Purpose 'n Clarity with Petri Kajander

Petri Kajander

We talk about startup life, the good, the bad, the insight, the experiences, the mistakes, the failures and everything between. The focus is on practical tips and tools to help you build your company from an idea stage, bootstrapping to investor funded growth companies.

We share everyday decision-making knowledge, situation and views so that you as a founder or CEO can avoid some of the mistakes and hardship along the way.

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The path of building your company is full of obstacles. Most of them are challenges, even though it may feel like you’re facing the impossible.

Nov 29

4 min 58 sec

Who is Petri? He explains how he works with startups and what is his method of building growth companies. You can find more about him in his website: www.petrikajander.com.

Nov 22

8 min 14 sec

What is clarity and how does it help in your business? Petri talks about how to get better with your decision-making.

Nov 15

8 min 36 sec

Why does your company exist? What are the advantages of having a clearly defined purpose? What’s the difference between mercenary and missionary founders? This episode is jam-packed with meaningfulness, but it may also tickle you to dive deeper into the topic.

Nov 8

9 min 53 sec