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Uniting leaders in agriculture through innovation, motivation, and execution! FarmTank features many industry leaders surrounding agriculture and successful entrepreneurs outside the world of ag. The main purpose of this podcast is to get others to think differently and be open to new ideas that may be presented through these conversations. #FarmTank #FarmTankFriday

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Kevin Van Trump & Jordan Van Trump sit down with Tom Williamson, Owner at Transportation Consultants Co; Mike Wood, President at Cline Wood Agency; Nate Asplund, President at Columbia Strategic Consulting Group; and Todd Loechler with The Van Trump Report to discuss everything happening in transportation right now and what the space looks like moving forward. Together we cover a lot of great topics and get into a great conversation about all the issues surrounding transportation right now in the… Continue Reading ›› The post Transportation Forecast… The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly appeared first on FarmTank.

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Kevin Van Trump & Jordan Van Trump sit down with Justin Ohlde, Owner at Ohlde Dairy; Nathan Kells, Owner at Circle Bar Heifer Ranch; and Todd Loechler with The Van Trump Report to discuss everything surrounding the future of the dairy industry and if we see market share being taken from alternative options like almond, soy, and oats moving forward. Keep in mind, we initially had a few beef guys scheduled to be on the call, but had some last-minute cancelations.… Continue Reading ›› The post Future of the Dairy Industry and Will Market Share Be Taken By Alternative Options Moving Forward? appeared first on FarmTank.

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1h 9min

Kevin Van Trump & Jordan Van Trump sit down with Rick Clark, Owner at Clark Land and Cattle; Mitchell Hora, Founder & CEO at Continuum Ag; Ray Archuleta, Founder of Soil Health Academy; Cristian Barcan, VP of Sustainability & Industry Affairs at Rabo AgriFinance; Melissa Nelson, Owner at Field Scientist at Performance Crop Research & Co-Owner at South Bend Industrial Hemp; and Todd Loechler with The Van Trump Report to discuss everything surrounding regenerative agriculture, reducing input costs, and the… Continue Reading ›› The post The REAL Scoop on Regenerative Agriculture… from REAL Producers Making it Work and Banking Good Profits! appeared first on FarmTank.

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Kevin Van Trump & Jordan Van Trump sit down with Matt Crisp with Benson Hill, Gil Shalev with Equi-nom, Steve McKaskle with McKaskle Family Farm & Braggadocio Rice Mill, and Todd Loechler with The Van Trump Report to discuss everything surrounding where producers can start to find premiums and specialty crops becoming more popular on the marketplace moving forward. Overall, we covered a lot of great topics in this discussion and even brought up a very interesting subject about the… Continue Reading ›› The post Where Are The Premiums and Specialty Crops on the Horizon appeared first on FarmTank.

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Kevin Van Trump & Jordan Van Trump sit down with Robert Herrington with Prairie Foods, Kyle Mehmen with MBS Family Farms, Todd Loechler with The Van Trump Report, Ben Gordon with Corteva Agriscience, Caleb Smith with Agoro Carbon Alliance, and Tom Daniel with Nutrien Ag to discuss everything surrounding carbon credits and what producers should be doing next. Keep in mind, this webinar starts off a little slow with some basic questions, but make sure to stick around till at… Continue Reading ›› The post Can Carbon Credits Add An Additional Revenue Stream To Your Operation? appeared first on FarmTank.

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Kevin Van Trump and Jordan Van Trump sit down with Grant Wells with Wells Ag Supply, Bodie Kitchel with BW Fusion & Biodyne USA, and Todd Loechler with The Van Trump Report to discuss what to think about input prices moving forward, how to lower input costs for 2022, and how applying a post harvest biological can help improve plant health. Overall, we discuss many other topics such as the difference between biology and chemistry, how to handle the recent… Continue Reading ›› The post Next Generation Agronomy – Where Input Prices Are Heading and Post Harvest Biologicals appeared first on FarmTank.

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Guest: Bret Sitzmann, Head of Ecosystem & Grain at Solinftec, is an experienced business manager and marketing director in agriculture with a demonstrated history of working with technology and digital tools across the globe. Bret grew up on a farm in a small town in Northwest Iowa and has been surrounded by agriculture his whole life. Bret started down his ag journey once he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy and Crop Science from Iowa State University. After… Continue Reading ›› The post Working With the Family on the Farm, Improving Grain Logistics, and Having A Front Row Seat in Ag Tech the Past 20 Years with Bret Sitzmann appeared first on FarmTank.

