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Hey friend, thank you for listening to the Get Ready to Shine Podcast. Now, more than ever, it’s so important for you as an entrepreneur to create the business of your dreams. One that is fulfilling and 100% on your terms. In this podcast I share loads of inspiration so you can start running your business authentically, effortless and full of confidence. Are you ready and committed to making a difference in other peoples lives? If yes, tell me: how can I help?

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Jun 11

22 min 11 sec

Morning Meditation to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Jun 9

9 min 59 sec

I had the privilege to talk to Alexandra van Schaik for her podcast Unfiltered. You can follow Alexandra via the following platforms: INSTAGRAM APPLE PODCAST…ra/id1549610098 YOUTUBE

Jun 4

54 min 3 sec

Guided Morning Meditation To Connect With Your Soul - by Malu

Jun 3

13 min 19 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #24 || This Exercise Will Blow Your MindA few months ago I was listening to the Jay Shetty Podcast, On Purpose, with Ronda Byrne, the author of The Secret. She was explaining to Jay what awareness means to her. And while doing this she explained having an amazing tool she uses every morning before she gets up. I am going to share this exercise with you, but first I'm going to explain why I think being aware is so important.

May 31

12 min 24 sec

Law of Attraction // Manifestation: In this podcast I am going to show you the exact steps I take to achieve everything I wish to achieve in my life. From A-Z, because it's a process and it takes practice. In a few steps I will explain to you in a practical way how you can manifest your dream life too. If I can do it, you can do it!

May 29

18 min 49 sec

Morning Meditation for a Positive Mindset - by Malu

May 27

10 min 56 sec

As someone who works as an intuitive coach, the Law of Attraction is a key component of the work I do. It runs like a thread through everything I do. The Law of Attraction, however, is just one piece of the larger puzzle which includes all 12 laws of the Universe that help you design the life you desire. These laws provide us with a roadmap for how we can live our best lives.Simply put, The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. In basic terms: all thoughts turn into things eventually. In my own words, I would describe it like this: The Law of Attraction is one of life's biggest mysteries and one of the 12 Universal laws which reacts to vibration. It all starts with your thoughts. When you think positively, you vibrate on a high level and you will attract more positivity in your life. When you think negatively, you vibrate on a low level and you will attract more negativity in your life. Whatever you send out, the Universe attracts and sends a lot more in return. -------------------------------------------- Edit by --------------------------------------------

May 25

18 min 11 sec

When using storytelling as your marketing tool, there are five primary types of stories to tell: 1. ''Who am I?'' 2. ''Why am I here?'' 3. Visionary. 4. Educational story and 5. ''I know what you're thinking...'' - branding story. Often people use storytelling unconsciously. It really can serve a significant purpose. In this blog I will be giving an example of the ''Who am I'' story, using my very own example. It's actually a story I wrote when I started MINIMAL•U in 2018.  Typing a personal story. Showing people parts of my life. ''What's my added value?'' Is the first question that comes to mind. Knowing that everyone is unique and has his or her own story that can certainly impress others. There are things I would love to share. Simply because they made my life much better and I wish the same for you. Hence this blog about my personal story. ​ It all started during my trip to Suriname in February 2010. I was studying for my Bachelor in Education to become a primary school teacher. I went with my fellow students to South America for 3 weeks to make a round trip and teach at different schools. The people in Suriname either live in Paramaribo or in the jungle. There is no other option. This kind of gave me a cultural shock, because where I come from (The Netherlands), it's very crowded and we have many cities and villages everywhere.  The jungle has affected me enormously. I will tell you why: We had to take a flight from Paramaribo to the central of the country in order to get into the jungle. When I arrived on the airport I couldn't see much. We were allowed to take a small bag with only the necessary items, otherwise it would be too heavy in the plane. I was the lucky one, because I got to sit in the front next to the pilot and could see Suriname from above. This was amazing! The trees looked like broccoli and I could only see nature. No buildings, no open spaces. Only trees. It was beautiful, but at the same time I was a bit excited. Some people had told us we had to land on grass and if we weren't on time, we would end in the water. I'm a daredevil and love excitement, but this time it was an old plane and I just couldn't imagine what an airport in nature should look like.  Eventually it all went very well and when we got out of the airplane we were welcomed by the local people who would bring us to the boats. The ''airport'' was a wooden house. We waited for the other airplanes to arrive and then went to the river where I became very emotional. Now I'm writing this story I can feel again what it was like to be there. I saw three wooden boats, made out of large trees with small men waiting for us to welcome us to their villages. For a moment I felt like Pocahontas and asked if I could sit in the front of the boat. If I remember correctly, it took about 40 minutes to arrive in Awaradam. I call it a tiny island in the jungle, surrounded by wild waters. We all got our own wooden huts and there was a large restaurant with local food and colourful  wooden interior. Next to the island we could swim in the natural pools (with snakes and alligators). If the women were having their period they were not allowed to enter the water. But luckily we didn't see any dangerous animals. Continue reading via --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for the STORYSELLING program. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

