Online Success Journey

Patience Nyesigire

The Online Success Journey shares the real stories of entrepreneurs who encounter speed bumps and detours, but journey through to find success.

This is not your typical podcast, but one that takes a hard look in the rear-view mirror to let you see how successful people overcame obstacles to reach the top.

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Diane Tarshis is a seasoned business advisor and founder of Startup Distillery. At the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Diane discovered a research center on campus and, as a student consultant, she worked with a range of local Philadelphia entrepreneurs, writing business plans and providing strategic counsel. The experience changed her life (as well as her long-term career goals). She spent years working on Wall Street in investment banking, then moved to Chicago to work in operations and treasury for various Chicago-based companies, some with operations overseas. But Diane always knew that she would go back to working with entrepreneurs, and so started her own business. For the last 20 years, she has helped over 200 entrepreneurs start their business by pulling from the same skills she developed during her days at Wharton and her run through corporate America. Diane uses her unique mix of finance, retail, manufacturing and operations experience to help entrepreneurs distill their ideas into profitable, growing businesses.

Nov 18

30 min 34 sec

Michael Marra is a former civil engineer and now serial entrepreneur and investor. He is currently the CEO of Entre, a social network and e-learning platform for entrepreneurs. The community consists of over 15,000+ entrepreneurs from all over the world. Entre is designed to help every new, young and growing entrepreneur, with divisions that provide individuals with cutting-edge education, shopping, financial and self-development. It is an all-in-one platform to connect with other like-minded individuals, start companies, work in startups, learn about investing, and develop your own skills to be the best and most true authentic self you can be.

Nov 11

34 min 43 sec

Vincent Cheng was born, raised and presently resides in Canada, but his explorations across 32 countries have anchored his connection to diverse cultures, formulating a deep understanding of humanity at large. He began his career as an electrical engineer in 2004, and a year later, alongside this, Vincent began his quest of conducting orchestras, choirs and operas. He coached and conducted hundreds of amateurs and professionals across Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East in voice and musicianship. Vincent retired from engineering to fully devote his pursuit of the music profession and in 2012 sold all his possessions, traveled and conducted operas across the globe. In 2014, he returned to Canada and began his studies in psychotherapy, as he continued his conducting career. These diverse worlds of work and life experiences led him to develop ‘Heal The Source’, a method that helps people fast-track their own healing based on their need for change and development. His visionary way of thinking and his intriguing ability to motivate and inspire is what guides him in serving others through Heal The Source to heal the world!

Nov 5

38 min 25 sec

Sabine Gedeon is the Founder & CEO of Gedeon Enterprises, a coaching and consulting company dedicated to elevating, enriching, and empowering leaders to become the best version of themselves. She has been an author, a Business Partner and Leadership Strategist for over 15 years, and the President and Founder of SHE Leads Network, a network for impact-driven women in leadership, focused on transforming the way women work, lead, and do business together. Sabine’s expertise includes career, leadership and life coaching, talent management and organizational and leadership development. She helps clients show up as themselves, fully and confidently, so they become active participants in their lives and workspaces. Whether a team of one or a team of 99, Sabine works with founders, executives, and other emerging leaders, teaching them how to take courageous action towards achieving their goals, while humanizing and advancing their leadership ability.

Oct 28

40 min 26 sec

Vikrant Shaurya is the CEO and Founder of, and the author of two #1 bestsellers. A lifelong lover of books, Vikrant started his first company, The Books Factory, to help thought leaders become book authors and gave new authors the platform they needed to grow their business using a white-glove service that produced not just ordinary books, but #1 bestsellers. Rebranding The Books Factory as, he and his team are producing books that consistently transform their authors’ lives. They help them win massively more clients; get invited to numerous TV shows, podcasts, and speaking gigs; and ultimately skyrocket their business like never before. Vikrant has already helped more than 500 aspiring authors become bestselling authors, win massively more clients; get invited to numerous TV shows, podcasts, and speaking gigs; and ultimately skyrocket their business like never before.

