beCause whY

By Lauren Simon & Allison Wiley

The YMCA of Central Ohio is for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility." If you are a member or have seen any of our marketing you've probably heard or seen our three pillars before. But what do they mean? How do we live out these pillars? What else do we do? What makes us different from other "swim and gyms? We want to be able to answer these questions in a very candid, honest way for you to get to know the YMCA of Central Ohio on a different level. So how do we do that, exactly? There's no better way to tell our story other than a podcast to share the Y with members and the community alike. Join us as we talk about everything from group exercise, to member stories, to our programs and so much more. Tune in and find out just whY (see what we did there?) we are so much more than a gym- although, we are pretty proud of the whole "gym" thing, too!

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