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Jordan Van Trump sits down with Codie Sanchez, founder & writer at Contrarian Thinking, to talk about investing in emerging markets, being a conflict journalist on the US Mexican border, learning to ask tough questions, becoming a full-time investor, working with Goldman Sachs, leveraging good debit, buying small businesses, how to better hire employees, developing agri-hoods, how to better cash flow as an individual, the one thing she would change to become a full-time investor earlier, learning from someone who has already done… Continue Reading ›› The post Investing in Emerging Markets, Focusing on Cash Flow, and Becoming a Full-Time Investor with Codie Sanchez! appeared first on FarmTank.

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Guest: Matt Crisp, CEO and Co-founder at Benson Hill as well as the Chairman and Co-founder of Edison Agrosciences, is an accomplished executive with a strong background in the rapid growth and early commercialization phase of technology companies. Matt started his journey outside the world of agriculture at Radford University earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance. After graduating, Matt joined Third Security, a globally recognized venture capital firm, as a research assistant, eventually working his way up to a managing… Continue Reading ›› The post Going Public in 2021, 70,000 Acres of Non-GMO Soybeans, and Breaking Into The Yellow Pea Market with Matt Crisp! appeared first on FarmTank.

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Guest : Just a little background… Lucy Stitzer‘s great-great-grandfather W.W. Cargill, founded the business as a single grain warehouse on the end of an Iowa railroad line in 1865. Today Cargill is our nation’s largest private business and the largest food company in the world. Lucy and her cousin were the first of her generation to sit on the Cargill Board. And Lucy served as a Director of Cargill from 1992-2010. Since 2011, Lucy has been chairman of Waycrosse, Inc.,… Continue Reading ›› The post Great Conversation with One of the Most Influential Voices in Agriculture with Lucy Stitzer! appeared first on FarmTank.

4 de ago.

1h 6min

Guest: Jake Joraanstad is one of the best tech entrepreneurs we’ve had on the show that is focused on bringing innovative software products and solutions to the agriculture value chain. Right now, Jake is the co-founder and CEO at Bushel. In addition to Bushel, Jake is also the co-founder of Emerging Prairie. Best Quote: “No one is going to invest in you if they don’t believe you have the ability to build the right team.”   What’s the Podcast About: Jordan Van Trump sits down… Continue Reading ›› The post Growing Agriculture in Space, Circuit Racing, and Digital Wallets for Farmers with Jake Joraanstad appeared first on FarmTank.

13 de jun.

51min 51s

Guest: Grant Wells is the owner & CEO at Wells Ag Supply. Wells Ag Supply provide a full line of products to help producers raise the highest yields from start to finish including seed, seed treatment, in-furrow nutrition, pre and post chemicals, foliar nutrition, fungicides & insecticides, dry fertilizer, poultry manure, soil sampling, fast delivery, and an extensive custom application services. In addition to Wells Ag Supply, Grant is also a part of a new biological company called BW Fusion! Where… Continue Reading ›› The post Taking Ag Retail to Scale, Exotic Hunting Trips, and the Future of Biologicals with Grant Wells appeared first on FarmTank.

17 de mai.

1h 11min

Guest: Ezra Levine is a former Portfolio Manager at Hilltop Park, a NYC-based hedge fund in the Sports, Media, Consumer and Entertainment industries. Before that he was CFO & CSO of The Spring League. In addition, he’s worked at Bloomberg ABC World News, Reader’s Digest, and ESPN. Now Ezra is the CEO at Collectable, which is modernizing and democratizing the sports card & memorabilia industry through its fractional ownership offerings. Where to Find Him: LinkedIn & Twitter What’s the Podcast About: Kevin & Jordan… Continue Reading ›› The post Sports Cards, Working on Wall Street, and What’s Next For Fractional Investing with Ezra Levine appeared first on FarmTank.

10 de mai.