Oct 21

33 min 34 sec

Integrative Productivity™ Expert, Angela Kristen Taylor, is mostly known for creating the Productive Flow Mastery™ methodology, her integrative whole body approach to productivity and business growth. She’s made it her personal mission to help ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and sales professionals overcome stress & chaos so they can create the life and business they want and ultimately, the freedom and security they created their business to achieve. Angela’s integrative productivity strategies helped her go from chaotic hot mess with big dreams and failed achievements to the woman who raised and homeschooled 5 children while running and growing a successful coaching company, and always creating the perfect balance for herself, her family, and her business, no matter what obstacle presented itself along the way.

Oct 14

44 min 40 sec

Allan Ngo is the founder of Digital Solopreneur. An email marketing trainer and consultant, Allan helps coaches and course creators boost sales, amplify engagement, and create lifelong customers using emails that people love to read and buy from. Allan is a master storyteller with over 8 years of experience writing and consulting in various industries including — the stock market, insurance, overseas recruitment, ABAP development, language learning, and even women's fashion.

Oct 7

43 min 50 sec

Chris Pistorius is the founder of KickStart Dental Marketing which has consistently been listed as one of the top dental marketing companies in the country. Having over 15 years of experience in dental marketing, he has worked with countless dentists & orthodontists, and he shares his expertise by giving marketing seminars across the country and hosting a weekly dental marketing podcast. Before starting his dental marketing agency in 2009, Chris worked for online marketing giants AOL, Time Warner & MapQuest. He holds several online marketing certifications and is trained by Google on how businesses can get the most out of their marketing efforts. He’s also the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Dentists.” Chris resides in the Denver, CO area with his wife Michele and two kids Kaitlyn & Brody.

Sep 30

30 min 12 sec

Ai Ching Goh started her professional career with a degree in Experimental Psychology and a media position at P&G. She quickly discovered her entrepreneurial spirit, and transitioned to a startup mindset. Ai Ching co-founded a web app, which turned into Piktochart, a visual communications tool that makes it easy to condense and consume information. Piktostory, the latest product to the suite, enables content creators to repurpose their videos easily. As a startup that operates from Penang, but serves over 25 million users globally, Ai Ching has taken an unconventional approach to growth. She goes against the grain of what the startup world teaches passionate entrepreneurs in areas including talent management, culture ”pruning" and bootstrapping.

Sep 23

36 min 57 sec

Joy Clausen Soto is a keynote speaker who inspires audiences with her story of perseverance. She followed her dream to become a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld San Diego. After that Joy pursued another dream by going to film school to become a filmmaker. Then at twenty-five she found a lump on her throat and an aggressive form of cancer. She made a documentary on her journey with the hope of showing a story of survival. Joy has spoken at TEDx, appeared on The Ziglar Show and most recently published her memoir entitled, “Joy: The story of a dolphin trainer, filmmaker, and cancer survivor.” Joy Clausen Soto is the founder of the annual Dolphin Interaction Program for patients multiple children's hospitals. Joy lives in San Diego with her husband and two kids.

Sep 9

32 min 7 sec

Recognizing the challenges faced by vacation owners, Ryan Beachum has sought to apply his knowledge of the hospitality industry to provide desperately needed solutions. Ryan saw an opportunity to serve timeshare owners beyond what was offered. Beachum envisioned a company that would help timeshare owners share their unused time by connecting the millions of prepaid nights found at select timeshare resorts to people searching the leading online travel agencies, and it's been lauded for it's growth. In 2016, Ryan created HelloVacay and has consistently led the industry in independent resort marketing and resales. Now, in 2021 he is set to launch a subscription-based, wholesalepriced travel membership in partnership with the Priceline Group.

Sep 3

41 min 3 sec

Pascal Bachmann is an international speaker, author, life, and business strategist who empowers and coaches businessmen to be healthy and successful leaders in business and life. After being a professional athlete on a world-class level, having a praxis for Asian therapies, creating 7 businesses in 3 different industries, generating more than $20 Million, and coached more than 20,000 people, he is in the position to share what he learned. The view and experiences from 3 different angles make him and his approach unique. He doesn’t share what he learned from books, but what real-life taught him.

