects of technology plays on having a good night's sleep and more. (March 9, 2020)

Jun 2020

39 min 25 sec