1h 13min

Clint Brauer​, ​CEO of Greenfield Robotics and Owner at MG Honors Farms, ​thought he was done with farming when he left for the west coast after graduating from Kansas State University. After running hard in LA for over a decade in tech at the Sony Corporation, Clint took a pause and decided to come home and use his tech network with the goal of ridding broad-acre farming from its dependence on chemicals. Clint believes he might have a solution through Greenfield Robotics, which focuses… Continue Reading ›› The post Cheap Equipment, Fast Times in LA, and Chemical-Free Farming with Clint Brauer appeared first on FarmTank.

jul. de 2020

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“You’re always forced to make decisions. Making decisions fast and being willing to fail as well as having the ability to shift off of them without getting overly emotional allows you to be positioned well above many others in business. If you pause too long, you die.” — Matt Crisp, CEO and Co-founder at Benson Hill Matt Crisp, CEO and Co-founder at Benson Hill as well as the Chairman and Co-founder of Edison Agrosciences, is an accomplished executive with a… Continue Reading ›› The post The Importance of Culture, Scaling Innovation, Landing Google Ventures, and Cutting-Edge Soybean Varieties with Matt Crisp appeared first on FarmTank.

mai. de 2020

56min 13s

“Be who you are, be true to yourself, and strive to do the right thing. Don’t worry about the recognition and trying to be remembered. Just do the right thing.” — Jay Felton, Litigation Partner at Lathrop GPM Jay Felton, Litigation Partner at Lathrop GPM, has been surrounded by agriculture nearly his whole life growing up on a farm in Northwest Missouri. Jay grew up working as a ranch hand at Felton Hereford Ranch, but chose to take his talents elsewhere. Jay started… Continue Reading ›› The post Being a 5th Generation Farmer, Hiking the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Working for the Best Law Firm in Agriculture with Jay Felton appeared first on FarmTank.

mar. de 2020

1h 4min

Ben Hudye , Chairman at Hudye Group, has been surrounded by agriculture nearly his whole life growing up on a farm in Canada. After school, Ben ventured off in the rock ‘n’ roll business then eventually made his way back to agriculture on the family farm. After many years on the farm, Ben and his brother started buying farms in the U.S. and Canada when everyone else was selling their ground and all odds were against them. Turns out, the brothers knew… Continue Reading ›› The post The Great Commodity Super Cycle, Energy Vortexes, 4 Secrets to Success, and Becoming a Real Estate Genius appeared first on FarmTank.

dez. de 2019

56min 19s

David Farley, Executive Chairman at Matrix Commodities , has been around agriculture his whole life. He started off his career in agriculture as a jackaroo, which is a young man working on a sheep or cattle station to gain experience to become an owner one day. Then, David went on to work as a farm manager at Colly Cotton. Seven years later, he worked his way up to managing director then CEO growing the company to over 600 people. Not too long… Continue Reading ›› The post Grain Markets in 2020, Building a Successful Culture, and the Importance of Family appeared first on FarmTank.

nov. de 2019

43min 47s

Sam Parr, Co-Founder and CEO at The Hustle , was raised in St. Louis as an athlete and always loved to compete. After high school, Sam attended Belmont University on a track scholarship, where he ran the 400 meter dash. While in college, Sam gained a wide variety of experiences through many jobs and businesses he started along the way. The first business he started while attending college was Moonshine Online. Soon after realizing all the loops he would have to take to… Continue Reading ›› The post Working for American Pickers, Getting Offered a Job at AirBnb by Joe Gebbia, Collecting Motorcycles, and Creating The Hustle appeared first on FarmTank.

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Loren Howard, founder and Chief Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages , was raised by a single mother and always had the dream of owning his own business. After many short-lived jobs throughout high school, Loren attended Northwestern University on a football scholarship, where he studied Communications and Sociology. Loren had high ambitions in college when he was projected to go top10 in the 2006 NFL draft, but unfortunately, his football dreams were crushed due to a knee injury his Junior year. He ended… Continue Reading ›› The post Being Rank Top 10 in the 2006 NFL Draft, Holding World Records, and Hard Money Loans with Loren Howard appeared first on FarmTank.

set. de 2019

54min 27s

Zach Johnson, founder at Millennial Farmer, has been surrounded by agriculture his whole life growing up in West-Central Minnesota and is a 5th generation familyfarmer. After working on the farm in his early years, Zach attended Northwest Technical College, where he studied High Performance Automative Machining.  Shortly after graduating in 2005, he decided to pursue his own dreams working on engines and dirttrack racing. Eventually, he decided to settle down, start a family, and move back to the family farm. Then in 2002, Zach started the… Continue Reading ›› The post Dirt track racing, passing down the family farm, and blowing up on YouTube appeared first on FarmTank.