Aug 26

41 min 7 sec

Meredith Kallaher moved to Miami in 2012 and soon after purchased The Scout Guide Miami, a franchised publication featuring locally owned businesses. Guided by the principle that everything you need to live a well-curated life can be found within your own community, Meredith helped guide her clients' ideal customers straight to their doors. Meredith graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Accountancy, received her CPA and spent the first 6 years of her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC. The combination of her experience proved to be perfect to create Meredith's new Digital Marketing Agency that helps business owners with Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategy and Management Agency, website conversion copy writing, or Kajabi build-outs, helping businesses EXPLODE their sales goals!

Aug 24

28 min 24 sec

Salena is host of the popular podcast Bringing Business to Retail, as well as a global speaker & presenter on scaling retail businesses. She has developed a reputation for being allergic to ‘playing small’ - combining a no-nonsense approach with a deep understanding of exactly what is needed to be a successful independent retailer. Everything she does is focused on helping other business owners take the action they need to flourish, succeed and realize their big vision.

Aug 19

39 min 17 sec

Bill McCormick discovered the power of LinkedIn and social selling when he and his wife started their advertising specialty company over 5 years ago. With only a handful of clients, he quickly became a student of social selling, discovering how to find leads and generate sales. Now, Bill’s passion is to take what he’s learned and pass that on to those in sales, helping them leverage LinkedIn to build stronger relationships, taking connections from the digital space to the face-to-face. Bill is the CSO of Social Sales Link as well as a member of The Sales Experts Channel where he co-hosts a weekly show, Making Sales Social which will be released as a podcast in the very near future.

Aug 12

29 min

Rowan Wiechmann is a High Performance Coach and founder of The Pure Man. As an Entrepreneur and former Military Sergeant, Rowan is a Leader of Ambitious Entrepreneurs, engaging them for 2-7 Times their growth in Business and all areas of their lives.

Aug 10

24 min 48 sec

Connect with Chelsea Cohen, an Amazon inventory management expert and the co-founder of, which is an Amazon inventory management software. Chelsea’s also a 7-figure Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. Her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, Seller Stories with Jungle Scout & the Amazing Summit stage, among others.

Aug 5

35 min 4 sec

Joe Bernstein Founded Drop the Armor Wellness because he is on a mission to help other men feel the love and freedom that he learned to cultivate when his life fell apart in 2013. After learning to thrive romantically in response to divorce, losing 160 lbs without diets, and leaving his 1st career to build a mission focused business, he became LIT UP to help other men do the same. His clients are often successful business owners, executives in tech, top individual performers, leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants a Lit Up Life. They are big hearted men that often feel stuck in their heads, stuck in their careers and desiring more social or romantic connection. Joe helps them to let go of overthinking and using stress as a motivator, to live a life rooted in a clear head, an open heart, and solid guts.

Jul 22

40 min 50 sec

Arif is a CTO, technology disruptor and angel investor. He specialises in combining strategy with cutting-edge technology to deliver impact at speed for the modern business world. He has experience managing budgets c.$1bn+, P&L $900m+, and led teams of 2,000+ people. He has also been a founder and angel investor to multiple successful start-ups. Arif uses a pragmatic, value driven style to find ways that the latest innovations and next-generation technology can fuel company success to transform businesses and improve financial performance. He currently advises some of the World's largest and most iconic companies on digital innovation, growth, strategy and technology.

Jul 15

34 min 26 sec

Jim Clouse is the Founder, CEO and inventor of ClikitySplit, the world’s first and only real time dynamic marketing engine as well as the world’s fastest vertical search engine. Jim is a pioneer in online mapping and GPS use, built his first website in February 1998, has been making his living online full-time for the past 23 years and in 2020 received a patent on his real time marketing technology. ClikitySplit is built for both business owners and end users, and through it's unique approach and technology implementation Jim wants to level the playing field and help savvy marketers differentiate their business, seize attention and earn the end user’s patronage.

