In order to better navigate the world of open finance, it is necessary to know every element that makes it up, with which to build innovative and effective solutions. Here they are explained by the Fabrick team.

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What is a split payment? Is it a procedure that can make your life easier? Find out in this podcast how the PACE Split Payment service can help companies that decide to use it and how it works.

Nov 16

4 min 39 sec

Today, the reconciliation process continues to be fundamental for any company, but with the PACE solution it becomes agile and fast, simple and efficient. Listen to why

Nov 16

3 min 52 sec

Within the Fabrick Payment & Collection Engine solution there are various payment tools available. Find out what they are and how to use them, and learn how to make a payment with PACE, it's as easy as that.

Nov 16

4 min 32 sec

Find out what the Payment & Collection Engine, Fabrick's innovative solution for recurring payments, is all about. In this podcast we explain what it can do for you, when and where it can be used and why you should do it.

Nov 16

5 min 48 sec

Many businesses are reluctant to give employees a business debit card for fear of inappropriate use. With Controls for Business, this risk can be minimised through a combination of controls on how the debit card may be used and payment notifications to the owner.With this, and other functionality, Controls for Business can drive card issuance & use, as well as adding value to business customers.

Sep 2

9 min 41 sec

After PSD2 and the mastercard mandate for its provision, Biometric SCA is fast becoming the standard for online payment authentication. And customers express a strong preference for its ease of use.Listen to our podcast to hear how Fabrick’s SDK or stand-alone app can be quickly deployed for biometric payment authentication or indeed for any banking operation where the customer’s identity needs to be confirmed.

Jun 30

8 min 5 sec

By delivering real-time payment notifications and the option to temporarily “freeze” their credit or debit card, Card Control gives users the power to manage where, when and how their cards are being used. Find out more about the Card Control suite of products which issuers can offer to both business and retail customers for debit and credit card portfolios.

Jun 30

7 min 6 sec

The Payment & Collection Engine is a solution created for the insurance industry but today it can benefit many different types of companies. Discover with us what it is all about.

May 25

10 min 28 sec

Local payments have special characteristics and can be managed differently than other payments. Why? And how can they be handled in practice? Listen and find out.

May 18

10 min 3 sec

to management can be inconvenient if you don't have the right solutions. But luckily, there are several, aimed especially at companies that in addition to having a physical store have also opened an online one.

May 18

11 min 27 sec

From the name it is quite intuitive to understand what it is about but it is very important to find out how it works and especially when it can be useful to us to use it and why.

May 18

13 min 11 sec

Leveraging AISP/PISP licenses Fabrick enriches its enabling model that provides for the delivery of services also in as-a-service mode. Discover the use cases.

May 18

21 min 25 sec