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42min 28s

Stretch, is the founder and Visionary Creator at Grinders , and has been an open-minded entrepreneur nearly his entire life. Stretch grew up running a few of his own businesses as early as the 3rd grade such as having his own newspaper route and mowing grass. After his early years running several different businesses, Stretch became extremely interested in art and was accepted to the Kansas City Art Institute. Keep in mind, he passed up many soccer scholarships to follow his passion for art. Soon… Continue Reading ›› The post Being on MTV, Giving Back to the Troops, and How to be a Visionary Creator with Stretch from Grinders appeared first on FarmTank.

jun. de 2019

46min 4s

Chris Gronkowski, Owner and Inventor at Ice Shaker , has been around sports his entire life and seems to be the ultimate entrepreneur. Chris grew up in Buffalo, NY with his three brothers working for his dad for a number of years at G&G Fitness Equipment. After his early years in Buffalo, Chris got accepted to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, but decided to attend the University of Maryland on a full-ride football scholarship. He eventually transferred to the… Continue Reading ›› The post Playing with Peyton Manning, the Importance of Family, and Scoring a Deal on Shark Tank appeared first on FarmTank.

mai. de 2019

1h 4min

Carter Malloy, Founder and CEO at AcreTrader , has been around farming and investments nearly his entire life. Carter grew up on a farm in Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelors degree in Physics. After college, Carter ventured off to start his own company called GCB, which was focused on internet marketing and sustainable fuel technologies . Then, in 2006 Carter became a managing director at Stephens Inc. After seven years he took a new position with Park Presidio Capital.… Continue Reading ›› The post Experiencing Eric Clapton, Duck Hunting, and Investing in Farm Ground with Carter Malloy appeared first on FarmTank.

mai. de 2019

54min 5s

Chris Masters, President and CEO at Biovante, has been involved in agriculture his entire life. Although Chris grew up on a farm, he originally went to college to be a chiropractor. After deciding baseball and a future in the chiropractic space wasn’t for him, he went on to study Agribusiness at Southeast Missouri State University. Right after leaving college,  Chris accepted a position with AgXplore in 2003, where he worked for seven years. After leaving AgXplore, Chris went on to become the President and CEO of a company named Biovante in 2009, which is an innovative company founded upon biologically driven technology. … Continue Reading ›› The post Learning to Sell, Building Better Relationships, and Record Breaking Soybean Yields with Chris Masters appeared first on FarmTank.

abr. de 2019

1h 8min

David Perry, President, CEO, and Director at Indigo, has spent nearly his entire career working in the health and wellness industry. Although David grew up on a farm in Arkansas working many mornings with his father, agriculture hasn’t always been his sole focus in life. David started his journey attending the United States Air Force Academy, where he was a National Merit Scholar right out of high school. After deciding to take a different route in life, David transferred to the University of Tulsa where he holds  a bachelors degree in chemical engineering. After… Continue Reading ›› The post Surfing, Learning to Innovate, Leading Billion Dollar Businesses, and Changing Agriculture appeared first on FarmTank.

mar. de 2019

39min 30s

Mary Shelman , Founder at the Mary Shelman Group and Advisory Board Member at Village Capital, has spent nearly her entire career working in the agriculture industry. Mary grew up on a farm in Kentucky, which she still owns today. Later in life, she ventured off to Elizabethtown Community College and the University of Kentucky to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering. After a series of tough decisions, she decided to get a masters degree in general management from Harvard Business School, which… Continue Reading ›› The post Women in Ag, Millennials Affecting Agriculture, and Director of Agribusiness at Harvard with Mary Shelman appeared first on FarmTank.

mar. de 2019

1h 7min

Kellee James , the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mercaris, has spent nearly her entire life working in energy and agriculture. Kellee grew up in a military family, which not only taught her to accept change but embrace it. Later, Kellee ventured off to the University of Kentucky to earn a degree in Spanish and pursue her dream of becoming an Olympic horseback rider. After a horseback riding injury, Kellee started her career working with commodity banks in Latin America on risk… Continue Reading ›› The post Horseback Riding, $27 Soybean Premiums, and Becoming an Organic Farmer with Kellee James appeared first on FarmTank.

fev. de 2019

1h 6min

Mark Young , the Chief Technology Officer at The Climate Corporation, has spent nearly his entire life working in the technology sector. Mark grew up on a farm in southern New Jersey growing hay and raising cattle. Later, Mark ventured off to Purdue University to earn a degree in Computer Sciences. Mark started his own company in college called netKnowledge Inc. and not long after college, he went on to start another company called HipLogic, which was a mobile technology company. Mark soon went on to sell HipLogic to… Continue Reading ›› The post The Future of Gaming, Secrets Behind Raising Money, Fly Fishing, and Making Better Decisions on the Farm with Mark Young appeared first on FarmTank.