May 24

16 min 39 sec

How many times did you share an idea with someone and didn't start working on it because someone told you it's impossible? How many times did you feel like your ideas were not interesting enough because people around you didn't really get what it's all about? If people tell you something is not possible, that's their perspective. It means that they think they can't do it. It doesn't mean that it's also impossible for you. Girl, you already have what it takes. So be your own cheerleader, start moving forward and see what happens. You might surprise yourself. If you'd like to have someone beside you who can support you in getting started, then sign up for the waiting list for my Signature Program StorySelling. I'd love to welcome you to an amazing community of likeminded people!

May 21

18 min 28 sec

With this meditation you can start the day calm and with a positive mind.  Every Wednesday Malu will upload a new Meditation.

May 19

10 min 42 sec

The past two weeks I have been watching all 4 seasons of The Bold Type on Netflix. Something I haven't done for years, because I was only focusing on working. I told myself to watch less Netflix and focus more on books and podcasts. This has been an amazing journey, but while watching The Bold Type I really appreciated the fact that I can watch series whenever I want. Even binge watching was fun! In one of the last episodes Jacqueline Carlyle, played by Melora Hardin, told Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens, 'Everyone has their own timeline' and I felt that one so deeply that I decided to use it as my blog and podcast title. This is something I wish I realised earlier or people would have told me clearer when I was younger. Everyone has their own timeline. I didn't realise this in my twenties. Working for more than 40 hours a week, seeing my friends, spending time with my love, traveling, a new study, visiting friends and also following dance classes and running a few times a week. I was doing it all and it put me in a constant state of high pressure. I wanted to keep up with.. I don't know what. Until I realised this was not the life I wanted to have and I started minimising everything. My angenda all of a sudden had empty spaces, I spent more time on myself, I started enjoying everything in the moment and I found quality in everything I did.

May 18

15 min 6 sec

As children we are happy, enthusiastic, impulsive, reckless, curious and free. We are even proud of everything we achieve. We are open books and can talk for hours without worrying what the other might think. The pure, raw, authentic person is present all the time. It's only when we grow older and become aware of opinions, gossip, the system we live in, experiences and fears that others put on us, that we start to change. We change into persons with beliefs and act upon those beliefs. Conscious and unconscious. This is stopping us from doing what we love and being this happy, enthusiastic, impulsive, reckless, curious and free person. But luckily there is a way back to this inner-child and this all starts with letting go of everything that's stopping you from being the real you. In my Online Program StorySelling, this is what we do in the first module. I do this because I think it's very important to be aware of what's stopping you from going all in and be fully yourself. Also in the online world people appreciate it the most when they see real stories. And when you're real and 100% yourself, you can move mountains and achieve everything you want to achieve. Why? Because you're confident with who you truly are, you feel happy because you live an authentic life and people compliment you for your honesty.

