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Learn more about your Chakras and how to help balance your life working with both your Chakras and the Akashic Records! This month's podcasts describes how we can work with our Chakras using a number of different modalities, and how we can help balance our energy and our lives by accessing a to-do list through our Akashic Guides and Spirit Guides. The post Your Chakras and the Akashic Records appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Feb 5

4 min

What are the 6 most popular Akashic Records questions that clients ask me? This post contains those questions and also a podcast with the answers. If you'd like to pose a question of your own about the Akashic Records, feel free to comment on the post or message me at the client portal. Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth, and abundance! Book a reading today and discover the answers to your pressing questions. The post 6 most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask Sarah – podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Jun 2019

11 min

Why develop your intuition anyway? What if I told you that developing your intuition, by learning about your intuitive superpowers, you can grow a stronger internal framework as an individual and deal with life's stresses and difficulties better? Having a strong intuition helps us to make better and more informed decisions, even in the face of stress, difficulty and whatever other life situations may come our way. Sarah has developed a method with clients that helps them deal with life's difficulties, by understanding a little more about themselves, how they learn, and how this is connected to our intuitive superpowers. If this sounds like something that might be useful to you, go ahead and listen to the podcast, you will definitely learn something! The post Want to develop your intuition? Find out how you learn first appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Dec 2018

8 min

So for you, the listener and spiritual journeyer, where are you on the road to understanding intuitive manipulation? As I mentioned in my blog post this month at New World Energetics - How to Save yourself from intuitive manipulators, the gut is a really good place to start. Ask yourself, if you are interacting with somebody who causes you to be suspicious of their intentions, where in your body does this wisdom come from? This month's podcast gives you the empath or spiritual sensitive some tools on how to deal with intuitive manipulators. The post Dealing with intuitive manipulation October podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Oct 2018

10 min

Have you ever wanted to get in direct contact with your Spirit Guides? Debra Landwehr Engle shows us how as Sarah interviews her on this podcast about Debra's latest book, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak The post Spirit Guides – let yours Speak! >> Podcast with Debra Landwehr Engle appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Nov 2016

48 min

Have you heard of the term Soul Monad? A psychic in Maryland first introduced me to this term and help me get in touch with my spirit guides. This free podcast uses a Cosmic Law to help you begin to understand the nature of your Soul Monad. Enjoy! The post An Introduction to your Soul Monad >> Podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Jun 2016

11 min

Interested in learning to work with the Law of Attraction? This podcast on Kryon's 5th Cosmic Law gives you some pointers. Listen to the podcast and be sure to check out the blog post for useful show notes. Directionality, focus and commitment all play a part in helping the Cosmos rearrange things around you. The post The story behind the Law of Attraction >>Podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

May 2016

16 min

Kryon's 4th Cosmic law - Everything you learn spiritually can be carried over from one lifetime to the next. I ask the Akashic Records of the Crystal Cave of humanity what we bring with us when we incarnate here on Planet Earth (Gaia) and I received a long and interesting list! Enjoy this podcast and feel free to visit me at Mom On A Spiritual Journey.com. The post What you learn spiritually carries over >> Podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Mar 2016

19 min

You are dearly loved is a phrase I've heard many times from Kryon channelings and since I've started giving Akashic Records Readings the phrase often comes through for clients and myself when I'm meditating in the Akashic Records, along with an associated energy rush. In this podcast, learn more about how we can re-member that we are dearly loved during daily life. The post You are dearly loved >> Podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Mar 2016

8 min

The 2nd in this series of 7 podcasts about Kryons 7 Cosmic Laws. This week we ask about the 2nd law - in every human being there is profound divinity - it's not intuitive. What is profound divinity and why is it not intuitive for us humans? The post In every human being there is profound divinity – why is it not intuitive? >> Podcast appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

Mar 2016

8 min

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