jan. de 2019

53min 25s

Molly Bloom , who owns one of the most intriguing stories of the past decade many of you may know as Molly’s game, tells us how she built one of the most exclusive, high-stakes underground poker games in the world. Molly grew up in Loveland, Colorado. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in Political Science. She was a member of the US ski team and was ranked third overall in North America in 1998. Her father was a… Continue Reading ›› The post Being the Best, Gaining a Competitive Advantage, and Overcoming Adversity appeared first on FarmTank.

dez. de 2018

20min 52s

Travis Potter , Founder of Tractor Soda Company, has spent his entire life working in agriculture as a farmer and pioneer in the organic food industry. Travis has been in organic farming before it was even called organic farming. He pioneered the first organic beef ranch and artisan meat company. He has done everything from working in the organic yogurt industry to non-dairy desserts and organic ice cream. Travis currently lives in Northwest Idaho with his wife and 11 kids. Travis is leading the… Continue Reading ›› The post The First Organic Beef Ranch, Working With Whole Foods, and Running Restaurants with Travis Potter appeared first on FarmTank.

nov. de 2018

52min 51s

Tom Willis , CEO of Conestoga Energy, has spent his entire life working in agriculture. Tom earned bachelor degrees in economics, business administration, and agricultural business from Utah State University. He’s spent most of his career in risk management and agribusiness, with companies including General Mills and JR Simplot. In 2004, Tom took over as CEO at Conestoga Energy taking the company from 3 to 220 employees and $1.5 billion in sales. Additionally, Tom currently serves on the National Sorghum Producers Board… Continue Reading ›› The post Life Lessons, Herding Sheep, and the Future of Ethanol appeared first on FarmTank.

nov. de 2018


Howard Getson , President and CEO at Capitalogix, has spent nearly his whole life working with artificial intelligence. Mr. Getson received an undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy from Duke University in 1984, and received a Juris Doctorate law degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Northwestern University in 1987. Since then, Howard founded IntellAgent Control in 1991, which was an Inc. 500 company and won an IBM-Lotus Beacon Award for best business application. He also served seven terms on… Continue Reading ›› The post Artificial Intelligence Trading, the Dallas Cowboys, and Visiting Pablo Escobar’s House appeared first on FarmTank.

out. de 2018


Braden Hudye, President of the The Hudye Group, has spent his life as a successful investor. Braden started his investing career at the University of Saskatchewan when he first started investing in commercial real estate properties. Since then, Braden has ran sucessful businesses on the farm, agri-retail, development real estate, and equity investments. Braden was an active member of a management team that won the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Retailer of the Year in 2011. He also was a top 3 finalist for Top Producer of the… Continue Reading ›› The post Agri-Retail, Real Estate Cycles, Garth Brooks, and Snowmobiles with Braden Hudye appeared first on FarmTank.

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45min 46s

Chris Rivera , CEO of Nativis and co-founder of WINGS, has spent nearly his whole life working in the biotech field. Chris played college basketball, has a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and a business degree from the Seattle University. Since then, Chris has overseen one of Washington’s largest and fastest growing economic industries and has even mentored more than 400 life science start-up companies. Mr. RIvera was the President & CEO of Life Science Washington from 2009… Continue Reading ›› The post Biotech Jet Setter, Winning the Congressional with Stewart Cink, and Bacardi Deals with Chris Rivera appeared first on FarmTank.

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44min 11s

Barrett Ersek, Founder and CEO of the Holganix,  is a true American entrepreneur. Listen to this podcast to learn a collection of insight about building your own business even when you think all the cards are stacked against you. Barrett sold his first company for $3.5 million, his second for over $10 million, and is currently in the process of building another multimillion dollar venture. This man has a lot to share when it comes to overcoming advesity and the… Continue Reading ›› The post Gratitude, Monks, and Million Dollar Businesses appeared first on FarmTank.

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59min 13s

Carter Williams, CEO of the iSelect Fund , has spent his life working with innovation. Carter graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, started Boeing Ventures, and is currently the CEO of one of the top funds in the Silicon Prairie. Carter often has opportunities to see many of the most innovative and disruptive technologies coming to agriculture months and years ahead of everyone else. Carter and I have great discussions about the life lessons he learned at MIT, tips on how to be… Continue Reading ›› The post Bombs, Sailing, and Agriculture appeared first on FarmTank.

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