Jul 14

24 min 5 sec

Shaahin Cheyene is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of the start-up Accelerated Intelligence. Cheyene shares his passion to accelerate intelligence through his latest company and products and is positioning the company to be the leader in the brain nutrition space. Born in Iran, Cheyene is an award winning entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. In the early 1990′s while still in his teens, Cheyene spearheaded the “Smart Drug Movement” by inventing and branding the original legal Herbal Ecstacy, which became a global phenomenon selling millions of units all over the world. In the early 2000’s Cheyene worked with several major pharmaceutical companies to bring the technologies and benefits of plant medicines to the mainstream. In 2000 Cheyene invented, patented and developed a revolutionary new medicine delivery technology with the Vapir Vaporizer, which continues to sell millions of units worldwide, preparing Vapir for the public markets but subsequently selling it in 2006.

Jul 8

34 min 34 sec

Aidan Sowa is a entrepreneur who got into the digital marketing space in 2016 due to working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge. Aidan is now the founder and CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency. Sowa Marketing Agency is a Rhode Island company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs get featured in the media, guaranteed. Aidan believes all entrepreneurs should focus on building their brand as they either have the choice to differentiate themselves from their competition or die as a commodity.

Jul 6

26 min 25 sec

Lisa is Chief Marketing Officer at Marketplace SuperHeroes, an 8-figure online education and services platform for people who want to create a 5-7 figure income stream selling simple, everyday items on Amazon. Lisa has played a key role in Marketplace SuperHeroes’ rapid growth from 0- $10MM. Marketplace SuperHeroes and their rapidly expanding team of 80 people aim to impact 1 million people worldwide. Her and her partners' new and exciting venture called Grow My Reach are now focusing on helping existing business owners to create Perpetual Launch systems and adopt the marketing strategies and methods that have helped these unknown entrepreneurs build multiple 8+ figure businesses.

Jul 2

37 min 8 sec

Let's Talk Subscriptions! For over 20-years, Paul has built, scaled, and sold multiple subscription-focused businesses and today runs the largest conference and trade group focused on the DTC subscription space. An around-the-clock volunteer firefighter, husband, and father of four, Paul's passion for helping others is a central part of his character. From launching a SaaS company at SXSW to building one of the biggest brands in the subscription box economy, Paul has a handle on every aspect of a subscription-focused business and knows exactly how they succeed… and fail.

Jun 29

32 min 56 sec

Jarod Spiewak is the founder and lead strategist of Comet Fuel, a boutique, strategy-first, marketing agency. Jarod got his start in the world of marketing at the age of 14 to make money online to pay for college, which he started attending at 15. Years past, and several next-to free gigs and “real jobs” later (including as a marketing strategist), Jarod didn't feel as though the agency that he wanted to work for existed, so he started it instead. Over the past few years, Comet Fuel (formerly Blue Dog Media) focuses on long-term growth without the typical agency BS, and has successfully managed over $10MM in advertising spend and has returned millions of dollars in profit to their clients.

Jun 24

41 min 8 sec

Raúl Galera is the Chief Advocate at ReferralCandy, an app that allows ecommerce brands to set up and run customer referral programs. ReferralCandy is the leading platform in terms of referral marketing for ecommerce brands. Founded over 10 years ago, ReferralCandy has helped over 30,000 brands leverage the power of word-of-mouth and turn their customer base into their marketing team. Referral marketing is a blend of organic content, community marketing and influencer marketing. Word-of-mouth is a powerful channel for both successful global names as well as new, niche brands. Referral marketing blends perfectly with brands that have a clear customer-centric approach, making it affordable for companies of any size to attract new customers while retaining existing ones. Raúl has been leading ReferralCandy’s partnership efforts for the past five years, working alongside marketing agencies, media and tech companies. On a regular day, you’ll likely find him with a half-full cup of coffee next to him and a salsa playlist playing on his Spotify.

Jun 22

35 min 18 sec

With broad experience providing executive leadership and business counsel to companies across industries including retail, manufacturing, energy, medical/bio and tech, Andrew founded DOPE CFO and has built a national cannabis accounting/bookkeeping and tax training program to help students in all 50 states unlock a new world of clients, empowering them to start their own practices and create a stream of wealth for themselves in the newly developed Cannabis and CBD/Hemp industry. Andrew was runner up for Portland Business Journal's CFO of the Year in 2017, making him the first cannabis CFO to ever be nominated. He has served in Big 4 including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as well as the winner of the 1995 Gold Medal Award for the highest score on the CPA exam. He is an expert in cannabis startups, CFO services, turnaround and high-growth strategies, capital sourcing, mergers, exits and wealth protection.

