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Tab Talk

A podcast about the tabs in our browsers from Colin Landforce (@landforce), Oren Schauble (@orenmeetsworld) and James Camp (@jamesoncamp).

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TAB TALK 10 The future of internet? When bandwidth is ubiquitous what happens to telecom? * Inflation up 7% * New cars up 11% * USED CARS UP 43% * Hard to tell what degree of corny is gonna pop  * Getting eviscerated in the comments about NFTs * Miseducation about NFTs and energy (particularly Solana) is going to kill this space * Know many projects facing this * Need an industry strategy of kind response, education, or a version of Eco plugin for NFTs ( Curated list of projects to monetize your social audience Startups are hard, journalists are soft? * There is huge money in helping brands navigate Web3 * Always massive room for money in niche agencies * Getting into niche agency a. extensive research.  b. curation.  c. expertise publishing.  d. constant outreach * The same services, plus a knowledge layer

Nov 30

48 min 25 sec Staples Center Naming Rights Lux Q3 2021 Letter to Partners Blackhatworld DAOs, a Canon, from a16z. Fantastic Texts 500k lbs

Nov 23

1 hr 12 min

VC cuts a YouTube creator a check for future earnings via James Camp love the ideas as creators as new media what type of support is offered hit reader view on mobile call her daddy had similar deal who make the back office support for creators when is the line drawn on creators IP in regards to what they own DTC Cross-Selling via Oren Schauble DTC Cross-selling On checkout Submission based Curated DTC inspo/stacks Super simple software business Hyandai Grandeur Retro Concept via Colin Landforce !! Big Retros Interior is crazy Def will not be for sale Grandeur was their flagship in SK Later turned into the Genesis for US > own brand Taxonomy of Design via Oren Schauble Archive of Aesop stores and interior elements Materials Quotes Films!/ Social Blockchain via Colin Landforce God dammit another blockchain BitClout = DESO test app Decentralized network and content for building apps on Universal Creates Bored Ape Supergroup via James Camp I can’t write the bullet points about this stupid band. - CL

Nov 16

53 min 19 sec

A pod about a thread, which is really more of a journey... The Tab Talk team deviates a bit from the normal format to dive deep into how and why to buy an online business, including tools and tactics.  Enjoy! Business Buying Directories, Courtesy of @JamesonCamp

Nov 9

51 min 16 sec

Destruction by duplication - Museum of Forgeries via Colin Landforce 1 $20k Warhol mixed in with 999 perfect duplicates $250 for a “Possibly real Warhol” Destruction by duplicate Yang Ming Mt Lab on Behance via Oren Schauble Behance as a social media replacement Art direction & Brand sourcing Vidtao Youtube ad library via James Camp Ads libraries Clever back-end is they own a YT media buying agency Colin’s F1 Rant via Colin Landforce F1 is completely unfair DRS and KERS How to build a small town in Texas via Oren Schauble Grids, character and materials. Meta via James Camp Bullish on the space? Can oculus be it? A web2 giant stepping into web3

Nov 2

1 hr 27 min

2000 Unique 2000 word SEO pages with GPT-3 via James Camp Longtail energy All you need is 1 hit a day When does it go so well we cant tell? Mackgrenfell Futurism Tumblr via Oren Schauble Tumblr futurism Pre-nft Cyberpunk vibes, etc Robotic Network A neighborhood of 500 abandoned castles via Colin Landforce Started 2014, $200 million luxury community for foreign buyers 500 homes $4-500k each Insider Phantombuster via James Camp Can build anything Better, supped up zapier No code is the future Phantom Buster Brand Loyalty > Customer Acquisition via Oren Schauble The mistake is starting hustles not brands Brands are perpetual Forerunner Ventures County in Oregon declares state of emergency over illegal cannabis grows via Colin Landforce One in WA county: 5700 indoor plants One in Josephine Ct: 76k outdoor plants Jackson County - 700 cases of code violations Est 50% of hemp farms growing marijuana 25% of registered hemp farms refused entry to inspectors KGW -- LFG

Oct 26

1 hr 7 min

A brief history of the concept of money, a discussion of immutable laws, and the usual descent into defi with @jamesoncamp @landforce and @orenmeetsworld. Trillion Dollar Coin Self Parking Car Algorithm Kirkland Signature Putter Blackrock AUM A lil Manhattan Real Estate EIP-3664

Oct 19

1 hr 13 min

The boys are back trying to get you that crucial piece of alpha you need. This week we're hitting big infrastructure, startup toolkits, casual explorations of silicon, and a host of tweets about crypto... without even asking you to drop 1ETH for paywall access.  Tab Talk episode 3 is here.  Subway tunnel builders died of stress: Freight Monitoring   AngelList Stack Silicon Shortage Many Tweets| Yield Farm of the HR Sign Up:

Oct 12

54 min 42 sec

Florida's not so non-fungible tokens Crypto hamster decision trees Private Jet marketplaces Kitchen Sink:

Oct 7

44 min 33 sec

Tweet Hunter Dutch Safari Co Luxury Vehicle Arbitrage Hi Wally Digital Identify Tezos Homebase Broker Dealer Market Learn more:

Oct 5

43 min 45 sec