Worst Movies Ever Played

By Starburns Audio

Worst Movies Ever Played is a new actual play podcast where three comedians improvise hilariously bad VHS movies. The kind you'd find scavenging through the dumpster behind a Blockbuster Video.Hosts Patrick Baker (Regular Show), Brent Butler (Norm Macdonald Live), and Geoffrey Golden (Wet Hot American Summer RPG) produce cheesy movies on the fly using the Straight to VHS roleplaying game. They play every role and narrate the action, while Hollywood sound designer Adam Baker (The Invisible Man) provides the music and SFX. Season one packs in the schlock: a man’s brain being transplanted into Air Force One, a small town cop solving mysteries with a talking owl, teens using satanic magic to make self-driving cars, and a low budget sci-fi flick called Space Squad that’s legally distinct from another unnamed popular space movie franchise. No lights! No cameras! But ten episodes of action! Also plenty of dice-rolling, bizarre characters, and mind-numbing plot twists – all without the rental fees.

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