Jun 10

22 min 21 sec

Mark Butler is the founder of the accounting startup Let’s Do the Books, as well as the bookkeeper, CFO and confidante to top online entrepreneurs like Brooke Castillo. Before working in finance, Mark co-founded three online businesses that brought in close to $2 million in total revenue. Today, Mark combines his business savvy with his certification in life coaching to help business owners take control of their finances and work through the shame and anxiety that almost always comes up when dealing with money.

Jun 8

26 min 44 sec

Lucas Walker is a serial entrepreneur having started three successful businesses in the software, ecommerce, and media spaces. Working on bootstrapped and venture funded companies, there are just a handful of people with the experience Lucas has. He hosts two industry shows, and his currect favorite topic relates to the 'Key Automation You Need to Set Up in Your Store'.

Jun 3

27 min 30 sec

Oz (Oguz) Konar is a passionate entrepreneur and multiple seven figure business owner whose mission is to help people design and build their dream businesses. His mission is to revolutionize the Alternative Lending Industry, one Business Loan Broker at a time. Oz is the author of two books and speaks at national and international events several times a year. His training programs (including Business Lending Blueprint) are responsible for creating multiple 6 and 7 figure earners and has helped countless people quit their jobs and become hyper profitable entrepreneurs.

Jun 1

37 min 27 sec

Jennifer Dopazo is a graphic designer specializing in Brand Identity, Interaction Design and UX/UI Design. She’s the founder of multimedia design studio Candelita and a 3-time American Graphic Design Award winner. Jennifer helps organizations attract their dream clients by translating their big vision into an awesome digital experience with a unified brand. She’s worked with companies like The New York Times, Pepsi and Nickelodeon, along with authors like Danielle LaPorte.

May 25

38 min 47 sec

From humble beginnings as a child of immigrant parents, Ashwin Jacob worked hard to surpass all expectations of a predictable, mediocre life. At 19 he broke into the entertainment industry, and by 27 moved to LA with less the $500 in his pocket. Less than a year later he was working with Fortune 500 companies such as NBC Universal, Disney, BMW, and Microsoft. On his podcast, New Hollywood, he's sharing the stories of insiders in the world of entertainment, technology, fashion, and business, in hopes of helping others achieve success and reshape their own “mediocre destinies”.

May 20

26 min 42 sec

Mike Rhodes is the CEO and founder AgencySavvy and WebSavvy, and co-author of the world’s best-selling book on Google Ads ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads’. Since 2006, Mike and his award-winning digital marketing agency WebSavvy have been running campaigns for brands around the globe, and it’s now one of Australia’s largest independent Google agencies. Mike’s passion for the future of AI and Machine Learning has resulted at him speaking at over 100 events around the world. A teacher at heart, Mike is passionate about the AgencySavvy community and helping agency owners to ‘do’ Google Ads better and scale their agency.

May 13

45 min 53 sec

Joris Bryon is the founder and CEO of Dexter Agency, a remote team of e-commerce conversion optimization and email marketing specialists. The agency serves high revenue e-commerce stores that are ready for continuous growth. With over 1500 A/B tests under his belt, Joris wrote the book “Kill Your Conversion Killers” to help all the online stores he hasn’t worked with (yet).

May 6

36 min 38 sec

Coming from an unusually unique and diverse professional background himself, Nathan brings to his clients a rare viewpoint on networking, job-search and career development. The formally trained actor simultaneously developed a business career, and prior to his work as an executive career coach, Nathan was Vice President of Research in the retained search industry, where he was responsible for the first step of the executive recruitment process for global search engagements. Networking was and continues to be a day-to-day function of his job, and because of his combined professional expertise, Nathan regularly works with professionals from all different backgrounds and experience levels. This includes everyone from Hollywood movie stars and producers, to sound engineers, fashion designers, new college grads, non-profit and civic leaders, veterans and senior global executives. He has been cited by The Huffington Post as one of the most connected people on LinkedIn, world-wide.

