The Ripple Effect

Fitzroy Basin Association

Listen to the work taking place in the world of natural resource management. The Ripple Effect is Fitzroy Basin Association's exclusive podcast. In season 1, we take to the skies to see how helicopters are a part of pest control, travel to watery depths in Yeppoon to reassess marine debris and discover a native sanctuary hiding in amongst industry in Gladstone.

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Queensland has a multitude of pest species – from the cane toad, to feral pigs, cats, dogs and foxes.  Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. undertakes continual work to approach pests, both animals and plants, in effective and innovative ways. To learn more about how FBA is approaching pest control – from Prickly Acacia to tilapia – head to our website See for privacy information.

Jun 2018

18 min 46 sec

Marine Debris, a mixture of words that juxtapose each other. Marine: beautiful, natural; and debris – litter, ugly. Across CQ, groups and individuals are working to battle marine debris - the by-product of consumable waste. FBA takes a look under the surface to challenge everything you know about waste and how it’s impacting our oceans. See for privacy information.

Jun 2018

20 min 59 sec

Planting a single tree is the easiest legacy any human can make. A tree can last centuries, produce oxygen and improve human wellbeing. Environmentally, a tree stabilises soil, preventing sediment run off into waterways. Habitats and sanctuaries are created for wildlife.In this episode, we speak to Shelly McArdle about how she has watched indigenous youth restore habitat at their school in Yeppoon. Across the way, Sabrina Burke from Cap Coast Landcare paints a picture of the volunteers who are having similar impacts further down the Figtree catchment.Bringing these two projects together results in improved water quality draining into the Great Barrier Reef across the Capricorn Coast. See for privacy information.

Dec 2018

13 min 59 sec

Are you working with or against the natural features of your property?FBA speaks with Stuart Andrews of Tarwyn Park Training to understand the principles of Natural Sequence Farming, pioneered by his father Peter Andrews.Landholders across the Fitzroy region are adapting in different ways to drier conditions.Senior land management officer Bernie Claussen speaks about the first steps in hydrating the land, joined by local landholders adopting these principles. See for privacy information.

Mar 2020

18 min 5 sec

Regenerative agriculture is creating positive ecological, as well as economic, outcomes for landholders across central Queensland. Facing crippling drought, rapid technological advances and higher global demand, the pressure on farmers and soil is at an all-time high. In this episode, FBA chats with RegenAg® co-founder Kym Kruse, on how he has successfully supported landholders to make a mental shift, allowing them to adopt new practices that build soil health and increase production. Central Queensland dryland croppers and innovators, Myles and Julie Ballantine, share their experience working with both Kym and FBA to trial and transform their enterprise. See for privacy information.

Dec 2020

20 min 36 sec

Regenerative agriculture is connecting landholders, extension staff and technical experts to achieve impressive environmental outcomes. The global groundswell occurring is fuelled by passionate people and is by no means restrained by country or geography. A powerful communicator and influencer in this space is local icon, Khory Hanock (aka the Environmental Cowboy). In this episode, FBA talks to Khory about his connection to country and how he is creatively using his knowledge to fight climate change. FBA’s Senior Land Management Officer, Ellie Carter then provides insight into how she creates connections to help regional landholders achieve sustainable and productive outcomes. See for privacy information.

Dec 2020

21 min 30 sec