May 17

12 min 53 sec

Do you remember that when you were younger people told you not to say your dreams out loud because they will not come true if you do? Well friend, I can tell you it's the exact opposite. If you want your dreams to come true, start telling them to everyone and repeat them until you believe they will come true. Because if you deeply desire something, believe it will happen, take inspired action and then focus on your daily life, the Universe will do its best to give you everything you want.   Yes, I'm this manifestation girl who loves Law of Attraction and is very focused on having this amazing dream life. I am experiencing the LOA every day, because I focus on it and know very well what I send out to the Universe. When I was not consciously focusing on attracting abundance, I was actually attracting things I really didn't want. I will explain to you how this works.  Click here to listen to the podcast Why you also get what you don't want Everything you put out in the Universe, you attract. That's why it's called Law of Attraction. There's a famous saying 'where focus goes, energy flows'. So it's very important to be aware of your thoughts. Are you focusing on the things you do want or are you focusing on the things you don't want? I will give you an example of what happened to me. Something I really didn't want.

May 14

10 min 39 sec

When people think of minimalism they often see someone living off the grid in a tree house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. A person with many animals, who is eating vegan meals and lives a sustainable lifestyle. When you enter this person's home it has only the necessary basic items. But what if I tell you that Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein & Leonardo Da Vinci were minimalists too?Actually, the three men I mentioned above all have their own famous sayings. Steve Jobs setup an extremely successful business, Apple, with his main lesson ''Simplify Complexity''. Also in his private life he believed in a minimalistic approach. Did you know one of the things he owned was a picture of Albert Einstein, who he admired greatly? Albert Einstein also led a very simple life and embraced minimalism. He said: ''Lead a Simple Life''. And Leonardo Da Vinci once said: ''Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication''.What are the benefits of being a minimalist? I would like to take the time to explain what minimalism means to me and why this lifestyle is giving me so much rest, focus, time & money. First of all I would like to say that, for me, Minimalism is a Mindset. In everything I do, I think simple. What's the fastest, most simple, most sustainable, most productive and most affordable way to do this? It's a challenge to find simplicity in everything I do. When I found that way it eventually saves me a lot of time and money, I learn a lot from it and I came up with the most sustainable way of doing it, so my decision is the best for the planet.I will give you a few simple examples in this episode.

May 13

10 min 59 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #15 || Treat Your Online Community as Your Friends, Because They Are Your Ambassadors - by Malu

May 12

10 min 21 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #14 || Why Knowing What You Really Don't Want is Important - by Malu

May 11

8 min 50 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #13 || All About My Signature Program Called StorySelling - by Malu

May 10

11 min 40 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #12 || Why Would You Start a Personal Brand? by Malu

May 7

10 min 41 sec

GET READY TO SHINE# 5 || Six Steps to Take to Become Your Highest Potential - by Malu &

May 6

19 min 13 sec


May 5

51 min 52 sec


Apr 29

10 min 2 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #8 || Real Confidence Starts With Observing Your Ego - by Malu

Apr 26

7 min 41 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #7 || One Hour of Planning Can Save You Ten Hours of Doing - by Malu

Apr 24

8 min 31 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #6: How to Get Attention From Your ideal Customer (Your Niche) - by Malu

Apr 22

7 min 50 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #5 || Miracle Morning: Things to do daily to start your day right  - by Malu

Apr 21

8 min 5 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #4 || Ten Life Changing Questions - by Malu

Apr 19

15 min 26 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #3 || You Are The Masterpiece of Your Own Life - by Malu

Apr 15

11 min 2 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #2 || How to Start Storytelling on Social Media - by Malu

Apr 14

13 min 32 sec

GET READY TO SHINE #1 || Look into the direction of who you are instead of who you are not - by Malu

Apr 14

11 min 32 sec