May 4

33 min 35 sec

Kevin Wessels is the Founder and Managing Director of RevSherpas LLC, a boutique business growth advisory and customer experience strategy consulting firm for small to mid-sized businesses. He has over 10 years of revenue growth acceleration consulting experience scaling global companies via strategic CRM and digital customer experience transformations using his internationally proven and proprietary Client Connect!™ formula. A multi-published author, his specialties are building client-centric company cultures, improving sales and service rep productivity, increasing client retention, and revitalizing underperforming marketing and lead generation strategies to double revenues and create more consistent cash flow... quickly, inexpensively, and with less effort.

Apr 27

45 min 27 sec

Birgit Yegülalp is an upcoming inspirational and motivational speaker. She is the founder and owner of The Cheering With Birgit Podcast and offers online training & coaching programs. This show is geared towards empowering people dealing with uncertainty and fear of facing their fears to unlock their potential of living their lives to the fullest. Birgit notes that it is out of their comfort zones that people can gain personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Having faced her own fears including an eating addiction that left her obese, issues with self-confidence and depression, Birgit now freely shares the tactics she uses while tackling her fears and does this with her online training programs and her podcast.      

Apr 22

39 min 5 sec

David Friedman is an award-winning CEO, entrepreneur, author, and renowned public speaker. In 2011, he published his first book, Fundamentally Different, which is based on the insights he learned and taught throughout his leadership career, and in 2018 he published his second book, Culture by Design, the definitive “how to” manual for building a high-performance culture. His current company, High Performing Culture, has helped hundreds of companies throughout North America to implement his culture operating system, CultureWise™.

Apr 20

41 min 15 sec

Agnese Rudzate is a Productivity Strategist and Time-management expert with a professional background in Quality Management and Empowerment Coaching. She has turned her passion for organizing into her mission helping women get more productive in life and business so they could gain the confidence, clarity, and time freedom they deserve. Through structure, systems, and processes that bring results, Agnese teaches her clients to scale in their business while increasing time freedom.

Apr 15

26 min 53 sec

Chris Michael Harris is the Founder or StartupU, an interactive learning platform that helps people start and grow their online businesses. Chris is also the host of StartupU Podcast + StartupU TV. The podcast frequently trends in the Top 100 around the world and has featured guests such as Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, Guy Kawasaki, Jack Canfield, Marie Forleo, Dave Asprey, Dr. Josh Axe, and 40+ New York Times Best Selling Authors.

Apr 13

41 min 39 sec

Caitlin Strempel, CEO of Rising Ranks Digital, is an SEO expert & digital strategist who helps business owners get to the top of their industry by getting to the top of Google. Working with local-based businesses all the way to large-scale global brands such as Under Armour, Lexus and more, Caitlin is proud to have a 100% success rate at getting her clients to the first page of Google. She believes that everyone has a message and it's our duty to share that message with the people who need it the most!

Apr 8

24 min 19 sec

Bryan Clayton is CEO and Co-Founder of GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects home owners with local lawn care professionals. Bryan's first work experience was a grass cutting business prompted by his father, and that launched a lifelong entrepreneurial journey. After growing one of the largest landscaping companies in Tennessee from scratch to eventually sell the business, he has successfully transitioned from a blue collar traditional type of business to an online tech business, and is anxious to help others make the same move.      

Apr 1

29 min 14 sec

Mike Begg is a 30 year old entrepreneur that has extensive experience in building eCommerce and online businesses. Mike's first businesses, two Amazon private label brands, grew to over $1 million in sales. Mike went on to found AMZ Advisers with his two partners, taking his knowledge as a seller to help other brands succeed on Amazon. They have grown AMZ to managing over $10 million per year in ad spend and more than $100 million per year in Amazon sales and also operate AMZ Courses which educate Amazon sellers on how to increase sales on the platform. Mike enjoys scaling and finding ways to do things better, and has built international office for his company in Mexico where he currently residesand he loves sharing tips on anything related to Amazon and improving business efficiency.

