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"To philosophize is to reflect on one’s life and then live it based on those reflections." Free translation of a quote from André Comte-Sponville. Philosophizing consists of thinking in a reasoned way in order to better understand. It is a quest limited by that which is possible for us to know, with the ultimate goal of becoming wiser in order to be happier, and this throughout our existence as this quest is endless. Jaco     Credits: Music by Infraction on Bandcamp Photo by Nikola Ancevski on Unsplash

May 23

9 min 44 sec

Very humbly and in my own way, I will pick up the torch carried by Jacques Languirand for more than 42 years at the helm of his radio show “Par 4 Chemins” in order to make you discover these great authors or philosophers, past or present through their writings which are too often little or unknown. Credits: Music by Infraction on Bandcamp Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash    

Apr 7

9 min 38 sec

How important is one’s opinion? Well, without one, the world wouldn’t have progressed as it has, since it’s only through debates and discussions that a society can evolve. And without opinions nor debates, dialogues can't ensue. So, allow me to share my views from 35,000 feet. Credits: Music by Infraction on Bandcamp Photo by Nikola Ancevski on Unsplash  

Apr 7

8 min 6 sec

“Jaco’s Finds” is about sharing snippets of information as I come across them or providing more in-depth commentaries on my recent readings and viewings. My “finds” may be in the form of newspaper or magazine articles, video clips or feature films. They could also stem from discussions I have with other influencers. Credits: Music by Infraction on Bandcamp Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Apr 7

7 min 4 sec

Introduction Podcast to the “The Philosopher Pilot” website which hosts a blog and three distinct podcast shows entitled “Jaco’s Finds,” “My Views from 35,000 feet” and “These lesser-know greats.” I invite you to listen to this podcast to discover what "The Philosopher Pilot" Website has to offer. Thereafter, learn about the specific mandate of each show by listening to their introductory podcast.

Apr 7

8 min 12 sec