Mar 30

29 min 26 sec

Ali Shah is the Founder of TapeReal, a social networking app where you can record and only engage through audio and video. Ali comes from a technology background and has started five companies, but he experienced a transformational journey in South America that made him realize when we personally connect with others we improve our mental health, feel a sense of belonging, and strengthen our relationships. He believes traditional social media has erected barriers between humans, and hijacked our natural way of communication, and we need to return to a pure and natural way of communication. His mission is to champion the bond of human connection by helping people truly connect and be themselves in a safe, inspiring, and knowledgeable community where everyone can be heard while building a legacy of meaningful memories.

Mar 25

27 min 39 sec

Jyotsna is a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, and is an international Author Success Coach who helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build a super-profitable author funnel with the help of their book. She founded Author Success Academy to help aspiring authors finally finish their book, get it professionally published, market it into a bestseller, and use that position to grow their business. So far, Jyotsna has helped over 400 authors from 35 different countries through her global publishing agency, Happy Self Publishing. While Jyotsna isn’t working, this mom of 2 kids also loves to dance, run, plan her next solo trip, and is a passionate advocate for educational rights.

Mar 23

32 min 26 sec

Tyler Sullivan is the founder of BombTech Golf, an eCommerce store with over $20 million sold online since 2012. Tyler also runs EcomGrowers where he and his team have helped countless Shopify owners add 6-7 figures in additional sales to their eCommerce stores by optimizing email systems and ad campaigns to find hidden revenue streams. Over the years Tyler has come to learn the formula for running successful and profitable eCommerce businesses. He believes that even with online companies there is huge value in having real conversations with customers and potential buyers. Tyler is hyper-focused on the customer experience and operating a lean business that doesn't just drive revenue but drives serious profit and cash flow.

Mar 18

40 min 19 sec

Originally from Mexico, Gus is former Microsoft Senior Engineer turned Real Estate Agent turned Inside Sales guru. He runs one of the largest Inside Sales teams for Real Estate in North America. PowerISA is 65 Agents strong, making about 50K outbound dials and setting about 100 Appointments with Real Estate Buyers and Sellers every day, mostly from Facebook leads. Gus runs a 7-figure a year business and has over 600 active clients. He is very passionate about helping business owners be successful through online marketing, lead follow-up and conversion.

Mar 16

41 min 52 sec

Michael Loban is the Chief Growth Officer at InfoTrust, a global analytics consulting and data governance company. When he is not motivating organizations to undertake a digital transformation, Michael can be found passing on the power of digital analytics to the next generation of marketers and analysts through his roles as Term Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati and Adjunct Faculty at Xavier University. He is also a presenter and author, with work published in Forbes, AdWeek, and CIO Magazine. "Michael has the rare skill of taking complex subjects (web analytics, digital marketing) and making them easy to understand for everyone."

Mar 11

29 min 4 sec

Shawn Livermore has been a tech startup founder, entrepreneur, and technology consultant for over 20 years. He’s written books on software development and writes software in many programming languages. After raising investment capital for his startups 6 times, Shawn began to look beyond the code to see the bigger picture: The systems, patterns, and models of thinking that most deserve our attention. Instead of hype and hustle, Shawn focuses on tangible, factual, and replicable bits and bytes that most people wouldn’t see or pay attention to. From small fragments, Shawn can assemble larger stories to help people think, speak and create like a tech genius.

Mar 4

31 min 47 sec

Jason Klug is a serial entrepreneur and has founded 3 successful companies in the past decade. Jason was always captivated by how products were made studied mechanical engineering in college, and during his senior year, Jason decided to withdraw from college in order to pursue his product development passions. After selling his first company making iPad and tablet enclosureshe was propelled into entrepreneurism. Starting Klugonyx out of his 1-bedroom apartment, it quickly became a full-service product development firm and it’s been the core of everything Jason does and loves to do since. His dream has always been, and continues to be, helping others become successful. Through Klugonyx, he aids other founders and entrepreneurs with the entirety of their product development journey, while also building more brands and products on the side that will help expand the quality of others’ lives.

Feb 25

30 min 7 sec